Battery Vault Review 2021: The Best Battery Storage System For Every Home

Battery vault is the portable, transparent and strong battery storage system that safely holds your most common household batteries. The double sided carrying case organizes everything by size in individual compartment with clear lids for easy identification. Battery Vault Review was composed to guide you make an informed decision with regards to whether this battery storage case is good for you or not. It contains all the information you need to know about this battery storage system.

Battery Vault Reviews
Battery Vault Reviews

Are you looking for a convenient product that can hall all of the batteries all over the house? Battery Vault is your best deal.

Sometimes we threw away durable and quality batteries thinking that they are bad. This usually happen when you pack all the batteries in one space. It will be difficult to separate the good ones from old worn out batteries. To avoid this from happening, you need a transparent battery storage system with a reliable tester to enable you store all your batteries, test them and separate the good from the bad. This way, you will never run out of good batteries neither will you mistakenly threw away good quality batteries.

Power outage is something that occurs frequently, it is not a new experience. The most irritating part of it is that it occurs without any prior notice, always takes people unawares. This ugly experience can be averted if you have the right tools in your home. The problem with dead batteries is that you will never knew that they are dead, you only get to find out when you need them. Not being able to find quick replacement causes inconvenience.

There is never a good time to be out of power. Imagine working with your portable drill that is powered by battery only for it to stop working in the middle of the job. This is as much irritating and frustrating. In this condition, you would need a perfect replacement as soon as possible. However, this seems unachievable because all your batteries are packed in one space. You don’t even know the ones that are good to power your drill. This will take you a whole lot of time trying to find out the battery that can replace the dead one in your portable drill.

This problem will be a thing of the past if you have a good battery storage case like battery vault. The tester helps you to know the ones that should be discarded and the ones to store in cases of emergency like this. Instead of dumping all your used batteries in one place, you will have the opportunity to separate them.

There are tons of vault storage system in the market but this brand stands out because of its compact size, easy-to-use and affordable price. Unlike most vaults that feature opaque cover, battery vault has a transparent lid to make battery identification easy. This is very important because different brands and sizes of batteries are stored in it.

Still curious? Let’s dive deeper into battery vault storage system review. Keep reading!

What is battery vault storage system? (battery vault review)

Battery Vault is a special type of battery storage case that features transparent plastic lid for easy and quick identification of battery. It has different compartments that house different sizes and brands of battery. Most of the house hold batteries can be stored in battery vault storage case. It is the most dependable battery source for emergency and every day use.

Junk drawers have almost always been the commonest site for keeping used batteries. The kids are usually guilty of this act. Though this might seem to be pretty cool, until you need a battery as quickly as possible especially in emergency. You will get to find out that you aren’t doing yourself any favours. Junk drawers are meant for junks and should be used as such. Get a dependable battery storage case for your used batteries.

Battery vault comes with an efficient tester. This helps you to test all the batteries before putting them in the right place for storage. In the event that your TV remote battery is down, you don’t have to start testing every battery, you quickly select from the case the suitable battery for your remote.

Many households have rechargeable batteries and alkaline batteries. Most times, these batteries are mixed up and it becomes an arduous task separating them. With battery vault, you can conveniently keep each battery in its own space to avoid mixing up. When the batteries are well separated, you can reach out to each of them without any hassle.

Do you have kids that kept on putting batteries in the junk drawer? Battery Vault is all you need to unclutter this drawer and reserve it for junk. It is very portable and handy. There’s no hassle associated with this product. Battery Vault storage system is very easy to use, both arranging the batteries and testing them with the tester are all pretty simple and easy.

The power is out, it is ten and night. Your flashlight battery just died. Do you know where your spare batteries are? When most people find themselves in this condition, they start looking for their spare batteries.

Ooh yes, there it is, the junk drawer. However, you don’t know the ones that are still good. This is why you need battery vault. It helps to keep you prepared at all times. Even if you experience frequent power outage, you won’t have anything to worry about.

Battery vault comes in red colour. It is shiny and stylishly designed to suit your rooms decor. It contains a total of 180 batteries. If you have more batteries than this number, then you should be asking yourself what you are doing with your life. Most consumers are very much satisfied with this product as seen in different online battery vault reviews. The producer is certain that anybody that wants a battery storage system will surely like this product. There is 100% 60 days money back on all orders.

Battery Vault Review
Battery Vault Review

Features of battery vault storage case

Compact and portable: Battery vault storage case is very compact and portable. Despite being able to store large quantities of household batteries, it maintains small size that can be accommodated in any small space in your house. You can keep it inside your drawers, shelves or toolbox of your truck. The major problem with some battery storage system is that they take up too much space, and the users always struggle with finding a perfect location for keeping the case.

Battery Vault is very compact, you will never have issues creating space for it because it is small. Also, it is very portable unlike other bulky storage cases. It only weighs about 12 pounds when it is fully loaded. Hence, you can take your case to any place that pleases you without worrying about its weight. The ultimate goal of the manufacturer is to ensure your comfort.

Massive storage system: Battery vault was designed to accommodate all your common household batteries. It has different compartments for different battery sizes. No matter the type of battery your household tools use, battery vault will be pretty cool for storing their batteries.

It can store a whopping 180 different kinds of batteries. This is a whole lot. Almost all your common household batteries can be accommodated inside battery vault storage system. If you have more than this number mentioned here, then you’ve gotta ask yourself a question. (That’s a joke anyway). The double sided design holds 78 AAs, 64 AAAs, 8 9-volts, 10 Cs, 12 coin cells, and 8 Ds batteries.

Battery tester: What is a battery storage case without a tester to enable you know the ones that should actually be stored for emergency and every day use. Battery Vault has a reliable and efficient tester that you can use to test all the batteries to know the ones that need to be discarded and the ones you should store for your emergency use and regular use. The tester is pretty simple and easy to use.

Sleek and solid design: This case is very strong and solid. It is not fragile. You can Keep your storage system virtually anywhere that can accommodate it without fear of breaking. It is made of strong plastic materials that are highly durable. Unlike delicate materials that easily get fractured or scratched, battery vault is very resistant to cracks. Hence, it is good for any family. Your kids can keep batteries in battery vault storage case. Nobody is barred from using it because it can withstand rough handling.

Transparent lid: Having a battery storage system is pretty good for emergency cases. However, what if you have a case that requires that you open everything for you to locate a battery? This will not be good for emergency cases. Battery vault has a transparent plastic lid to enable you identify the batteries inside without eve opening the case. Thus, you can easily pick up the type of battery you want once the case is opened without having to search through the entire system. This is one big advantage of this brand of battery storage system which makes it suitable for emergency uses. It is also good for every day use, because it will be easier and faster for you to replace (install) any battery.

Benefits of using battery vault storage case

Different compartments: Battery vault storage case is very large and stores a lot of batteries. If this space inside the battery vault case is not compartmentalized, it will be as bad as throwing any kind of battery inside your junk drawer because you won’t be able to quickly pick up any brand of spare batteries you want without having to first search through the case or drawer.

Battery vault is a storage system that was well designed to make life much more easier. It has different compartments for different battery sizes and brands. You can easily pick up any brand you want from its compartment. Also, the transparent lid makes it easier to identify the batteries. It also prevents the batteries from touching each other or metallic surface

Affordable price: Though this brand of battery storage system is trending on the market space because of its high quality and efficiency, it is very affordable. Many online battery vault review rated it high mainly because of its price. You don’t have to break the bank for you to have a storage case for your spare household batteries. If you have low budget for battery storage system, battery vault is the best deal for you, it is cheap and effective. Made of long lasting material.

Battery Vault storage Review
Battery Vault storage Review

Never threw away good batteries: Without battery tester you will hardly know the spare battery that is still good. You will have to test them by putting them in the tool you want to use until you get the combination that can power the device. Instead of passing through this stress, most people just threw batteries away randomly. This practice has resulted in loss of quality spare batteries.

Battery vault case comes with a quality tester that you can use and test all the household batteries easily and quickly. It is pretty simple and easy to use. This prevents throwing away of quality spare batteries.

Free your junk drawers: Junk drawers are meant for junks but many people use them to store spare batteries. Battery storage systems are designed for storing batteries, so your drawers will be free for junks.

Technical facts (battery vault review)

Dimensions9 inches tall, 13 inches wide, 3 inches thick
WeightOver 12 pounds when fully loaded
Number of batteries it can hold180 batteries (78 AA, 64 AAA, 8 9-volts, 10 Cs, 12 Coin Cells, and 8 Ds)
Included testerYes
Number of batteries it come withNone

How to use it

Battery vault is pretty simple and easy to use. As established in many customers battery vault review, it does not require any technical skills. It is designed to be used right out of the box. Just order for your own battery storage system, receive it start making use of it.

Battery vault does most of the work for you. It has different compartments and each slot is sized accordingly for the type of battery it holds. These compartments are also well designed to ensure that the batteries in each slot does not touch each other or any metallic surface.

Now, open your case you will see the tester in the centre and the different compartments. Gather all your household batteries and test each of them to know those that are bad and the ones that should be kept in the case.

After testing the batteries, locate the slot (compartment) suitable for each battery and place them in.

How the tester works:

The tester is also simple and easy to use. No skills needed here.

Insert your battery between the red slider and the top of the tester. Follow the positive and negative guidelines on the tester for the correct placement. The needle on the meter will indicate whether the battery is good, low, or needs replacement. There are also special testing points on top of the unit for checking your 9-volt batteries.

Battery storage Review
Battery Vault Review

Who needs battery storage system?

Battery vault storage case is pretty good for every home. It is strong and durable, and can withstand rough handling. Hence, both kids and adults can store and arrange betteries in it without any breakage.

If you have portable drills, flashlights, TV remotes, children’s toys and any other household tools that is powered by batteries, then you need a battery organizer and storage system.

Power outage is very unpredictable, and it can occur at any time. Your flashlight will be the next tool for light. But what if the flashlight is also dead? Now, you will need a spare battery. Your battery vault will come to your aid in this emergency situation. It makes you to be prepared at all times.

Prices of Battery vault storage device and Where to Buy

Though highly effective with high end features, battery vault case is very affordable. Currently, the device is sold at a discount which makes it more affordable for consumers with low budget. Here are the prices at the product official website

  • One battery vault storage system – $49.99
  • Two battery vault storage systems – $91.99
  • Three battery vault storage systems – $129.99
  • Four battery vault storage systems – $159.99

The best place to purchase any product is from the producer. Battery vault is only sold at the official website of the manufacturer. Do not make purchase anywhere outside this website to avoid losing your money or buying substandard product at high prices.

Also, there is 60 days money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with your own battery vault, you can return it and apply for refund and your money will be refunded 100%. If you want replacement, the customer service will be glad to entertain your complaints and serve you satisfactorily well.

Make Your Purchase At The Official Website At Discounted Price

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of batteries does it hold?

Battery vault storage case can hold 180 different types of spare (new) batteries. They include, 78 AA, 64 AAA, 8 9-Volts, 10 Cs, 12 Coin Cells, and 8 Ds.

Is the colour of the case transparent?

Battery vault case is red in colour. The two sides are covered with transparent lids for maximum visibility and easy identification of batteries inside the case. Hence, the colour of the case is not transparent but the case as a whole is transparent.

What is the weight of battery vault case when it is fully loaded with batteries?

Battery vault storage system is very compact and portable. It can be kept anywhere in the house or taken to any place even when it is fully loaded. It weighs over 12 pounds when it is fully stocked with batteries.

Does it come with batteries?

No, battery vault does not come with any extra batteries. It is only a case with different empty compartments where you will be able to store your household batteries safely. They won’t touch each other or metallic surface.

What’s the best place for storing battery vault?

You can store your battery vault anywhere that pleases you. However, it is recommended that you store it in a cool dry loaction for best performance.

Battery vault review final remarks

Battery vault case helps you to be prepared always in case of power outage. This sleek compact container holds 180 batteries of different sizes. The clear lids and saperated compartments make finding that much-needed AAA battery no problem at all.

It also comes with an effective tester, which means you will never have to guess which batteries are okay to install. It is an essential kit for every household. It is affordable, and delivery is super fast. Do not miss out on this special kit!!

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