AccuSeal Spray Foam Insulation

Newport, NY is one of the most effective insulating materials you can add to your home or pole barn. It creates a customized airtight seal to reduce energy leaks and is more durable than fiberglass batt insulation or cellulose. It can be applied to rim joists, walls and ceilings, and it’s ideal for hard-to-reach areas such as wall cavities or between studs. It also blocks drafts around light fixtures, electrical outlets and door frames.

Common Myths About Spray Foam Insulation Debunked

What is spray foam made of?
Spray insulation is a type of polyurethane foam. It’s made up of two liquid chemical components that undergo a reaction to form a plastic foam that expands and adheres to surfaces. The two liquids are called the A-side and the B-side. They’re sprayed together and allowed to react. Once the chemicals mix and spread, they create a rigid and thick insulating material that dries in minutes or hours.

There are closed and open cell spray foam insulation products. Closed cell insulation is denser and a stronger insulator than open foam. It also creates a vapor barrier, which can prevent moisture infiltration and mold growth. However, closed-cell spray foam is more expensive than open-cell spray insulation.

If you opt for closed-cell spray foam, look for a product with low global warming potential (GWP). This means it uses less hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) than other types of blowing agents. HFCs have a higher GWP than carbon dioxide and can speed up climate change on a per-kilo basis.
AccuSeal Spray Foam
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