Blast Auxiliary Personal Fan Reviews 2021| Scam or Legit?

 Blast auxiliary personal fan is a wearable air conditioner that brings the much desired relief and tranquillity during the harsh summer weather. It is of high quality and many customers have reported great satisfaction since they started using this outstanding personal fan. The pros and cons, features and working principles of this air conditioner will be discussed in details in this blast auxiliary personal fan reviews. Do not browse away from this page. 

Blast Auxiliary Personal Fan Reviews
Blast Auxiliary Personal Fan Reviews

Summer, as we all know, is a period of high temperature and it brings a lot of discomfort to the body. We can hardly concentrate in harsh temperatures and the best solution to this challenge in summer is either having a blast desktop air conditioner or a wearable fan like blast auxiliary personal fan. 

Each year comes with different seasons and those season have their ups and downs. As humans, we won’t just fold our hands and watch the weather slap us on the face, instead we have to beat the weather by acquiring the right gadgets that can get the job done. Blast personal air conditioner is one of those tools to bank on if you’re looking for a way to stay cool and still enjoy the hot sun of the summer.

It is a wearable fan which readily offer solution to beat the summer heat no matter where you are.

A lot of us have traditional air conditioners to make life worthwhile during the heat. This is perfectly fine but it is pretty much expensive and the cost of maintenance is another heavy blow that you have to deal with. Thus, portable air conditioners like blast auxiliary desktop AC ultra is a perfect replacement. It’s cheaper and does not cost extra penny for maintenance except manual cleaning.

Both traditional AC and portable desktop air conditioners are pretty cool if you can afford any but they have a huge downside. This huge downside is that you can’t use them outside your home or office. Wearable fans like blast auxiliary personal fan or Coolfeel max comes in handy in this condition. It is the hands-free solution to keeping yourself cool always.

Whether you are running errands, walking the dog or just lounging by the pool, you won’t have to lift a finger for a full burst of cool air. 

Dealing with the heat of summer can be a tedious task especially when one want to carry out specific house chores or pick some information from the literature.

Do you feel easily exhausted because of the harsh Sumner heat? Do you find it difficult to achieve adequate rest during the peak of the summer? You need a hands-free fan like blast auxiliary personal air conditioner. 

Now, let’s take a look at the outstanding features of blast auxiliary wearable fan. 


It is very compact and portable. Blast auxiliary personal fan lightweight allows you to wear it to any place of your choice. You can hang it around your neck to get the best cool air  while doing your routine daily chores or studying. With blast auxiliary personal fan, you won’t have to worry about the temperature of your environment because it can always give you the best fresh cool air anywhere you are.

Unlike its desktop counterpart that allows you to be in control of air in your home or office, blast auxiliary personal fan gives you full control of the air around you everywhere you go. Having traditional air conditioner installed in your house or having the class desktop AC in your possession can not take the position of wearable fan in this summer.

The harsh sun and weather brings unbearable discomfort everywhere, both home, office and outdoors. While you use your desktop AC or traditional AC to make your room or office comfortable, blast auxiliary personal fan will be the right tool when you are outside your home though you can still use it in your house if you don’t have traditional air conditioner or portable desktop AC. 

Highly adjustable

Another awesome quality of blast auxiliary portable wearable fan is its ability to increase or decrease the fan speed mode. The speed mode ranges from low to medium to high for perfect temperature. The fan is well designed, it is loose but securely  fit into its anchor such that it won’t detach. You can select the speed level that suits the temperature of the weather at any particular moment. 

As you know, the summer temperature fluctuates. It’s never stable, thus it is pertinent that we adjust our gadget to release the right cool air that we desire at any time of the day or season. Note that the higher the speed, the faster the rate of power consumption, however no matter the speed you chose, blast auxiliary personal fan can last throughout the day (24 hours) without going off because of its high quality battery as confirmed in this blast auxiliary personal fan review. 

Always feel free to select the right fan speed to make yourself comfortable without any fear of the battery running down. You won’t have to worry about the embarrassing mid-day sweat. 

Simple to use 

It is a one-touch gadget. Blast personal AC has vents that are fully adjustable to enable you customize the level of cooling you want.

The most worrying thing about high-tech gadgets like blast auxiliary fan, is complicated user guide that makes it difficult to understand and use the gadget. It poses a lot of challenge to people who are not technically inclined. This is not the case with blast wearable air conditioner. The only thing you need to do is to press the start button once to get the ball rolling.

Selecting the speed mode is also a one-touch process as stated in blast auxiliary personal AC reviews. The manual is very explicit, you can refer to it anytime you’re confused for non-techy guys. 

Be in control of air around you

Have you ever imagined the joy of controlling the air you receive during the peak of summer when almost everybody is complaining of hot sun and sweating their lives out? Blast auxiliary personal air conditioner gives you that full opportunity to condition the air around you.

Is the weather too hot that your traditional air conditioner won’t cut it? Blast auxiliary wearable fan has got you covered. Whether you are inside your house or outdoors, you won’t have to settle for uncomfortable hot weather. For you to achieve full control over the air around you always, you must wear (carry) your blast of cool air with you all the time so won’t be among those having their clothes drenched in sweat. This sounds good right? 

What is Blast Auxiliary Personal Fan?

Blast auxiliary personal fan is a wearable air conditioner that enables you to be in control of the air around you during the summer. It has a well-designed fan and vents that you can adjust to beat the heat of the summer. It is very portable and affordable and does not require any dime for maintenance.

Blast wearable fan can be hung around the neck to keep you cool throughout the day by constantly supplying fresh and clean air to your body. It comes with high quality rechargeable batteries that are very easy to charge and last very long (over 30 hours) so you will never be discomforted by the midday hot sun and sweat. 

With blast cool air, you can meditate on your studies, form thoughts and carry out your routine daily tasks because it provides a handsfree solution to hot temperature. 

Blast auxiliary personal fan is personal air conditioner with dual output. This high-tech gadget adjust air flow to both your head and neck. It has a special filter mechanism that helps to reduce the quantity of unwanted harmful particles in the air that are constantly struggling to gain access to your respiratory system.

Dust, smoke, pollen and smog are particulate matters that are suspended in the air and they move randomly at no definite direction. They could gain entrance into your body through the breathing pathways and they are known to cause allergic reactions and other health problems. Blast personal fan helps to sweep them away and reduce the impact they can have on your health.

Thus, beside cooling the air for comfort, blast auxiliary personal fan also has health benefits. It is a great product for cooling the temperature of your surroundings. No more sweating profusely in summer or manually fanning yourself with crude tools. 

Will you let the heat of summer hold you back and prevent you from performing at your peak? If the answers is no, then it’s high time you started using reliable personal fans to keep yourself cool and perform at your best.

Note that quantity is limited because of high demand for the product among consumers. Don’t hesitate to place an order as soon as possible if you want to be in possession of this gadget during this summer. 

Blast Auxiliary Personal Fan Review
Blast Auxiliary Personal Fan Review

Advantages of Blast auxiliary Wearable Fan 

There are so many unique features of blast auxiliary classic fan which are contained in blast auxiliary wearable fan reviews. These features ensure that you have a burst of cool, refreshing air wherever you are. Below are these features and advantages. 

  • Capable of moving large amount of air: Blast auxiliary wearable air conditioner has the capacity of moving massive amount of air with a rate of 1.0 cubic feet per minute. This is incredibly large for gadget of such size. You might be skeptical about this but it’s true, it has been confirmed by team of researchers and numerous customers that have been using blast personal fan since it hit the market. Are you curious about this and wish to know more? Continue reading blast auxiliary personal fan reviews for more details. 
  • Customizable air flow: You can adjust blast air flow to suit your needs at a particular moment. It comes with vents that you can position and reposition to introduce fresh and cool air to your body. The three speed levels also gives you additional opportunity to fine tune the quantity and quality of air you are receiving. 
  • Long battery life: As already mentioned in this blast auxiliary fan reviews, it comes with high quality battery that last for a very long period of time after a single charge. It can be used for complete 30 hours after full charge. Thus, make sure that it’s always fully charged before using it to avoid power interruption especially when the heat is unbearable. You really have nothing to worry about because your blast auxiliary personal air conditioner can serve you throughout a whole day without interruption. 
  • Fast USB-C charging: Having been equipped with rechargeable battery to avoid spending huge amount of money on electricity, it comes with a USB type C for fast charging. This is a quality charger that takes few hours to charge your gadget to fullness. It does not require large amount of power supply to charge your fan and it stores large quantities of energy in it that can be used for straight 30 hours without interruption. 
  • Easy to maintain: It is very compact and small in size, not one of those heavy and bulky devices that are difficult to clean. You can easily clean and care for your gadget. It does not require extra money for maintenance, all you need to do is to regularly remove and clean the filter replace it after about 3 to 6 months depending on how frequently you are using it. 
  • Light indicator: It comes with an LED ring for indicating power. This helps to know that the device is on and running and also helps to indicate whether it is charging or not. Thus, you won’t have to guess whether it’s actually charging or not. 

How does it work 

Blast auxiliary personal fan works as an ionizer that purifies the air you breathe. It charges the environment electronically with negatively charged ions. This helps to eliminate airborne germs and particulate matters that are harmful to your health. It has dual fans and changeable filters that helps to prevent germs and other contaminants from getting into your lungs.

This is the mechanism through which it protects your pulmonary system and the rest of your body organs from damage. During this process, it takes in the hot summer air and replace it with cool fresh and healthy air to bring relief and tranquillity that you are seeking for.

The loose and securely fit fans can also be adjusted to increase the speed of air flow. This will be influenced by the temperature of the air at that particular time. The power required to do all these is supplied by its strong durable rechargeable battery that can last for a whole day. 

When the environment is too hot, you need to select the high speed mode for better and faster cooling. For lower temperatures, medium and low speed modes can get the job done. 

How to use blast auxiliary personal fan

It is very easy to use and maintain. Just follow the steps enumerated below. You can also refer to the user guide in case you encounter any problem, however, it does not require any technical skills to operate it, anybody can use this gadget. 

  • Press the power button to get the fan started. 
  • Select the fan speed that will suit your body. 
  • Place the fan around your neck with the vent pointing upwards. 
  • Now, enjoy the wave of healthy and fresh cool air.

That’s all you need to do, very simple and hassle-free.  

What assurance do you get from the producer 

The manufacturer of blast auxiliary personal fan assures their customers that their product is top notch and will give them everything they need in summers with regards to making your surrounding air more hospitable. Below are their promises and many customers online blast auxiliary personal fan reviews have attested to those claims. 

Guarantee high quality 

Their product is of high quality and comes with long lasting reliable battery. Its performance is hassle free and it lasts throughout the day. Thus you will enjoy your personal cooler during the hottest time. It is always consistent. 

Easy to return 

In case you are not completely thrilled with their product they added 30 day money back guarantee on all purchase. Thus, if you think that blast auxiliary personal fan cannot give you what you want in this summer, you can return the unit and ask for a full refund of your money. They promised to make this exercise as hassle-free as possible and your money will be refunded without further delay.

However, the product must not sustain any damage, it must remain in its pristine state so that it can be sold to other interested buyers because the demand for it is so high and supply is limited.

Blast auxiliary personal fan Setup 

As stated already in this review, they claim that their product is very easy and fast to setup. You don’t need any assistance and you must not be technically savvy to use blast auxiliary personal fan. It works right out of the box. This has been confirmed by users. 

Pros (blast auxiliary personal fan reviews)

  • Special discount: Blast auxiliary personal fan comes with special discount despite its wide recognition and high demand. You can get as high as 50% discount on every unit purchased. Guess what, it does not end there. The more units you purchase, the higher the discount. This is pretty cool and sounds good on the ears of any interested buyer. However, you must purchase from the official website of the producer for you to be entitled to this deal. 
  • Cheap and affordable: High-tech gadgets of this grade are usually way out of the budgets of many consumers. Blast personal AC is an exception. It is very cheap and affordable. It gives every interested consumer who wants to achieve comfort in this summer the opportunity to acquire a personal fan of high quality. The price is $69.99 per unit (discounted price). 
  • Zero disturbance: Despite being hung around the neck, blast auxiliary personal fan does not generate significant noise that will cause disturbance to the user. You can use your wearable fan when perusing the literature to acquire some knowledge. It makes reading in Sumner more enjoyable. If you are finding it difficult to concentrate or work during summer, get your blast auxiliary personal fan today! 
  • Compact and lightweight: It can be worn for hours without any discomfort because of its lightweight and small size. It feels comfortable around the neck.
  • Health benefit: Are you allergic to pollen and dust particles? You will find relief in using this wearable personal air conditioner. The filter helps to remove dangerous particles in the air to make the air more healthy for our lungs. This is particularly beneficial for asthmatic people that easily react to dust and other allergen. 
  • Outdoor activities: It very much needed for outdoor activities during the summer. Traditional AC and portable AC cannot be used outside homes and offices. Outdoor activities require personal hands-free fan like blast auxiliary personal fan during the summer. It is a great way of making yourself comfortable while carrying out your daily chores. 
  • Stylish design: This wearable fan was created mainly for outdoors where traditional AC and desktop fan cannot serve the users. Hence, it will be of more value to so many customers if it has shinny and attractive look. Ooh yes, this demand is met by blast auxiliary personal fan reviews. It has a fashionable design and makes the user stand out. Though its function is to fill your surroundings with fresh cool and healthy air, it will be off less value if it’s unsightly. 

Downsides (blast personal fan reviews)

There are things some customers don’t like about blast auxiliary personal fan which will be discussed here. No product is completely perfect, they all have their pros and cons. Here are the few downsides of blast auxiliary fan. 

Air filter

The filter in blast auxiliary personal fan that removes unhealthy particles in the air requires regular cleaning. This is to ensure that the pores are not blocked by dirty particles. Many customers find this stressful and they wanted something that they can be using without having to go through the entire process of dismantling, washing and reassembling the fan.

Also, the filter is removed and replaced after every 3 to 6 months. This is another tedious task for most users and they never wanted it that way. To be honest with you, there is no efficient air conditioner that does not have a filter. The filter is required to make the air you breathe fit for your systems, thus it shouldn’t be a source of worry. 

Restricted application

Blast auxiliary personal fan is only very useful when one is active especially during the day. At night when you are sleeping, blast personal fan is not the right air conditioner for you. The desktop counterpart (blast auxiliary desktop AC ultra) is the best option. 

Limited stock

Only few blast auxiliary AC is available for purchase. Hurry and get yours before it runs out of stock. Also, you can’t get the original product in any retail shop. Go straight to the official product page to buy the original blast auxiliary personal fan. 

Do I need a personal fan? 

Summer heat does not spare anybody. It affects everybody equally and we all need to find the solution to it. If you feel comfortable with heat, then you may not need an air cooler but if heat causes you discomfort, then you may consider giving blast auxiliary personal fan a try. 

Due to increase in global warming, each summer comes with higher temperature than the previous ones. This increasing high temperature makes the environment even more uncomfortable making it a necessity to own an air conditioner. It is no longer an option rather, a necessity for anybody that wants to make live worth living in the summer, to have both personal fan and desktop or traditional air conditioner.

While personal fan can serve multiple purposes and can be used anywhere, traditional air conditioner and portable desktop AC have restricted use, only suitable for at-home use. Many online blast auxiliary personal fan reviews have confirmed that this product is the best option for anybody who want to be in control of the air around them.

It brings cool fresh air that is free from bacteria, germs and particulate matters. Unlike home air conditioners, it does not require any cost of maintenance. Thus, the answer to the question is that you need a personal fan as long as you can afford it. 

Blast Personal Fan Reviews
Blast Personal Fan Reviews

Does blast personal AC really work?

Yes, it does work. The working principles have been explained in blast auxiliary personal fan review. It is unique with a lot of outstanding features. A lot of buyers were skeptical when they first heard about blast product but their doubts were cleared after they purchased and used the device.

It is fine to harbour some doubts about blast auxiliary personal fan because you have not tested it before but be rest assured that it will surely meet your expectations. You are just one step away from making your summer more comfortable.  

Recommendations on blast auxiliary portable AC 

When it comes to buying wearable fans, customers are faced with numerous choices. While most of these fans are efficient, a good number of them sucks. Thus, to be on a safe side, you should read thorough reviews on any fan before pulling your credit card to make purchase.

Blast auxiliary personal fan stands out in all aspect and we recommend it for anybody that’s looking for the best wearable fan to buy to beat summer heat. 

There is only one place where you can get blast auxiliary personal air conditioner. If you make purchase anywhere outside this place, you might be doing so at your own risk. The manufacturer stated it explicitly that their product is not available in retail stores. Thus, go straight to the official product page to make purchase. 

Below are the price ranges of blast personal fan and their shipping fees depending on the number of units ordered. 

  1. One (1) blast personal fan – Personal cool pack : $69.99 
    1. Shipping fee – $8.95
  2. Two (2) blast personal fan – Too cool pack : $139.98
    1. Shipping fee – $9.95
  3. Three (3) blast personal fan – Three’s company pack : $157.48
    1. Shipping fee – $10.95
  4. Four (4) blast personal fan – Mega cool pack : $192.47
    1. Shipping fee – $11.95

Buy Blast Auxiliary Personal Fan From The Official Product Page @50% Discount

Frequently Asked Questions about blast auxiliary personal air conditioner 

Is personal fan better than desktop AC?

Personal fan and desktop AC are both used to make the air around us fresh, cool and healthy. While desktop AC is more suitable for home and office use, personal fan is better for use during the day when you are more active. Blast auxiliary personal fan can be used anytime and anywhere but it is not suitable for use during sleeping. This is where desktop AC and traditional air conditioner can come in handy. We need both types of air conditioner to make life better during summer but in the off chance that you cannot afford the two, blast auxiliary personal fan will be a better choice because it has wider application than blast auxiliary desktop AC. If you can afford the two, better for you.

What is the battery capacity?

Blast auxiliary personal fan uses lithium ion batteries with a capacity of 300mAh. These batteries are rechargeable with standard USB type C cable. It can last throughout the day. Just make sure that your gadget is well charged at night while you are sleeping so you won’t have power interruption during the day.

Does blast wearable fan feel warm on the neck?

No, it does not feel warm on the neck neither does it cause discomfort of any kind on the neck. It blows a clean filtered air around you and removes heat. This cool air brings thrilling sensation to your neck and entire body during the heat period. You will be comfortable and calm even in the hottest hours of the day.

Does it pull long hair?

It does not pull the hair no matter how long it is. The fan has fine pores that will never allow your hair to be trapped into it. Enjoy your long lasting fan!

Customers Review

This product is pretty much cool for summer. I  thought it won’t be any comfortable but I was entirely wrong. It generates cool clean air  and I really liked it. I’m allergic to dust and other particles and this always make me visit my doctor regularly. Since I started using blast frequently, I don’t usually have issues. It helps to reduce the symptoms. I’m grateful.  

Jane T. New Jersey

I work in my office and it’s usually hot during the summer and this makes me to lose focus. I wanted to buy a desktop AC for my office but I thought of the burden of carrying it to and fro everyday and decided to buy blast auxiliary personal fan. It is very affordable and unique. I can now concentrate on my work because of the cool, fresh and clean air it blows to my body.  

Jake M. New York City.

It is super comfortable and I use it almost all the time, both indoors and outdoor activities. It is stylish and efficient. In addition to cleaner air, the cooling pad at the back was really refreshing and I’m no longer afraid of walking outside. It makes my personal space more pleasant.  

Eric G. Houston Texas.

Bottom line of blast auxiliary personal fan reviews

Blast auxiliary personal fan is indisputably the best wearable fan for summer heat. It has quality batteries that can work throughout the day to avoid power interruption. It is very portable and compact. You can wear it for long without feeling uncomfortable.

Charging blast auxiliary wearable fan requires small amount of electricity, thus it won’t increase your energy bill unlike traditional air conditioners. It gives you the opportunity to be in control of the air around you everywhere you go. 

Do you want to beat the summer heat and stay on top of the harsh weather? Blast auxiliary personal fan reviews is the right choice for you. It provides a hands-free solution for summer heat. 

To make your home more comfortable, you can supplement blast fan with WiFi routers and Wi-Fi boosters for seamless surfing of the net. 

Having read this blast auxiliary personal fan review till this point, you can now take a bold step towards acquiring one yourself or your loved one. Click the link below…..

Thanks for reading our blast auxiliary personal fan reviews.   

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