Blast Auxiliary Desktop AC Ultra Review 2021: Read Before Buying!

Blast auxiliary desktop AC ultra review
Blast auxiliary desktop AC ultra review

Blast auxiliary desktop AC ultra review: Is it scam or legit? Find out here. You’re on the right page

Each year has two prominent seasons, “Winter and Summer “. Each of these seasons comes with advantages and disadvantages and our focus has always been on averting the disadvantages.

As you know, summer is a period of heat. The entire environment is unduly hot and highly inconveniencing. Thanks to ground breaking technological inventions that have come to our rescue during this discomforting weather.

Traditional air conditioners are good for cooling the entire home but the cost of electricity bill is another important factor to put into consideration, also they are not any cheap and not everybody can afford them. Thus, the best solution to summer hot weather is a portable classic air conditioner that is cheap and does not require much electricity. You already know about many of these portable brands of AC but not all are effective as claimed.

Here, we bring to your notice about the newest and reliable portable air conditioner that will make you comfortable during this coming summer. Blast auxiliary desktop AC ultra has gained wide publicity and recognition despite being newly introduced into the market. It is very efficient and has different cooling modes to suit your desires. It has various parts and compartments with specific functions.

Also, it works very rapidly and it gives you the chance to choose the level of cooling (temperature) you desire. These, in a nutshell, and so many other benefit you will get from blast classic air conditioner as confirmed by Blast Auxiliary Desktop AC ultra Review. Now, let’s take a look at the pros and cons of this outstanding portable air cooler for summer.

PROS of blast auxiliary desktop AC ultra review

Perfect for different temperatures and weather 

The most outstanding feature of blast auxiliary desktop AC is its ability to suit every need of the user. It has different modes which you can select depending on what you want. Blast portable AC has the ability to cool the air and humidify it just like your air moisturizer. It has three modes which include the air conditioner mode, regular fan mode and humidifier mode.

If you just want to cool the air around you, you choose the air conditioner mode to lower the temperature and make the environment cool. This is particularly important when the weather is so hot and there is need for rapid cooling of the room. We can hardly sleep well in a hot environment let alone reading or meditating. You need an air conditioner to make your environment more conducive during hot weather.

As we approach this summer, it behoves anybody who doesn’t want to pass through the scourge of hot weather to look for an effective desktop air conditioner as against the more expensive traditional air conditioner which also increases electricity bill. 

The second mode of blast auxiliary classic AC ultra is the fan mode. This mode does not consume much power and it’s suitable for lower temperatures. Despite being a season of hot weather, summer temperature fluctuates. It can be very high sometimes and lower at some points. When the temperature is lower, the only thing you need is the fan mode. It can give you the adequate cooling you need to make your room comfortable. It will also conserve energy making the rechargeable battery last longer.

Another mode of this portable desktop AC is the humidifier mode. Sometimes the air we breathe can be dry. This also dries our skin and body orifices. Thanks for this third mode of blast auxiliary air conditioner. It humidifies the air to make it more comfortable for both our skin and body external canals. Choose the different modes appropriately to get the best out of your classic desktop air conditioner.

Highly adjustable 

As already mentioned above, blast auxiliary classic AC has three different modes and one of these modes is the regular fan mode. This fan plays a crucial role in all the three modes and it’s highly adjustable. It has three different speed levels which you can select to fit the weather at the moment. The speed ranges from low to medium to high.

If the temperature is not too high, the fan mode alone can do the job. Also depending on the temperature at a particular time, you can tune to either low or medium or high speed. You can now agree to the fact that blast auxiliary desktop AC ultra was carefully built to perfectly solve summer problems. This adaptability of the device makes it outstanding and far better than its counterparts. Coolfeel max is also another alternative choice in hot weather, however, it’s no better than blast portable AC. 

Cooling Facilitators

Blast auxiliary desktop AC has different parts which contribute to its cooling. It comes with an Ice tray, water curtain and misting device. These parts of portable desktop air conditioner plays different roles. The ice tray facilitates cooling likewise water curtain. If the cooling of blast auxiliary portable air conditioner is not sufficient you can enhance it with the aid of the Ice tray and water curtain.

The role of the misting device is to circulate the cool air so it can get to the entire room. Auxiliary desktop AC has more than enough to give you that comfort that you so much wanted in summer. The three different modes, different fan speed and different components that can be incorporated to facilitate the cooling of the room or your office.

Blast auxiliary portable AC is very versatile, you do not need to spend a great deal of your income buying traditional home air conditioner or spending so much money on electricity bill just to keep your bulky home AC running in summer. All you need is the versatile blast auxiliary portable AC ultra. 

Blast auxiliary portable AC review
Blast auxiliary portable AC review

Cool your room while charging your AC 

Are you always in a hurry? Do you find it difficult to spend extra seconds waiting for rechargeable AC to charge before using them? Thanks to the maker of blast auxiliary desktop AC, it will be perfect for you. You don’t have to wait for it to charge to fullness before you start cooling your room.

It comes with quality battery that can be used while charging. Charging and using does not go well with most rechargeable batteries. It drains the battery capacity making it to run down faster after full charge. This is not the case with blast auxiliary air conditioner. The batteries are of  high quality and allows you to use it during charging.

This does not affect the battery capacity and it can still operate for many hours after a singular charge. 

Air filter 

This is the best component of blast auxiliary desktop AC when it comes to the health of the user. It filters unwanted dust particles and even germs from the air making it healthy for breathing.

These particles when gained access into the body can cause unnecessary ailment and irritation of the respiratory tract. People tend to use air purifiers to filter the air and get rid of germs. This is a good practice because any organism that enters into respiratory tract is likely to cause sickness due to the weak body defence mechanism in airway system.

Thus,  it is better to prevent it than overwhelming our weak defence mechanism in the system. Blast auxiliary portable air conditioner has an efficient filter that can get rid of even the most tiny unwanted particles in the air. Just keep your device running and you won’t have fear of air contamination. 

CONS of blast auxiliary portable air conditioner

Though Blast auxiliary desktop AC ultra has so many good features to make life worth living during the summer, it is not perfect. There are still downsides to it. See them below. 

  • Affected by humid air: If the air is already humid it will hamper the efficiency and speed of blast auxiliary portable classic AC. It works best in dry hot air. However, it will still cool the Air but might take longer time. 
  • Not available in retail stores: Many customers would love to set their naked eyes on this new product almost everybody is talking about to be convinced that it really worth their money. Unfortunately, you won’t have such chance here. For you to feel this air cooler, you must place an order and make payment, after which the product is delivered to you for personal use. However, you don’t have anything to worry about because it comes with thirty day money back guarantee. In case you are not satisfied with it, you can return it in its pristine condition and request for refund of your money. It will take only few days to process and your money will be back to you. 
  • Limited stock: Not much quantities of blast auxiliary desktop AC ultra are available in the official store because of high demand for the product. If you are convinced that this portable air conditioner meets your demand and you wish to purchase it, do so within few days before it runs out of stock. 

What is Blast Auxiliary Desktop AC Ultra 

Blast auxiliary desktop AC ultra is a portable and efficient air conditioner that you can keep on the desktop or any small table to cool your room or office during hot summer weather. It promises to make the environment as cool as possible and also more comfortable to please the user.

Blast portable AC has different modes of cooling and also different cooling speeds. The battery is rechargeable and it comes with a USB port and cord for charging and recharging of the battery.

Traditional air conditioners are pretty good but they are expensive and they consume large quantities of electricity. They utilize highly complex technology to lower the air temperature which consume so much energy and it reflects in electricity bills. Blast auxiliary only uses its three major components to cool the air and it uses low power output. 

Another advantage it has over big stationary air conditioners is its compact small size and lightweight. Thus, it can be taken to your office or any other small apartment without any hassle. 

Is the air in your room, car, or office getting drier? Blast auxiliary portable AC ultra has got the solution to this. It takes in hot dry air and release cool humid air for the comfort of your respiratory system and other body openings. The humidifier function is very necessary in dry environments. It is also easy to use, no complicated details. 

Nuts and Bolts of blast auxiliary classic air conditioner 

It works just like other evaporative air coolers. In a nutshell, what evaporative coolers do is to take in hot dry air, cool and humidify the air and release cool humid air to the surrounding where they’re situated. This is also how blast auxiliary AC ultra works.

The main mechanism of cooling is by thermoelectric effect. The lithium ion batteries generate electrical power which is converted to heat energy that cause evaporation. As water evaporates, it takes away the hot dry air leaving behind cool humid air that will be disseminated throughout the room. 

This process is energy efficient and depends solely on the power generated by the rechargeable batteries. You might be wondering why this does not consume so much power, It’s been confirmed by many user that it does not and also this blast auxiliary desktop AC ultra review confirmed it. It’s a product anybody will enjoy come summer seasons. 

Also, blast auxiliary portable AC has different compartments that add to its cooling effect. Each component has a specific duty it does as explained in the technical facts section of this article below. 

Technical facts (blast auxiliary desktop ac review)

Blast auxiliary classic AC review
Blast auxiliary classic AC review

Ice tray 

This is the most important component of blast auxiliary classic air conditioner in times of urgent cooling. This tray is for Ice from either your freezer or store. When you put the ice on the tray and insert it into the blast auxiliary desktop AC ultra, it will increase the cooling speed.

This is very beneficial when the weather is so hot and you want to rapidly bring down the temperature. With Ice tray, you can make the temperature of the room very cool by just adding ice cubes to it. No additional work or skills is required from you neither does it need extra electrical power.  

Water curtain

In between the Ice  tray and misting device is the water curtain. It enhances cooling as well. Just soak it in water and turn on the air conditioner. The fan will blow air over the water curtain and it will cause evaporation. As the water evaporates, it takes away hot air and replace it with cool humid air.  

Misting device 

What this device does is to spread moisture. As it spread the moisture around the air, it gets them humidified. This air will be blown to the rest of the room by the fan. 

Here is the deal 

  • 30 day money back guarantee.
  • 50% discount per unit price which increases as the quantity of blast auxiliary classic air conditioner bought increases. 
  • Suitable for any small space such as office, sleep room, reading room, reading table, dinning room etc. 
  • Easily customizable.
  • Low cost
  • Highly effective
  • Ergonomic design 

Why you need Blast auxiliary portable AC 

  1. Cost effective: Blast auxiliary desktop AC ultra is very affordable compare to the traditional stationary AC. Currently there is an ongoing promo on the official website of the producer, 50% discount per unit purchased.  This discount increases as the number blast auxiliary AC purchased increases. Also, it makes use of low quantity of power supplied by the rechargeable batteries, thus no increase in the cost of bills.
  2. Easy to use: You must not be technically savvy to use blast auxiliary desktop AC. It does not require any skills or assistance. Easy to use by everyone. Just plug it to an electric source through its USB port and allow it to charge. After charging, you can turn on the power button and face it to your bed (towards you). You can also use while it’s charging. 
  3. Portable: It small and lightweight and easy to carry. You relocate it from your room to your office or to your car and back to your room again. It’s not bulky and won’t pose any challenge to carry.  
  4. Long lasting rechargeable battery: It comes with rechargeable lithium ion batteries. It takes only few hours to charge these batteries. The quality of the batteries is on the high side and they last several hours after a single charge. 
  5. No disturbance: It generates only 40 decibels of sound. Thus, it won’t disturb anybody. You use your AC while sleeping without any noise or disturbance. It is perfect for personal and family use. 

Cost and recommendations 

As mentioned above, there is currently 50% discount on every purchase of blast auxiliary desktop AC ultra.  This discount may not last long, hence hurry and buy yours as soon as possible before the offer ceases. Here is the breakdown of prices.

  1. One (1) blast desktop AC ultra – $69.99 (50% discounted price) 
    1. Shipping fee – $8.95
  2. Two (2) blast desktop AC ultra – $139.99 
    1. Shipping fee – $9.95
  3. Three (3) blast desktop AC ultra – $156.99
    1. Shipping fee – $10.95
  4. Four (4) blast desktop AC ultra – $191.99 
    1. Shipping fee – $11.95

These are the prices of blast auxiliary classic air conditioner depending on the quantity you want. 

Recommendation: The more quantity you purchase, the higher the discount. If you have large family size, you can purchase more blast auxiliary desktop AC ultra for each room. It will be cheaper for you and more convenient for everybody in the house than just sharing one blast portable AC.

It does not increase electricity bill significantly as well. 

Note: The only place to purchase this product is from the official product page. That’s where you get the discount and numerous other deals like guarantee. Your payment details are also well secure. 

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Frequently asked questions 

How long does delivery take?

Delivery is worldwide and takes only few working days. However, this depends on your country. Also note that you will  pay extra fee for delivery if you are ordering for more quantities of blast auxiliary AC. Make sure you enter the correct address of your location to avoid missing your product. 

How long does it take to charge?

It was never stated categorically the duration it takes to fully recharge blast desktop AC. However, different users stated different charging time, thus we won’t tell you that the time it takes to charge the one we tested is the exact charging duration. But we are assuring you that the length has no bearing on the quality of the batteries from the reviews we got from the product page. It takes over 8 hours for the batteries to run down despite the charging duration. They all come with quality batteries. 

Can it be used in the parlour?

Yes, it can be used in the parlour and any other part of home. However, the larger the size of the room or parlour, the longer it takes to effectively cool the entire space. Thus, you can use your air conditioner in any part of your house including parlour.

How do I set up Blast Auxiliary Desktop AC ultra?

Basically, everything about this air conditioner has been stated in this Blast auxiliary desktop AC ultra review. It is very easy to set up and use. Just plug it in any sufficient power source and use. It comes with an explicit user guide manual for step by step instructions.

Customers Review 

There only few customers that came back to drop a review and recommendations after using the AC. It’s just a newly announced product and people are still trying to compare it with the previous portable AC they have used before to ascertain its efficiency and reliability.

Nonetheless, we’d summarize few of them here. 

Though summer is still yet to come but I’ve already purchased my own blast auxiliary portable AC after hearing about the advert. The delivery was fast and I liked it. It so efficient in cooling my office and home. I’m always chilling at home when I’m free.  


This unit is outstanding. I used it to cool My working space because I have a desktop, notebook and two monitors. It just gets too hot, but the Blast Auxiliary Desktop AC Ultra does the trick. Would recommend it for anybody looking for portable AC to buy.   

Jason L.

It can sit comfortably on any desktop. You don’t even need a special space to keep it. It small in size and saves space. Very effective and works for over 9 hours before the battery run down. I love the fact that it has special filter that uses silver to kill germs in the air making it convenient for breathing. This is a huge benefit and I would give it high 5 star ratings.

Heather M. 

Conclusion of Blast Auxiliary Portable AC Ultra Review

It’s quite true that there are numerous evaporative cooling technology and traditional air conditioner that can make people more comfortable during summers. A good number of them are not efficient and they may be sold at mountainous prices.

Before placing an order for any portable cooler AC, make sure you read the full review to avoid purchasing substandard product. Blast auxiliary desktop AC has been singled out of many portable AC because of its spectacular features. 

Since industrial revolution started, human beings have engaged in different activities that release green house gasses to the environment. These gasses (Carbon Dioxide and other heat  trapping gasses) have caused tremendous increases in the earth temperature.

The real issue is that these gasses are being released in larger quantity each year which aggravates the situation we are in already. Thus every summer comes with even higher temperature than the previous ones. Scientists have been making efforts to stop further increase in green house gasses but they’re yet to achieve any significant results.

As we all play our role in saving our environment for both us and future generations, it behoves us to fight the effects of our activities with the necessary tools. Blast Auxiliary Desktop AC Ultra is one of those reliable tools that have proven its efficiency among customers and we recommend that you purchase it if you really want to make yourself comfortable in this summer.

It is cheap, low power consumption, has different adjustable modes and speeds and lasts for several hours after a single charge. For safe and hassle-free purchase, click the button below to buy from the product page. 

Thanks for reading our Blast Auxiliary Desktop AC review. Feel free to check out UltraWash Max Review. 

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