Blxbuds Earbuds Reviews 2021: Is BlxBuds Legit? Find Out Here!

Blxbuds earbuds is a pair of wireless headphone that offers high quality sound within the range of 20Hz to 20KHz which is exactly the range at which human ears can perceive sound. According to numerous Blxbuds earbuds reviews online which rated this device 4.7 out of a possible 5 stars, it features a TWS dual wireless stereo, a dual microphone and Bluetooth 5.1

BlxBuds is widely compatible with numerous devices, it is portable and affordable. It can suit any ear canal irrespective of the size of your pinnae. With its long lasting batteries, you will be sure of enjoying quality sound for several hours without any interruption.

Blxbuds earbuds review
Blxbuds earbuds reviews

The world will be a lot boring and uninteresting without entertainment, and music is one of the best ways of keeping the mind busy and entertained. A lot of us take delight in watching movies, sports activities and playing games. These are different ways of keeping ourselves entertained. The good thing about music is that it is both entertaining and therapeutic. This fact has been verified multiple times by experts and it has been proven to be veracious.

For us to enjoy music to the fullest, we need a good sound system either a loud immovable speakers or portable earpieces. Even when you have a loud speaker installed in your home, you still need a portable earpiece if you are a music fan. The question now is, between wired and wireless earpieces which one is better and superior?

In all sincerity, there is no clear-cut YES or NO answer to this question, it all depends on the users, their budget, and desires.

The wired earphones does not require charging, you only need to plug in your earpiece and enjoy the sound as long as you wish. The wireless headphones requires that you charge them well and also pair them with your devices through Bluetooth connection and most of them don’t last beyond 6 hours. However, there are few quality wireless earbuds like Blxbuds that bring satisfaction to the mind.

Wireless earbuds are currently trending on the market space and almost everybody wants to buy them. However, not all of them really worth it. A lot of them don’t last, and they may even cause ear sores and a lot of pain and discomfort. Some are pretty expensive. Do you really have to spend big bucks just to enjoy music (sound)? No, you don’t have to and that’s why we took out time to survey the market, review and recommend an efficient earbuds headphone that will meet all your expectations without breaking the bank. BlxBuds is the latest wireless earbuds that compete with the big brands in quality but is very much cheaper.

Blxbuds earbuds review contains everything you need to know about this high quality and affordable headphone including it’s features, technical facts, consumer reports, prices and where to buy your own BlxBuds.

If you want a long lasting earbuds that offers high quality sound at an affordable price, and pairs easily with multiple devices, keep reading this Blxbuds Earbuds Reviews till the end.

Now, let’s take a peek behind the curtain 🤔

What is BlxBuds Earbuds? (Blxbuds Earbuds Reviews)

Blxbuds is a wireless, highly compatible, affordable and portable earbuds with dual microphone. It gives out high quality sound at the range of 20Hz to 20KHz to ensure that you enjoy every bit of the sound coming out of it. The receptive component of the microphone is very sensitive and picks up sound quickly no matter how negligible it is. This enables the user of Blxbuds earbuds to answer and make calls.

To pick an incoming call, simply press the earbuds once and speak to the caller, if you want to hang up, it only takes a single button push as well.

Blxbuds is very compatible, it works with Android, iOS devices and PC. It can pair with any device that is Bluetooth enabled. It is also very easy to connect. If you have ever paired devices through Bluetooth before, then you won’t have any troubles pairing your BlxBuds with your smart devices. Even if you have not paired devices through Bluetooth before, you won’t have troubles using Blxbuds earbuds. We outlined the steps that you will take to get your wireless headphone connected to your smart phone, tablet or PC.

Blxbuds maintain strong connection with your smart devices even at a distance of up to 33 feet (10 meters). The connection will never get severed as long as you are operating within this distance from your device. This provides hands free use unlike the wired counterparts. However, this is not a guarantee for you to keep your device in Jupiter while working in Saturn and expect to hear an uninterrupted song. To avoid sound interruption and crack, the manufacturer advised that you keep your device as close as possible to yourself.

One of the major problems with wireless headphones is sound interruption due to weak connection and poor quality batteries. This is not the case with Blxbuds earbuds. It comes with high quality long lasting rechargeable battery that lasts for a minimum of 4 hours 30 minutes. It takes only about one hour to charge. Always ensure that it is well charged before using it to avoid interrupting your songs.

Some persons reported that frequent use of wireless earbuds is associated with ear pain and sores. This may be true for many largely sized and poor quality earbuds. The premium ones hardly cause pain nor harm to your pinnae. This is one of the benefits of using Blxbuds earbuds, it will never injure your ears nor cuase discomfort of any kind. You can use them as long as you wish without experiencing any pain provided it is well charged. This has been verified by many consumers` Blxbuds Reviews online.

Do you like aesthetically pleasing products? Blxbuds is the suitable option for you. It was built to meet your fashion taste while giving you high quality sound outout and also enables you to have smooth conversation with someone at the other end of your smart phone.

Blxbuds earbuds reviews
Blxbuds earbuds reviews

Qualities of Blxbuds Earbuds

Perfect size that matches any ear: Blxbuds is well designed to match any ear size. This helps to block unwanted background sounds to concentrate on a particular song. Also, Blxbuds was shaped to fit into your ears and make a perfect seal which mechanically block other background sounds from gaining entrance into your tympanic membrane. This mechanical obstruction ensures complete sound protection.

Two-way microphone: Both wired and wireless earpieces have two way microphone to enable you play song and also make calls. The only concern here is the quality and reliability of the sound output and receptiveness (input). Blxbuds has a good sound output and very sensitive microphone that detects sounds quickly.

Ultra-Lightweight: Blxbuds earbuds are very compact and portable, you can wear it for a long time without any feeling discomfort. The truth is that you can wear Blxbuds earbuds and even forget that you are wearing something especially when they are not playing music. Many Blxbuds earbuds reviews from satisfied customers have confirmed this fact. Both the size and weight of Blxbuds make it perfect for everybody.

Contoured design with maximum quality: Blxbuds earbuds is extremely stylish and well designed for the ears. If you take a look at Blx Buds and compare it with other earbud headphones, you will be convinced that it is a high-performance ear aid unlike its competitors. Regular earbud headphones make you look like an alien with their ugly antenna sticking out of your head. You don’t have to look crazy before you can enjoy breathtaking beats (sounds).

Superior sound quality: If you want to enjoy high quality sound, then Blxbuds earbuds is manufactured for you. It gives you everything at an affordable price. For sure, you would not like to have an inferior sound after spending big bucks on your mobile device. Make sure you get the highest quality of sound there is by using Blxbuds earbuds.

Wide compatibility: Blxbuds is compatible with multiple devices including smartphones, tablets and PC. Even if you use more than one device, Blx Buds will pair effortlessly with them. Also, after pairing with your device for the first time, Blxbuds will pair automatically with them subsequently, you don’t have to manually pair them again each time you wish to play song.

Compact case for storage and quick charging: It comes with compact case that stores charge for your headphones and also used for charging the earbuds. There is an included cable in every Blxbuds earbuds package which can be plugged into any suitable power outlet for quick and easy charging of Blxbuds.

How to use it (Blxbuds earbuds review)

Blxbuds earbud headphones is very simple and easy to use. Many high tech devices like this brand of earpiece are usually difficult to use especially for the first timers but Blxbuds was designed having everyone in mind. It pairs effortlessly with all devices including Android, iOS devices and PC, hence if you have multiple devices, you can use all of them with your Blxbuds earbud headphones. The good thing is that it reconnects automatically with them after the first time, hence you won’t pass through the hurdle of reconnecting it again each time you wish to play song or answer any calls.

Now, you have purchased your own Blxbuds earbuds and you want to enjoy your favourite songs, follow these simple steps to get the ball rolling!!!

Charge the device: Make sure your Blxbuds are well charged before using them to avoid interrupting your music. It comes with a USB cable for charging and recharging the case. To charge your earbuds, find any suitable USB port and plug in the cable. This can be directly from your wall sockets or extensions or even your power banks and laptops. Allow it to Charge to fullest before using it.

If you open the case and you are seeing red light, it means that your Blxbuds is not charged, but if you see white light it means that it is charged. It has four white lights, if only one white light is on, it means that your Blxbuds wireless headphones are 25% charged, if you see two white lights it means that it is 50% charged, if you see three white lights it means that it is 75% charged and four white lights means full charge. Always check how charged your Blxbuds earbud headphones are before using them.

Pair: The next step to take after charging your Blxbuds is to pair it with your mobile device through Bluetooth. If you have paired devices through Bluetooth before this step won’t pose any challenge to you but if you have not paired devices through Bluetooth before follow the instructions below:

  • Locate Bluetooth app on your mobile device (phone, tablet or PC) and turn it on
  • Open your Blxbuds case and turn the headphones on.
  • Locate Blxbuds on your mobile device and click on it.
  • The devices will pair with each other and you can start playing your songs.

Enjoy your songs and make calls: After pairing your Blxbuds with your mobile device you can now start enjoying crystal clear sounds and answer your calls for over fours hours without having ear pain or discomfort.

Blxbuds earbuds headphone review
Blxbuds earbuds headphone review

BlxBuds technical facts

Charging caseInput – DC 5V 300mA,
Output – DC 5V 100mA
Weight44.5 grams (including charging case)
Microphone typeDual microphone (output and input)
CompatibilityWidely compatible with all android and iOS devices and PC
Battery life4.5 hours
Charging time1 – 1.5 hours
Water resistance ratingIPX4
SensitivityVery high
USB cableYes, included
Colour indicatorsRed for low charge, White for charged
Range of connectivityAbout 33 feet (10 meters)
Compact sizeYes, fits every ear
Blxbuds Reviews

Discounts and Prices of Blxbuds Earbud Headphones

The major reason why this product is trending in the market space is not just because of its high end features, it is because of its affordably low price. It equals the big brands in quality but goes at a fraction of their prices. Blxbuds earbuds is sold at a discount, hurry and place your order before the producer takes down the offer.

Those are discounted prices. If you are interested in purchasing Blxbuds, head straight to the official product page to place your order. Do not buy from any retail shop to avoid being scammed. Also, there is a 30 day money back guarantee on all orders, if you are not thrilled with the product you can return it within this period and get back your money. BLXBuds support URL:

Check Availability and Claim Your Discount Here!!!

Assurances of the Producer

Guarantee high quality: Each Blxbuds is made of high quality materials for durability and quality sound. It is well shaped to fit into the ear canal and block off unwanted sound. They are made to sound great, feel great and last long, and the manufacturer assured that nobody will ever regret spending their money on them.

Hassle-free return: To further address the fears of consumers, the manufacturer added 30 day money back guarantee on all purchase. Thus, if you are not satisfied with their product, you can return them within this stipulated time and get back your money. It is entirely hassle free. BLXBuds support URL:

Fast and easy setup: No technical skills required of you, just pair them with your mobile devices to enjoy your song. Blxbuds pair easily with any smart phone, tablet or PC through Bluetooth. Thus, they were designed to be used right out of the box.

Pros (Blxbuds earbuds review)

High battery quality: Most wireless headphones really sucks because of poor quality batteries. Majority barely last for 2 straight hours. This is the maain advantage wired earpiece have over wireless headphones, you can use them as long as you wish without having to worry about power or charge. However, Blxbuds comes with quality rechargeable battery that can last for a minimum of 4 hours 30 minutes when playing song or 12 hours without any sound. Also, it takes only about one hour to charge.

Water resistance: The water resistance rating of Blxbuds is IPX4. It can resist splash water from any direction but it is not suitable for swimming. Though it has water resistance capacity, it is recommended that you keep them away from water to avoid any possible damage.

Affordable: It is very cheap compared to the big brands and it gives high quality sound.

Fashionable: Blxbuds is not designed for fashion however, it looks exquisite and fashionable. It will never ruine your beauty.

Long range of connectivity: It maintains strong connection up to a distance of 33 feet (10 meters).

Automatic pairing: It recognizes devices easily after pairing with them for the first time. You don’t have to keep connecting and reconnecting.

Downsides of Blxbuds wireless headphones

  • Not wired, hence requires charging
  • Very few Blxbuds earbuds are remaining in store due to high demand, hurry and place your order before it runs out of stock.
  • Only sold at the official website to reduce the cost of middlemen, you can’t get it in any retail stores.
Blxbuds review
Blxbuds review

What are consumers saying about Blxbuds earbuds?

There are numerous consumer Blxbuds earbuds reviews online but for the sake of space and time only few will be cited in this Blxbuds review

I love playing songs while I jog but my jogging is always interrupted by my old headphones. They constantly fell out and I had to stop and pick them up each time. It is pretty annoying. I had to make a quick switch to Blxbuds headphones and WOW!! not only did they sound better, they never fell out my ears. >Jen Y. New York<

I have more than three pairs of earbuds from different big brands. They sound good but always hurt my ears. I decided to try Blxbuds for the last time because of my love for music, podcast and streaming on my phone. I’m glad they feel great on my ears, never hurt!! Now I can enjoy my music podcast and streaming on my phone for hours without feeling pain. Great product with good sound quality. >Darrin C. St Paul, MN<

I wanted an earbud headphones with good sound quality and long lasting batteries that will never harm my soft ears. But my budget is low and I’m afraid of buying fake substandard product. I finally decided to give Blxbuds wireless headphones a try, and guess what!! It’s been one of the best decisions I took for the whole year. >Jane H. New Jersey<

Great earbuds with good sound. It fits into my ears perfectly. 4.9 stars!! >Jake V. CA<

Frequently Asked Questions (Blxbuds review)

Q: One of the earbuds is not working, what should I do?

A: If one earbud is working and the other is not, there are two things that could be the cause. It’s either that the one that is not working is not charged or that you activated the single earphone mode. To resolve this issue, you have to check the earbuds and be sure that both are charged, then reconnect the earbuds with your phone or tablet or PC to get them working together.

Q: How do I know if my earbuds are fully charged?

A: Use the light indicators. Red light means low charge and white lights means charged.

Q: Can it be used for phone calls?

A: Yes, it can. Press it once to answer call and press again to hang up.

Bottom line of Blxbuds earbuds reviews

Blxbuds is one of the most efficient earbuds and it very affordable. You will never get any better pair of earphones at such low price anywhere. Enjoy quality sound with Blxbuds without earch ache. In the event that you are not satisfied with it, you can return the order and get back your money.

It will soon run out of stock, hurry and buy yours while the offer lasts. Hope we’ve been able to reveal everything you need to know in this Blxbuds Earbuds Reviews?

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