CoolFeel Max Review 2021: Best Wearable AC

Coolfeel Max is an outstanding wearable personal fan that gives you the comfort you always wanted in the summer season. It is very portable, affordable and efficient. Read through Coolfeel Max Review to know more about this newly invented wearable fan. 

coolfeel max review
coolfeel max review

It’s no news that summer comes with increasingly hotter temperature each year and this makes us very uncomfortable. We are increasingly releasing pollutants that add to the overall quantity of green house gases and these gasses are responsible for the increase in earth’s temperature. If we want to achieve a cooler and more conducive environment, we first have to cut down on our habit of releasing these pollutants into the environment. 

High temperature comes with a lot of discomfort which reduces our productivity and also increase the risk of developing certain disease conditions. Though the body is equipped with mechanisms that can help it regulate the internal environment for the optimal function of organs and tissues, staying in a hot environment increase the work on these mechanisms. Thus, it is necessary to have a cooling device during the summer to make us comfortable and also prevent unnecessary illnesses. 

Wearable personal fans and desktop AC ultra are pretty much the best options to provide us this comfort. If you workout during the summer, then you really need a wearable personal fan to cool your body during the workout. Also, with personal fan, you can read with maximum concentration during the summer.

As you know, hot weathers discourage reading because you can hardly concentrate due to the high level of discomfort caused by the environmental temperature. Reading is a mental work, thus the weather ought to be cool for the brain to be able to concentrate and take in new information. Cool feel max is the right choice, if you want a more comfortable experience in this summer.

It is an exceptional gadget that was carefully designed to make life easier and more comfortable in hot weathers. Coolfeel Max is far more comfortable than most cooling devices out there. Keep reading Coolfeel Max Review to find out more about this wearable air conditioner that has been trending in different countries in the world. 

Coolfeel Max Review : what is it?

Coolfeel Max is a portable wearable fan that conditions the air around the user. This outstanding personal fan has three cooling modes that you can adjust to suit your need at any particular moment.

As you know, summer temperature is not steadily high. There are moments when the temperature is highest or lowest. Cool feel max gives you the opportunity to adjust the cooling mode to suit this fluctuation in temperature. Being a wearable fan, it is very portable such that you can take your personal air conditioner to any place of your choice to make life worth living at any time and anywhere.

Summer is the time when people usually engage in numerous outdoor activities and the high earth temperature tends to make it boring. Obviously, you can’t go for outdoor activities with your traditional air conditioner, personal fans like Coolfeel Max or blast auxiliary personal fan is the best option in this case.

Also you can take your fan to your office to make the air more conducive for maximal productivity. 

Cool Feel Max was produced by Korean specialists and other European research centre. This group of people working independently discovered this awesome technology that can restore peace of mind during the harsh weather of summer. Coolfeel Max is multi-purpose in function and it can be used anywhere and by anybody irrespective of age.

During exercise, during working hours in the office, as children play in the garden, Coolfeel Max is suitable for all these. It is powered by rechargeable lithium ion batteries that lasts for a very long time after a singular charge. 

Thus, this personal fan is the solution to your problem during the summer and it’s recommended that you stay in cool environment during the summer to avoid increasing your body temperature which might result in disease conditions. Now  let’s take a look at its features. 

Coolfeel Max wearable fan features

  • High quality charging cable: As stated above, Coolfeel Max comes with rechargeable lithium ion batteries which provides the electric energy required by the gadget to function. It also comes with a high quality USB cable that takes only few minutes to charge the battery to fullness. Make sure you use this cable anytime you’re charging your personal fan. 
  • Cooling technology: Yes, it’s a cooling technology developed by highly experienced experts who have worked for years to find solution to the ever increasing summer temperature. This gadget gives you the chance to control the air you breathe any moment anywhere. 
  • Easy to carry fan: Cool feel Max is very portable and easy to carry. Just hang your wearable fan around your neck and go to anywhere you wish. It will blow fresh, cool and purified air across your body. 
  • Eco-friendly: No risk of releasing any unwanted deadly by-product into the environment. It can be used anywhere and anytime. It makes use of leaf-less fan that does not have any side effects and it is environmentally friendly. 
  • Long lasting rechargeable battery: Coolfeel Max wearable air conditioner is powered by a high quality lithium ion battery that lasts for a long time after a single charge. Charging takes only few minutes and it can run for a very long time. You already know how sad it is to invest your money in any gadget that sucks when it comes to battery life (quality). Without a good battery life, you can hardly enjoy any gadget that is powered by a rechargeable battery. Coolfeel Max is one of the few exceptions here, it has a high quality battery that lasts for hours after a single charge. 

Why do people like it

As you know, there are numerous wearable fans from different producers. Not all these fans are created equal. They are all touted to be the best by their producers and different reviewers but the honest fact is that some are far below expectations in terms of quality and performance.

Coolfeel Max is an outstanding wearable fan that had gained wide recognition among users because of its reliability and efficiency. There are numerous customers reviews on the official product page because of the satisfaction they get from this personal fan. Cool Feel max has different cooling mode to enable you adjust it to your desire. This will also help to conserve the battery so you can use it longer.

At high speed cooling mode, the rate at which the battery get drained is much faster than when the gadget is just running at the lowest speed. 

Feeling hot can make people very uncomfortable and there is need to curb this harsh weather with the right air conditioner that can cool the air instantly. Cool feel Max is the best choice in this condition because of its ability to bring down the surrounding temperature to the desired low level within few minutes.

People also like this cooler because it is very portable and they can wear it all day long without any feeling of discomfort. You can go to your gym or preferably workout within your compound with your air conditioner and you won’t even notice that you’re wearing anything. It’s such an outstanding tool that people are rushing for it. 

How to use Coolfeel Max AC 

Yet a newly and highly innovative technology, it is very easy to use. There are no cumbersome details and you won’t even need to read any long easy for you to be able to use this fan.

The first thing you have to do is to charge the device using any sufficient power source. Then put it around your neck and press the power button to get your air conditioner running. That’s all you need to do to utilize your fan. You can adjust the speed to the desired level depending on the temperature of the weather at the moment.

The higher the cooling speed the faster the air gets cooled but this will also consume the battery faster. Thus, do not choose high speed when the weather is just mildly hot. This will help you to regulate the rate at which your fan consumes battery.

Cool feel max makes it possible to have the most comfortable experience and relief from harsh summer temperature irrespective of where you are and when you are using the gadget. Also it does not require any cost of maintenance. It does not tamper with hairs no matter how long they are because it does not have long and extensive fan blade.

Coolfeel Max is indisputably the best deal as confirmed by many Cool Feel Max review online. 

coolfeel max review
coolfeel max review

Advantages of Coolfeel Max AC over other wearable fans 

There are numerous advantages you can get from using this fan which will be summarized below. 

Adjustable speed 

There are three speed levels you can choose from. This ranges from low, to medium to high. Thus, you can cool the air around you as rapidly as possible when the temperature is too high.

A weak air conditioner will be pretty much ineffective because it won’t be able to bring down the temperature of the air around you to the desired low level as rapidly as you wish and this is usually frustrating. The best wearable fan is the one with numerous speed options that will suit every temperature and Coolfeel Max will be a perfect  choice. 


The compact design makes it easy to carry to anywhere you are going. It is reasonably sized so that it can be contained even in your small bags. Many customers have commended this fan just because of its lightweight. It does not pose any inconvenience to the user, it was well built for hands free use as you can comfortably hang it around your neck for long time without any sign of discomfort. 

Be in control of the air you breathe 

Summer comes with both high temperature and humidity that makes people very uncomfortable. With the right air conditioner, you can control the air around you. Coolfeel Max can make those sticky summer days to be great under the right conditions, making you happier and more comfortable. This unbearable humidity that follows summer is also another factor that brings discomfort.

Coolfeel Max has worked on reducing this discomfort by giving you the ability to control the air around. It serves the purpose of cooling and purifying the air you breathe. 

Good for any purpose 

Traditional air conditioner can only serve you when you are in your house because you can not move with them to other places to provide you with the cool air you wanted in summer. Same applies to desktop air conditioners, they are good at providing cool purified air when you are in your house, office or any other place where they will be positioned at a spot.

This is not so with wearable fans. You can wear it to your gym centres, while going to work or during work hours. Wearable fans can be used anytime irrespective of what you are doing. Any form of travel will be more comfortable when wearing your Coolfeel Max around your neck. It can be worn on the subway, in the gym, at work, or anywhere you need to go. Such a marvellous substitute for traditional air conditioner. 

No noise (Coolfeel Max Review) 

Fans used to generate noise which inconveniences the user when it becomes too loud. This is the major problem with many wearable fans and it is even worse when you set it at high speed. Coolfeel Max does not make such discomforting noise because of its patented technology. Virtually, it does not produce any noise during use and makes it suitable for any activity including reading. 

High quality battery 

Most gadget that comes with rechargeable battery have this problem of running down fast. It really sucks and nobody likes that. Coolfeel Max has lithium ion batteries that can last whole day after a single charge. It is also very easy to use unlike many other new technology that require technical skills.

Do I really need Coolfeel Max?

The need for a cooling device during summer can not be overemphasized. The harsh weather during this season can drastically reduce your productivity and make you extremely uncomfortable. High temperature is also associated with certain cardiovascular and respiratory systems diseases and it’s been recommended to always stay in a conducive environment with optimal temperature.

Also, very cold temperature increases the risk of certain diseases. Hence, make sure you regulate the temperature of air around you to prevent unnecessary ailments. Coolfeel Max is one of the devices that can perfectly regulate the temperature of air around you as rapidly as possible.

In addition to regulating temperature, Cool Feel Max can also purify the air you breathe by filtering out unwanted particles that will be inimical to the health of your respiratory system. This outstanding gadget has multiple function and you will surely benefit from them all. It is also very affordable, portable and easy to use. You don’t have to spend a great percentage of your income to have a cooling fan during the summer neither do you need to be technically savvy to get the nuts and bolts of your wearable fan.

If you are comfortable with the harsh summer temperature and humidity, then you don’t need any cooling device but if you are inconvenienced by the unfavourable conditions of the summer, then you need Coolfeel Max. You can use it anywhere and anytime you feel uncomfortable even when you are reading because it does not generate noise.

Pros (cool feel max review) 

  • CoolFeel Max is lightweight and portable.
  • Affordable price tag.
  • 50% Discount applies.
  • Worldwide delivery available
  • It is easy to use.
  • It’s eco-friendly.
  • It has an adjustable fan speed to suit your need.
  • With the USB port, it is easy and fast to charge.
  • Silent: It will not disturb you personally or people near you personally! It’s an ingestion filter and also very high profile quiet enthusiasts.
  • Flexible rate: minimal/moderate/large speed degree. Correct the proper rate of this apparatus by pressing on a button
  • CoolFeel Max works silently.

Cons (Coolfeel Max reviews)

Available only online: You can only purchase the original product from the official product page. This is not really an issue since most of us are familiar with purchasing products online.

Does it worth having

Yes, it does provided you are looking for a cooling device. It is very efficient and affordable. The fact that Coolfeel Max has a lot of features that gave it superiority over other cooling wearable fans and still sold out at a very low rate is amazing. Coolfeel Max has double wind head fans, long lasting battery and a stylish neck-hand design. It looks great on the neck, it’s not one of those ugly stuff people wear around.

Cool feel max was designed to make you standout. There are tons of wearable fans out there but not all of them are effective. Coolfeel Max wide recognition is because of its efficacy and reliability. Users are so pleased with what they invested in and they recommended it for others. Hurry and grab yours before it runs out stock. 

coolfeel max review
coolfeel max review : best for reading in summer

Coolfeel Max customers reviews

So glad I purchased this wearable fan. It didn’t take long to arrive but since I had it, I have to say it is my most used gadget. It is fairly priced and I would recommend it for anybody looking for a portable wearable fan that matches its price. I use mine everyday and I must say that life won’t be the same without it. It is very easy to use, the user guide manual is very easy to understand and I follow it meticulously because I have not used one before.


I’m so allergic to heat, it makes me very uncomfortable and I have been looking for solution to this summer weather. I heard about different personal fans but I hardly believed what I heard. I decided to buy this brand to give it a test hoping to order for another brand if it didn’t meet my expectations. I’m Happy it works very well and it is very easy to use.


As a regular gym goer, I feel it is pertinent to have a wearable fan to cool my body because I sweat a lot especially during summer because of heat. I bought the first wearable fan and it really sucks. The battery is too poor and runs down very fast. I hated it and I had no choice than to discard it and look for another one. My friend told me about CoolFeel Max and I decided to buy it for a second try.

So happy it met my expectations. The battery does not take long to charge and it lasts for a very long time after a single charge. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it for anybody that want a cooling fan this summer.  


I love reading and playing around but the heat of summer is just unbearable that I can hardly understand while reading neither can I play comfortably. Then, I headed to google to find a solution to my problem and I came across this. It is really easy and safe to use, good battery life which is also easy to charge. I would like to buy more for my sibling.  


Frequently Asked Questions 

Where can I buy cool feel max?

You can buy your original Coolfeel Max from the producer’s official website. There may be vendors outside claiming to sell the original Coolfeel Max but it’s all fake. The only place you can get the original brand is from the product page. There are numerous deals and offers that you can only get from the product’s official page. You are entitled to get 50% discount per unit for every purchase made at the official website of the producer. Also, you get free delivery as you buy your own Coolfeel Max. No extra delivery fee will be attached to your purchase. In the event that you are not satisfied with the product, you can return it and get your money back. However, this must be done within thirty (30) days and the product must not sustain any damage at the time of return.

How long does delivery take? 

Delivery of Coolfeel Max takes takes only few days. There is no extra cost attached to delivery however, you have to add explicit details of your residential area to avoid losing your order. Also, your location plays a huge role in this, but be rest assured that you will receive your order in due time.

Is there any money back guarantee?

Yes, there is. Thirty (30) day money back guarantee is attached to every purchase. In the event that you are not thrilled with the order you received, you can apply for refund. You can also apply for replacement and their customer service team will be glad to discuss either replacement or refund with you. However, the product must not sustain any damage, it must remain in its pristine condition for them to accept it and refund your money or replace your order as the case may be. 

Bottom line of Coolfeel Max Review

There are numerous personal electric fans out there that you can buy to make this summer conducive for you. The rate at which customers are ordering for Coolfeel Max is so high which resulted in limited stock. It has gained recognition because of its reliability. A lot of customers have left so many reviews on this mini cooling device. You will for yourself at the official product page.

Why not join the queue and grab your own summer mini temperature regulator, it will surely live up to your high expectations.

Traditional air conditioner is good but it comes with high electric bill, this is one major advantage you will get from this gadget, you won’t have to always use your traditional air conditioner that will cost you huge amount of money to maintain. Coolfeel Max is very easy to use and maintain.

It takes only a small quantity of electricity to charge and this won’t affect your electricity bill. Coolfeel Max is very affordable and portable. It is very easy to use as well. Get yours today. 

Thanks for reading Coolfeel Max Review, feel free to check out other articles on our blog. 

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