5 Best Electric Vehicles That Will Blow Your Mind

Different categories of electric vehicles are produced nowadays to make life easier and more comfortable. Some of the best electric vehicles are compatible with life but not very convenient because of their size while others are very small and easy to use. 
Most of these bulky vehicles are way more comfortable than others in actual use but when you think of the size and the inconvenience associated with them, you will discover the reasons why portable vehicles are preferred to bulky ones.

Battery life (power) is also an important factor to consider while looking at these vehicles. 
Most of these vehicles really sucks when it comes to battery life. You will discover that you spend more time charging the vehicle than actually using it. This problem is not applicable to all the vehicles, some really have good battery life that can run for tons of kilometres on a single charge. 
We’d be discussing some of these electric vehicles you have ever seen. They’re specially designed for personal comfort and they’re very easy to use


DI BLASI R30 electric scooter is a three wheel, portable electric vehicle manufactured by Italian company known as DI BLASI R30. This vehicle can be folded and unfolded within seconds by just a single button push. This makes it easy to be carried from place to place even in your small cars and  while travelling. This scooter is very small and flexible and it is equipped with a reverse function.

best electric vehicles
DI BLASI R30 | best electric vehicles

DI BLASI R30 is an awesome electric vehicle with the following features and functions. The maximum weight it can carry is 100kg, and it is lightweight, weighing over 26kg with the battery. It is very simple and convenient. It runs at a speed of 6km/h, thus no drivers license or special payment is required for its use. It can travel  a distance of 20km on a single charge. It also comes with a special lift to enable you put it inside your car without any hassle. Below is the summary of DI BLASI R30 specifications.

best electric vehicles
DI BLASI R30 – best electric vehicles

Product specifications

  • Dimensions (folded): length: about 61.5 cm x width:38.5 cm x height:49.5 cm
  • Weight: about 23.6 kg (extra 2.8kg battery)
  • Wheels: 12 ½ x 2 ¼
  • Brakes: automatic magnetic brake (electric brake manually operated)
  • Capacity: max. 100 kg on the seat
  • LED-lighting set with sensor control
  • Included horn
  • Turn radius: 71 cm
  • Max. speed (6 km/h) 
  • Reverse gear (3 km/h)
  • Rise: 6 degree (10.5 %)
  • Electric motor: 250 W 24V DC – motor in front wheel
  • Lithium-Polymer (LiFePO4) battery 24 V 9 Ah
  • Range: about 20 km
  • Included charger: 24 V 2 Ah
  • Charging time: about 5 h
  • Available in the colors antracyte, blue and red.
best electric vehicles
DI BLASI R30 – best electric vehicles


It is a two wheel vehicle just like motorcycles. DAYMAK BEAST 2 is most beneficial to people who like travelling without restrictions. It is way faster than DI BLASI. It was specifically designed for off road journeys, hence the name BEAST 2. Sand, grassEs, pieces of woods and other natural substances don’t cause any damage to the machine. If you want to travel faster without any restrictions on off roads (outside the main road), this vehicle may be beneficial to you.

best electric vehicles
DAYMAK BEAST 2 – best electric vehicles

Daymak Beast 2 electric scooter has comes with a Bluetooth controller so you can adjust performance on the fly. Take new paths and try new trails on the Beast 2 and enjoy all that Mother Nature has to offer. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be taken on road either! The Beast 2 is a fully street legal scooter. So whether you’re in the city or out in the country, the Beast 2 is built ready to go wherever you want to.

Product specification

Battery60V 30AH Lead Acid
Battery Life300-400 cycles, up to 12,000 cycles in advanced model
Removable batteryRemovable only to replace
Charger input110V-240V
Charge time6 – 8 hours
Max load150 kg
Net weight300 lbs
Dimensions AssembledTBA
In Box WeightTBA
Rangeup to 50 km on throttle*
Climbing incline15 degrees
Tire size21“ x 7” x 10”
GaugesBattery level, speedometer, odometer.
BrakesFront and back disc brakes
Key ignitionYes
best electric vehicles
DAYMAK BEAST 2 – best electric vehicles


HIMO can be folded and unfolded just like DI BLASI but it is way smaller than DI BLASI and can be accommodated in your small travelling bags. It only weighs 15kg, hence you can take HIMO with you to any place of your choice. The maximum speed is 18km/hr. It has a quality bright headlight, strong aluminium alloy frame and soft seat. The price is about $500 per unit.

best electric vehicles
HIMO – best electric vehicles



Thanks to its compact folding capabilities, you can conveniently bring your HIMO with you wherever you go.

Foldable handles

Foldable Handles allow for both compact transportability and a safe and sturdy ride. Foldable foot pedals that easily snap into place when you’re ready to ride.

The perfect ride

HIMO was designed to give riders the safest and most enjoyable e-bike riding experience possible. It has been equipped with the most robust materials that could be found. HiMo H1’s durable aluminum alloy frame, responsive digital braking system, and shock absorbent 7-inch tires ensure a safe, smooth, and comfortable ride.

best electric vehicles
HIMO – best electric vehicles

Very good display system

HiMo H1’s Display keeps track of your Speed, Battery Status, and Headlight Settings. Control Power, Speed, and Headlight Settings with the tap of a button. 7-Inch Cushioned, Shock-absorbent Tires for Maximum Protection and Smooth Riding.

Aluminium alloy frame.

HiMo’s seamlessly welded aluminum alloy frame ensures durability on even the toughest of journeys. Combined with its scratch-proof paint, you needn’t worry about denting or dinging it – it’s sure to stand the test of time!

AIRWHEEL SE3 (best electric vehicles)

This vehicle is most advantageous to people who travel a lot. It has facilities that make it outstanding. It has a suitcase where you can comfortably keep your clothes and other items like Camera etc. The volume of the suitcase is about 24 litres and the seat supports a weight load of up to 100kg. The maximum speed is 10km/hr. The weight of the suit case including the battery is about 14.5kg. AIRWHEEL SE3 battery takes about 3hrs (hours) to charge to fullness.

best electric vehicles
AIEWHEEL SE3 – best electric vehicles

Features of AIRWHEEL SE3 smart riding suitcase

Aviation-grade aluminium alloy frame

Overall reinforcement is made up of two whole groups of widened aluminium alloy box frame to ensure the box withstand greater external pressure.

Hidden stretchable rod

The handle is user friendly, comfortable feeling with one button stretch gear. It can be adjusted to suit different body heights. Heavy loads stretch with long life endurance.

One-button auto-stretch

On a single button push, it transforms into scooter within a second and opens multiple lives for you.

Mobile charging station

It has external USB charging port which enables you to charge portable electronic devices such as mobile phones and tablets whenever and wherever possible.

High definition LED display

The LED display is very clear which enables you to have full control of all data. Screen monitoring of the electronic break gives protection every time.

Replaceable lithium battery

The battery is easy to disassemble, buy extra battery pack, easy distance upgrade, equipped with a small battery, security inspection not a concern.

AIRWHEEL SE3 – best electric vehicles


SOLOWHEEL IOTA is one of the best electric vehicles. It is compact and only 18cm wide but the diameter of the wheel is about 20cm. The vehicle weighs 3.6kg. It can carry a weight of about 113kg and its maximum speed is 16km/hr. It takes 40minutes to fully recharge the battery. It is a universal and easy to use vehicle but it cannot travel a distance of up to 14km on a single charge. It’s very simple to operate, you don’t need extra skills or assistance to use this vehicle. 

best electric vehicles
SOLOWHEEL IOTA – best electric vehicles

There are special sensors inside the vehicle that detect the weight shift of the body of the user. This helps the user to maintain central position and continue moving erect. There is no risk of falling while riding the vehicle.


  • Range: up to 8 miles (12.8 km)
  • Speed: capable of 10 mph (16 kph)
  • Incline: 15 degrees
  • Weight: approx. 8 pounds (3.6 kg)
  • Width: 7” (17.8 cm)
  • Weight limit: 250 lbs (113.4 kg)
  • Inflatable 8” (20 cm) wheel
  • 1000W motor
  • 100Wh lithium ion battery
  • Charge time: approx. 40 minutes
  • Front and rear lights
best electric vehicles
SOLOWHEEL IOTA – best electric vehicles

For prices of these vehicles, visit the official websites of the manufacturers.

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