Avanti Freezers Review 2021; Best Freestanding Upright Freezers

Avanti Freezers Review
Avanti Freezers Review

Avanti Freezers Review: 
There are myriads of refrigerators out there in the market space. It seems to be a daunting task for consumers to select from these brands as they are all touted to be the best by their producers. 

The big challenge is:
How do I know the best product for me with regards to price and quality?  There is no satisfying answer to this question. The best way to know which product is good for you is by testing it but you can’t keep testing every product you desire to use. 

In this article, Avanti Freezers Review, we would be dissecting a well known brand of freezers that is used by many consumers. It has been testified by the users to be top notch. 

We all know the importance of refrigerators. To be in a state of good health, we need to take fresh foods devoid of contamination. But we don’t have all the time in the universe to be visiting markets or shops everyday to buy fresh food items, hence, we need a freezer with large capacity to protect and preserve food items.

Thus, having a high quality freezer for this purpose will be commendable. Sincerely speaking, most, if not all the freezers available in the market have their ups and downs and we are not here to tell you that Avanti Freezers are 100% perfect.

Just like every product under the sun, they have their own downsides as well. But Avanti freezers will surely live up to your high expectations if you’re looking for a family or personal freezer.

Let’s take a peek behind the curtain to reveal everything you need to know about this brand. 

Avanti Freezers Review 

There are different categories of Avanti Freezers but we will channel our focus to the Freestanding Upright Freezers. These are high quality, large storage capacity freezers. They are currently available and shipping may be free depending on your location.  

Avanti VF58B0W

Avanti Freezers Review
Avanti Freezers Review

It is a 22inch freestanding upright freezer with storage capacity of 5.8cubic ft.
Avanti VF58B0W has lots of amazing features and it`s very affordable compared to the price. Very suitable for family and personal consumption though not approved for business purposes or medical use. It is only approved for indoor use and not good for outdoor purposes.

Currently sold at $409 shipping may attract extra charges. 

Product specifications

Brand Avanti VF58B0W
Stock ID 853133
Warranty Info Brand new
Height 56″
Exterior width22″
Voltage 110 volts
Total capacity5.8 cu. ft.
Hinge side Right 
Hinge styleRecessed
Defrost typeManual
CFC freeYes

Outstanding features of Avanti VF58B0W

Field Reversible Doors: This makes it convenient for the user. The door hinge is very flexible and allows you to swing it freely while placing items inside the freezer 

Adjustable Thermostat: You can comfortably adjust the temperature to suite your desires. The knob is very easy to move. Also you can manually defrost the freezer on your schedule. Your food will be well protected and preserved with this freezer as you have the freedom to set your refrigerator according to your need. 

Eco-Friendly Refrigerant: Avanti VF58B0W is an eco friendly refrigerant. It does not introduce pollution of any kind to the environment including noise. Most substandard freezers generate troubling noise that makes the user feel uncomfortable or even think that their freezers has spoiled. But Avanti freezer does not generate any noise or other discomforting pollutants.

It is CFC free and does not release any ozone – damaging chemicals to the environment. Ozone related chemicals are very dangerous to our health. Some freezers generate these chemicals though at a very low quantity which gets to accumulate over time and cause harm to our systems. Avanti freezers don`t belong to that category.

You can not see through the door: Avanti VF58BOW is devoid of glasses. This helps to ensure privacy and prevent unnecessary cracks. 

Strong shelves: The shelves are made of strong metals to enable them support whatever items you wish to store in your freezer. It has a total of 5 fixed metal shelves. This is pretty cool for people who like storing large quantities of food stuffs for future use. You can store items of various sizes in your refrigerator. We recommend using air sealers like Vacuumer max to seal the bags you use to package the food stuffs to add extra protection and also conserve more space.

Mobile: Avanti VF58B0W has strong and very mobile casters (rollers) that enables you to move your freezer from one location to another. Moving this refrigerator or other bulky product will be an arduous task, hence, the need for strong rollers that can withstand the weight of the freezer and enable you shift them from one position to another in your room. No need to call for help every time you want to clean yor refrigerator or the position where it is situated.

Saves space: The recessed integrated door handle with the flush back design help to save space. This compact vertical freezer is devoid of bulky coils that can take up space. Even if your room (house) is small, you have nothing to worry about as this freezer won’t consume a lot of spaces. 

Front leveling legs: It helps to eliminate uneven installation and ensure stability. This eliminates the risk of falling and the unwanted damage that will ensue.

What we don’t like about this product

Not approved for outdoor use, commercial use and medical use: If you are looking for a freezer for commercial, outdoor or medical purposes, then this product is not the right one for you. It’s only designed for indoor use and fits personal or family consumption and other related uses. 

There is no counter depth, no under counter and no flush installation. 

There is no door alarm and door lock: Hence you can only use it where you are not expecting any stranger or criminal to get access. You will have to guard your freezer to avoid stealing.

Avanti Freezers Review
Avanti Freezers Review

Customer Reviews

Dorothy Christine: “I was very pleased with the appearance of the device both the inside and outside. The shelves are perfectly spaced to contain reasonable amount of items. It does not generate noise and it got me worried the first time I plugged it in but I later realized that it was working

I can comfortably buy large quantities of meat and other food stuffs and get them preserved. I highly recommend this to family and friends. The compact size allows me to keep it in my washroom without taking up much space. I’m extremely happy with the cost and warranty for this freezer” 

Normd: “I’m totally satisfied with the performance of this freezer. It met my expectations. Kudos to the producer! 

Sandy: “I was initially skeptical about this product because of my high expectations of freezers. Though I was scared of losing my money, I decided to give this freezer a try. Happy it is exactly as I expected” 

You might be wondering:

How long will it take for the item to be delivered?

It depends largely on your location. Big items like this will take up to 7-14 business days to get delivered to your home. Customer service is excellent. You will be updated frequently on the latest development with regards to where and when your order will arrive. Just make sure you entered the right details of your location. 

Will shipping cost extra charges?

Depending on your location, shipping may cost extra charge but it’s free for most locations except there are other services attached to it. If your room door is small, then the freezer’s door will be removed for it to enter the room. This service will cost extra money or else you’re doing it yourself.

Where can I buy this product? 

Go straight to the official website of the company through the link provided in the button below to buy your own Avanti Freezer. Do not buy from vendors outside the manufacturer to avoid be scammed. Special warranty deals are also available in the official website of the producer.

Avanti VF93Q0W

Avanti Freezers Review
Avanti Freezers Review

This is another giant freestanding upright Avanti freezer. It has a  larger storage capacity than VF58B0W. 24inch high with 9.3 cubic feet’s storage capacity. It is similar to VF58B0W in many aspects but there are few differences. VF93Q0W is more expensive ($549) than VF58B0W. It is more spacious and allows you to store more food stuffs in it. 

Product Specs 

Brand Avanti VF93Q0W
Stock ID740722
Warranty infoBrand new 
Frequency  60 Hz
Amps15 Amps
Voltage110 volts
Type Freestanding
Freezer shelvesMetals
Defrost typemanual 
Total capacity9.3 cu. ft.
Hinge sideRight

 Amazing Features of Avanti VF93Q0W

Adjustable thermostat: Just like Avanti VF58B0W, you can adjust the temperature of this freezer to any suitable level (degrees) that will keep your food items well protected and preserved. Always ensure that you set the temperature well to avoid getting your food stuffs rotten. To set the temperature, look out for the knob which is easily movable, and adjust as appropriate. Defrosting the freezer is also manual, hence you can defrost it at any time convenient for you. 

Avanti Freezers Review
Avanti Freezers Review

Space saving flush back design: This freezer is devoid of bulky coils that might consume a lot of spaces. The compact vertical freezer can fit anywhere, even in spaces others can not. The recessed integrated door handle also eliminates excess use of space. You really have nothing to worry about with regards to where you will keep your freezer. 

Strong metal shelves: This grade has 6 fixed metal shelves. These shelves are very strong and can bear the weight of any food stuff you place on them. The six shelves also provided more storage space for larger quantity of food items. You can keep (store) more items of different sizes in your refrigerator. 

Adjustable front leveling legs: The front legs are very adjustable. This helps to ensure that the freezer is very stable and eliminates the risk of falling. Such a tall freestanding device without any support is at high risk of reaching ground even with the slightest touch. But Avanti VF93Q0W is an exception, it has adjustable legs that give it stability. 

It is also devoid of glass doors: Hence nobody can see through it. If you like privacy so much and would not like your stuffs seen, then this product is the right deal for you. 

CONS (Avanti Freezers Review)

Just like every other product under the sun, Avanti VF93Q0W has its downsides and they include:

Not approved for outdoor, commercial and medical uses: With this large storage space, Avanti VF93Q0W, can not be used for business, medical and any other outdoor purposes. It is only suitable for indoor use (personal or family). This is a huge disadvantage as many people will like to invest this huge amount of money into something that will generate money. But Avanti VF93Q0W will not allow you that freedom. 

The doors are not reversible: Unlike its counterpart, the doors of this freezer is not reversible. You will not have the freedom to swing door freely while trying to put items inside the avanti refrigerator. We implore you to be careful while dealing with this door to avoid unnecessary damage. 

No counter depth, under counter and flush installation

It can not make or dispense ice: If you want an ice maker and ice dispenser, Avanti VF93Q0W is not the right option for you. Look for other brands that can make and dispense ice for you. 

No door lock and door alarm: If you are scared of getting food items in your freezer stolen and want a brand that will give you the opportunity to lock and secure the items inside, then Avanti VF93Q0W is not the best option for you. However, if you are satisfied with this brand, you can buy it and add a door lock to it. 

Here are the feedbacks from customers who have used it

Dina: Great deal! It has been an awesome experience using this brand of freezer. 

Gerald Clark: It took me a while to find a freezer that will fit into the tight space in my apartment and I was worried about the performance. This freezer fits and has been performing great. I have not experienced any downside yet. 

Kurt P: My skepticality nearly made me not to purchase this brand but I later decided to give it a try. Happy it is performing well. Love it! 

Mark: Not happy to find out that the shelves are  not removable to contain taller items. Other than this, I love it. 

Mia: I need a freezer for my garage but had limited space. This freezer is perfect!  I was very surprised how much food I can store inside, it’s very spacious. I like opening the door and reaching for a shelf instead of digging down in a chest style freezer. It’s supper quiet too. Get this one. 

Petra: I replaced a chest freezer with this freezer.. Love it! It was very easy to move into place, and screw the handle on. It takes a very little time to get items cold after plugging it in. After the freezer has been opened then closed, you can hear the air being sucked out and the door sealed shut again. The customer service was super cool, from ordering to delivery and follow up. Very happy to choose this company. 

Mandy: Looks nice and functions well. Perfect size for my family. The freezer keeps a constant temperature and there is no ice on my food any more.

Debbie Reed: Very satisfied with this freezer. Great for small kitchens. It holds a great amount of food.  Space saving! 

Edward: The freeze performs exceptionally well, freezes meats and ice cream thoroughly.

Avanti Freezers Review
Avanti Freezers Review

The question now is:

How can I purchase this product?

Click the link provided in this article to go to the official website of the manufacturer. Select the offer you want and click add to cart. Provide explicit information about your location to avoid losing your product. You will be contacted by the customer service team.

Will shipping cost extra charges?

Depending on your location, shipping may cost extra charge but it’s free for most locations except there are other services attached to it. If your room door is small, then the freezer’s door will be removed for it to enter the room. This service will cost extra money or else you’re doing it yourself.

Is the product still available?

Yes, it is still available but stock is limited. It will be out of store very soon. Hurry up and get yours as soon as possible. 

How do I know that the freezer delivered to me is the original product?

Make sure you buy from the company to avoid being scammed. Their customer service is top notch, you will be updated from the time you ordered to the time of delivery. You really have nothing to worry about this as long as you bought from the official site. 

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