Blast Portable AC Reviews 2021: Does Blast Auxiliary Portable AC Worth It?

Blast portable AC, just as the name implies, is a portable, lightweight and easy to carry air conditioner that brings the temperature and humidity of the surrounding where it is situated to a comfortable level. Blast portable AC reviews was composed after thorough research by our expert team. It is one of the most widely used and recommended desktop air conditioners for personal use.

It achieves two things at a time, maintaining the humidity to optimal level and bringing down the harsh temperature of summer to a desirably low level for maximal comfort. If you want an efficient cooling system for this summer, then keep on reading blast auxiliary portable AC reviews! 

Blast Portable AC Reviews
Blast Portable AC Reviews

As a hobby, I love travelling the world to meet new people and experience new environment, hear different languages and see new things. Most people do travel and even more people want to travel the world but they might not have the chance or means to do so. While a huge number of us travel for fun and pleasure, others travel for research to find out new things which might be of benefit to us and our future generations.

Summer has always been a great season for travelling for most of us in the temperate region while our counterparts in the tropical region can travel anytime especially within their region. However, travelling during summer has always been a great source of joy to me but it comes with high temperature and accompanied by dry air.

This condition is even worse in the tropical region where the environment is very hot during the summer. I always resort to wearing light cloths to curtail the effects of this heat. I happened to be in Senegal this time and the heat has really been dealing with me badly and I had to contact my friend and ask him, which portable air conditioner is perfect for me and he didn’t hesitate to recommend blast auxiliary portable AC for me.

However, I had to conduct a little research to know more about this lightweight AC and I involved our team of expert researchers to do even more thorough investigation. We however, find out that blast portable AC is one of the best and it has gained wide recognition and recommendations.

Its compact size allows you to put your air conditioner in any medium sized personal bag such that you can use your AC anywhere you are. It is suitable for any room, offices and other small enclosure. Blast portable AC is very efficient and fast in cooling and humidifying the air. It is very affordable and easy to use.

Is this hot weather inconveniencing you? Try blast portable air conditioner, it will bring you the much needed comfort you desired. It was created by experts to offer you everything you need during the summer. I’m just so happy I purchased this product, it really worth it. Now, let’s dig deeper into blast auxiliary portable AC review. 

What is Blast Auxiliary Portable AC? (Blast Portable AC Reviews)

Blast portable AC is lightweight, compact and easy to use air conditioner manufactured by blast auxiliary company to enable you have a blast during the summer. It is very affordable despite maintaining high end features, you won’t have to spend all your earnings to get your surroundings cool during the summer hot weather. 

It was built with high quality materials that can last for a long time without sustaining any damage. The compact size of blast portable desktop personal AC allows you to carry it to anywhere you wish without passing through any discomfort. You can put it in your medium-sized backpack and take it with you even when you are traveling.

Also, you can augment it with blast auxiliary personal fan which you can wear while doing your regular workout or just reading in the library.

Have you ever imagined having an efficient air conditioner that can provide you with cool humid air in your home, your office, inside your car, and when you are traveling? Blast portable air conditioner is the perfect AC that can give you all that even at a very affordable rate. No big bucks! Just a few dollars and you will say goodbye to summer heat. 

Summer temperature is getting higher every year. It seems as if the temperature is doubling each year and the result of it is increase in discomfort. Thus, it is very necessary and crucial that we all posses an air conditioner that can bring back that comfort summer is trying to steal from us.

Traditional air conditioners are pretty cool for use during the summer but it comes with a heavy downside. It increases the electricity bill tremendously and it’s pretty much expensive to purchase. Also, you can not move it from your house to your office or any other place.

Portable AC is indisputably the best choice. They are cheaper and portable such that you can take them to any where you desire to use them and most importantly, they don’t consume high electricity, hence there will be no additional increase in your bills.

Wearable air conditioners are also pretty good for those that have the resources but if you don’t have the resources, you can make due with portable desktop air conditioners. It can serve you for almost any purpose and anywhere. 

Blast auxiliary portable air conditioner comes with high quality rechargeable battery. It takes only a few hours to recharge this battery and it can last for hours (throughout the night) after a single charge. Most gadgets that come with rechargeable batteries suck because the batteries don’t last.

This has been the fear of many users which we confirmed during our extensive research to find out the best portable AC. This made us to research deeper before publishing this blast portable AC reviews. It’s been confirmed even by more online blast portable AC customers reviews that its battery last for a long time.

Blast auxiliary portable AC works very fast and takes only a short period to cool the air. Let’s take a look at the features (technical facts) of this portable air cooler. 

Blast Portable AC Reviews
Blast Portable AC Reviews

Blast portable AC technical facts

There are numerous facts and features of blast portable AC which made it a perfect choice for anybody that wants to have an enjoyable moments during the summer.

There are many adaptive behaviours which we develop during the hot summer to make us more comfortable. Though those adaptations are very much helpful, life will still be miserable without an air conditioner during the summer. Wearing light cloths and reducing your make up can help but will not provide an end to the problem. While not dress well and wear your normal makeup without a bit of discomfort? Blast portable AC will help you achieve that.

See the facts for yourself!

Lightweight: The name says it all. Blast portable AC is very portable and compact. You don’t have to be a weight lifter for you to be able to carry your personal air conditioner. The size of this portable AC is taken into consideration by the manufacturer considering that we are  not immotile beings.

We’d go to the gym to burn some calories and keep our body in good shape and healthy state. We will also go to the swimming to make life worthwhile and enjoyable. Some of us, if not all, like hanging out with friends and summer is such a perfect period to do so. However, the heat of the weather keep staring at our faces.

Thus, we need a movable air conditioner that can provide us with cool, humid air anywhere we go. Blast portable AC is very easy to carry as confirmed by many blast portable AC review. 

Multi-purpose: Most of the air conditioners out there perform only a single function. They are either built to regulate the temperature of the air or regulate the humidity level of the atmospheric air. However, there are high quality and efficient air conditioners that can serve the two purposes at a high level of efficiency. Blast portable AC reviews is one of these reliable air conditioners.

It brings down the temperature of the environment to the desired level and also keep the air at the optimal humidity level. That’s great news but that is not all it can offer. Our blast portable AC reviews exhausts all the details as you will see below.  

Durability: Portable and compact devices of this kind that are meant to be carried and used in different locations ought to be strong to withstand the pressure and rough handling. This is not the case with most portable air conditioners and wearable fans. Most of them are very brittle and breaks easily or get scratched very quickly.

Blast portable AC was built with high quality and durable plastic materials that can withstand adverse conditions. Thus, you can take your cooling device to any location of your choice without having to worry about scratch or breakage. However, you will gain more from your AC if you handle it with care! 

Quality battery: Takes only few hours to charge but lasts for a long time. That’s  the feature of any quality rechargeable battery. Blast auxiliary portable AC comes with high quality batteries that can last throughout the night after a single charge. There will be no interruptions even when you have power outage at night. Your AC will be releasing continuous stream of cool humidified air to make you comfortable. 

Ergonomic design: It is very user friendly. It is very easy to operate, you must not be a techy guy before you can use this AC. Blast portable AC also comes with an easy to understand user manual that you can refer to anytime you are having challenges with your air conditioner. 

No disturbance: It does not make any discomforting noise. Even when it is positioned next to you, you won’t hear any sound that might distract your sleep. As a cooling device, you have to position it close to yourself (bed or seat) to get the optimal benefit. It is very quiet unlike other noisy distracting AC.

Low cost: Must you spend big bucks to have an air conditioner? No, you must not, and that’s why blast portable AC was produced to give you comfort at a low cost. It is very efficient with elegant design but yet very affordable. 

Brightens surroundings: It comes with a lighting system to brighten up your entire room at night. This might not be of any benefit in the afternoon or while working at the office during the day, but it will benefit you much at night if you don’t want your room to go dark entirely. The amount of illumination it releases does not cause distractions, it is just sufficient to make your room look exquisite. 

Advantages of choosing it over other brands

  • Good at all times of the summer season: Summer temperature is not always constant, it increases and decreases. Blast portable AC can be adjusted to provide the required level of cooling depending on the temperature of the weather at the moment. If the temperature is so high, you can speed up the cooling process but if the temperature is low, you can lower the cooling to provide you with the required level of temperature suitable for you. Always switch to the right cooling speed. Note that the higher the speed of cooling the faster the rate of battery drainage.
  • Different modes: Blast auxiliary portable AC has different modes. This is why it is multi-purpose in function. It has the regular air conditioner mode for just cooling down the air temperature. It also has fan mode for cooling. This mode can be used alone if the weather is not too hot and you can adjust the speed of the fan. The humidifier mode is responsible for regulating the humidity level of the air around the space where blast portable AC is situated. This is particularly beneficial because the summer air can be very dry which is not healthy for your respiratory tract. Blast portable AC is very efficient and these three modes can be used together or differently depending on what you want. 
  • Purification enabled: It comes with an air filter that can separate unwanted particles from the air you breathe. This filter helps to protect you from particles that might cause allergic reaction and also removed air-suspended germs that might cause diseases. In addition to humidifying the air and lowering the temperature, blast portable AC reviews can also improve your health status by protecting you from unwanted particles. 
  • 100% safety: It is completely safe and free from side effects. The fan is well fitted, not loose. It was properly built such that even your children can use it without any risk of getting hurt. 
  • Low cost of maintenance: There is no increase in your bills as blast portable desktop AC does not require much power. It takes only few voltage of electricity to power blast portable air conditioner. It comes with quality rechargeable battery, thus you won’t have to be buying battery or spending heavily on electricity. The only thing required of you is to replace the filter every three (3) to six (6) months depending on duration and frequency of use. 

How does blast portable air conditioner work? 

The working principles of blast portable AC is not a rocket science. It is very simple and basic. Though most customers may not find this section useful because they just want to know the features, pros and cons of this air conditioner, our team finds it important to explain how it works so you will know exactly what we are talking about. 

Blast portable AC works like other evaporative cooling technology. They take in hot dry air and replace it with cool refreshing air using evaporation technology. Evaporation is one effective way of cooling, it takes away heat as some particles escape into the atmosphere.

The air filter also plays an important role during this process. It prevents dust and other unwanted particles from leaving through the vent. Hence, you must wash the filter and air-dry it when the air conditioner is not in use. 

This process of evaporation requires energy which is supplied by the rechargeable lithium ion battery. Once the device is turned on, it will take in air, purify, humidify and release it through the vent in form of evaporation which will lower the temperature. 

desktop air conditioner review
Blast Portable AC Review

How to use blast portable desktop AC 

It is very easy and simple to use. In case you find it difficult, consult the user guide (manual) for further clarification. Below are the simple steps to guide you put your AC into use. 

Open the water tank and add water to the air conditioner. The tank can take up to three hundred millilitres of water. Make sure it is filled. 

Look out for a flat horizontal surface where you can keep your AC. To get the best result, position it close to you (your bed). Do not use a rough and uneven surface so that your air conditioner won’t fall. 

After doing this, the next step is to turn your air conditioner ON to start cooling and humidifying the air.

That’s all you need to do, simple right? I’m sure it is! 

Upsides (Blast Portable AC Reviews)

  1. Very easy to set up and use.
  2. Portable and lightweight and compact, can be taken to anywhere. 
  3. User-friendly and risk free. 
  4. Uses an evaporation technology for perfect cooling. 
  5. Serves many purposes including humidity level maintenance. 
  6. Adjustable speed to suit different temperature levels. 
  7. Three different modes for increased efficiency. 
  8. Long lasting rechargeable battery. 
  9. Low cost of maintenance. 

Downsides of Blast Portable air conditioner 

  • Not available in stores: The only place you can purchase the original blast auxiliary portable AC is from the blast portable AC official product page. Outside this website, you are taking risk. The manufacturer stated it clearly that their product is not available in retail stores, thus do not get scammed. 
  • Filter washing and replacement: You have to regularly wash the filter for best experience. As it cleans up the air, it gets filled with dirty particles which needs to be removed for the filter to be effective. Always clean the filter no matter how demanding it might be. Also you need to replace it entirely with new one after 3 to 6 months. You may need to buy it from the market. 
  • Limited stock: There are only few stock left, get yours before it finishes. 
  • Not suitable in humid weather: This AC uses evaporation technology to provide the much needed cool fresh humid air. Thus, it will hardly be effective in humid weather where the environment is already filled with moisture. 

Price Tags and Recommendations 

Blast auxiliary portable AC is very affordable compare to other efficient brands. Below is the prices of blast portable desktop AC depending on the quantity you wish to purchase. Note that discount increases as the number ordered increases. 

  • One Blast Portable AC – $89.99
    • Ships at a cost of $8.95
  • Two Blast Portable AC – $179.98
    • Ships at a cost of $9.95
  • Three Blast Portable AC – $202.48
    • Ships at a cost of $10.95
  • Four Blast Portable AC – $247.47
    • Ships at a cost of $11.95

Recommendations: In the event that you are satisfied with the details provided in this blast portable AC reviews, go straight to the official product page to buy your own air conditioner. You will get discount from any purchase made at the product official website. Also, you will get 30 day money back guarantee. If you are not thrilled with your purchase, you can send it back and get your money without any hassle. 

Buy Your Blast Portable AC @Official Product Page 

Is it worth buying?  (blast portable AC review)

Yes, it is. Blast auxiliary AC has been ringing like bell in the mouths of customers who purchased it and they are happily recommending it for others. It is very efficient, easy to use and affordable. It provides purified air that will boost your respiratory system’s health. No germs will confront your respiratory tract as long as you are regularly cleaning and washing the air filter. It is an investment you will be glad that you made. 

Blast auxiliary portable AC customers reviews

This product is top notch. I have been using mine in my room, inside my car and in the office. It is very effective in reducing the air temperature. It also works very fast and I love it. I always have this feeling of joy when I’m hot and I remember my portable AC. It also humidifies the air. I  thought it was all a sham until I started using it. It is really great and I give it 4.9 star rating.  

Ann Marie

I bought this AC for my office because I already have an air conditioner installed in my house. It is extremely useful and cost saving. It does not generate noise. I can focus on my job while my AC is running and I won’t feel distracted. I think it deserves five (5) star rating because of its low cost, easy to use and long lasting battery.  

Eric Mark

I only spend a few hours to recharge my own blast portable air conditioner and it served me for a long time. It is the best in terms of battery quality. Just remembered my first smartwatch that I bought to track my health parameters, I couldn’t even enjoy that watch for a month because of its poor battery that runs down very fast. I  had to throw it away and go for a higher brand. Blast portable AC is doing well in terms of battery and I recommend it for anyone looking for efficient and durable air conditioner with long lasting battery.

James G. 

It is very fast in cooling the air. I just bought mine and it does not take long to cool the entire room. Though I don’t know what will become of it as time goes on, it is very efficient now and I love it. It has a beautiful design and adds to my room decor. Great product, 4.8 star rating.

Jane H. 

Very cheap compared to what it offers. I love and I will buy another one for my cousin. The battery lasts long as well.  

Quely James
Blast auxiliary Portable AC Reviews
Blast auxiliary Portable AC Reviews

FAQs (blast auxiliary AC reviews)

Is it safe to use it throughout the night?

Yes, it is very safe. There is no risk of getting hurt while using your AC even at night. The ultimate goal of this AC is to provide you with cool humid air anytime anywhere even when you are sleeping at night. Your blast portable AC can run while you sleep to keep the air at the optimal humidity level.

Does it cause distraction?

No, blast portable AC is very quiet. It does not generate unwanted sounds that can distract you when you are reading or doing some work that require maximal concentration. 

Is it difficult to set up?

No, blast auxiliary portable AC is very easy to set up and use. The only thing required of you is to add water to it and turn it on. Just that and your air conditioner will start cooling and humidifying the air. You can refer to manual in any case of confusion. You also have to adjust the speed and clean up the filter.

Where is the best place to position my AC?

You can position your AC anywhere close to you in the room, office or car. It is very small and compact and does not take up much space. However, you have to keep it on a flat horizontal surface free from obstruction.

How long does delivery take?

Delivery starts 24 hours after completing your purchase. It takes about 5 – 7 working days to receive the product at your door step. However, your location can affect the time it takes to get to you, but be rest assured that it will surely reach you in no distant time after completing your purchase. 

Bottom line of Blast Portable AC Reviews 

Comfort remains an import priority that almost everybody is striving to get. We go to work everyday to earn money just because we want to be comfortable. Spending a fraction of that income on portable air conditioner during the summer is a wise and bold step. Because it will help us get the comfort we are seeking for.

If you are looking for an effective AC to make your summer a thrilling season, then blast portable AC is the perfect choice for you. It is very portable and easy to carry to anywhere you wish. It is also affordable, thus you won’t spend huge amount of money buying air cooler and humidifier.

The cost of maintenance is also very low, you only have to replace the filter after six months. Blast auxiliary portable AC also has the capacity to filter the air you breathe to make it more healthy for your respiratory tract. It is indeed amazing and I guess you will be giving it a try.  

The end of Blast Portable AC Reviews, thanks for reading. 

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