Barx BusyBall Reviews 2021: Does Barxbuddy Busy Ball For Dogs Work?

Barx BusyBall is a hands-free smart toy for keeping dogs busy and happy while we are away from home. It is capable of giving your furry friends the attention they need when they are alone. Here is the Barx BusyBall Reviews published after a lot of research to guide you as you look for the solution for keeping your pup busy during working hours. (Barxbuddy Busy Ball Review) 

Barx BusyBall Reviews
Barx BusyBall Reviews

Any caring dog owner should understand that dogs need so much attention, they like to play with their owners almost all the time. This creates affection and also make them happy. Leaving them alone while going to work, or hanging out with friends or engaging in other activities brings worry to the mind because some of them can start misbehaving when they can’t find what to play with or anything that will keep them busy. This is where pet toys play great role.

There are numerous pet toys to keep pets busy and happy but for your furry friends that likes running, fetching etc, a smart ball like Barx BusyBall is the best toy for them.

As you know, dogs are carnivorous animals. Just like other carnivorous animals, they feed mainly on other animals and the only way they could survive is to hunt for their preys. Thus  if they can not outrun (overtake) their preys they will never get their stomach full. Hence, dogs, just like other carnivorous animals are natural hunters. They like anything that can make them run, this way they will be preparing their minds and body for the task ahead (hunting for their prey).

However, this is not the case with pets (dogs), they are giving all kinds of foods and supplements such as by their owners. These food and supplements contain everything they get from their natural food (prey).

Though they are given everything they need, it doesn’t take away that intrinsic habit of running and hunting. Thus, if you want to keep your dog and other furry friends happy and busy when you are away chilling with your pals or doing some work to make ends meet financially, you need to get smart toy for them. Not just any smart toy, but the one that can keep them engaged for a long time without getting them bored. (Barx Busy Ball Reviews)

Barx BusyBall is the latest technology invention that can do that for you even at a low cost. Barx Busy Ball is no ordinary, a life-less pet toy. It automatically engages your dog’s internal desire to chase, fetch and retrieve by tapping into his (her) natural desire to hunt. 

As you know, there is nothing worse than the guilt you feel when you can’t give the love and affection your dog craves for all the time. It will make you feel you are an awful caretaker and gradually, you start losing the connection between you and your dog. This is exactly what Barxbuddy Busy Ball company wants to prevent. After years of research, they successfully came up with this smart ball that can keep your dog (furry friend) engaged and happy and take away your worries.

With this mind-blowing smart toy, you can spend as much time as you wish at the club, swimming, gym etcetera without worrying about your pet.

Barxbuddy BusyBall has randomized pattern of motion to make your dog curious. They will be anticipating its next move, this way they won’t get bored. It is a perfect choice for pet owners and it has gained wide recognition in different countries including the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada etc. Numerous customers Barx BusyBall Reviews online attested to this fact. 

Now, you’re probably inquisitive to know more about this smart dog toy, let’s dive in deeper. (Barx BusyBall Review)

What is Barxbuddy Busy Ball? (barx busyball reviews)

BarxBuddy busy ball is the smartest toy for keeping dogs busy, engaged and happy while the caretaker is away or busy with some duties. It uses built-in motion sensors to roll and bounce entirely on its own as soon as your dog touches it with a nose or paw.

Another interesting feature of Barx BusyBall is its hands-free use, you don’t have to be controlling it all the time. Also, there is no apps or control are required, just turn it on at once and your dog’s smart toy is ready for use. 

In addition, you can use this smart ball to play with your dog which will foster the connection between you and your dog. By constantly playing with your dog and keeping them engaged when you are away from home reducing drastically the chances of them misbehaving when you are not at home. 

As you know, dogs have limbs (forelimb and hind limbs) just like every other higher animals but unfortunately, they can’t get hold of objects very well with their forelimbs. Hence, they rely entirely on their mouth and teeth to get grip of objects.

Many customers are worried about this: won’t the ball break if my pup chew it hard? Barxbuddy busy ball will not break even if your dog chew it so hard. It was made of high quality food-grade and non toxic materials that are completely safe to bite and chew. Thus, your dog can get hold of it using their mouth and teeth without any risk of getting hurt nor the balk getting broken. (Barxbuddy Busy Ball Review)

Also, it was made to move in a variety of directions, it will never repeat one motion twice, thus it will keep the dogs engaged because they will be guessing which move will be next, this will make them curious and happy.

Is your dog suffering from separation anxiety, destructive behavior or simply boredom when you are not at home to play with him (her)?  BarxBuddy BusyBall can effectively take your place by keeping your pup curious, active and busy. In the event that your dogs are not playing well, you might like to augment your smart dog toy with PetJoy dog vitamins

Dogs have the natural instinct of hunting and Barx BusyBall will satisfy that desire by automatically initiating a game of fetch. It keeps your furry friend company while you are away or out running errands. BarxBuddy smart dog ball is the ultimate smart companion that is always ready for a game of fetch. 

It is tear resistant, water proof and saliva proof. There is no risk of water or saliva or other fluids getting into the interior of the smart toy to cause any malfunction. No matter how long or how frequent your dogs bite Barx BusyBall, it will never tear, however, if it sustains any crack while your pup is playing with it, you can send it back immediately to the producer to replace it for you.

This process is hassle-free and quick. But be rest assured that your dog smart ball will never sustain any tear or crack, it has strong material. BarxBuddy Busy Ball takes only few minutes to charge and it can last for several hours after a single charge. This makes it the perfect playing toy for pups that like playing for a long time.

It also has automatic rest mode. The motion sensors detect the presence of your dog and activates the ball. Once your dog stops chasing it, it will go back to its resting mode. This also reduces power consumption. There is a money back guarantee for unsatisfied customers and special discount for early buyers. Never miss this! (Barx Busy Ball Reviews)

Barx BusyBall Review
Barxbuddy Busy Ball Review

Nuts and Bolts of BarxBuddy Busy Ball Toy 

To further address your curiosity and concerns, this section of Barx BusyBall reviews will be discussing how this smart dog toy works in keeping your dog engaged and happy.

Sincerely, there are no mysteries here, it is very simple and easy to understand. It was built with specialised materials that are capable of initiating motion on their own without any extra stimulation. It is highly sensitive and detects the presence of your pet with much ease. 

Now, let’s take a look at how it really works. (Barx BusyBall Reviews)

First, BarxBuddy busy ball  smart toy has to be well charged and turned on. Once the device is switched on, you don’t need to do extra operation to keep the device running. The motion sensors inside the Barx busy ball automatically detects the presence of your pup and initiates a game of automatic fetch.

It alternates between rolling and bouncing for an exciting game of fetch whenever your dog is feeling playful. It has the ability to move in different directions so your pup won’t be able to predict the next move it will make. This is why it is so engaging and makes your pup enthusiastic. Barx BusyBall also has a “rest mode” When your pup gets tired of playing, it will automatically go into the resting mode until your dog is ready to play again. 

I remembered vividly how my pup used to play with this smart ball. It keeps him so busy. One day, I was at home but decided to watch him play with his smart toy to know how it keeps him engaged while I’m out of sight. I noticed he was so engaged and happy. Each time he will be trying to figure out the next move of the ball  but his smart toy keeps disappointing him because the movement was such in a zigzag manner that he could not predict.

At a point he got tired and the ball immediately stops moving. He was watching his toy from afar and suddenly he decided to go catch it but unfortunately his efforts ended in futility because the toy sensed his presence and moved away in a random manner. It was such a nice scene and I loved the toy. (Barx BusyBall Review)

Features (Barx BusyBall Reviews)

There numerous outstanding features of Barx BusyBall dog smart toy which will be highlighted in this BarxBuddy Busy Ball Review. Here they are:

  • Hands free use: Barx Busy Ball requires that you only turn it on once and allow it to do the rest. The ultimate goal of creating this device is to keep your pup busy when you are away. This purpose will be defeated if it requires frequent operation and control. BarxBuddy company put in a lot of effort to produce the smartest dog toy ever that will keep your dog company without needing your attention. It has an interior sensors that is capable of detecting pup and other furry friends around it and once it senses them, it will automatically start an automated fetch game to keep your dog active. 
  • Self-rolling: BarxBuddy busy ball is capable of bouncing and rolling in different directions. You don’t need any remote to control it neither do you need to manually control its direction. Also there are no apps required for it to function. It was well programmed to initiate random movement on its own. It determines the direction of motion while your dog follow. 
  • Waterproof and saliva proof: Barx BusyBall was produced with high quality materials that can resist the chemicals and enzymes in the saliva of your dog. Also these materials are waterproof. Thus, water will never have access to the inside of your dog’s smart toy. This protects the engine inside Barx Busy Ball. Water is one major factor that can cause malfunction of tools of this kind but Barx BusyBall was made of water proof materials to prevent water from having access to the interior of the ball. This will boost the lifespan of the gadget and ensure that it will never disappoint. (Barx Busy Ball Reviews)
  • Resistant to year: Barx busy ball was produced with materials that will not tear no matter how hard your pup bite it. Dogs don’t have well developed hands for gripping, they rely on their teeth to hold things. Barxbuddy busy ball is so strong that your dog can comfortably bite and chew it and it won’t break. Also it can bounce as many times as possible without tear. It’s a long lasting material and an investment that you will be happy you made. 
  • 100% safe: Barx BusyBall is toxin and chemical free, hence very safe for dogs. It is produced of food grade nontoxic materials that will feel good in the mouth of your pup and there is no risk of causing harm to your dog.
  • Random motion: It was produced to automatically bounce and move in different directions so your dog will remain curious throughout the entire game of fetch. When you play a normal game of fetch, your dog can quickly get bored with the same back and forth movement. The busy ball smart dog toy is programmed to randomize it’s motion every time your dog interacts with it. It zigs, it zags, it rolls, it bounces, always moving in a new direction and keeping your dog on their toes. 
  • Stylish design: Barx BusyBall is not one of the very many unsightly toys for pet. It’s pretty annoying when you come across ugly toys for pet. Pet toys are supposed to be shinny and attractive so they will attract your pet all the time and keep them busy but a lot of producers failed on this part though their product might be good in other aspects. Barxbuddy BusyBall is one of the newly invented smart toys that maintains all these qualities. It is very efficient in keeping dogs active and happy and also very stylish and beautiful. (Barx Busy Ball Review)

Advantages of Barx Busy Ball

Long lasting material: Busy ball is very durable and strong. It is very easy to clean. Your dogs can bite and chew it as many times as they want and it won’t break nor tear. It is very strong and resistant to even scratch. Barx BusyBall was built to withstand endless hours of bouncing, rolling and romping around. 

Smart reaction technology: Barx Busy Ball is the smartest pet toy available on the marketplace. It has special sensors inside the toy. Once any object (including humans) gets near to it, the toy will start a game. The motion-activated sensors instantly activate the ball when alerted to your dogs presence. As soon as your dog is ready to play, the ball starts an automated game of fetch that will keep him or her engaged for hours at a time.

Note that you must first turn it on before it can work. Charge it well and switch it on and keep it where your dog can see it so that once he gets near to it, the toy will start a game which will attract your dog and keep him (her) busy. Do not fear about the battery, it has an automatic rest mode which is its default state until it senses your dog presence. Once the dog is resting, it will revert back to the resting mode to save battery.

High quality battery: Barx BusyBall provides long lasting entertainment for your dogs. It comes with high quality battery that can last for several hours after a single charge. With just one hour charge, Barxbuddy BusyBall will provide up to eight (8) hours of nonstop activity to keep your dog happy and moving around whenever you are not at home to keep them entertained. It is a pretty cool toy for any furry friend. With busy ball, you don’t have to touch your dog’s slobber to keep it moving. 

Easy activation: It does not take long to activate BarxBuddy busy ball. With just a single nude of the nose or paw, it gets activated. It keeps moving and bouncing in a zigzag manner as long as your dog is engaged. Thus, it is entirely hassle free to use this awesome ball. 

Never gets boring: Its ability to move in a randomized direction helps to keep the dog entertained throughout the entire time of the automated game of fetch. Every roll and bounce made by Barx BusyBall is completely unique and unpredictable to always keep your dog guessing on its next move.

Because of dog’s natural hunting instinct, the best way to keep them entertained is by making them run no matter how short the distance and duration is. Most dog owners have mastered the art of game of fetch. However, they don’t introduce randomness to it and this makes it boring for dogs. The back and forth movement can be predicted by any dog no matter how dump he is. Barx BusyBall does not give them that chance to predict its motion which makes it engaging for dogs. 

Can it really keep my dog busy?

Yes, it can. Barx busy ball have got everything required to keep your dog busy. It has a long lasting battery that can provide a long period of non-stop activity to keep your dog happy and moving. Busy ball has a stylish design that attracts dogs to it. Once your dog is close to it, its motion sensors will detect the presence of the dog and the busy ball smart toy will start an automated movement and bouncing.

Barxbuddy BusyBall had gained wide recognition because of its efficiency and reliability. There are numerous customers’ Barx busy ball reviews online and each attested to this facts stated here.

All dogs love attention, however, we have got other responsibilities to battle with in addition to keeping dogs. You will hardly have enough time to play with your dog or give him all the attention he is seeking because you also need to go to the gym, swimming, hang out with friends and so on. Thus, you need an efficient smart toy to keep your pet busy all these times.

BarxBuddy busy ball is the right choice that can keep your dog busy and engaged. It is completely safe for your dog and it has the ability to initiate motion without any app or remote control. (Barx Busy Ball Reviews)

How to use it (Barx Busy Ball Review)

Barx BusyBall is very easy to operate and maintain. It does not require any technical skills or assistance. Most of us are not technically savvy and that’s why BarxBuddy company thought it wise to make their product a one touch hassle free to use device. All you need to do is charge your dog smart toy and switch it on! 

Now, let’s take a look at the steps below:

  1. Twist: You can easily twist Barx BusyBall open to reveal the charging port and “on” button. Push this button to turn on the smart toy. Once the button is pushed, a green light illuminates to indicate that the smart ball is activated. If this light does not show, then it’s not yet on. 
  2. Place: The ball is now activated, you have to place it where your pup will see it. This is no big deal, just look for a prominent place where your dog usually stays and keep it there. After activation, Barx BusyBall requires no human input to function. Simply place it on the ground and the intelligent sensors will activate the ball as soon as your dog touches it with their paw or nose. 
  3. Recharge: For your dog’s smart ball to continue working you have to charge it. It is a technology that relies on energy to work and the energy is supplied by its rechargeable battery. When it is time to charge, simply plug the ball into any standard USB charging device. A red light will indicate the busy ball is charging and a blue light shows the ball is fully charged. One hour charge of Barx BusyBall will provide eight hours of fun for your furry best friend which is enough to keep them engaged when you are not at home. 

That’s all you need to do to operate and maintain your device. (Barx Busy Ball Reviews)

Upsides of this product (Barxbuddy Busy Ball review) 

High sense of detection: Your dog’s smart toy has the ability to detect any object and it will never get stuck. In addition to detecting your dogs presence, the ball’s intelligent motion sensors detect obstacles that might trap it. It stops moving towards the obstacle and this prevents it from getting stuck in unwanted places. This is a great way of ensuring continuous engagement with your dogs. Imagine when it gets stuck, the play will be brought to an abrupt end and your dog will go back to boredom and unwanted behaviours.

Self-regulatory: BarxBuddy busy ball has an automatic rest mode. This mode helps to prevent the battery from running down when your dog is not playing. Another advantage of this rest mode is that it makes it easier for your dog to locate it next time he or she wants to play again. Dogs can remember the last spot where they left their toy, this makes it easier for them to locate it next time they want to resume their fetch game. 

Never cracks: Barx BusyBall is made of strong and durable nontoxic and food grade plastic material that is completely free of harmful chemicals and designed to withstand endless hours of chewing without tearing or cracking. 

Portable: It is extremely lightweight, compact and round. Dogs can easily move it with their mouth without any hassle. Just charge it and turn it on, then allow your pup enjoy himself while you are away. 

Low cost: Barx BusyBall is very affordable. You won’t have to spend big bucks just to buy pet toy. Also there is no cost attached to maintenance, all you need to do after purchase is to charge your dog’s ball to fullness. (Barx Busy Ball Review)

Downsides of BarxBuddy busy ball smart dog toy

  • Not available in retail shops: There are no shops that are selling Barx BusyBall, you can only purchase it online. However, this is not a big issue because most of us are conversant with online transactions. Thus, if you are interested in buying this product, then you have to visit the official product page to place your order. 
  • Limited stock: There are only few BarxBuddy busy ball available as at the time of writing this Barx BusyBall Review. Interested customers are advised to hurry and grab their own offer before it runs out of stock. Also the discount for the product runs for a limited time. Do not miss out! 

Is it really the smartest dog toy? 

Several research has shown that many smart toys for furry friends lack in so many areas. A good number of them have poor quality batteries while others require huge amount of money for maintenance. Any rechargeable device with poor quality batteries really suck because you will spend more time charging than actually using the gadget.

Also, your income is precious to you and I won’t advise you to buy a toy that will keep draining your account just because you want to keep your dog happy. The best option is an affordable price toys with quality batteries and requires no cost of maintenance. Barx BusyBall meet all these criteria with additional features such as waterproof, saliva proof materials, rest mode, resistant to tear, bite and chew, and so many other features.

Thus, it is considered the best and smartest dog toy because of its highly sensitive sensors. It has gained more recognition in different countries than other toys put together.

Reasons why your dog will like it (Barx Busy Ball Reviews)

Alleviates separation anxiety 

Barx Busy Ball keeps pets company when the owner is out of sight. This provides the much needed companion dogs need and solves the problem of separation anxiety by keeping them occupied and entertained. 

Moves on its own (Barx Busy Ball Review)

It has the capacity to move with any apps or remote control. Barx BusyBall bounces and rolls to keep pup chasing and running. It is completely hands-free, there will be no need to touch or throw a slobbery balk ever again. 

USB rechargeable 

It is very easy and fast to charge. You need to charge it for only one hour to get it ready for use for a whole day. Any standard USB charging device can charge Barx busy ball, no increase in electricity bill! 

Waterproof and slobberproof 

No moisture will have access to internal components of Barx BusyBall. The plastic materials used to produce this ball is also easy to clean. (Barx BusyBall Reviews)

Barx Busy Ball Reviews
Barx Busy Ball Reviews

Customers Barx BusyBall reviews

I always feel bad when I notice that my dog is alone without anybody looking after him. He is very friendly and loves playing so much. Unfortunately, I can’t sacrifice my job to look after my pup. I have been thinking of a way to keep him happy and busy when I’m not around. Glad I bought this smart toy, it has given my heart the much relief I wanted because I can see my pup jump in happiness anytime he sees his toy.  

John G.

No better way of keeping him occupied than this. My dog likes messing everywhere up anytime he’s alone. I got him a toy to see if there will be improvement and there is. It is very much affordable and there is no maintenance cost. I won’t hesitate to recommend it for others.  

Mike P.

One thing I like most is the duration of its battery. My job is so engaging and I wanted a toy my dog can play with throughout the day. I didn’t really believe the claim that it can last for a whole day but I’m glad it it’s true. It takes me only one hour to charge which saves me a lot time. It is very affordable and looks beautiful. 

Eric M.

FAQs (Barx busy ball reviews)

How long does delivery take?

This depends on your location. BarxBuddy company takes only 7 to 10 business days to delivery their product to the doorstep of their customers. Once you place your order, it will be shipped within 24 hours and it will get to you within seven to ten days, however, some locations may take a little longer than that. After placing your order, you will receive a confirmation email of your order and another email with your tracking information. Thus, you have nothing to be afraid of.

What happens if my busy ball breaks?

 It is highly unlikely to break BarxBuddy busy ball. Your dog would need jaws of steel to be able to destroy Barx BusyBall. However, if for any reasons your Barx busy ball gets broken or the internal component fail, feel free to reach out to customer support and they will be glad to entertain your problems. The customer support will send you replacement immediately. Nothing to be afraid of here.

What happens if my dog doesn’t like it?

Barx BusyBall has been tested extensively on different breeds of furry pets and almost 99.99% of dogs like it. Very unlikely that your own dog won’t like this smart toy. There are numerous Barx busy ball reviews from customers about how their dog like this toy but if yours happens not to like it, you can conveniently return it and request for refund. You are covered by their 30 day money back guarantee, just contact the customer support and they will handle it for you. No hassle!

How can I return the product if I don’t like it?

It is pretty easy to contact the customer service team. They are always up and doing. You can reach out to them through to lodge your complaint or contact them on 1-213-337-8656

How long does the battery last?

The battery lasts for a very long time after a single charge. It can run for up to eight straight hours after a one hour charge. Also it has a rest mode that helps to conserve battery when it is not in use.

Bottom line of Barxbuddy Busy Ball Review

Are you looking for the most fun, entertaining and smartest dog toy your pup has ever tried, Barx BusyBall is the best option for you. It will absolutely become your furry friend’s new favorite toy. It is easy to use and maintain with a very sensitive motion sensor. 

Barxbuddy BusyBall is tear resistant, waterproof and saliva proof and it has a rest mode for conserving battery and making it easier for your pup to locate it the next time he (she)  wants to play. It is very portable and affordable with a stylish design. You don’t have to break a bank to get an entertaining toy for your furry friend. It is very safe for you pet. (Barx Busy Ball Review)

No chemical or toxin is contained in Barx BusyBall. There are so many pup toys that have lost their position in the market space because dogs react to the materials used in making them. Barx BusyBall does not contain any of such materials and it will never cause harm to your dog.  

Currently there is a discount for every purchase from the official product page and a thirty day money back guarantee.

Now, let’s take a look at the prices of BarxBuddy Busy Ball. 

  • 1 x BarxBuddy Busy Ball – $45.99
    • Shipping Fee – $7.95
  • 2 x BarxBuddy Busy Ball – $69.99
    • Shipping Fee – Free 
  • Unlimited Play Bundle – $89.99
    • Shipping Fee – Free 

Place your order now to benefits from the numerous deals available at the producer’s official website 

The end of Barx BusyBall Reviews, hope it’s informative enough? You can also augment Barx BusyBall with BarxBuddy ultrasonic dog trainer to calm him down if he barks too much.

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