BarxBuddy Review 2021: Does This Ultrasonic Dog Trainer Work?

BarxBuddy Review
BarxBuddy Review

BarxBuddy Review:
The need to have an Anti-barking device (dog trainer) for misbehaving Dogs can never be overemphasized. Some times dogs bark for obvious and understandable reasons but most times they just bark without any good reason. This can make the owner feel annoyed and stupid especially when you have visitors in your compound. 

In this article, BarxBuddy Review, we will be bringing to your knowledge everything you need to know about an awesome and affordable Dog training device that will help you train your dog properly. 

There are other anti-barking gadget available in the market space nowadays but laying your hands on the one that will enable you achieve the result without taking a huge percentage of your income is better.

We understand that training dogs is costly and time consuming. This is because dogs need attention all the time and barking is one of the signs they gave any time they want to misbehave. Also fear can cause them to bark and even injure anybody especially visitors.

Most times the owners find it difficult to control them in this condition. Thus, it becomes indispensable to have a dog training device that will enable you control them under such circumstances if you don’t have plans (money) to send them to dog training and boot camp schools.

Some of the traditional devices used to train dogs like shock collars and muzzels are very expensive and can hurt the dog some times. However, some dog owners can still not afford these boot camp schools. This spurred some researchers to invent this outstanding and affordable device that can achieve the same result as boot camp schools without causing even the slightest harm to the dogs. 

BarxBuddy was developed to make training dogs safe and affordable to everybody. Even dog lovers without experience can use this tool to train dogs effectively. Sending dogs to obedience schools can cost up to $600 per week and boot camp schools can cost as high as $1,250 per week. 

The question now is, why do you have to spend such amount of money to train your dog while there is a device that can help you achieve the same result at just a fraction of that amount. Discover the joy of training a dog without any harm using this amazing gadget that is 100% risk free. 

Let’s get into the nitty-gritty of this article, 

BarxBuddy Review 

BarxBuddy is a non-violent and harmless anti-barking device for training dogs. It produces high pitch frequencies to discourage bad pet behaviours especially dogs’ barking. It gets dog’s attention and shift their focus to the noise.

This will allow you to correct their bad behavior and discourage them from doing it again. This ultrasonic dog trainer can also be used to prevent dogs from damaging vital properties, digging holes, jumping on people (visitors), and barking continuously. 

If you’re not comfortable with the way your dog barks all the time, get yourself a BarxBuddy to discourage them from such bad behaviour. Don’t just go and dump your pet at dog training school, establish rapport and bond with your pet by training them yourself using this awesome dog training tool. 

BarxBuddy Review
BarxBuddy Review

BarxBuddy is a safe and affordable ultrasonic dog training device that produces high frequency sound which is undetectable for humans but annoying for pets. The sound it generates is just enough to distract them but not annoying or inconveniencing to them.

Dog barking can generate enough noise that can disturb kids while sleeping, also barking can be inconveniencing to both strangers and neighbours. Also bad behaving dogs can jump on people and cause accident. Train your dog well by using this amazing gadget. It is far more effective than shouting “stop stop” to control your dogs.

BarxBuddy is suitable for  both first-time dog owners and professionals. It is very simple and easy to use and very efficient as well. No special skills required. If you want a dog training device that combines both efficiency and low cost without causing any harm to your dog, consider giving BarxBuddy a try. Unlike spikes and shock collars, BarxBuddy won’t hurt your dog. 

BarxBuddy Specs 

Size13.8 x 5.8 x 3.1 cm
Frequency30,000 Hertz
Working voltageDC 9V Battery
Upsell SirenGuard personal alarm
Built-in LED lightYes
Battery life30 minutes

 Here is the deal:

Effective and humane dog training tool: BarxBuddy is a very effective and humane dog trainer. It achieves the same desired results as the expensive dog training schools. Unlike the traditional training methods that may cause little harm to dogs, BarxBuddy does not cause any harm to your dog.

This is pretty cool for people who really love their pets and would never like to see them get hurt. 

Uses ultrasonic technology for anti-barking: The ultrasonic technology generates high frequency sound that can only be heard by dogs and not humans. This loud sound will discourage the dog from barking. Hence, BarxBuddy is safe for both the dog and the trainer. It will not cause any form of harm to both parties.

Ultrasonic dog trainer
BarxBuddy Review

Handy and portable design: BarxBuddy is very light and easy to carry. You can go to any place of your choice  with the gadget. BarxBuddy is a tool that can be used at any time a dog is misbehaving but this purpose will be defeated if it is bulky (heavy) as it will be discomforting to the dog trainer. Thanks to the producer for making it handy and portable, you can use it anywhere and any time without any hassle. 

Easy and simple to use: Both professionals and first timers will enjoy this product. Very easy and simple to use. Just follow the instructions provided in this BarxBuddy Review and your are good to go.

One button play: Just a single press of button and your device will start working. You don’t need any special skills to use BarxBuddy. The only thing you need to do is to long press the button and it will get the job done. 

Built-in LED light with two brightness levels: The ultrasonic dog trainer comes with built-in LED light. This LED light has two different brightness levels for different purposes. It helps you to find out if your gadget is still in good shape or not. 

Doubles as a flashlight for night walks: The LED light highest brightness level can serve as a flashlight for night walks. Hence, this is very suitable for big dogs in cage that may start barking unnecessarily at night. Just flash the light to find your way to the cage to control the barking. 

The battery is rechargeable and lasts for 30 minutes on a single charge. 

You might be wondering:

Is BarxBuddy a scam? 

BarxBuddy is not a scam. It has been used my many, both first-timers and professionals, and they have been testifying how easy and efficient it is. It also helps to establish a strong bond between you and your pet as you will be the one to train the dog instead of just dumping them to training school.

This Ultrasonic dog trainer is of high quality and achieves the desired results. Do not waste your money sending your dog to boot comp when you already know about an affordable device that can help you train your dog. You can also augment it with pet hydrating tools

Is this Anti-barking device suitable for my dog’s breed? 

Barx Buddy is suitable for most dog breeds. It was invented to train all the breeds but the producer warned that it might not be effective in a very few breeds. However, the feedback from everybody using this ultrasonic dog trainer has been on the positive side nobody has so far reported that it’s not working on their dog.

dog training device
BarxBuddy Review

For now we can comfortably generalize that it is working on all breeds based on the reports from users. I am using mine to train my big German Shepard dog and it is working very fine. 

Here are some of the breeds on which BarxBuddy has been proved to be efficient:

  • Big dogs like German Shepard, Labradors, and Huskies
  • Small dogs like Yorkies and Spaniels.
  • Active dogs like Beagles, Boxers 
  • More aggressive breeds like Rottweilers, Pinschers, and Pitbulls. 
  • Milder breeds like Poodles, Shih Tzus, and Daschunds. 
  • It even works on most cats 

Why does my dog bark? 

Dogs bark for different reasons. As humans, we can talk. We communicate our thoughts through talking and other means. We also register our displeasure with people or a person through talking as well. As for dogs, they can not talk hence they have their own means of communicating and showing that they’re afraid or angry. 

Barking is obviously one those ways. Dogs bark when they want to communicate with their owners some times. Also they bark in response to stimulus or fear. When dogs are angry at a visitor, they first start barking before taking other actions like bite. Also when their owners are back from work they great them by barking.

Hence, it’s fine to have your dogs bark upon seeing you. They’ are trying to show affection and love for their custodian. Aggressive dogs also back when they see strange faces in the compound. This might be a way of showing that they are either afraid or that they want to raise alarm for security reasons.

In some cases this might be fine but in most cases, it needs to be controlled to avoid unnecessary harm to your visitors. Also some aggressive dogs barks incessantly. This is always a matter of concern as it may be inconveniencing to your neighbours. 

Well trained dogs are lovely but poorly controlled ones can be dangerous to both strangers and the owners. 

I just remembered my encounter with a woman in my street. She is with her dog (an aggressive breed) Rottweiler, asking for direction. She’s very friendly and smiles a lot. After our brief conversation, as a dog lover,  I decided to play a little with her dog and she told me never to get my hand nearer to the dog as it might bite.

I asked her “why is the dog so offensive and she told me that she has not taken it to any training school and she does not have any training device, she uses only voice to control the dog. This is a good example of those dogs that can harm strangers but with affordable devices like BarxBuddy, the problem will be solved with ease. 

Below is a list of some occasions when dogs can bark:

  • Watching a cat or a bird outside the house. 
  • To get the attention of humans or owners.
  • An entry of a visitor into your home
  • During a boredom situation. 
  • While feeling loneliness for a long time. 
  • Alerting their owners or parents about strangers. 

The tone of barking varies in each of these situations. As a dog owner you should be able to identify what is going on. 

Do I really need an Anti-barking device? 

Controlling dogs sometimes with just normal voice may not be effective. It is true that dogs know and respect their owners but sometimes they can misbehave and if something is not done quick, the situation may be out of control.

Dogs can be playful and nasty as well. Always thinking that your dog won’t hurt or misbehave is an illusion. No matter the amount of training they received, they are still animals and the poorly trained ones are even more dangerous. 

You can decide to cage your bad behaving dog. This is fine but it’s still not the best way out of the problem. Sending them to training school is good but training them yourself with devices like BarxBuddy will be better.

If you don’t have money to send your dogs to training school or you want a device that can help you train your dog yourself, we recommend buying BarxBuddy. It’s literally the best dog training device out there in the market. 

Is BarxBuddy the best dog training device? 

Having tested other dog trainers available in the market, we discovered that BarxBuddy stands out among them. It is very affordable and 100% risk free. It is safe for humans and dogs. You can use it to train your dogs comfortably and keep their health well under command.

If you follow the instructions duly, you will never have issues with your device and you will never regret investing your heard-earned money in it.

BarxBuddy Review
BarxBuddy Review

However, if you use it and you’re not satisfied, you can apply for refund immediately but be rest assured that BarxBuddy will live up to your high expectations. It very efficient and delivers the desired results. 

How does this ultrasonic dog trainer work? 

BarxBuddy works by emitting high frequency sound that distracts pets. This distraction shifts their attention from whatever they are doing making them to be calm. This sound can only be detected by animals, humans can’t hear it. There is no contact between the pet and BarxBuddy but you must be close to the dog.

And this will enable you to:

  • Train your dog: The training requires a short period of time. If your dog is barking continuously, use BarxBuddy to stop the barking immediately. 
  • Make your dog attentive: When dogs are barking, they hardly take instructions or command from their owners or other people. But with BarxBuddy, you will be able to calm them down and make them attentive. They will start obeying command. 
  • Stop them from damaging properties: When dogs are calm, they hardly destroy properties or scratch the ground. This ultrasonic technology is very effective in training dogs. 
  • Stop them from displaying unusual behaviours: When dogs bark at one another it can result in fight. Making dogs calm will prevent them from barking at other dogs or fighting with others which can result in injuries. 

How can I use this anti-barking dog training device? 

One of the most admirable features of this gadget is that it is very easy and simple to use. Both first-time dog lovers and professionals will find it enthusiastic using this tool.
Follow these steps to ensure a hassle free usage of your dog trainer. 

  1. As soon as the dog starts barking, calmly get near them. Never yell at the dog for barking, it will increase their energy level and make the problem worse. 
  2. Point BarxBuddy at the dog, then press and hold the ON button. 
  3. Take a step towards the dog, essentially using your body to push the dog back from anything that they were barking at. 
  4. For extra stubborn dogs, you can activate the duo LED light features in addition to the ultrasonic sound. 
  5. Immediately the dog has backed away, let go of the sound and light buttons. Allow the dog to calm down for a while. 
  6. Remember to reinforce the dog’s good behaviour as soon as they do what you want. Give the dog a small treat, verbal praise or pet them to let them know you are happy with their good behaviur. 
  7. Keep your BarxBuddy close by so that when training opportunities come up, you will be ready. 
  8. You can modify these steps if the need arises, to suit your training condition.
  9. Always, Train, Treat and Repeat (TTR) 

Note! Permanent change in behaviour of the dog is not immediate. You need to repeat the process any time your pet is misbehaving until they learn to stop those bad attitude. Always praise them for their good attitude as well, it will make them more obedient. 

What makes it stand out? 

BarxBuddy is the most efficient dog trainer. It delivers perfect result in a shorter period of time. It will immediately stop any unwanted behaviour displayed by your pet and with time your pets will learn to avoid those unwanted behaviours. BarxBuddy is unique. Unlike other devices, it causes no harm to your pets and it uses the same method to train all the breeds.

Hence, you don’t need to know how to apply it for different breeds. Once you master how to use it on one breed, you can apply same knowledge and experience to other breeds and species. 

The Ultrasonic sound it generates will not disturb  you nor your neighbours. Making it completely free from side effects. 

BarxBuddy is very portable and can be carried about without any hassle. This will be of additional advantage. If you meet aggressive dogs that are poorly trained by their owners in the street, you can conveniently pull out your BarxBuddy to calm them and prevent them from hurting you. 

It is cost-effective. BarxBuddy is very cheap compared to boot camp school and other traditional training devices. BarxBuddy also gives you the opportunity to train your dog by yourself which will in turn establish a strong bond between you and your pet and enable you gains more control over them. 

How long does it take to train a dog? 

There is not set time or period for training a dog with BarxBuddy. It all depends on you and your pets. Some pets are more stubborn than others, hence will need more time to train them. Also some dogs bark incessantly while others bark once in a while. You will need more time to train a continuously barking dog to desist from such habit than the ones that hardly bark. 

Some dogs are more aggressive than others and need more attention to prevent them from causing problems.

A more dedicated owner who spends more time with his or her pets will get the job done faster and more effectively unlike a busy dog owner who hardly makes out time for his pets. 

In summary, the average time it takes to train a dog with BarxBuddy depends on how dedicated the owner is and how compliant the dog is. If both are good, then it will take less time but if both are bad it will take longer time. 

BarxBuddy Review
BarxBuddy Review

What are other ways of training a dog?

There are many ways of training dogs. The efficacy of these ways vary. Some are more effective than others, however, it largely depends on the owners dedication to his pet. Also people buy dogs for different reasons and the reason for which you acquired your dog will determine the type and method of training you will give it. 

For example, a dog bought for security reasons will not receive the same training as the one acquired to just serve as a pet. 

Here are some training techniques that were proved to be effective:

Positive reinforcement: The principle behind this technique is that dogs will repeat a good behaviour when it is followed by a reward. Rewarding your dog for doing something good will make the dog repeat the same behaviour and that way it will be a good dog. 

Scientific training: This method is based on understanding dog’s nature and their ability to be conditioned using the effectiveness of reward and punishment. This method can only be carried out by professionals. 

Electronic training: It is based on using an electronic collar that delivers a shock or a spray of citrollena when a dog is not performing a desired task. Also for professionals.

Model-rival or mirror training: This method uses the principle that dogs learn by observation. By providing a model of good behaviour, the dogs will learn from it. 

Alpha dog or dominance: It uses the dog’s  instinctual pack mentality to create a relationship of submission and dominance.

Relationship-based training: This method combines other techniques of dog training. It focus more on the relationship between the dog and the owner to pass knowledge to the dog. 

Where can I buy this ultrasonic dog trainer? 

To be sure of buying the right product at the right amount, go straight to the official website of the producer to purchase your own BarxBuddy. There may be other vendors out there but we cannot guarantee you of the quality of their own BarxBuddy. We recommend buying straight from the producer to avoid being scammed.

There are lots of exciting deals in the official website such as money back guarantee and 50% discount. Ordering process is very easy and delivery is very quick.

Customer service is top notch, you will be updated from the time you ordered to the time the product gets delivered to you. There are many payment options you can select from and your payment details are well protected and secured. 

Click the button below to buy yours today. 

Benefits of using BarxBuddy

  • BarxBuddy is chemical free and uses high quality materials which is beneficial to both humans and dogs.
  • It gives you the chance to train your pet the way you want it to behave. 
  • Barxbuddy is very portable and allows you the freedom to move about with it. 
  • It is very effective and fast in delivering results. 
  • If you use it constantly, your dog will never bark at your visitors.
  • Capable of transforming your dog beyond expectations.
  • It saves you money.

Technical facts about BarxBuddy 

Dogs can pick sounds at higher frequency than humans, the ultrasonic device produces this high frequency sound that’s picked by fine ears of dog and poses no disturbance to man. The sharp and effective LED light will help you to locate your dog at night and also play a role in calming him down if the sound wave is not enough.

The light will help to add more distractions to the dog making the dog to focus on these distractions and forget about barking or scratching the ground. 

The button is easy to press and delivers result on just a single prolonged push. 

Note!  When buying an ultrasonic dog training device always make sure that it is not the one that will hurt your dog in any way. If it is not clearly stated that it won’t harm your dog, do not buy. As some of the anti-barking devices will hurt your dog while trying to calm them down. Also look at the battery life and how long it will last so you don’t spend more time charging the device than actually using it. 

BarxBuddy Review
BarxBuddy Review

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Barx Buddy so loud? 

No, Barx Buddy emits sounds at a very high frequency above what we can hear. It’s only the refined ears of animals that can pick such sounds. The aim behind this is to ensure that it does not discomfort us while using it to train our pets. 

Is BarxBuddy hard to use? 

No. BarxBuddy is very easy to use just follow the instructions clearly outlined above to use your device. Make sure you long-press the ON button to get the attention of the dog and stop them any time you want to correct their behaviour. If this does not stop the dog, then flash the built-in LED light to reinforce the distraction. 

Is the battery rechargeable? 

Yes. The ultrasonic dog training device comes with a rechargeable battery to avoid wasting your money on batteries. This ensures that you train your dog well at the lowest cost possible. 

Does this high tech gadget cause harm?

No. BarxBuddy is 100% harmless to humans, dogs and other pets. Though the sound it generates can not be perceived by humans, it is advised that you don’t take it near your ears to test it. It may hurt you. If it is not stated unequivocally that the device is harmless, do not buy! 

My dog is very active, can it be suitable for him?

Yes. BarxBuddy is very fit for active dogs like Beagles, Boxers etc.  Also good for other dogs like the German Shepard, Labradors, Huskies, small dogs like Yorkies and Spaniels etc. 

Can BarxBuddy also work on other pets? 

It was specifically designed to train dogs but it is also good for cats. 

Does it  have  money back guarantee? 

Yes, it has 30-day money back guarantee. 

Customers’ BarxBuddy Review 

Donna H: “I love this tool, it has helped me to train the dogs not to bark when someone is at the door. Now after this COVID-19 is over, I will start training them to walk without pulling me. Thanks again for this wonderful training device.”

Melissa A: “Tried gadgets with little to no success for a decade. I can’t afford obedience school for dogs. I decided to try BarxBuddy after reading an article about it. Totally amazed at the outcome. Stops our pets in their tracks.”

Elizabeth W: “Started working from home during the COVID-19 crisis. He was obsessed with the mail carrier and I was afraid he’d break a window trying to get to her. One week after using BarxBuddy, he’s started to calm down. It’s the only thing I’ve  found that gets his attention back to me.”

Anne: “I was initially reluctant to buy this gadget when I first heard about it from my friend. I  thought it would be like other non-effective ones I’ve tried. But I later made up my mind to buy one. Happy, it helped me control my dog appropriately.”

Jonna: “Great product! Very harmless and easy to use. It is also protecting me against the aggressive dogs in my street.”

Bottom line 

Acquiring dogs is one thing and making sure they’re harmless and properly behaved is another thing. It does not just end at purchasing a dog. It’s another arduous task to take good care of them and one of the ways of taking care of them after feeding is by training them to ensure they don’t become nuisance.

BarxBuddy Review
BarxBuddy Review

Many people like dog because they are very friendly and playful but majority don’t have the time to look after them properly to make sure they actually become friendly and playful. This resulted in establishment of training schools to help people train their dogs. Though this has been proven to be effective but it is not cost effective. You don’t have to spend all your income on dog alone. 

We are hereby recommending an effective gadget that will help you train your dog without paying heavily for it. It is also time-saving and 100% risk-free. 

If you have a bad behaving dog but don’t have money to send it to obedience school, lay your hands on BarxBuddy. It will achieve same result for you. Life will be amazing with a well disciplined dog. Get yours today and get the best out of your pet.

Thanks for reading. Feel free to check out our Avanti freezer and Drone X Pro Reviews 

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