Barxbuddy NailPro Grinder Review 2021: Best Nail Trimmer For Pets

Barxbuddy NailPro Grinder is an electronic nail grinder for your furry friends, it is cordless, quiet and easy to use, and includes a built-in safety guard which ensures complete protection for your dog. Numerous Barxbuddy NailPro Grinder Review online from customers rated this product so high, and here is a more complete review on Barxbuddy Nail Pro grinder to guide you as you start the journey of self-trimming your dogs nails Without hiring professional or calling the attention of a veterinarian.

Barxbuddy Nail Pro grinder Reviews

Trimming and grinding of pets’ nails have been a job most people shirk away from because they thought it requires a lot of dexterity and they don’t want to injure their furry friends. They always prefer taking them to professionals to get their nails cut. As a matter of fact, most people don’t even bother cutting the nails of their pet for months. This can result in consequences for both the dogs and their owners.

If you are regularly taking your dog to trimmers, you are doing a nice job but you must be spending mountains to get such services. What if there is an easier and more affordable method of getting such things done even without consuming much of your time? That’s why Barxbuddy Nail Pro Grinder Review was written to help you trim and take care of your pet even at the comfort of your home without spending big bucks.

Nail Pro Grinder is ideal for any dog irrespective of the size and breed. Even the nails of fussiest dog can be trimmed with Barxbuddy NailPro Grinder without any hassle. It is pretty easy to use and maintain, and the safety features won’t allow your dog to get hurt no matter how frequently you use to grind their nails.

Another interesting news you will like to hear is that Barxbuddy Nail Pro grinder is a tested and trusted product, and professional Veterinary Doctors. Thus, there is no risk of infections nor life threatening injury to your dog. However, you have to make your dog get used to it and associate it with fun and nice treat.

There are numerous traditional nail trimmers on the market space but electronic ones are usually the best. The traditional trimmers are almost always associated with injury to the dog which in most cases result in infections, this is why professionals recommend taking them to trimmers to avoid hurting your furry friends. Electronic grinders have come to solve the problems because of the built-in safety features which protects your dogs quick. You can use them at home without any prior training and still achieve the best result.

As we have developed the habit of spending more time with our furry friends, it is in our best interest to take good care of them in cheapest and safest ways possible. NailPro Grinder is one of the best tool to achieve this purpose as confirmed in different online Barxbuddy NailPro Grinder Review.

Now, let’s dive deeper into the NailPro Grinder Reviews to expose everything you need to know.

What is Barxbuddy Nail Pro Grinder? (Barxbuddy NailPro Grinder Review)

Barxbuddy NailPro Grinder is a veterinarian – recommended nail grinder for furry pets (dogs and cats alike), it is easy to use, durable and ultra quiet with safety guard for protecting pets’ paws. Unlike traditional nail trimming tools that carries the risk of cutting through the superficial nerves and vessels of the dog, there is no such risk with Barxbuddy Nail Pro Grinder.

This outstanding electronic tool was developed to meet the demands of dog owners who wanted a safer, easy-to-use and affordable tool for trimming their dogs nails. Covid-19 pandemic which tied all us at home have made many dog owners to spend more time with their dogs and they have actually realized the need for regular grinding of pets’nails.

A lot of NailPro Grinder users have actually tried the crude trimming tools and found out that they cause more harm to their furry friends and decided to switch to electronic nail grinder, and they are satisfied with their dog nail grinder.

It is a rotary style grinder with a rotating head. This head comes with a removable bit that can be replaced easily. It has two speed modes, “High speed and Low speed”. The high speed mode is suitable for cutting and filing longer nails while the low speed mode is used for fine finishing rough edges. Barx buddy Nail Pro Grinder has a quiet motor unlike the household rotary-style tools that generate a lot of noise.

There are special skills required prior to the use of this nail grinder. It comes it’s own safety features that will ensure that your dog’s quick is protected so you don’t cut through the nerves. However, you need to give your dog a small treat and make them associate the use of Barxbuddy NailPro Grinder on their nails with pleasant experience. Make them feel comfortable each time you want to grind their nails with NailPro Grinder. That’s the most important skill required of you.

Barx buddy Nail Pro Grinder Review
Nail Pro Grinder Review

How to use Nail Pro Grinder

It is simple and easy to use but you have to make your pet get used to it. To make your pet get used to NailPro Grinder, follow the steps below:

  • Train: you need to train your dog first so they can adapt to Barxbuddy NailPro Grinder, and not associate with pain and discomfort. To achieve this, you must show them the electronic grinder first and allow them to sniff it. Smelling the major sense organs animals like dog use to understand their environment, it helps them to detect the presence of food as well as danger.
  • Treat: The next step is to offer your dog a treat. The most widely recommended treat is verbal treat (appraisal), which includes “Yes” or “Good Dog”. Though this is the recommended treat, you can choose your own treat, it must be the one everybody is using. You understand your furry friends better than anyone, thus use the best treat you feel will make them more comfortable and calm.
  • Repeat: Repeat the exact same process use as above. If it proved abortive, then you need to find another method of treating your pet so that they can get used to barx buddy Nail Pro Grinder. For each grinding session, show the Grinder to your pet, give them verbal treat or any other treat and set down the grinder for trimming.

After making your dog or cat get used to nail grinder, you can now start using it to cut down their nails monthly or as often as you deem fit. Sometimes it might be easier to have a friend or someone to hold your dog while you grind their nails with NailPro Grinder. It has been proven to be very effective especially if you have a non-compliant dog.

Also, you have to turn on the nail grinder so before using it so that your dog will get used to the sound and not get scared when you approach them with it. You can as well use a favourite toy or a low calorie treat to distract them. Grind their nails when you feel they are very much calm and relaxed. Make your face (mood) appear pleasant so they won’t think you are angry with them.

Features of Barxbuddy NailPro Grinder (barxbuddy nail pro grinder review)

Adjustable speed: The hallmark of Barxbuddy NailPro Grinder is its different speed modes. You can adjust to a high speed or low speed depending on the nature of your dog’s nail. If the nail is long, you should start with high speed mode to lower it, and then switch to low speed mode to fine tune the edges of the nails. Do not use high speed for small short nails to injure to the paws. Also, using low speed mode for long nails will consume your time, always use the right settings.

Completely safe for your furry friends: The safety guard ensures total protection of the quick, no risk of injury to the dog nor associated infection.

Generates mild sound: It is much more quiet than regular drill or Dremel used in house. Hence, it won’t scare your pets away. However, you need to turn it before use so they can get used to the little sound it generates. Also, the vibrations from the Barxbuddy NailPro Grinder is non-disturbing. The entire unit was made to provide comfort for the pet.

Safe grinder: Traditional nail Trimming tools are cutters, and there is always a risk of cutting through the quick or paw of the pet which will damage the nerves or vessels but that is not the case with Barxbuddy NailPro Grinder. It grinds the nails rather than cutting them. Also, it does not pull the nails.

Lightweight: Nail Pro Grinder is very compact and portable. You can can store it easily and also carry it easily throughout the grinding session without any feeling of numbness. However, it is recommended that you have break in between each session to allow yourself and the dog rest, this has been proven to increase compliance by the dog.

Powered by battery: These are long lasting 2AA batteries. You can replace them when they run down. Thus, you don’t need to plug it to any source of electricity while using it. Barxbuddy NailPro Grinder is entirely cord free.

Highly recommended by experts: Veterinarian recommended Nail Pro Grinder because it is safe and effective. This is a proof of quality.

Barxbuddy NailPro Grinder Reviews
Barx buddy Nail Pro Grinder Review

How does it work (Nail Pro Grinder Review)

The mechanism of action of Barxbuddy is very simple. It is an electronic nail grinder that is powered by battery (2AA). The first thing is to turn on the grinder. Once it is on, the head starts rotating at a fast and safe speed. It’s this rotation that grinds the nails of the pet.

After turning on the grinder, place the dog’s claw into a special port and touch it to the grinder head. Allow it for few seconds (about 5 – 10 secs). Do not push or force the dog’s claw, just touch it to the head. Check the claw after sometime to know if it has been filed appropriately, if not repeat the grinding again until you achieve the desired result. Do not over grind the claw to avoid hurting your dog!!.

Benefits of using NailPro dog nail grinder

Long dog nails can be both harmful to the dog and the owner. Thus, grinding it offers benefits to both dogs and their owners.

Benefits to the dog: When dog nails over grow, the dog becomes prone to split nails and injuries, and this increases the risk of infection. When their nails split or get injured, you need to take them to a veterinarian for thorough treatment. This will consume your time and money. Trimming their nails, will protect them against pain, infections and discomfort.

Benefits of grinding to the owner: Grinding reduces cost. Taking your dog to professionals for grinding and treatment costs lots of money and time. Also, long nails of pets scratches floors, cause fabric snags and furniture tears. Repairing scratched floor takes time and money likewise fixing fabrics or torn furniture. Also, playing with dogs have long nails exposes you or your visitors to injure. Their nails are always sharp, and cuts through skin easily. Thus, in addition to saving cost of grooming visit, you will protect yourself against injury.

What type of pet can it be used on

This has been a common question asked by many consumers in different online Barxbuddy NailPro Grinder Review. As stated above, barx buddy Nail Pro Grinder can be used on all sizes and breeds of dogs and cats. However, you need to apply more techniques if you intend to use it to trim the nails of your cat.

For the sake of simplicity and clarity, different categories of dogs where you can use it include:

  1. Adult and geriatric dogs
  2. Large and giant dogs
  3. Medium sized dogs
  4. Small and teacup sized dogs
  5. Cats

Thus, you can see that it is suitable for any dog irrespective of size and breed, also good for cats.

Prices of Barxbuddy NailPro Grinder and where to buy

Barxbuddy NailPro Grinder Reviews in different websites have have praised this product because of it affordable price and high quality. Currently, the manufacturer is offering discounts on every order, a minimum of 50% discount is attached to every purchase of Barxbuddy NailPro Grinder.

In the event that you are not satisfied with the product, there is also a 30 day money back guarantee on all purchases. You can return it and get fully refunded within this stipulated time. Return and refund are entirely hassle, you have nothing to lose since there is no associated shipping fee.

Now, let’s take a look at the prices are different packages of Nail Pro Grinder

  • One Barxbuddy Nail Pro – $30.95
  • One Barxbuddy Nail Pro + Barxbuddy Nail Pro Replacement Head – $35.95
  • One Barxbuddy Nail Pro + Barxbuddy Nail Pro Replacement Head + Barxbuddy Treats – $42.95

In the off chance that you wish to purchase this product visit the website of Barxbuddy Nail Pro to place your order. Do not buy from any vendor outside the official website of the producer to avoid paying exorbitant price for substandard product.

Visit the official website now to claim your discount

Nail Pro Grinder for pet
NailPro Grinder Review

Frequently Asked Questions (Barxbuddy NailPro Grinder Review)

Q: How long should a trimming session last?

A: The average time for each trimming session is between 5 to 10 seconds. Do not exceed this period per time. Just place one claw for this period and remove it after 10 seconds. If you feel you have not achieved the best result you can repeat it. The total length of time depends on the length of the nails and how cooperative the pet is during the session.

Q: Is the NailPro Grinder electronic?

A: Yes, it is electric and powered by 2AA battery and a 1.5 watts, 3 volt DC motor that will last for more than 10,000 hours. This sounds great!!

Q: How often do I need to replace the nail grinder heads?

A: It depends on how often you use them and how long you use them each time. If you use it on more than one dog with longer nails, it might to be replaced more often. You always buy more replacement heads from Barxbuddy website.

Barxbuddy Nail Pro Grinder Customers Reviews

I have been taking my dog for grooming but this costs me a lot of money. Since the pandemic started I have spent more time with my dog and decided to learn how to trim his nails. I opted for electronic grinders because I heard they are safer. I’m glad I bought Barxbuddy Nail Pro, it has never hurt my dog and it has reduced cost of grooming visit. >Anne Morgan, New York<

Trimming my dog’s nail with Barxbuddy Nail Pro has always been a fun moments for me and my dog. When I first started I used to distract him with his toy but now I don’t even need toy to grind his nails. >Mark G. San Marino CA<

It really met my expectations. I sceptical until I started using it, very efficient and easy to use. No harm to my pup since I started using it. Highly recommended!!! >Jane C. Ohio<

Conclusion of Barxbuddy Nail Pro Grinder Review

Barxbuddy NailPro Grinder has gained wide recognition because of its efficiency. It is affordable, easy to use and completely safe for all dogs and cats.

It was developed to reduce cost of maintenance of dogs and also give protect to both the dogs and their owners. It is currently sold at a discount, and consumers are ordering for it at a high rate. If you are interested, hurry and make purchase before it runs out of stock. Thank you for reading our Barxbuddy NailPro Grinder Review, hope it’s helpful?

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