Camolighter Review 2021: Best Electric Survival Lighter

Camolighter is a unique USB rechargeable lighter that was developed out of passion by highly experienced experts to produce light that can withstand adverse conditions. It is windproof, waterproof, robust and durable. This Camolighter review contains every details about this camouflage electric survival lighter that has been trending in different parts of the world. 

Camolighter Review
Camolighter Review

An electric lighter crafted to produce light that will never get extinguished by water and capable of resisting wind provides an incomparable performance. No wonder satisfied customers have been singing the name of this lighter “CAMOLIGHTER” as if it’s a mantra.

The best way customers react to a reliable product is to recommend it for others, and Camolighter has gained that recommendation. Its innovative and unique construction combines a body with high precision injected metal and a semi rigid Camo body for high protection. The intuitive ergonomic and tactile features of this lighter together with its Camo pattern makes it the daily product effective in any circumstances. 

You are probably not satisfied with your plastic lighter that has added extra load to your daily chores due to the use-and-discard rule that is attached to it. That’s not the case with Tesla Coil lighters, they are rechargeable and durable and you can use it for up to one week or 300 – 500 times after a single charge. Is that not awesome? I guess it is! 

Another groundbreaking feature of this quality lighter is that it does not require any fossil fuels to work. This crude oil product are not only herculean task to carry, but they are potential risk to our health and the environment as a whole. Why not use a more human and environmentally safe product to protect ourselves and our environment for the future generations to come? 

You already know that lighter has been in existence since the history of humans and it served a lot of great functions. The only thing that changed over the years is the quality of the lighter and safety of each brand. As you know, lighters are portable devices that contain flammable liquid or pressurised gas in a metallic or plastic container. It uses this liquid or gas to generate flame which is used to ignite cigar, cooking stove, wood, waste products etcetera. 

The light generated by these modern lighters are still used for the same purpose but the quality of the material and the flame they generate is what has changed. How they also generate light has changed drastically to make life easier and to offer protection to the user.

Instead of using flammable liquid or pressurised gas that can hurt humans if care is not taken, lighters now utilize electric charge for generating light. This has huge advantage over the traditional lighters that we use, it protects you from potential harm that could be sustained from the traditional lighters and also it gives you the opportunity to recharge your lighting device so you don’t have to be buying and re-buying lighters. 

There are numerous rechargeable lighters out there that one can purchase but they all have their PROS and CONS. Camolighter has been used by a number of customers and many have returned to drop a positive feedback encouraging others to purchase.

This is confirmed after extensive research which led to the publication of this article “CAMOLIGHTER REVIEW” to guide interested buyers so they won’t have to choose the wrong brand or spend big bucks buying other types of rechargeable lighters. 

Camolighter requires no flame, no butane gas, does not produce any spark or foul smell, why not give it try? Why not light that your awesome cigar with the most harmless and outstanding lighter? Keep reading Camolighter reviews to know more about this new invention that has gained wide recognition.  

What is Camolighter? (Camolighter Review) 

Camolighter is an electric survival lighter that requires no flame, no butane and it is completely hassle-free to use. It is an innovative lighter that works by creating an electric arc with just one button press. Camolighter is rechargeable via USB cable and it lasts for a long time after a single charge.

It does not utilize any flame, hence it is wind proof and environmentally friendly unlike other lighters that generate and emit dangerous smoke which cause increase in global warming and brings a lot of inconveniences to us especially during the summer period.

Camolighter generate light that can never be extinguished by rain or any other form of water, thus it is very suitable for outdoor and indoor use and it is equipped with components to make it easier and faster for use. It is very economical because you can recharge your lighting device over and over again, no more fluid refills or throwing out those cheap plastic lighters.

Thus, you can see that Camolighter does not generate much waste unlike other Bic lighters that use butane, it is the most eco-friendly lighter on the market place. The lighter also has a safety features, so it will not light up when the lid is closed. It is made of plasma which is known as the fourth state of matter. Plasma is an ionized gas that allows electron to flow as it is used to generate light.

No flammable liquid is contained in Camolighter, thus you won’t have to refill or be scared of flames causing harm to you.

A strong solid LED flashlight that serves its own special purpose is embedded in the bottom of this plasma lighter. The producer of this arc lighter believes in forging the way with inventive new products designed for the modern world. Camolighter USB rechargeable lighter is simple, safe, reliable and with its sleek elegant design, it makes a perfect gift for everybody that needs a lighter. 

Camolighter Reviews
Camolighter Reviews

Is it the best flameless lighter? 

Camolighter camouflage electric survival lighter is the best flameless lighter that employs immeasurable technology in generating light. It is an arc plasma lighter that generates windproof light using electric charge stored through USB cable. It does not use any flammable liquid or pressurised gas to generate light. This has two advantages:

  • Protection of the user: Flammable gasses are very dangerous and can generate uncontrollable light that can hurt humans. You might be thinking that the volume of the liquid inside a lighter is too small to cause significant harm to people but that’s wrong. No matter how small crude oil product is, it can generate flame that can cause a lot of damage. As you already know, when you want to light a cigarette, you have to take the lighter closer to your mouth so you can inhale the smoke once the cigar gets lighted up. This exposes you to harm and you can sustain significant damage once the liquid or gas generates uncontrollable flame. However, this rarely happens but it will be in our best interest to use the safest and most reliable lighter. 
  • Protection of our environment: You might be wondering, how can lighters generate flames that can cause problem in the environment? This is what everybody normally think, but the honest truth is that those flames they generate can release harmful gasses into the environment no matter how small it is. If one or two person are using flammable lighters, the gasses generated might be insignificant, but when hundreds or thousands of people are using them, each of these lighters will generate gas that will add up to a significant quantity that will make our environment harmful. Thus, flameless lighters like Camolighter are the best lighter for our safety and the safety of our environment.

Camolighter is an Alpha Male of the lighter world, it is rough, rugged and reliable. Originally, this lighter was crafted for soldiers because it is suitable for any circumstances. It is indisputably the best flameless lighter in the market space and customers are really praising it. 

Who is it made for? (Camolighter review)

Camolighter rechargeable lighter is highly recommended because of it reliability and built-in safety measures to protect the user. It is very economical and environmentally friendly. Camolighter produces a windproof and waterproof light without employing any fossil fuel like butane. These hydrocarbon products are very dangerous to our health and the most interesting thing is that they are very volatile. Thus, they can escape through any space once there is light, they catch fire immediately and the user will be at risk. 

If you want a safe, reliable and durable lighter irrespective of your aim of purchasing lighter, Camolighter plasma arc lighter is the best option for you. In all sincerity, this robust lighter was initially manufactured for soldiers because they work under unfavourable circumstances and most of them need something like cigar or other smoke-able chemicals to remain in the right state of mind to do their jobs.

Also, they need light for other purposes and the traditional lighters and other butane-dependent lighters are not the right choice for such circumstances. This windproof and waterproof light was created for them. However, Camolighter has numerous other advantages in addition to being able to resist adverse environmental conditions and it’s found useful for many purposes and for all age group.

Anybody that wants an outstanding lighter will enjoy Camolighter. Its flame is very powerful and uniform, resists even the most violent wind. It works well from the iciest temperature (as low as -10 degree Celsius) to the warmest temperature (as high as +45 degrees Celsius) and also works effectively at a very high altitude of more than 3500 meters where other lighters fail to operate.

Thus, it’s a no brainer, stating that Camo lighter is the best option for you if you really need a modern flameless lighter.

When can it be used (Camo lighter review) 

Camo lighter can be used for any purpose where lighters are applicable. It was not designed for special purposes or for special people, it was crafted for everybody irrespective of your class and it is suitable for any purpose in any condition no matter how bad or favourable you think it is.

If you opt for Camo lighter flameless lighter, you can use it for generating light without any restrictions. Unlike butane lighters and other brands that depend heavily on oxygen for combustion to generate light, Camolighter rechargeable lighter can generate light even at a very high altitude where there is little to no oxygen. Extremes of temperature does not have any significant effect on this plasma arc lighter.

Hence, you can use it at anytime to:

  • Heat shelter: Whether military or civilian, you can heat up your shelter with Camolighter. At extremely cold temperature where other lighters might not work, Camolighter produces light that you can use to heat up your haven and remain safe. 
  • Prepare meals: Though most of us utilize electric heaters (plates) to cook food, sometimes we still cook with other devices that utilize fossil fuels. Thus, your Camolighter will be very useful in this case. 
  • Call for help: Sometimes you can get stuck on the road side. Your car can break down at night and you need to signal that you need help with light, if you don’t have standard security light, you can use your Camo lighter to call for help. Also, if you’re lost in the island, you can use your flameless lighter to light up the surrounding as signal for help.  
  • Light up darkness: Obviously, anything that generates light will be a crucial tool is pushing away darkness and Camolighter is not an exception. The light generated by Camolighter can scare away darkness and restore light within the surrounding.
  • Smoke cigar: Most people that purchase Camolighter use it for smoking cigar. This does not mean that it was exclusively crafted for smoking, rather people find it safe for that purpose and they are using it for such. You can use your Camolighter for smoking cigar or for other purposes. During cold weathers like the winter, you would probably need a reliable lighter if you smoke cigar, Camolighter will be a perfect choice for you because it is rechargeable and lasts for a very long time after a single charge unlike the butane lighters that can get evaporated from the container. 

Who made Camolighter camouflage survival lighter 

Camolighter is a groundbreaking technology that was developed out of passion by military scientist and engineers. This team of researchers discovered that the technology of Nikola Tesla can be used to produce a strong and powerful flame that can withstand adverse conditions to suite the interest of soldiers.

Recall that it’s mentioned earlier in this Camo lighter reviews that camoligheter was originally made for soldiers but because of its unmatched potentials and advantages, it was made available for everybody to use to protect us and our environment.

Tesla who was a genius and scientist discovered this technology in his research as he was digging deep to find out more about the earth. One of his creations known as Tesla coil which is basically manmade lightning in a bottle enabled Tesla to utilize the power of lightning in his hands to do whatever he wanted. This great discovery by Nikola Tesla made decades ago was found to be useful in many tools by engineers and military scientists.

They found out that despite the fact that Tesla coil needs huge amount of electricity to turn it on, it can still be used in smaller portable tools like lighters. This is how the knowledge originated and the crafters of Camolighter rapidly applied it in making this renowned lightning device.

The military scientists and engineers brought this idea to life not just for the soldiers but for everybody and for the safety of our environment. Crafters of Camolighter did a great job indeed and we should remain grateful to them. 

How was it made (Camolighter USB Rechargeable Lighter Review) 

As already stated above, Camolighter was made with Tesla coil. This newly invented technology that was never in existence on earth, looked like an alien technology. It utilizes Tesla coil together with a lithium ion battery that can supply the amount of power needed to get the lighter running to create a plasma arc. Camolighter produces strong flame that does not get extinguished by water or wind.

This is similar to the flame generated by most fossil fuel powered lighter but the advantage of Camolighter over them is that it uses plasma which is a fourth state of matter. It is an ionized gas that allows electron to flow, it does not generate any harmful by-product unlike the fossil fuels.

Ordinarily, a Tesla coil requires thousands of volts of electricity and just a half-inch of power to turn it on but that’s not the case with Camolighter. It was built by highly experienced experts after years of research on Tesla coil. The result of their research came out to be marvellous as they were able to produce a lighter that can be powered with just rechargeable lithium ion batteries. 

Camolighter crafters, military scientists and engineers, should be thanked so much for this remarkable invention, however the bigger credit should go to Nikola Tesla, a prestigious scholar and genius of all time for his great discovery.

Now, let’s take a look at the specifications of this lighter 

Camo lighter flameless lighter specs 

Battery duration  over one week ( can be used 300 – 500 times after charge)
Top facing plasma dual arcsMakes it easier to light bigger objects
Three Flashlight colour modesBright, ultra bright and flashing (100 lumens)
 Fifteen Paratinder neck lanyardOpen it to to show flammable substance
Security apparatusIt has a 120 decibel whistle that can alert rescuer. 
Charging deviceUSB cable for charging and recharging the device.
Charging timeIt takes about 120 minutes to fully charge Camolighter lithium ion battery.
 Suitable power sourceComputer or wall outlet plug or any suitable power source, it does not require huge amount of electricity to charge.
 Safety features10 seconds time out 
Resistance abilityWaterproof and windproof
Materialwaterproof and shockproof case made with ABS plastic with a wire safety latch

What made it standout 

There are so many outstanding qualities of Camolighter that we’d enumerate in this flameless lighter review. It is no doubt an innovative technology that made the world of rechargeable lighters took a different shape. Take a look below! 

  1. Highly resistant: Camolighter produces strong light that can withstand even the strongest wind. It can also resist water, thus you can use it under rain without fear of losing the light. Ordinarily, flames tend to go off once they encounter strong wind because they can not withstand the effect of the wind. Though the air contain oxygen need by flame, when the strength of the wind is too much, the flames will be blown off. Water on the other hand does not go well with flame because it denies them the oxygen they need for combustion while dissolving the flame or whatever liquid that is responsible for the combustion. Camolighter is a self-contained lightning device that creates windproof and waterproof flame. It does not depending on any gas or liquid to generate lightning. 
  2. High quality arc design: Dual arc Camolighter is 5x faster than single arc electronic lighter. It uses high quality zinc alloy and and high temperature resistance ceramic plate which are safe and durable. It makes it easier to light up dark environment, cigar and even candles. 
  3. Light indicator: This light indicators serves a special function of telling you the power level of your lighter. It is very important that you take note of the power level of Camolighter so you won’t run out of battery unawares. However, it has quality lithium ion battery that can last for up to 300 – 500 uses after a single charge. This power indicator is made up of 4 LED battery light each has its own power range to help you know when you should recharge your lighter. 
  4. One of a kind: Even the maker of Camo lighter were so marvelled at the result of their work because such a technology has never existed before. It really stands out and has a different working principle unlike many rechargeable lighters you see around. It uses plasma technology so you won’t worry about harmful chemicals that will be generated from the lightning. 
  5. Long lasting: High quality battery is another huge advantage it has over others. Imagine using a lighter that you would have to spend more time charging than actually using! It really sucks and nobody likes that. This Camolighter review assures you that Camolighter comes with a rechargeable battery that you can use over one week after charging it. Be among the happy customers that are using this product that originated from Tesla technology. 
  6. Zero cost of maintenance: Fluid filled lighters requires that you refill the fluid once it is exhausted while plastic lighters requires that you throw them away once they’re are used up. These cost money and a lot of inconveniences. You won’t have to pass through such ugly experience if you choose Camolighter over them. All that’s required of you is to charge and recharge your device’s battery and you are ready to go, anywhere, anytime. 
  7. Compact and portable: Though lighters are not known for being bulky,  a lot of them are much bigger in size and most people are not comfortable with such. Lighters are supposed to be very small device that you can conveniently put inside your pocket without any hassle. Camolighter is very compact and portable and you can take it with you to anywhere without any ado. Some fluid filled lighter might require that you move about with liquid in order to refill once fluid runs out. This is a tedious work which you will never pass through if you opt for Camo lighter USB rechargeable lighter. 
  8. Easy to utilize: Camolighter camouflage survival lighter is very easy to use. It was designed such that the entire process takes only one button push to create the electric arc. Whether male or female, old or young, you won’t have issue using Camolighter flameless lighter. No technical skills required, no assistance needed. 
  9. Very safe: It does not generated harmful gasses neither does it use any hydrocarbons to produce light. Thus there is no risk of harm to the user. In terms of environmental safety, Camo lighter is considered the best. 
camo lighter review
camo lighter review

Pros (Camo lighter reviews) 

  • Requires no flame: Camolighter does not require any flame neither does it produce any smoke. It undergoes complete combustion. It is an innovative lighter that creates electric arc without any butane and other forms of fuel. Camolighter uses only Tesla technology to produce lightning. 
  • No disturbance: It does not generate any unwanted sparks or bad smell or noise when being operated. Because it does not use any gasses or fluid to create flame, there is no risk of producing foul smelling by-product that will inconvenience the user. Also, the Tesla coil is a gentle technology that never generates heavy noise or sparks during use. It works quietly. 
  • Stylish design: The sleek elegant design of this lighter makes it an attractive tool. Any unsightly product designed for this modern world will obviously not attract any buyer no matter how effective it is. Being an outdoor tool, it was made fashionable and stylish such that it won’t look ugly. It stands out in all areas both in efficiency, durability and design. 
  • Environmatelly friendly: Certain things we use including butane lighters constitute danger to our environment and the earlier we find alternatives the better for us. Camo lighter electric survival lighter was developed for this purpose, to have something that’s effective, long lasting and environmentally friendly to reduce the rate at which we release chemicals into the atmosphere. 
  • Suitable in high altitude: The intrinsic ability to create electric arc with just one button press is inherent in all Camolighters. Even at a very high altitude, they can create electric arc that won’t be extinguished. Most lighters don’t have such ability. Camolighter can be used even in planes, helicopter, jet etcetera irrespective of the height attained. 
  • Works in extreme weather conditions: Yes, it does work in extreme weather conditions. Summer, winter, hot and cold weathers can’t stop Camolighter from creating lightning. Hurricane, powerful wind, rain can’t also stop Camolighter. An outstanding modern tool indeed. 
  • Rechargeable battery: Refilling fuel is not for Camolighter because it comes with lithium ion batteries that can be charged using computer or wall outlet plug. It does not require huge amount of electricity neither does it in anyway affect electricity bill. This makes it cheaper and easier to maintain. 

Cons (Camolighter reviews) 

  • Limited stock: Any interested buyer should hurry and buy before it runs out of stock.
  • Can harm kids: If not well kept, kids can play with it, it might injure them. Lighters are not toy and as such should be kept out of reach of children. 
  • Shop online only: You can’t purchase this lighter from elsewhere apart from the official vendors page. 

Nuts and bolts of Camolighter USB rechargeable light 

It is pertinent that you get an inkling of how this awesome technology, produced using Tesla discovery, works. There is really no mystery behind it. Everything about it has been mentioned but for a more detailed information, read this section of Camolighter review. 

As mentioned above, Camolighter was produced with the discovery of Tesla many years ago. This Tesla coil requires huge amount of electricity to power it but Camolighter coil is a micro form of this technology that requires only a small quantity of electricity which can readily be supplied by the rechargeable lithium ion battery. The electric arc generated by this lighter is much hotter than open flame and it can light up your candles, cigar.

With just a single button press, the Camolighter will produce a soft-pitched sound and a brilliant line of light will accompany it at the head of the lighter. This can be used to light up whatever you wish. With an effortless side squeeze button, you can ignite Camolighter, and the powerful single flame comes out at an angle for easy lighting.

Before you start using your lighter, make sure that it is fully charged and always take note of the power indictor to know when you are supposed to recharge it.  

Prices and recommendations 

Camolighter is very affordable, it falls within the budget of anybody that wants an outstanding modern lighter. You won’t have to spend a great deal of your income to own this brand. Below are the prices of Camo lighter with special discount attached to it. 

One Camo lighter — $29.99 (50% discount) 
Two Camo lighters — $49.96 (58% discount) 
Three Camo lighters — $69.96 (61% discount) 

Recommendations  (camolighter review)

There are numerous flameless lighters out there but not all are completely safe. Camolighter is highly recommended because of its efficient and low cost. It is one of the amazing USB rechargeable lighters you can think of and it was well crafted by a team of experts. It can withstand adverse conditions.

Are you convinced that this lighter will be good for you? If yes, then go straight to the official website of the producer to purchase your own Camolighter to avoid wasting your money on substandard products. Also, purchasing outside the official product page will expose you to scammers. 

Check Availability @ Official Product Page 

You might be interested to know

Are USB lighters any good?

Yes, they are good, safe and perfect for everybody. They are wind proof and splash proof. USB rechargeable lighter are as safe as many other lighters but the ones with safety lock are much better if you have kids in the house. Camolighter USB rechargeable lighter has all these features including safety lock to avoid hurting your kids should they play with it. However, always keep lighters out of reach of children no matter how secure they are!

What is the best rechargeable lighter? 

Tesla coil rechargeable lighters are always rated number one in the list of USB rechargeable lighters. This is because they require no flame and no butane gas. they work by creating an electric arc with just one push of a button and even better. Charging is through a USB cable and it can be used for a long time anywhere and anytime

Are rechargeable lighters worth it?

Yes, they do because they are very safe and easy to operate. There are no risk of generating harmful chemicals or inconveniencing noise with rechargeable lighters. They are better than traditional lighters and matches having been confirmed by users to be more reliable and efficient. With rechargeable lighters, you don’t have to refill or keep purchasing matches or plastic lighters. It’s just one off purchase and you continue to enjoy your product as long as you are charging it well. 

How long does delivery take?

Delivery takes only few working days from the time of order. You can place your order at any time of the week and receive your product. However, your location might affect the duration. Make sure you enter explicit details of your address to avoid missing your order.

How do I pay for my own electric survival lighter?

You can pay for Camo lighter through credit cards or PayPal account. Make sure you purchase from the producer website to receive your complete discount. Also you can get the product returned to the manufacturer if you are not satisfied with the purchase. However, this must be done within 30 days of purchase.

 What are others saying about Camo Lighter? 

So strong that it can resist strong wind, I’m really happy I bought this lighter. There is no fluid required, it does not generat any smell or make much sound. Charging is supper easy and can be done with USB charger including power solar chargers. I love it and I’d be gifting my boyfriend with one soon.

Anna J. 

Really, I like this Camo lighter. The design is on point and look like a true Camo. I also like that the ignition is on the side, to be honest it feels real good and comfortable in my hand.

Jake Owen 

Was really happy with my purchase, it lit cigarette very well. It has been functioning well since I purchased it though I’ve not over used. it so good for the wind and it resists rain as well. my friend told me about it but I was little sceptical because the last lighter I bought woefully disappointed and I didn’t want to lose my money on any fake product again. Finally decided to give it a try and it has been working perfectly since then. I recommend it for anybody looking for USB rechargeable lighter, it will be a pretty cool thing.

Eric Morgan 

It is a nice gadget and I like using it. Very fairly priced and efficient. I have three of this lighter using each for different purposes lightning my wood stove is no longer an issue and I always have a lighter for my fireplace, bug out pack. Such a great product, resistant to wind no matter how strong it is.

LeBron P. 

Precautions : Camolighter review

Do not keep flame lit for more than five (5) seconds at a time 
Ensure the electric arc flame is extinguished after use. 

Bottom line of Camolighter review 

There are numerous flameless lighters but their qualities vary as confirmed in our research. Camolighter reviews was written to guide any buyer to take informed decision before placing an order on any USB rechargeable lighter. Camolighter is Tesla coil lighter that utilizes modern technology in creating flameless electric arc.

It very affordable and easy to use. Camo lighter is economical and eco-friendly because it does not use any butane. it generates electric arc that’s hotter than open flame and one single charge can deliver 500 ignitions. It has a neck that can be rotated in any direction or configuration, making sure that your fingers are very safe such that you can light things from any direction. Camo lighter has gained wide recognition because of its efficiency. Why not give it a try? 

In the off chance that you want more outdoor tools, you can augment this with blast auxiliary personal fan, Starscope monocular, Zoomshot Pro. Thanks for reading Camolighter review 

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