Blast Air Cleaner Review 2021: Does Blast Auxiliary Air Cleaner Really Purify The Air?

Blast auxiliary air cleaner is a compact, portable and affordable air purifier that uses air filter, activated carbon and negative ion technology to clean and purify the air to make it more comfortable and healthier for your respiratory system. Blast Air Cleaner Review online from different consumers rated this air cleaner high, and most users are very much satisfied with their air purifier. As we dive deeper into this blast auxiliary air cleaner review, you will get to know more about this amazing air cleaner from the blast company.

Blast Air Cleaner Review
Blast Air Cleaner Review

It is no news to anyone on this planet earth that the air we breathe is very much contaminated and unhealthy for our system. With the recent advances in technology and industries, numerous tools are being manufactured to make life easier and more comfortable but the downside of this advances is pollution of our environment. Most industries release numerous gases and smoke to our environment which makes the air unsuitable for our respiratory system.

The manufacturing exercise of different industries and companies have also result in increased quantity of greenhouse gases which makes our planet hotter and more uncomfortable. However, we are not going to ban them, rather different tech companies like Blast Auxiliary decided to take on a thorough research to find ways of making life more comfortable. Blast Air Cleaner removes all the dirty particles, smokes and bad odours in our environment using special air filter, activated carbon filter and negative ionization technology.

One of my friends used to complain about the unhealthy odour in his office which makes him uncomfortable throughout the hours of work, but currently he is having a blast in his office after I introduced him to blast air cleaner. Nothing is more refreshing than taking a deep breath of nice and clean air. It brings tranquillity to the body and makes one more comfortable. Choking on fumes, smoke and dust will be a thing of the past as long as you have blast auxiliary air cleaner in your working space or living room.

Recently, our environment became more deadlier than it was which made wearing of mask compulsory. Though face mask is highly effective in protecting us against harmful particles including viruses and bacteria in the air, you can not wear it in your home.

Research has shown that indoor air (in our homes) is much more contaminated than out door air, and this is associated with numerous problems hence, the need to get the air we breathe in our homes and offices purified. Blast auxiliary air cleaner is one of the best on the market currently. Keep reading Blast Air Cleaner Review to know more about this outstanding air cleanser.

What is Blast Auxiliary Air Cleaner? (Blast Air Cleaner Review)

Blast Air Cleaner is efficient and risk-free air purifier that have gained wide recognition in different countries including United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and numerous other countries. It is a newly invented air cleaner that uses air filter to get rid of unwanted particles in the air.

Blast auxiliary air cleaner has multiple vents through which air gain entrance into the device and all the unwanted particles will be eliminated. The carbon filter removes smoke and unwanted odour from the air. Blast Air Cleaner is highly advanced, it also impacts negative charge on the particles which increases their affility to one another. As they attract each other their weight will increase making them bulkier than what the air can suspend.

Airborne pathogens are capable of causing numerous respiratory diseases. Increase in the number of particles in the air makes the air a suitable habitat for these germs as they find their ways into the human body where they can thrive and drive their nutrients while causing numerous damage to our systems. Also, many parricles suspended in the air can worsen already existing medical conditions like asthma. Removing these particles from the air will reduce the risk of having these infections or having our medical conditions exacerbated.

There are numerous air purifiers on the market today, some have wide recognition while others hardly get any attention of buyers. This is because of differences in price and effectiveness. Blast auxiliary air cleaner is an amazing air purifier that combines high quality and affordable price. The goal of the manufacturer is to offer a lasting solution to air pollution at a price that anybody can afford. Though, it maintains high end features blast auxiliary air cleaner is pocket friendly, you can purchase one for yourself irrespective of how low your budget is.

Blast Air Cleaner is very easy to use, it does not require any assistance nor technical skills. With just one button push, your air cleaner will be up and running. It does not generate so much noise, hence it is good for light sleepers and for reading.

You can plug your device to any standard electric socket to power it. It uses USB type C cable which you can plug even to your laptop or power bank to get the air cleaner charged and ready for use.

Blast Air Cleaner is suitable for any room be it an office, living room, library or shop provided the size of the room does not exceed 10 square metres. It is also very compact and portable, it will fit into any small space and you can carry your purifier to anywhere you want to have nice and clean air.

Blast auxiliary air cleaner is highly effective and works very fast. It takes only about thirty (30) seconds to get rid of dirty particles and bad odor in the room or any small space where it is situated. Now, let’s take a look at some of the outstanding features of this air cleaner.

Blast auxiliary Air Cleaner Review
Blast auxiliary air cleaner review

Features of blast air cleaner

Lightweight and portable: Blast Auxiliary Air Cleaner is very portable and easy to carry. If you have enough resources you can buy multiple units for different rooms and for your office. However, if you have a very low budget, you can make due with just one unit of blast air cleaner.

It is extremely light and portable, you can take it with you to any place of your choice without any hassle. If you wish to use it in your office during the working hours and your room after work, you can do so because of its lightweight. Simply put it in your small bag and take it to anywhere you want.

Compact: Blast Auxiliary Air Cleaner is highly advanced. It has a lot of features that made it stand out but yet very small in size. You can put in your bag, you can keep it anywhere in your room or office. Unlike many other bulky air cleaner, blast air cleaner does not require any installation neither does it take large space. You can keep it on your table, small desk, even a chair provided the surface is flat. It was designed to bring comfort to the user, no form of inconvenience is associated with blast air cleaner.

Low noise: Most of us are light sleepers, and get easily distracted during sleep. Even the mildest noise can distract some people from sleep. To prevent this from happening, blast auxiliary air cleaner producer made it as quiet as possible to avoid any form of distraction. You can put on your air cleaner even when you are sleeping to make the air nice and clean. Also, if you are a scholar, blast air cleaner is the best brand of air purifier for you. It is very quiet, and will never distract you even when you are reading.

Easy charging: The good thing about blast air cleaner is that it does not require huge amount of power (electricity). Hence, it will not increase your bills. You can plug it in a standard electric socket or your laptop or even power bank. It charges fast and lasts long. This is particularly suitable for those with very low budget. Blast auxiliary air cleaner gives you everything you need at affordable price without increasing your bills.

Different light colour: Blast Auxiliary Air Cleaner features an RGB light which is fun and matches any room decor. This light which is a mixture of red, green and blue light at different intensities can be adjusted to different colours. You can choose between red, blue, green, yellow, magenta, fuchsia and orange light depending on your desires.

With this varieties of light it will be almost impossible to have a colour that will be suitable for your room. Also, this is suitable for those that don’t want very bright light at night, you can switch on your blast air cleaner and select the light colour you want.

Automatic fan speed: Blast air cleaner is designed to be used right out of the box with just minimal settings. It has a built-in fan which is already set to automatically adjust itself as appropriate. Thus, if you are not a techy guy, you won’t have issues with blast auxiliary air cleaner, most of the settings have been done for you. However, if you want to manually adjust the fan speed, you can do so. It has low, medium and high speed. You can select the speed that suits you. If you have any challenges refer to the user guide manual for clarifications.

Very fast and highly effective: Blast air cleaner review online from different clients attest to the speed and efficiency of this air cleaner. Blast air cleaner takes only 30 seconds to get the air rid of unwanted particles, smoke and odor making it clean and healthy for the respiratory system. It is suitable for any room no matter how bad the odor is. It removes particles at a very fast rate as well.

Components of blast Air Cleaner (blast auxiliary air cleaner reviews)

There are three main components of blast air cleaner which it uses to clean up the air. This section of blast air cleaner reviews explains these components and how they work.

Particle Filter: This component also known as air filter eliminates unwanted particles from the air you breathe. This filter has fine pores which allows only air and non-harmful particles to pass through. It blocks every large and pathogenic particles from passing through. This filter should be replaced every three to six months depending on the frequency and duration of use. You can purchase the original filter from blast auxiliary website

Activated Carbon Filter: This is a very important part of blast air cleaner. It removes hazardous substances including smoke and bad odor in the air. Activated charcoal (carbon) is the best material in removing bad odours. Many air purifiers claim to contain activated charcoal but hardly alter bad odour in any space, this is not the case with blast air cleaner, it sure contain activated carbon and it works well in removing odours.

Negative ion technology: Blast Auxiliary Air Cleaner imparts negative charge on particles causing them to drop from the air. By making them to be negatively charged, it increases their affility to one another. When these particles attract each other they stick together, this increases their weight beyond what the air can suspend making them drop from the air.

How does it work (Blast Air Cleaner Reviews)

Blast air cleaner works very fast, it removes particles and bad odour from the air in a very simple and effective way. It uses the three components to make the air clean and healthy.

The air filter removes large particles from the air, the activated carbon filter removes hazardous chemical substances which are responsible for foul smell, and the negative ionization technology ionizes smaller particles which will in turn attract each other and finally drop from the air.

Blast Air Cleaner Reviews
Blast Air Cleaner Reviews

Benefits of using blast air cleaner

Affordable price: Blast air cleaner is very affordable and cheap. It is one of the latest air cleaning technology with tons of advanced features. It shares same effectiveness and durability with other big brands but sold at a fraction of their prices.

Easy to use: It is designed to be used right out of the box. Most of the settings have been done, and they are just fine. However, you can still adjust them to suit your desires if you can. There is a user guide manual which you can refer to for more clarification, it is simple and easy to understand. No complited set-up details, no need for installation, just charge and use your air cleaner.

No side effects: It does not have any unwanted side effects. All it does is to eliminate unwanted substances in the air you breathe, protect your respiratory system against airborne diseases. It is also very quiet, no form of disturbance.

Pros and Cons of Blast Auxiliary Air Cleaner

There are numerous upsides to this device but it is not devoid of downsides. No device under the sun is completely perfect, and the aim of this blast air cleaner review is to reveal everything you need to know about this device before pulling out your credit card to make any purchase.

Pros (blast air cleaner reviews)

  • Lightweight and portable
  • Compact
  • Very affordable
  • One button push
  • Wide range of light colours to choose from
  • 50% discount on every order
  • 30 day money back guarantee on every purchase
  • Durable materials
  • Fashionable design to suit every room decor

Cons (blast air cleaner review)

  • Available on the official website of the producer only, not in any retail shops
  • Limited supply
  • Not good rooms bigger than 10 square metres

Why you need an air purifier

The air is a habitat for many hazardous substances including pathogens. It is very important that you clean the air in your room and surrounding spaces.

Suspended particles in the air can cause eye irritation, headache, cough and allergic reaction. Research has also proven that more serious pathological conditions are associated with contaminated air such as irregular heartbeat, decreased lung function, exacerbation of asthma and other respiratory system diseases. Also, indoor air is about 4 times more harmful than outdoor air. Thus, you need an air purifier and humidifier.

Best air purifier
Blast auxiliary air cleaner review

Prices and where to buy Blast Air Cleaner

Blast Air Cleaner is very affordable and delivery is very fast. Below are the prices:

  • One Blast Auxiliary Air Cleaner costs $69.99
  • Two Blast Auxiliary Air Cleaner cost $139.99
  • Three Blast Auxiliary Air Cleaner cost $156.99
  • Four Blast Auxiliary Air Cleaner cost $191.99

If you wish to purchase a blast auxiliary air cleaner, go straight to the product official website. Do not buy from any retail shop, the manufacturer made it clear that their product is not available in any retail shops. To avoid purchasing fake products, place your order directly from the Producer.

Currently, there is a 50% discount on every purchase made from the producer. This is a good deal but the downside of it is that it resulted in increased demand, consumers are placing order at a high rate, and the product will be out of stock soon. If you are interested, hurry and buy yours before it runs out of stock. Also, there is a thirty day money back guarantee on every purchase. If you are not satisfied with the product, you can return it and get back your money. No questions asked, no hassle.

Blast Air Cleaner Review consumers reports

My wife used to sell antique books, it is a great and lucrative business but unfortunately it made our home smell like a used old book shop. It is very discomforting. I had to look for a solution and my friend introduced me to blast auxiliary air cleaner. Sincerely, I was not expecting much from it but I got blown away by the result I got. It took only few hours to get rid of those bad smell. Now, our home is filled with clean refreshing air. It worth every dime spent on it. >James M. San Marino CA<

It is portable and easy to use. Takes only small space. I thought the effectiveness will be as low as the price but it proved me wrong after just 30 minutes. Works so fast, and very suitable for my office about 8 square metres. >Jane D. Ohio<

I used to wake multiple times at night, always coughing. Aftet using this device for few days the cough disappeared. It is really effective and encourage you to get yours if you can. I’m now enjoying my sleep every night because of blast air cleaner. Great product!! >Jake K. Pine Bluff, AR<

There are numerous consumer blast auxiliary air cleaner reviews online which you can see for yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions (Blast Air Cleaner Review)

Does the device have different fan speed?

Blast Air Cleaner has an automatic fan speed settings, however you can manually set it to low, medium or high speed if you wish.

Can it clean my entire room?

Blast air cleaner is suitable for every room. It can introduce a nice clean air into any room. It is recommended that you use it for a room between 5 to 10 square metres or less. Using it in bigger room may reduce its effectiveness.

How long does delivery take?

Delivery takes only few days. Make sure you enter your address properly to avoid mistakes

When should I replace the filter?

The filter should be replaced every three to six months depending on the duration and frequency of use.

Bottom Line of Blast Auxiliary Air Cleaner Review

Blast auxiliary air cleaner is very efficient, portable, Compact and affordable. There is no associated side effects. It makes the air you breathe more healthy, and also relieve problems like cough caused by allergens in the air.

Stop choking on fumes, smoke, and dust! Get your Blast Auxiliary Air Cleaner now, and start enjoying the feel of breathing fresh, clean air

The end of our blast air cleaner review.

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