[50% off] Bit Watch Review 2021: Best Handy Sport SmartWatch

Bit watch review
Bit watch review

Bit Watch Review:
Are you a sportsman looking for a high quality smartwatch that can precisely track your health and fitness?  Are you looking for a reliable smart watch that can give you an insight into your day-to-day fitness level?  You are in the right place. Read through our Bit watch review to find out more about this awesome smart watch. 

We understand that most customers are skeptical about the quality of product they have never used before but be rest assured that bit watch will live up to your expectations. It will never be a wasted investment. 

However, there are numerous smart watches out there in the market space, each touted to be the best by the producer. They all have their downsides. While many are overpriced, others are very affordable and still maintain high quality.

We are here to introduce to you “Bit smartwatch” that will help you achieve your set goals without breaking a bank. 

Tracking your health, sleep pattern and fitness levels will help you to remain in a steady state of good health. Health, they say, is wealth. Smart watches and fitness trackers will be indispensable in achieving these goals.

However, not all of them are accurate. Most of them will constantly give you faulty and unreliable readings (values) which is very frustrating. Some are very much reliable but their prices are way beyond the budget of many consumers.

This is why we have singled out bit watch out of the myriads of available smartwatches in the market. It combines high quality and low cost. Bit watch is the best deal for every customer including professional athletes, fitness enthusiasts and any person who likes using modern smart watch as against the old school time-keeping wrist watch. 

Patiently read this bit watch review till the end to be in touch with the nitty-gritty of this outstanding dual-time sport smartwatch. 

Having said that, let’s get started! 

What is Bit watch (Bit watch review)

Bit smart watch is a high quality smartwatch that combines the qualities of digital and analogue watches. This makes it the best smart watch in the market space currently. This dual time keeping smart watch is very portable, compact and handy. 

Bit watch enables you to achieve your set goals, you can receive calles, messages and notifications on your smartwatch. With bit sport watch, you don’t need to always dip your hands inside your pocket to know who’s calling or pick calls.

Bit watch review
Bit watch review

Through gentle vibration, your bit watch will bring to your knowledge of any MSN message, WhatsApp message, Facebook messages and Wechat messages. This will enable you to reply any messages that needs urgent attention. You will never miss any important message. 

Smart watches have gained popularity nowadays  because of their ability in assisting people to know and monitor their health and fitness status and reduce inconveniences posed by smartphones. Imagine yourself in a gathering where it is irrational to answer calls or type on your phone to reply urgent messages. With smartwatches, you can do this without anybody finding faults in what you’re doing. 

Bit smartwatch is compatible with your Android phone and iPhone devices, you can connect it through Bluetooth or App which you can readily download from Google Play Store or Apple Store. 

If you are a newbie just starting workout, you need an accurate tracker that will help you achieve your desired goals without stretching your budget. Professionals can always detect faults in their smart watch readings but faulty readings from a bad or low quality smartwatch can mislead a newbie due to inadequate experience. Bit watch is cool for both professionals and newbies as it will constantly give you accurate values. 

The metallic curves makes it look beautiful and extraordinary hence, bit watch is suitable for customers who want something fashionable on their wrist. Bit watch will surely live up to your high standards, no fear of losing your hard-earned income. 

Outstanding qualities of Bit watch 

  • Dual time keeping for sport and business.
  • Instant messages directly on the watch screen. 
  • Works with Android and iPhone devices. 
  • Accurate monitoring of heart rate, sleep, distance and more. 
  • Water resistance. 
  • High quality battery. 
  • It’s the Swiss Knife of smart watches.

Bit watch Specs 

BrandBit watch
Dimensions255mm(L) x 13mm(H) x 50mm(W)
Gravity sensorYes
Standby time15 days
Battery typeLithium polymer battery
Battery capacity100mAh
Waterproof ratingIP67
Screen display80*160dpi
CompatibilityAndroid 4.3 and iOS 8.0 and above
Follow come chargerYes 
Bluetooth compatibilityBluetooth 4.0
ColourBlack, Silver
Hardware platformDialog DA14585
Heart rate ICHR3300
Accelerometer / gyroscope3-axis 3D acceleration
Languages supportedEnglish, Chinese, Japanese, French, German, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Hindi, Italian,

You might be wondering:

How can I use Bit watch? 

One good thing about bit watch is that it’s handy and very simple to set up and use. It’s very compatible with smartphones and connects readily with them. You don’t need any special skills or assistance to use your bit sport watch, just go through the manual that comes with it for a detailed guide on how to operate your awesome gadget. 

For the sake of clarity, we will outline the simple steps you’d take to make use of your bit smartwatch. 

  1. Charge your bit watch battery with the follow come charger making sure that it is fully charged. This exercise will take several minutes to an hour. 
  2. On your wrist watch by pressing and holding the power button till it comes on. 
  3. Open your phone Bluetooth and search for bit watch. Click on it and allow your smart devices to connect with each other. Also download the App “JYOUPRO” on your smart phone and connect with your bit watch. 

That’s all you need to do to pair your smart devices. After the set up you can start using your bit watch to track distance covered during running, amount of energy burned, sleep and heart rate and also receive messages, calls and other notifications through your smart phone. Very simple, it’s no rocket science! 

Do I really need Bit watch? 

If you are a fitness enthusiasts, sportsman or athlete in need of a tracker, then we recommend giving Bit watch a try. Unlike many smartwatches, bit watch is very affordable and highly accurate in reading. 

Some smart watches’ display is very poor, smartphones are indispensable in exploring their benefits but most of us don’t like carrying phone while working out. People need simple and portable device that will give them what they want without passing through any inconvenience. This is where bit watch can come in handy. Just put it around your wrist and you won’t even notice that you’re wearing something until you want to read values to know how well you are performing.

Now: let’s take a deeper look into the reasons why you need Bit watch. 

Fitness and health: Bit watch helps you to track your health and fitness metrics with high degree of clarity and accuracy. To remain in a good state of health, you need to be aware of your health and fitness status at any point in time. This won’t only help you to know your performance but will be of enormous help in detecting deviations from normal.

You can proactively seek the attention of your Doctor (healthcare provider), you must not have symptoms or do tests before you see your doctor. Your bit watch can accurately track your heart rate, blood oxygen level and degree of fatigue.

Bit watch review
Bit watch review

Heart diseases are very common especially among the elderly people. Thus, knowing the state of heat beat is very crucial in early detection of cardiovascular system diseases. Most of these diseases are very debilitating but early detection and prompt treatment can result in complete cure. According to Johns Hopkins cardiologist, fitness trackers are good tools for heart health. 

Blood oxygen level is also important in detecting lung or heart issues that impair gaseous exchange or transport within the body systems. Bit watch can track all these parameters accurately to help you know your performance and health status. 

Note: Bit watch will never take the place of your doctor. Always seek the attention of your healthcare providers, do not self-medicate.

Sleep monitoring: The best way to achieve rest is by sleeping and resting is very good for our health. According to health care providers, we need a minimum of 8 hours sleep everyday to remain in good health.

Most people don’t get up to 8 hours sleep per day while some do sleep even more than 8 hours. Inadequate sleep is also captured in the picture, some persons may lie down for hours without achieving adequate sleep. This may be caused by different reasons. No matter what the cause is, monitoring your sleep will give you an insight into what your sleep is like and by knowing how well you sleep, you can easily adjust to have a better sleep. 

Bit smart watch review
Bit watch review

Sports: Bit watch is a dual time keeping smartwatch suitable for both sports and business. Running, push ups, pull ups, squats, plyometrics and other workouts needs energy. Bit watch calculates the total energy consumed during any form of exercise. This will help you know how much and the type of food you should take before working out.

It will also help you to know the suitable duration for any type of workout you want to do. If you’re the type that likes running, bit watch has got you covered. It records every step you take and distance covered during workouts. This will help you know how well you’re performing and make changes when necessary. You can accurately time yourself to avoid time wasting. 

Also, during exercise, you can take calls, reply urgent messages from your phones with much ease. You don’t have to miss anything. Bit watch has an alarm function that will help you time when you want to start exercise.

Bit watch stores the data of your performance during each workouts. Viewing this stored data will help you analyse your daily movement status. 

Receive calls and messages: Sometimes you may find yourself in a meeting where it’s inappropriate to answer calls or reply messages. The gentle vibration function of bit smart watch brings to your notice of any incoming calls or messages without distracting anybody. You can easily reply urgent messages from MSN, WhatsApp, Facebook or Wechat with the aid of your bit watch.

Also, you don’t always have to look at your phone to know if you have an incoming calls or messages, bit watch will let you know through gentle vibration. You will never miss any messages or calls. 

What are the advantages of using Bit watch?

Bit watch has so many advantages over most smart watches. It’s Very easy to use and does not cost much.  Below are some of the benefits of bit watch:

  • Fashionable: The metallic curve of bit watch makes it look shiny and attractive. It’s made of strong materials that can resist significant amount of stress making it durable. You can wear your bit watch to any occasion and for tracking purposes. 
  • Good battery life: Bit watch comes with a rechargeable high quality battery that can last for 15 days after a single full charge. It also comes with its own USB cable for easy charging. We understand that nobody likes a device that sucks when it comes to battery life. Some smart watches cause the users a lot of inconvenience due to frequent charging but bit watch has good battery that can last for a long time after a single charge. 

Does Bit watch worth my money?

Yes, it does. Bit watch is one of the best smart trackers out there in the market in terms of quality and still maintains a low cost. Most of the smart watches that share same qualities with bit watch are way costlier than bit watch.

If you are looking for a high quality smartwatch that can be captured in your budget, then bit watch is the best for for. It worth every dime invested in it. 

We understand the reasons behind your doubts. Most sports smart watches don’t live up to expectations even after spending so heavily on them, but be rest assured that Bit watch will. Just give it a try. 

Where can I buy Bit watch? 

The official website of the producer is the best and safest place to buy your own bit watch. Avoid the risk of running into the hands of scammers by purchasing from other vendors outside the manufacturer. 

Currently there is a promo going on in their website… 50% off per unit with free delivery. Do not miss out on this offer! 

They have an excellent customer service team that will make sure you feel comfortable that your money is safe. They have numerous payment methods including credit cards (visa card and master card), PayPal and other options. Your payment details are always secured with 256-Bit SSL encryption.

You can reach out to them at care@urpurchase.com if you have any issues or concerns. 

Note: The more units of Bit watch you buy per time, the higher the discount for each unit. Example: 1 (one) bit watch goes for $99 (50% discount)  while 5 (five) bit watches cost $297 ($59 each).

If you’re not satisfied with the gadget after purchase, do well to return it within the period of thirty days for a full refund of your money. Make sure it’s not mutilated. 

What makes it standout? 

Bit watch is a unique brand of smart watch with amazing characteristics. It has so much that made it standout among others and that’s why the producer is proud to advertise it with 30-day money back guarantee knowing that the product won’t fail not disappoint.

Bit watch review
Bit watch review

Let’s take a look at the key features that make it outstanding:

  • Portable: Bit watch is very light and you will hardly notice that you are wearing something. Nobody likes carrying a load on their wrist in the name of smart watch especially during workouts. Bit watch is designed to suit your desires in all areas. As sport watch, portability is a very important quality, it will help reduce the burden and inconvenience on the user.
  • Water resistance: The waterproof rating of Bit watch is IP67. It can resist water for a long time and to a reasonable depth. Hence, you can use your watch for swimming, showering and so on. Most smart watches gets damaged easily after making contact with water for long time but that is not the case with Bit watch. Even during workouts, the sweat secreted by the glands cannot hurt your bit  watch  no matter how long you exercise. 
  • Affordable: Most smart watches that are of high quality like bit watch are overpriced. Some are as high as $300 per unit making it difficult for most customers to buy them. But Bit watch is only $99 per unit. Hence, anybody can own it. 
  • Good display: Bit watch has a very high quality display that shows you everything clearly. You can also control the different functions of the smart watch through the touch-sensitive screen. 
  • Compatible: Bit watch is very compatible with smart phones, both Android and iPhone devices. It readily connects with your phone Bluetooth and allows you to track important metrics. 
  • Dual purpose: Unlike many smart watches, bit watch can be used for sports purposes and for normal tracking of health metrics. Most smart watches are not good for swimming and hardly survive rain but bit watch has strong water resistance which makes it fit for sports like swimming. 


Bit watch, just like other trackers out there, is not an all round perfect watch. It has its own downsides and pros as well.

PROS  [Bit watch review]

  • Accurate pedometer that counts every step you take and measures distance covered.
  • Very easy to set up and use. 
  • Serves dual purposes.
  • Long lasting batteries. 
  • Good calorie measurement. 
  • Low cost. 
  • Accurate health and fitness tracking. 
  • 50% off per unit. 
  • Money back guarantee and 3 year warranty. 

CONS [Bit watch review]

  • Mostly good for adults and teenagers. 
  • Only available online.
  • Limited in stock. 
  • Delivery make take a little longer than expected depending on your location. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can Bit sport watch track sleep accurately? 

Yes. It can track sleep very well. Smartwatch let’s you know how many times you are awake at night or during sleep. It records deep sleep and how many times your sleep was disrupted. This will help you figure out how long you actually slept, whether you’ve had enough sleep or not. Just make sure it’s properly connected to your smartphone. 

Can I purchase Bit watch with Payoneer? 

The most common payment methods at the official website are credit cards and PayPal. This is convenient for most people. You can pay with your credit cards if you don’t have PayPal account. Payoneer is not really that common though they may consider adding it soon. 

How long will the battery last? 

Bit watch battery takes about 60 minutes to charge to fullness after which it can last for several days. Make sure it is fully charged before using it and always charge it with the follow come charger. 

Bit watch review
Bit watch review

Can I shower with my smart watch? 

Yes, you can. Bit watch water proof rating is IP67 thus, it can withstand water during showering, swimming and so on. 

Can Bit watch alone track heart rate without smart phone?

Yes, bit watch can track heart rate without smart phone. It measures the rate of blood flow in your veins and arteries which is a product of your heart beat (heart rate).  Bitwatch uses this to detect your heart rate. It can also work with your smart phone for a wider view including blood pressure, oxygen level and degree of fatigue. 

Is bit watch different from other smart watches? 

Based on the mode of operation of the watch, it’s not any different from others it only has unique features that made it stand out among other smart watches. It does all the functions of smart watch with high level of accuracy.

Bit watch customers` review 

Andy: I got mine after hearing about it from a friend. It is really cool for sports and workouts. I will never regret investing my money in it. Very accurate and easy to use. I will get another one  once I have the money. 

Jane: My first smart watch really sucks. After using it for few weeks the battery started having issues, taking less time to charge and runs out fast. I spent more time charging the watch than actually using it. Luckily I heard about bit watch and decided to give it a try. Takes only one hour to charge and lasts for several days. Bit watch battery is really top notch. 

Anne: Since I started workout, I’ve been doing it without a tracker and this makes me worried because I don’t know how well my body is adjusting to it. Most of the trusted smart watches are too expensive and I can’t buy them and I’m afraid of losing my money to these cheap low quality once. Now, I finally bought Bit watch and I’m happy it has not disappointed. Reliable values. I can confidently say that I’m doing great or not. 

Eric: Have been to the gym for sometimes now and almost everybody there has a tracker. And voom! I took to Google to find out more about trackers. After reading an article about bit watch I was convinced and ended up buying one. It gives me precise values and I have told my friend to get one. 

Moe: I have been looking for an affordable high quality smart watch to buy but most of the ones out there aren’t pretty cool for me. I tried the first one and I was disappointed because of the faulty readings it kept displaying. I bought Bit watch to test again before giving up on smart watches. Happy it is living up to my expectations. I will get one for my sibling. 

Bottom line (Bit watch review)

Of all the smart watches, bit watch is one of the outstanding brands. It was designed to suit everybody’s need, both those looking for high quality tracker and those with very low budget for smart watch.

The producer was kind enough to give you something that will serve you well at very low price. Some smart watches can resist stress to a considerable degree while others are too fragile and gets damaged easily.

Most of the durable smart watches are not affordable and are considered as the big brands. While Bit watch shares that same quality of long durability, it still maintains a low cost. 

If you are looking for a smart watch that can be very suitable for sports and other forms of workout, then bit watch was made for you. Do you like fancy wearable that won’t break easily, bit watch is the sure deal for you. If you want to get your friends, parents or spouse a gift hit the red button below to buy Bit sport watch for them. 

Bit watch review
Bit watch review

Bit watch is one of the smart watch trackers that has gained recognition among consumers of smart watch. Accurate tracking of your heart rate, sleep, blood pressure, blood oxygen level and fitness are guaranteed with Bit smart watch. It is a multi-purpose watch that can give you an accurate insight into your day-to-day fitness and health status.

Most smart watches are either designed for tracking normal health metrics or for sports but bit watch combines the two qualities. The only challenge here is that it is not suitable for kids who many not have started sporting. Though they can use it for tracking normal health metrics which doesn’t seem to be necessary since most of them are just fine without it. 

Get yours today and enjoy the numerous deals the manufacturer is currently offering 

That’s all for our Bit watch review. Thanks for reading! 

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