Blaux Cleanse Review 2021: Does Blaux Bidet Really Work?

Definitely yes, blaux cleanse is an affordable, easy-to-use and highly efficient bidet that enables you clean yourself thoroughly after using the toilet. It gives an extraordinary sense of cleanliness as confirmed in many online blaux cleanse review.

Blaux Bidet is one of the newly invented bidets that has gained wide recognition on the market space. It is produced by reliable manufacturer “The Blaux Company”. If you are looking for a reliable and detailed information about this brand of bidet, you have come to the right place as our Blaux Cleanse Bidet Review revealed everything you need to know about this outstanding toilet facility.

Blaux Bidet Review
Blaux Bidet Review

Good hygiene is very important for anyone who wants to stay healthy. Even health care experts have stated over and over again that maintaining good hygiene both personal and environmental, is very crucial in helping us combat germs and pathogenic organisms. Apart from health, being clean and neat brings satisfaction and boosts self confidence.

There are numerous tools developed to help us stay neat and clean and bidet is one of them. Before the invention of bidet, papers have been used to clean up the body after using the toilet. Irrespective of how effective you think it is, you can never get thoroughly cleaned by papers. Most times the papers end up smearing the mess instead of removing it.

The big disadvantage is that you must take bathe after using the toilet to ensure that there is no mess left behind because bacteria and other unwanted germs can grow comfortably in any residual fecal matter left behind which predisposes you to infections especially the ladies. To avoid this risk, bidets came into existence to enable you clean your parts neatly after using the toilet without having to bathe.

Bidet have been in existence for years now after being discovered by Arnold Cohen also known as Mr Bidet though people did not subscribe to his idea of using bidet for cleaning after using toilet. This is partly because the only bidet type of bidet he produced was the standalone bidet which requires that you use toilet first before moving over to the bidet for cleaning. It also causes water splash to the floor. These are some of the reasons why people did not subscribe to his idea.

However, with advancement in technology, newer versions of bidet came into existence and almost everybody is rushing to have a bidte installed in their bathrooms. In all sincerity, more than 70% of all the bathrooms in Europe and over 80% bathrooms in the United States have bidets installed.

This brings us to the question, which Bidet is suitable for your bathroom with regards to your budget?

Nowadays there are numerous types of Bidet in addition to the old standalone type. They all have their pros and cons. Blaux Cleanse Bidet is one of the bidets that hit the market recently and people are curious to know more about it before pulling out their credit cards to place an order. This blaux bidet review contains everything you need to know about it.

Blaux Cleanse is very efficient and easy to install. It combines all the qualities of big brands and yet sold at a fraction of their price because the Blaux Company wanted everyone interested in bidet to have one irrespective of how low your budget is.

Now, let’s dive deeper into blaux cleanse review, do not browse away from this page!

What is Blaux Cleanse? (Blaux Bidet Review)

Blaux Cleanse is a durable, effective and easy to install bidet designed to clean you up after using the toilet. It uses gentle stream of water to clean your back and front (for the ladies). The water jets from the sprayer ensures that the exit of your bowel (gastrointestinal tract) is thoroughly rinsed after using the toilet.

Unlike toilet papers that never cleanse your butt completely, blaux cleanse bidet ensures that your body is completely rinsed and not smearing fecal matter on your butt.

The good thing is that blaux cleanse saves cost, you don’t have to be buying and replacing which is the case with toilet papers. It is a one-off purchase and it lasts for a very long time. Hence, in addition to thorough cleaning, you will also save your money if you opt for blaux cleanse. However, if you feel that you can make due with toilet papers, that is not entirely bad but you should always remember to take your bathe after evacuating your bowel.

Blaux Bidet is very easy to install and use unlike other highly advanced bidets like blaux cleanse. There are numerous bidets in the market space recently, some are pretty expensive while others are cheap. Most of the bidets have complicated installation details and requires the assistance of a plumber which attracts some fees at the expense of the user. Blaux Cleanse installation is very simple, you don’t need to hire any plumber to fix your bidet for you as long as you can turn a screw or handle a wrench.

It is made of high quality materials that lasts for a very long time. Blaux Cleanse Bidet is very resistant to cracks and breakage. It is very easy to use.

Blaux Cleanse comes with two sprayers, one rear-facing sprayer and another front-facing. The rear facing sprayer is used for channelling water jets to the butt to clean up your bowel exit while the front-facing sprayer is used to clean the front. The rear-facing sprayer is enough in most cases especially for the guys while the front-facing sprayer is used mainly by the ladies to clean their private part because of its close proximity to the anus.

Blaux Bidet is very adjustable. You can adjust the pressure and direct the sprayer to the region of your body where you want to clean. This ensures that you always get a good cleanse, nothing will be left behind after using your bidet. The aim of blaux company is to give you a complete sense of cleanliness.

Let’s take a look at how this outstanding toilet facility works.

Blaux Cleanse Review
Blaux Cleanse Review

How does it work? (Blaux Cleanse Review)

Blaux Cleanse works just like every other bidets used to clean up after using the small room. If you have ever used a bidet before, you should already know how it works.

Before diving deeper into this section of blaux cleanse review, we would like to tell you what a bidet is and how it works.

It is no news that most people mistake bidets for awkward sinks, drinking fountains, second toilet or unusual urinals. Some even think that bidets are used for washing feet.

In a simple and clear terms, a bidet is a specialized bathroom fixture for washing your undercarriage. It’s the primary way that many people around the world clean themselves up after using the toilet. Modern bidets spray a targeted stream of water exactly where you need it, cleaning up even your worst messes gently and easily. All bidets are used for this same purpose of keeping yourself clean after using the toilet.

Unlike the toilet paper that can’t entirely get rid of mess or sometimes smears it around your butt, bidets uses gentle targeted stream of water to eliminate any mess no matter how bad it is.

This is how all bidets work including blaux cleanse bidet, you can see that there is no rocket science in the mechanism of action of bidets, it is simple and easy to understand. Most bidets just like blaux cleanse have adjustable pressure. You can increase or decrease this pressure to clean yourself up depending on your needs. All these features is to ensure that you clean yourself neatly in the most gentle and hassle-free method without passing through any form of inconvenience.

Blaux Cleanse is no different from others, it uses a target stream target cool water to clean your parts.

How to use this bidet

Blaux Cleanse Bidet is very easy to use. The installation part is even easier. You don’t need any assistance to put your bidet to use after purchase.

The first step is to install your bidet. This process of installation is entirely hassle free, all you need is a wrench and a screwdriver. Locate the part of your toilet where blaux cleanse can be attached, then fix it to the toilet using the screwdriver and wrench. The instructions in the user guide manual is very explicit and simple, you won’t have any issues with installation. It takes only few minutes and you are done.

After installation, your bidet will be ready for use. You can sit on your toilet and do your business. When you are done, just simply turn on the water stream to wash yourself clean.

You can now enjoy being cleaner and more refreshed than ever before.

Blaux Cleanse Reviews
Blaux Cleanse Reviews

Features of Blaux Cleanse Bidet (Blaux Cleanse Review)

There are numerous satisfying features of Blaux Cleanse which will be summarised in this section of blaux bidet review.

Highly effective: The hallmark of blaux cleanse is efficiency, it cleans even the worst mess you can think of. Any bidet that can not guarantee thorough cleaning is not worth buying. There are numerous bidets that can clean up the body after using toilet, thus make sure you purchase the one that met the basic standard of a bidet.

The reason why we are reviewing blaux cleanse is because of its ability to regulate the pressure of water stream. Thus, you can choose high or low pressure to suit your needs. And it also has two sprayers for front and back respectively. This is more beneficial for the ladies who are supposed to clean their front to avoid contamination of their private part due to close proximity to the anus. Blaux Cleanse Bidet should be your go to if you need an effective bidet.

Very quiet: Unlike most bidets that make a lot of noise as water is coming out of the sprayer, blaux cleanse does not generate such noise. It is very quiet. Thus, you don’t have to alert your neighbors anytime you are washing yourself clean. This is a rare feature that most bidets don’t have.

Easy to use: No technical skills required. It takes only a few minutes to install after which you continue to enjoy your bidet. You don’t have to hire any plumber or pay extra money to get your bidet attached to your toilet. This is one of the things that scares many potential customers, they don’t want to pay extra installation fee to anyone, they would rather continue using their toilet papers. If this sounds like you, then you have nothing to worry about. Blaux Cleanse installation is made easy to avoid extra cost.

Durable: The materials are of high quality, they will serve you for a long time.

Eco-friendly: Unlike toilet papers that continue to generate waste which might contribute to environmental pollution, blaux bidet only uses targeted stream of water to clean your body. No risk of generating unwanted waste materials, however it uses more water.

Affordable price: Blaux Cleanse compares with so many high quality and standard bidets. It has a the high end features but still very affordable. It is very cheap. No matter how low your budget is, you can purchase blaux cleanse because the target of blaux company is to satisfy everyone.

Widely compatible: Blaux bidet attaches to any standard style toilet. It does not select a any particular brand. More than 99% of all the toilet types on the market work with blaux cleanse bidet.

Assurances of the producer

Many consumers are very much satisfied with their blaux bidet as deduced from online blaux cleanse review. Now, let’s take a look at some of the promises of the producer.

Guarantee high quality: It’s made to bring satisfaction to you. The ultimate goal is to give you a sense of good hygiene and neatness. And many customers have attested to this. The materials used in manufacturing Blaux Cleanse are premium grade.

Fast and easy setup: Installation is very easy. The manufacturer delivered on all their promises, none of the users of blaux cleanse have complained about installation. It is pretty easy and fast. Even if you are technically inclined, you can conveniently install and use your own blaux bidet.

Hassle free return: Though blaux bidet is very efficient, not everyone will be thrilled with this product. The producer offered a thirty day money back guarantee on every purchase. If you are not satisfied with this bidet, you can apply for refund and get back your money. No questions asked

Frequently Asked Questions (blaux cleanse bidet review)

Is Blaux Cleanse difficult to install?

Installation is very easy, you only need a screwdriver and wrench. If you have ever turned a screw before or handled a wrench, you won’t have any problems with installation. It takes only few minutes, and no assistance required

Is it easy to use?

Definitely yes, blaux cleanse is very easy to use. Just use your toilet as usual, when you are done turn on the sprayer to wash yourself clean.

Does it generate much noise?

No, blaux cleanse does not generate too much noise. Even at the maximum pressure, it will only emit very mild noise just like a whisper.

Can blaux cleanse be used in any bathroom with any kind of toilet?

Yes, blaux cleanse can attach to any standard style toilet you can buy.

Is it uncomfortable to use even if I have never used a bidet before?

No, Blaux Cleanse is designed to be gentle but at the same time, provide a better clean than traditional toilet paper alone.

Blaux Cleanse Bidet
Blaux Cleanse Bidet

Prices of blaux bidet and where to buy

The best place to purchase any product is from the official website of the manufacturer. Blaux Company stated it clearly that their product is not available in any retail shop. Thus, if you want to buy the original Product head straight to the official product page. There is a 30 day money back guarantee on every purchase. Those that are not thrilled with the product can apply for refund during this stipulated time and get back their money.

Currently, there is a 50% discount on all orders. This deal will last only for a short period of time, hurry and get yours before it expires. You can pay for the product with your credit card, PayPal account or any other payment method accepted by the manufacturer.

Here are the prices of blaux cleanse from the official website:

  • 1X Blaux Cleanse – $79.99
  • 2X Blaux Cleanse – $147.99
  • 3X Blaux Cleanse – $199.99
  • 4X Blaux Cleanse – $255.99

Check Availability and Claim Your Discount @ Official Website

Downsides of Blaux Cleanse

There is no product under the sun that is completely perfect. Blaux Cleanse no exception, it has its own downsides which include:

Uses more water: With bidets like blaux cleanse, you will definitely use more water. However, blaux cleanse conserves water because you can regulate the pressure of water stream from the sprayer.

Does not use warm water: Blaux Cleanse does not have the ability to warm water. If you are the type that like washing yourself clean with warm water then blaux cleanse may not be the best option for you.

Limited stock: Only few products are currently in stock. Hurry and get yours before it runs out of stock.

Not available in retail stores: You can only get the original blaux cleanse bidet from the official website

Bottom line of Blaux Cleanse Review

Blaux Cleanse is an efficient and easy to install bidet. The pressure is highly adjustable, you can select from low to maximum pressure. It very eco-friendly and easy to use.

Even at maximum pressure, blaux bidet only whispers, no loud noise.

Have you been using toilet paper? It is high time you switched to bidet. It ensures complete cleaning unlike toilet paper that will even smear the mess.

Blaux bidet is one of the most efficient sprayer type of bidets, and it is very affordable. Many consumers online have recommended this amazing brand from the Blaux Company in their blaux bidet reviews. If you are looking for an affordable and high quality and reliable bidet, consider giving Blaux Cleanse a try. It worth every penny!

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