CoolFeel Max Review 2020: Best Wearable Air Conditioner

coolfeel max review
coolfeel max review

CoolFeel Max Review : Awesome Air Conditioner

It is no news that hot weather comes with a lot of discomfort. Even putting on your gorgeous cloths in summer is seen as a burden because it will increase the discomfort already on ground. CoolFeel Max is here for you!!

Reading and other intellectual work becomes increasingly difficult because of the high level of discomfort. Only a cool relaxed brain can think well or take in strange things. 

High temperature also increases the risk of cardiovascular disease and respiratory disease. Researches have been carried out on this topic by WORLD HEALTH ORGANISATION and results have been published stating that too much exposure to heat increases the risk of health problems especially the elderly and younger children because they are more vulnerable to diseases.

This has made people to seek solution to this unending problem because summer will always come when it gets to its turn during the year. As summer draws nearer every year tons of different cooling devices will be released by different producers to make life more comfortable. 

The problem with most of them is that they have electrical connection that tend to be weak and ineffective. The CoolFeel Max is and exceptional gadget that was carefully designed to make life easier and comfortable in hot weathers. It is far more reliable than most of the cooling gadgets out there. 

CoolFeel max is very affordable and still maintain high end features: read through this article (CoolFeel Max Review) to find out why.

What is CoolFeel Max ?

CoolFeel Max is a graded cooling device that makes life comfortable and worth living in hot environments and weathers. In just a fraction of a minute, coolfeel max effectively lowers the temperature of the space where it is situated.

Cool Feel Max is very portable and has three (3) power levels. This allows you to take it to any place of your choice without any ado. You can also increase or decrease the rate and intensity of cooling depending on your need.

It is a compact digital gadget that is being controlled by lithium batteries which lasts for a longer time with the primary function of keeping the user cool consistently.

Its three strength tiers assist you to regulate the velocity to conform it to your needs. You decide the desired temperature. It’s very easy to use.

This item was designed by a gathering of Korean specialists along with others from an European research center. CoolFeel Max has three cooling modes which you can adjust to suit your need. It  may be used by anybody for so many purpose such as; at the office, sitting room or just relaxing to introduce fresh air within the persons space. 

It is suitable for any age. Ideal for an adult who is in the office working or a child playing in the garden with friends.  Just charge the battery, place it around your neck and press a button to start it up. Even your little ones can use it. 

CoolFeel Max has a USB port that comes in the park; it makes it very easy to charge the device. By simply putting this gadget on your neck and pressing a button, it begins to work. It makes no noise at all, so you don’t need to worry about any sound.

With the summer upon us, both adults and children are exposed to high temperatures. For longer periods of time than usual, therefore, there are many more factors than at other times of the year that can affect our body temperature: stress, poor diet or climatic factors are some of them, the latter being the ones that have the greatest negative influence on us in the hot months.

Now you may be asking yourself, what should my body temperature be? According to medicine, a normal body temperature is considered to be between 35 and 37ºC (95 and 98.6ºF). However, if it is above 38ºC (104ºF), we should be concerned. If it’s above 40 degrees, you should go to the doctor immediately.

coolfeel max review
coolfeel max review

CoolFeel Max Review : Outstanding features

  • Fast Charge – CoolFeel Max utilizes a USB Cable that helps in charging it, after some minutes of charging, you can make use of the device.
  • Cooling Technology – This gadget is planned with a cooling innovation that gives you the ability to get cool air the moment you turn it on.
  • Lightweight and Portable – CoolFeel Max is structured with a neck-hang style that gives you the comfort you need, you won’t notice it on your neck since it’s so weightless and compact.
  • Eco-Friendly – Cool Feel Max can be used anyplace and whenever. When you feel hot, just bring it out and hand it on your neck then turn it on. It uses a leaf-less fan innovation that has no risk and eco-friendly.
  • Battery – Cool Feel Max uses a lithium battery that lasts for a very long time. It charges quick and serves for a considerable length of time of nonstop use.

What Makes CoolFeel Max So Outstanding?

CoolFeel Max has a lot that made it outstanding. It was made using high quality and durable materials. The speed with which it cools the surrounding is astonishing. You can also adjust the cooling mode to avoid excessive power consumption. Cool Feel max is also suitable for any kind of activities you can think of.

CoolFeel Max has a two fold wind head fans, durable battery and a Neck-hand structure. It might resemble a headset when worn on the neck.

A large number of people hate feeling hot, and in some cases get agitated. The requirement for a little cool air while going for an open air movement is required by many; that is the reason CoolFeel Max is here for you.

You can do a wide range of open air fun exercises with this gadget on your neck, such as: walking, climbing, working out, so much more.

During the hot season, it is important to remain hydrated and chilled. Having a cool wind around your neck can cause you to overlook how hot the temperature is and keep you feeling great. Presently, you can go for that stroll with your children and go to work without encountering such hot temperature.

coolfeel max review
coolfeel max review : best for reading in summer

How To Use CoolFeel Max

One of the awesome advantages of CoolFeel Max is that it is very simple to use. Just charge the battery using the USB port provided, then place it around your neck and turn it on.

You can set the cooling velocity to Low/Medium/High, yet remember that the speed at which you run this device will decide to what extent it will last. 

That means that if you set it at high speed it will consume more power and the battery will go down faster compare to when the device is runner at medium or low speed.  Hence, it is advisable to set the device at low speed when the weather is not very hot and high speed at extremely hot temperatures.

This will reduce the number of times you charge the device and also improve battery durability. 

CoolFeel Max makes it possible to have the most comfortable experience and relief from hot  weather wherever you are. The device doesn’t require much maintenance, and there’s a charging cord included so no new batteries are needed to make it run. Plus, since there are no fan blades to keep the cooler going, there’s no risk that long hair will get stuck in it and harm the user.

Benefits of Using CoolFeel Max

CoolFeel Max  has lots benefits it offer for the users. we would be dissecting these benefits one after the other 

Adjustable speed

A weak air purifier or cooler is as frustrating as it is ineffective. A light breeze isn’t usually enough to make a hot day more bearable. This is where a product with more options is going to be a better purchase.

Part of why people like products like CoolFeel Max is that there are plenty of speed options. It has 3 (high / medium / low) to choose from so when you need to step it up during the peak heat, you can stay cool.


 The compact design of CoolFeel Max ensures it can be taken anywhere, stored in a bag like a pair of headphones, and is lightweight enough to not weigh the carrier down. Just hang the gadget around your neck and you will hardly remember that you are carrying something. This leaves your hand free.

Multiple Ways of Cooling

Those sticky summer days can be great under the right conditions, with longer days, and people looking happier.

Still, they can be uncomfortable, and not only because of the heat. The humidity that comes with summertime is as unbearable as the increase in degrees, and it is difficult to do anything about it.

CoolFeel Max has worked on countering this, offering the user the ability to control the quality of the air around them. By countering the humidity, this doubles up as a personal air purifier to ensure that maximum comfort is achieved.


There are some great products available that can cool the air and reduce the temperature of a room, but not that of personal space. Also, they cannot be taken out and about to cool the user on the go.

A major plus point for CoolFeel Max is that it has taken advantage of modern technology and is completely portable. This means it can be used at home, but also on a daily commute.

Any form of travel is going to be more comfortable when wearing a neck hang air purifier. It can be worn on the subway, in the gym, at work, or anywhere the wearer needs to go.


The more powerful the fan, the louder it is going to be right? Well, this is true, but there comes a point that the noise becomes a distraction. Because of this, the market has been crying out for a product that does not disturb but keeps the user cool.

Because of its patented technology, CoolFeel Max manages to produce virtually zero sound when in use. This means it can also be worn whilst sleeping which is great because that is also when cool air is seriously needed.

Safe and Easy To Use

One of the problems we usually encounter with modern gadgets is that they are very difficult to use, especially the first few times. CoolFeel Max is as easy to use as pressing a button and placing it around your neck. It charges via USB. You need not any assistance or extra skills to operate it.

Also Its vortex blower means that CoolFeel Max will not tangle the wearer’s hair, making it safe to use at all times. This is why it is fine to enjoy the relaxing cool breeze at night.

Long Battery Life

There is nothing worse than having a cool breeze, only for it to be taken away by a battery running out. This can make the user sweat more than they did before, a detrimental trait for any gadget.

CoolFeel Max has a long battery life and can last nearly a whole day on a single charge, ensuring that the device is on and running when is most needed. It is easy to charge and charges fast.

Grab the product at a discount now!!!

Is CoolFeel Max good for me?

We have already seen that it doesn’t matter how old you are to benefit from the advantages of this device. Do you exercise? Forget about having a hard time because of the heat and sweating from the first minute you go for a run.

Do you go to the park to play with your children? Keep your kids’ body temperature stable and enjoy a cool temperature. Are you tired of paying high bills for traditional air conditioning? If your answer is yes, this product is for you.

During the hot season, it very important to stay hydrated and chilled. Having a cool breeze around your neck can make you forget how hot the temperature is and keep you in a good mood. Now, you can take that walk with your kids and go to work without experiencing such harsh temperature.   

According to the official website, with “instant air cooling technology,” Cool Feel Max lets consumers circulate the air around them with a fan that hangs around the neck. Shaped like a pair of headphones, the fan pushes air through each end, and it can continue to run in any kind of weather or temperature.

Cooling off the neck is an effective way to keep the entire body cool, providing a breeze along the neck that can become hotter as the day goes on. The fresh air is good for any activity, and the device runs at a low enough volume that no one will be disturbed by the sound

coolfeel max review
coolfeel max review

Comparison With Other Cooling Gadgets

Undisputably, CoolFeel Max has a lot of special features that gave it superiority over other cooling devices. The fact that it’s made out of high quality materials and still sold at a low price is just stunning.

CoolFeel Max has a double wind head fans, long-lasting battery and a stylish Neck-hand design. It may look like a headset when worn on the neck.

Most people hate feeling hot, and sometimes get upset. The need for a little cool air when going for an outdoor activity is needed by many, that is why CoolFeel Max is here for you. You can do all kinds of outdoor fun activities with this device on your neck, like: going shopping, strolling, hiking, exercising, and so much more.

The solution to all these problems is CoolFeel Max. It is also portable and leaves your hands free, making it ideal for any situation where high temperatures are a problem and you need to use both hands. Can you imagine being in the office and having to be with one hand holding a fan and the other using the computer? It would be impossible!

Another major advantage is that it can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Bearing in mind that classic fans are not very portable and that they need a plug to work, we find another alternative that is not advisable for our health, air conditioning.

The Oxford Academy has carried out studies that have shown that people who spend a lot of time in air-conditioned rooms have greater use of the emergency and medical services. Headaches, migraines, dehydration, asthma and allergies are some of the consequences.

This CoolFeel Max Review will not fulfil its purpose if we dont summarise some of the important pros and cons of this gadget.


CoolFeel Max is lightweight and portable.

Affordable price tag.

50% Discount applies.

Worldwide delivery available

It is easy to use.

It’s eco-friendly.

It has an adjustable fan speed to suit your need.

 With the USB port, it is easy and fast to charge.

Silent: It will not disturb you personally or people near you personally! It’s an ingestion filter and also very high profile quiet enthusiasts.

Flexible rate: minimal/moderate/large speed degree. Correct the proper rate of this apparatus by pressing on a button

CoolFeel Max works silently.


The only means of payment is online. Though this is not really a problem since a lot of things are bought online.

coolfeel max review
coolfeel max review

Does it worth my money?

If you are comfortable in hot weathers especially during the summer, then you not necessarily need a cooling fan.

However, hot weather is generally discomforting to everyone except sick patients. Thus, a cooling device will be indispensable in such conditions.

Cool feel max is very efficient, durable and affordable. It worth every dime spent on it. It will bring you the comfort that you are seeking in summers.

Customers` Feedback

So glad I purchased one, it didn’t take long to arrive but since I’ve had it I have to say it is my most used gadget. Unbelievable considering the price. I use mine everyday and life wouldn’t be the same without it now. The instructions are super easy to follow which is good because I’d never used one before.  Juliet

This Solution is what I was looking for I am a regular gym-goer and feel heat way too much. I found CoolFeel Max while browsing for a solution to this heat in summers. Well, I must say it is a revolutionary product. The lightweight body, silent fans, instant cooling is already great features. But then the air purifier is a cherry on the top of the cake. Now can carry around a solution for my heated body at all times. It can also easily fit in my handbag, but prefer flaunting it around my neck most of the time.  Winnie

I love reading and playing around but the heat of the summer is just unbearable that I can hardly understand while reading neither can I play comfortably. I start surfing google to find solution to my problem and I came across this. It is really easy and safe to use, good battery life which is also easy to charge. I would like to buy more for my siblings.  John

Where To BUY

The best place to buy a product is the producer`s official website. There is no other place that will be more informative and reliable than the official website of the manufacturer. 

The manufacturer is currently giving a 50% discount for all orders placed today. To make things better, they are also offering a free shipping to your door after each purchase.

In case for any reason, you do not like the CoolFeel Max you can simply return it. There is a 30-day Money Back Guarantee for this product if it does not suit your style. This is the best offer you will get on this product. Take advantage of it now.

CoolFeel Max is currently having an ongoing promo. 50% off your order today with free shipping.

The promo is on a first-come, first-served basis, so if you delay, you might end up missing out and paying full price. Click the link (button) provided to go to the official website.

CoolFeel Max Review : Final verdict

From what we’ve read up until this point, we can agree that CoolFeel Max is a wise device to have this hot season.

“I love the fan. I use it consistently to go to the exercise center since I get hot there. It holds up well indeed and makes me remain cool. I love it” This declaration is from one of the users who choose to purchase CoolFeel Max to battle the warmth.

We know it’s difficult to stay away from the increased electric bills caused by constant usage of air conditioners and they just serve you indoor, however with CoolFeel Max, you can take it anywhere with you, it doesn’t depend on power supply and it is very easy to use.

So what are you waiting for, get one for yourself and start to appreciate consistent cool air even in these hot period.

Thank you for reading our CoolFeel Max Review. As always remain safe and blessed.

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