Fake Account Prevention

fake account prevention involves ensuring that all accounts created on your site or platform are real human beings. The people behind fake accounts can have a variety of intentions, from catfishing to abusing free trial or bonus programs to bypass account limits, or even just generating spam in order to spread malicious content or influence product reviews and opinions. These types of activities are not only annoying to real users, but can also result in legal trouble for bad actors who may break terms of service or even get caught engaging in fraud.

How does Instagram prevent fake accounts?

There are many tools that help with detecting new fake accounts. Some of them are very simple, such as requiring multi-factor authentication during the signup process or implementing CAPTCHAs to prevent bot detection. Other services like email risk assessment can use data gathered from telecoms and telecommunication providers to identify high-risk addresses that have been used in the past for illegitimate activity. Finally, requiring verification of a phone number during signup is another way to reduce the number of fake accounts as these are more difficult for bots and scripts to create than email addresses.

Detecting fake or low quality accounts is important because these can be a drain on resources for the company, as well as negatively impact the user experience. However, adding too much friction to the registration process could drive away legitimate users and cause more harm than good, so businesses need to find the right balance in preventing these types of fraudulent activities.