Arctic Air Personal Cooler Reviews 2021: Does This Arctic Air Pure Chill Worth Buying

Arctic Air personal cooler reviews was published by our team after series of research to guide consumers looking for the most efficient personal air cooler to buy during this summer. This newly invented portable air conditioner was manufactured by experts to enable people have full control of the air around them during the summer.

Are you afraid of letting the summer drag you down? Do you want to keep your cool no matter what the temperature is outside? Keep reading this Arctic air pure chill reviews. 

Arctic Air Personal Cooler Reviews
Arctic Air Personal Cooler Reviews

Summer is a period that brings excitement for most people. It is a great excuse to have fun outside. However, it comes with its downsides “High temperature “. The summer temperature is very unbearable and it can be accompanied by dry air. To ensure that we enjoy this period to the fullest, we have to equip our rooms, offices, kitchen, and library with reliable air conditioner.

There are tons of portable air conditioners on the market place nowadays but not all are effective as claimed by different vendors. To this effect, we took time to analyse different portable air conditioners from both user perspective and customers reviews and ratings. Arctic Air pure chill is the most reliable personal coolers that can provide long lasting relief during the hottest days of summer. 

There are numerous traditional air conditioners out there. Most of them are very efficient, however they are pretty expensive and cause tremendous increase in electricity bill. The best and easiest way to beat the summer heat is by having a portable desktop air conditioner like Arctic air personal cooler that can be taken with you to everywhere you go to provide you the comfort that you need.

Whether you are looking for a break from the sun or you prefer cooler temperatures while sleeping, Arctic Air pure chill lets you control the conditions for improved work, leisure, and relaxation. There are tons of customers testimonies online which prompted the publication of Arctic air personal cooler reviews to guide anybody looking for a personal cooler to make this summer an enjoyable period. 

The hallmark of Arctic Air Purechill that made many consumers love this air conditioner is its compact size and lightweight. You can comfortably take your air conditioner to any place that pleases you to be in control of the air you breathe and the temperature of your surroundings. The truth is that Arctic air personal cooler goes everywhere you go to sustain the perfect temperature you always desired. 

Arctic Air pure chill has three fan speed and a variable vent which allows you to customize the air around you. In addition to cooling the air, Arctic Air evaporative cooler adds moisture to the air to prevent your skin, eyes and nostrils from getting dry and irritated. Let’s dive deeper into Arctic air evaporative cooler reviews. 

What is Arctic Air Pure Chill? (Arctic Air Personal Cooler Reviews)

Arctic Air pure chill is a portable desktop air conditioner that gives you full control over the air and the temperature of your surroundings. It is a fast cooling system that takes only thirty (30) seconds to bring the temperature of your room, office, kitchen or library to a desirably low level.

When you are done catching fun outdoors and the heat of the summer is inconveniencing, the best air conditioner you need is a fast portable AC that can rapidly lower the temperature. Arctic Air evaporative cooler is the best deal in this regard and that’s why many consumers are ordering for it at high rate. It has currently gained popularity in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and many other countries.

The average customer rating of Arctic air purechill is 4.8 out of 5 stars as confirmed in different online Arctic air pure chill reviews. 

This evaporative cooler is very simple and easy to use. It serves as both air cooler and regular fan. Hence, you can decide which one you prefer to use that will suit your needs at any moment. You always have full control over your personal cooler. Also, the fan and the vent are very adjustable to enable you customize the air direction and speed. In addition to air cooling and serving as a regular fan, Arctic Air personal cooler works as a humidifier. It optimises the humidity of the air.

Thus, your skin will not be exposed to hot dry air that might cause dermatitis neither will your eyes be irritated by dry air. Also, your nasal passages will enjoy humidified and purified air that will be healthy for your respiratory tract. 

It is very compact and portable. This allows you to take your air conditioner to any place you wish. You can use your personal air even in your car, office, library, take it from room to room. Arcticair purechill is also easy to maintain. Just clean the unit with damp cloth, wash the filter and allow it to air-dry when not in use before fixing it back. 

Unlike traditional air conditioners that consume huge amount of electric power, Arctic Air evaporative cooler requires only small amount of electricity to work. It works rapidly and efficiently while taking only the amount of power for small fans. Thus, you won’t run into the risk of increasing your electric bills. Just plug your mini portable AC into any standard wall plug using the follow-come power cable for convenient plugin operation. 

Arctic cooler purechill uses evaporative technology to cool the surrounding. The water tank can provide you with cool fresh air for over ten hours before refilling it. Filling and refilling of water tank interrupts the stream of cool air provided by personal coolers. Thus, the best evaporative air cooler is the one that can serve throughout the night without any interruptions.

Arctic Air evaporative cooler is the best personal air conditioner that provides continues stream of fresh cool air without any interruptions. The amazing thing about this personal air conditioner is that it is very affordable. It gives you everything you need at an affordable rate. 

How does it work (Arctic Air cooler reviews) 

Arctic Air evaporative cooler is a personal air cooler that can turn your kitchen, living rooms, bedrooms and even outdoor spaces into a refreshing and cool place. It uses evaporative technology to lower the temperature of the air anywhere it is situated. 

First, you have to fill the water tank with clean water and plug your device into any standard wall socket. Then switch on your air conditioner. It comes with original power cable that can fit into any suitable wall socket. The electric current from the power source (wall socket) passes through the cable to the core of the AC.

Arctic Air evaporative cooler uses thermoelectric process to covert the hot dry air into cool refreshing air. The electric energy is converted into heat energy (thermoelectric effect). This heat energy causes evaporation of water from the tank which lowers the temperature of the air to a few degrees Fahrenheit. It also introduces cool moisture into the air during this process.

Prior to evaporation and cooling, the water from the water tank is first absorbed by special cartridge inside the Arctic air purechill. As air passes through this cartridge, it gets cooled and refreshed. It takes only few minutes to achieve this cooling. Also, Arctic Air pure chill comes with a filter.

According to the manufacturer, this filter is capable of removing any dust and any other fine particles suspended in the air that can cause allergic reaction and other respiratory system disorders. 

Now, let’s take a look at how you can use this personal AC. 

How to use and maintain Arctic air conditioner 

It is very easy to use and maintain. There are no technical details here. You must not have some skills before you can enjoy this awesome AC. Below are the simple steps you should follow to put your AC into use. 

Set your pure chill air conditioner on a flat surface and attach the power adapter into the port and plug the other end into a wall outlet. This ensures that your air conditioner maintains balance and there will be no risk of falls. 

Remove the filter from the drawer, soak in water and insert back into drawer. The filter works faster and more efficiently when first soaked in water.

Fill the water tank with water, choose your preferred setting and enjoy cool air instantly. That’s all you need to do to use your Arctic air purechill AC.

Arctic Air Cooler Reviews
Arctic Air Personal Cooler Reviews

For the maintenance, you need to clean your air cooler with wet cloth and wash the filter regularly. The filter is made from sponge and it is very easy to wash. After washing and cleaning, you should allow the filter and the entire unit to dry before storing when not in use. The filter should be replaced every  three to six months for optimal performance. 

Is it good for me? (Arctic Air Pure Chill review)

Arctic Air personal cooler is good for everyone that wants to beat the heat of this summer. The high rating of this AC from different consumers gave it wide recognition. There are tons of Arctic air evaporative cooler reviews online from satisfied customers. Arcticair purechill AC is very easy to setup and use. It is very portable, thus you can take yours from room to room, to your office or living room. 

It is very affordable and also maintains high end features. Arctic Air is very customizable. It has different fan speed to enable you control the rate of cooling. Also, it can humidify the air to help prevent the adverse effects of dry air. The filter is very efficient and capable of removing any form of impurities suspended in the air.

In addition to cooling the air, it makes it healthy for breathing so that your respiratory system won’t encounter germs and dust that might cause problems in the body. Arctic Air pure chill lets you control the air conditions for improved work, leisure and relaxation. If your productivity is affected by hot summer temperature, then you need Arctic air personal cooler. 

As summer temperature is increasingly getting higher each year, we need to protect ourselves from the adverse effects of high temperature. You can install traditional air conditioner in your home or better off, buy a reliable personal air conditioner that gives you the opportunity to customize the condition of weather around you. Arctic Air evaporative cooler is the best option for anyone that wants to beat the summer heat.

Take advantage of this summer to enjoy yourself outdoors and hangout with friends but don’t forget to equip your home with air conditioning system like Arctic air cooler.  

Arctic Air personal cooler Technical facts

Dimensions   6.69 x 5.73 x 6.40
Cooling methodHydro chill technology
Built-in lightYes, UV light
Speed levelsHigh, medium and low (3 speed levels)
 Vent controlMulti directional
Water tank duration of useOver 10 hours
Weight of Arctic air purechill2.7 lb
Power sourceStandard wall socket or any other electrical outlet 
Suitable room size45 square feet
MaterialsABS / Metal / Plastic

Benefits of Arctic air evaporative cooler (Arctic cooler reviews)

There are so many benefits you will get from using Arctic air purechill. It’s quite true that most of us like hot weather. Unlike winter weather, you can come out to have fun outdoors, hang out with friends and attend other activities such as swimming, camping and so on. However, those hot nights can be terrible to sleep through. Thus, you need a customizable personal desktop air conditioner such as Arctic air personal cooler and blast portable AC

Arctic Air pure chill Reviews
Arctic Air pure chill Reviews

Now  let’s take a look at the few benefits you can get from using this personal air conditioner. 

Portable: Arctic air pure chill is very portable and compact. You can take it with you to the office for keeping yourself cool everywhere you go. You can also use yours inside your car provided you have a good electrical outlet in the car. You can also travel from room to room with your AC or take it with you for camping. 

Adjustable air cooler: The most outstanding feature of Arctic air purechill that made customers love it is its adjustable fan speed and a variable vent for directing airflow. The clean modern design is well suited for any room. It had three fan speed which allows you to either increase or decrease the rate of cooling. It also has a variable vent for directing airflow. Thus, you can control the direction of flow of the air.

If you want it to face you throughout the night, you can achieve that through proper adjustment of the vent. With your Arctic air personal cooler, you can always optimize the cooling to your personal preference. 

Easy to use: There are no technical skills required of you to use this air conditioner. All you need to do is to refill the tank, plug your air cooler to any suitable power source and switch the device on. With easy top-fill pouring, the Arctic air personal cooler is designed to make life easier for you. No refill tank to worry about, just pour the water directly into the unit for pleasant, humidified air. 

Works as humidifier: When dry air accompany hot air the effect is always fatal on the skin, eyes, nostrils and our body systems. Arctic Air personal cooler will cool the air and also add moisture to it to prevent the adverse effects of dry air. Your eyes won’t be irritated again, your nose won’t suffer bleeding caused by dry air and your skin won’t get dry and scaly. 

Multi purpose: Arctic air evaporative cooler serves as an air cooler and as a regular fan. You can use your AC just like everyday fan or use it as an air cooler. You can combine both modes depending on the weather and your personal preference. 

Health benefits: Arctic air cooler has a filter that gets rid of dust and other unwanted particles. This helps to prevent allergic reaction and also reduce the stress on the primary immune defence of the respiratory tract. If you are asthmatic, you will benefit from this air conditioner. It will reduce the risk of attack caused by dust.

Also, the refreshed cool air introduced into the surrounding by Arctic air pure chill will make breathing and sleeping smooth especially at night. There are so much more you can gain from this AC and consumers have attested to this fact. 

What are the assurances of the producer 

Guarantee high quality: The manufacturer of Arctic Air Pure Chill assures consumers that the AC’s performance is top notch. This is no exaggeration because the product has got high star rating from consumers (4.8 out of 5 stars). Arctic Air personal cooler provides consistent fresh cool air throughout the longest and hottest days of the summer. It is entirely trouble free and easy to operate.

The water tanks works for over ten hours before requiring replacement. Also, the filter is washable and reusable. Depending on duration and frequency of use, the filter should be replaced every 3 – 6 months for maximal performance. 

No hassle return: In the event that you are not satisfied with Arctic air purechill, you can return it easily without any hassle. However, this is very unlikely because Arctic air personal cooler is one of the best portable air conditioner on the market place currently. It is gradually running out of stock because of the rate at which customers are ordering for the product.

There is no guarantee that everybody will like this brand of air conditioner and that’s why the producer assures the consumers a 60 day money back guarantee and hassle free return. If you are not satisfied with the product, do well to return it within the speculated time and get ready funded. 

Fast and easy setup: It takes only few minutes to set up Arctic air pure chill. It was designed to be used right out of the box. You don’t need to pass through tedious protocol to start using this evaporative cooler. Also, delivery of Arctic air cooler is very fast, thus you will receive your order without any delay. 

Pros (Arctic air personal cooler reviews)

  • Affordable: Arcticair purechill AC gives you everything you can get from traditional air conditioner at a fraction of the price. It maintains high end features and yet low cost, you won’t have to break a bank to acquire one. 
  • Low cost of maintenance: You only need to clean the unit and wash the filter and refill the water tank with clean water. This process is stress free and does not cost money. 
  • Energy efficient: It does not draw huge amount of electric power unlike traditional air conditioners. It takes only small quantity of electricity required by small fans which can be supplied by any suitable power outlet. Hence, it won’t increase your electricity bills. 
  • 50% discount: You get 50% off for every unit of Arctic air personal AC you buy from the official website. If you order more, you get higher discount. 
  • Good guarantee: Sixty day money back guarantee accompanies every order placed on Arctic Air pure chill. There is no risk of loosing your money should you not find it thrilling. 
  • No disturbance: Arctic Air personal cooler uses evaporative technology to cool the air. It does not generate any discomforting noise. You can even position it close to you while reading without any distractions. 
  • Large capacity water tank: It has a large capacity water tank (750ml) that can last for a long time before refilling. Just add water to the tank and allow your air conditioner run for over 10 hours. This ensures that you won’t have any form of interruption while enjoying the cool fresh stream of humidified air coming out from the air conditioner. 

Cons (Arctic air personal cooler reviews)

  • Limited stock: Because of high demand for this air conditioner, there are only few stock left. You can hurry up and buy before it runs out of stock. 
  • Not available in stores: You can only get the original Arctic Air personal cooler from the official website of the producer. You won’t get it from retail stores. 
  • Suitable for small spaces: Arctic Air Pure Chill is very efficient for cooling small spaces like bedrooms, living rooms, and offices. It won’t be any effective when situated in large spaces like auditorium. 

Prices and where to buy 

Arctic Air Pure Chill personal cooler is not as expensive as other high quality brands that share similar qualities. Below are the price tags with discount which increases as the number of units ordered increases. 

  1. One Arctic Air Pure Chill – $89.99
  2. Two Arctic Air Pure Chill – $179.98
  3. Three Arctic Air Pure Chill – $202.99
  4. Four Arctic Air Pure Chill – $247.99

If you are interested in this personal air conditioner, visit the official website of the producer to buy your own AC. Do not make the mistake of buying from retail shops. The manufacturer stated explicitly that their products are not available at retail stores. You can only get it online from the product official page. You also stand a chance of getting 50% discount for every purchase and a 60 day money back guarantee.  

Frequently asked questions

Does it generate noise?

No, Arctic Air pure chill is very quiet during operation. It is suitable for reading, office work, sleeping and other activities. It does not generate noise nor distract anyone while working

How long does delivery take?

Delivery takes only few working days, however your location plays an important role here. Also, ordering during the weekend may affect the duration it takes. For faster delivery, order for your unit during the middle of the week. Also, ensure that you add an explicit details of your location while ordering for the product

How many persons can it cool?

Arctic Air Pure Chill is a personal air cooler and it is recommended that each unit is positioned near a person’s work space or leisure. However, it can cool an entire room and every person in it. If you want maximum comfort with Arctic Air personal cooler, use it in your small bedroom alone.

Where is the best place to position my AC?

You should position your unit on a flat surface where it will not be tipped over easily. Though it was made from high quality plastic materials, it get shattered if it falls from a height. Thus, do not position it on an uneven surface.

How often do I need to clean or service the unit?

Clean your unit only when it is dirty. You need to wash the filter more frequently for optimal performance. Use a damp cloth to clean the unit. Also, you should replace the filter after every three to six months. Each time you wash the filter and clean the unit, allow them to air-dry before storing them

ArcticAir purechill Reviews
ArcticAir purechill Reviews

Customers feedback (Arctic air evaporative cooler reviews)

I really like summer temperature but it gets so high sometimes that I can’t sleep. Thanks to Arctic air pure chill, I’m comfortable inside my house no matter what the temperature is outside. What I like most is that it is very easy to carry, I take it with me while I’m camping. Great air cooler and I will rate it 4.9 stars out of 5

Karen W.  Chicago. 

I used to place my fan beside me whenever I want to sleep or read. Though it cools the air, it is too loud and noisy. Then, I decided to try evaporative cooler but I was faced with so many options and I became confused. My friend Jake directed me to buy Arctic Air Pure chill. I bought it with high expectations and it has not disappointed since I started using it. It works quietly and efficiently. It provides me with all the cool air I could ask for. Love it!  4.7 stars.  

Larisa B.  Toronto

I can’t believe that this product is such cheap. Trouble-free performance, no noise and energy efficient all below $100. It is really great and I won’t hesitate to recommend it for friends and loved ones.  

Anne T.  Los Angeles

This was a gift from my younger sister. It works very fast and also moisturizes the air. Now, I’m much more comfortable working in my office than ever before. I’m fully in control of the air temperature and humidity of my office. I will be getting one more for my bedroom.  

Zayn D.  Pennsylvania

Reading in this summer is really an arduous task because of the temperature. I bought Arctic Air personal cooler so I can be comfortable while reading. It is very quiet and works very fast. I didn’t have any technical skills but I can operate it with much ease. I’ve not had any issues since I started using it, it is literally the best and I will give it 4.8 stars.  

Randy M. Michigan

Bottom line of Arctic air personal cooler reviews

Arctic Air Pure Chill is an affordable and easy to use personal air conditioner. It serves as an air cooler and a regular fan. It also adds moisture to the air. Arctic Air evaporative cooler is very easy to wash, clean and maintain. It has an efficient filter that eliminates dust and other unwanted particles from the air to make it healthier and more refreshing. It uses evaporation technology together with its special cartridge to cool and humidify the air. 

There are tons of portable air conditioner out there but not all are efficient. Some are also pretty expensive and slow in delivering fresh cool air unlike Arctic air cooler.

It has a variable vent and different fan speed to enable you customize the temperature around you. With Arctic air personal cooler, you have full control of the air you breathe. Any purchase made from the official product page gets 50% discount and it is covered by 60 day money back guarantee. Get yours today before it runs out of stock! 

The end of Arctic air personal cooler reviews, feel free to check out blast auxiliary desktop AC review. 

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