CoverSafe Pro Review: Best Adjustable Facemask 2021

CoverSafe Pro Review
CoverSafe Pro Review

CoverSafe Pro Review: 
Face mask has gained more weight and recognition nowadays because of the important role it plays in prevention of COVID-19.

Before now, face mask is mostly worn by healthcare providers especially doctors inside theatres to protect themselves and their patients. However it has become an important and indispensable tool in protecting our lives against the deadly disease that has caused havoc in our planet. 

Everybody is wearing face mask now to protect themselves. “Wear your face mask” is a sentence that has become a mantra in the mouths of healthcare providers and newscasters.

All these efforts is being made to curb the spread of the dangerous disease that has become a serious threat to our existence. 

Face masks does not only protect you but also protect the people around you, hence the need to always put it on. 

There are many face masks to buy in the market. While some are very effective, others are too porous to prevent the passage of the organisms that cause health issues. Though COVID-19 is a much large virus that can only pass through a large pore, it still find its way into our system if we use low quality face masks with large pores. 

CoverSafe Pro is one of the high quality face masks that will ensure total protection against COVID-19. Wearing face mask is not just enough to ensure complete safety, you must wear the one with fine pores that will allow you to breathe well and prevent virus and other germs from having their way into your system. You must also maintain social distancing and sanitize your hands.

Putting on your face mask is still not a guarantee that you won’t get COVID 19, you must observe the complete rules (guidelines) .

Our CoverSafe Pro Review contains everything you need to know about this adjustable face mask. We implore you to read through till the end to make an informed decision next time you will buy face mask. 

Having said that let’s get started! 

What is CoverSafe Pro (CoverSafe Pro Review) 

CoverSafe Pro is an adjustable face mask that fits into any face irrespective of your head size. You can adjust the ear loop to make it tight and fit your face. This makes cover safe the best option for everyone. If you have got a big head or small head, you can easily adjust the ear loop of the mask to fit your face.

Most importantly, kids can use CoverSafe Pro irrespective of their age. Just adjust it to the person’s face size. 

Also CoverSafe Pro has fine pores that will allow you breathe seamlessly without any hassle and at the same time prevent corona virus from passing through.  CoverSafe Pro is very effective in protecting you and the people around you from COVID 19.

The most important reason why people don’t like wearing face masks is because of the inconveniences associated with it especially difficulty breathing. Sometimes people tend to remove it from their nose and cover only their mouth so that they can breathe freely. CoverSafe will not pose such inconvenience to you because of its well defined pores.

The nose bridge of CoverSafe Pro is well designed to accommodate your nose with much comfort. If your face mask is too strong and tight, it can compress the tip of the nose which is made up of flesh and cartilages. This can result in pain and damage to the cartilage if the mask remains for a long time. Though this is a rare occurrence, it is still advisable to use a flexible but effective face cover to protect against COVID -19 virus and other germs that are detrimental to our health. 

CoverSafe Pro Review
CoverSafe Pro Review

CoverSafe Pro just like other effective face masks does not only protect against covid-19, they also protect us against contagious diseases caused by organisms like mycobacteria eg. mycobacterium tuberculosis, mycobacterium leprae etc.

These organisms are teeming up in our environment and if we don’t properly protect ourselves they will cause more damage to us.

Features of CoverSafe Pro  

  • Natural fit nose mask and mouth cover. 
  • It is easy to wear everywhere and gives you freedom. 
  • Ergonomic design with high quality air flow materials. 
  • The materials have Antiperspirant properties.
  • Good for winter and summer. 
  • Extremely lightweight, put it on and you will hardly remember that you are wearing something  
  • Washable and reusable. 
  • Different colours to select from. 

Benefits of using CoverSafe Pro 

  • Long lasting face mask: CoverSafe Pro is made with high quality materials that can last for a long time. Unlike most face masks that becomes almost useless after a few days, CoverSafe can be used for months and even years. It ensures total protection against germs. The pores are small and will never allow COVID 19 virus to pass through. 
  • Washable and reusable: The high quality materials used to produce CoverSafe Pro allows you the freedom to wash your face mask any time it gets dirty (stained). Your CoverSafe Pro will always remain clean as long as you wash it regularly and this will make it more comfortable. You can use and reuse your CoverSafe Pro as many times as you wish. The materials are very strong and durable. No matter the number of times you wash it, CoverSafe pro will still remain in good condition. The pores will never widen nor reduce as a result of washing. Feel free to always wash it to make you more comfortable. 
  • Well defined pores: The openings of CoverSafe Pro are optimal for prevention of viruses and other germs and also ensures free breathing. Face masks are very much inconveniencing especially the ones that have very small pores. Though they will ensure total protection against virus, they make breathing difficult. The air you breath will feel hot which is very discomforting. CoverSafe Pro has good pores to achieve both purpose “protection and free breathing” It allows air to pass easily while filtering out the unwanted particles. 
  • Sweat absorption: Sweat absorption of CoverSafe Pro is pretty good. No matter how hot the environment or surrounding is, it will absorb every sweat around your nose and mouth. Unlike many other masks that become discomforting after trapping sweat under them because of their inability to absorb, CoverSafe Pro absorbs sweat well and this does not interfere with its functions. 
  • Portable: CoverSafe Pro is very portable. You can wear it to anywhere and as long as you wish without any feeling of discomfort. You will hardly remember that you are wearing something because of its lightweight. Some face mask feels like load on the face because of their size and weight. The size of CoverSafe Pro is large enough to cover your nose and mouth properly, there is no risk associated with it. Most face masks that are lightweight are either too small or too porous but that is not the case with CoverSafe Pro. 
  • Fashionable design: CoverSafe Pro has an attractive and ergonomic design. Though facemasks are designed for protection instead of fashion but it is commendable to buy the one that will make you look attractive as well. Most people especially the ladies don’t like face mask because it tends to cover most parts of their beautiful face. If you value your beauty or handsomeness so much, then CoverSafe Pro is the right choice of face mask for you. It will make you look attractive in public. Wearing ugly and unsightly face mask may not be in the best interest of many people although it will protect them against diseases. This is one of the reasons why we recommend CoverSafe Pro. 
  • Affordability: High quality face masks are very expensive these days. Producers have taken advantage of this pandemic to make huge amount of money off their customers. Face masks are indisputably indispensable for our survival in this period but that does not mean that we will spend all our earnings to acquire a face mask. CoverSafe Pro is produce for the benefit of those who want high quality face mask at an affordable price. You don’t have to break a bank to buy this indispensable tool to protect your life. No matter how low your budget for face mask is, you can buy CoverSafe Pro. It is not expensive unlike other high quality face masks. 
  • Adjustable: The ear loop of CoverSafe Pro is very adjustable. It comes with an adjustable plastic that can be moved to and fro on the loop as you try to find the size that is suitable for you. This is to ensure that there is no gap between the face cover and the sides of your face.  

Why you need Face Mask 

Face mask is very important not only during this period of pandemic but any time we are in the public. This is because many dangerous organisms are evolving all the time and most of them gain entrance through different body openings especially the eyes, nose and mouth.

Also in public settings, people talk, cough and sneeze. These practices are inevitable and pathogens can be released during any of them which can spread to others that may be vulnerable. According to Centre for disease control and prevention (CDC), anybody that is two (2) years and above should wear mask in public and when they are around people.

CoverSafe Pro Review
CoverSafe Pro Review

Let’s take a deeper look at the reasons why you should wear a face mask:

  1. For yourself: There are many organisms in addition to COVID-19 that are capable of putting an end to your existence on this planet. Though face mask alone can not guarantee your complete safety against these organisms but it will be very important in preventing them. You must wear a face cover to protect yourself against organisms that spread through the air. Prevention is always better than cure, do not wait to contract these deadly organisms before you do what you are supposed to do. Nobody wants to spend hours let alone days and months in the hospital. Use your face mask in addition to social distancing and hands sanitization to protect your self against these germs. 
  2. For people around you: You may be infected with corona virus or other airborne infections. If you sneeze, cough or talk these organisms will be released from you to the air and the unaffected person around you will be at risk of getting infected. Thus, you have to wear face mask to protect them. If you have your face mask on and they have theirs on as well, the risk of spreading any organism from you to them or from them to you will be drastically reduced. Always protect yourself and others by putting on your mask. At the early stages of COVID -19, there will be no symptoms to enable you know that you are infected and you will keep sharing it to others around you. Wash your hands regularly and use your mask always. 

How to select a suitable face mask 

CoverSafe Pro has all the desirable qualities for a standard face mask. Here are the qualities of CoverSafe and other standard face mask that make them suitable for everyone:

  • It has two layers of washable and breathable fabric
  • It completely covers your nose and mouth without any opening that will allow virus to pass through. 
  • CoverSafe Pro fits against the sides of your face and does not have any gaps.

Note: If any face mask is made of materials that makes it difficult to breathe, do not buy them eg vinyl materials. A mask with vents that allows passage of virus is not good. Also surgical masks and other special face masks produced for doctors, nurses and other healthcare providers are not good for you. The are designed for special purposes.

Contraindication to coversafe pro

Though mask is highly indispensable for prevention of COVID-19, there are still contraindications to it. 

  • Age: The recommended age for mask wearing is two (2) years and above. Children below two years should not wear mask. This is because mask restricts air flow (gaseous exchange) and children below two years may find it difficult to cope with it. 
  • Breathing difficult: Patients with dyspnoea or any form of difficulty breathing should not wear face mask to avoid aggravating their problems. They should be kept in a safe place where they won’t either acquire or spread corona virus.
  • Unconscious patients: People that are not conscious or able to remove face mask should not wear it. 
  • Cognitive disorders: people with any form of mental derangement may not be able to wear face mask and they should not be forced to do so. If they can not tolerate it, allow them to be.
CoverSafe Pro Review
CoverSafe Pro Review

Where can I buy CoverSafe Pro? 

Buying from the producer is the best option. There are many retailers out there selling different brands of face mask, they can give you any mask and claim it’s the original one. We always advise people to purchase their products from the official website of the manufacturer. It is safer and better. 

Currently, there are numerous deals on their website including 50% discount with free delivery and 30 days money back guarantee. 

Irrespective of your location, they will deliver your product right to your doorstep. Feel free and safe to place your order through the link below to get your quality face mask. 

Note that you can return it if the product does not meet your high expectations. Just contact their customer service to send back the product and request for refund of your money. The product must remain in its pristine condition, no mutilation! 

They will be glad to discuss replacement deals with you if you wish, their priority is to serve you best and make sure you are highly satisfied with their product. 

Frequently asked questions 

How many times can I wash and use CoverSafe Pro face mask before it becomes ineffective? 

There is no limit to the number of times you can wash and reuse your CoverSafe Pro. You can use CoverSafe Pro for a very long  time as long as you wash it regularly. After absorbing sweat and trapping different particles for a long time, CoverSafe Pro just like other face masks will be smelling and uncomfortable, thus you need to wash it. 

Can CoverSafe Pro mask protect me against germs without social distancing? 

Wearing face mask alone is not enough to ensure total protection against the virus and other germs. You must maintain social distancing in public settings especially outside your household. CoverSafe Pro is very effective against COVID 19 but it is not a guarantee to circumvent other rules and guidelines. Wash your hands always with medicated soaps for at least 20 seconds and also use hands sanitizer. 

How can I use this face mask? 

CoverSafe Pro is used like other face masks. Make sure it covers your nose and  mouth very well. The only additional thing you need to do is to adjust the ear loop to the size of your face so it can fit properly. 

Does washing of CoverSafe Pro require any special soap? 

It does not require any special soap but it is recommended to use medicated soaps to wash CoverSafe Pro to ensure total eradication of germs that might be trapped in it. Any other soap can do the job but medicated soaps will do it better. If you don’t have medicated soaps, don’t worry, just use any soap you have to wash your CoverSafe Pro. Any clean water is good for the washing. 

Does it interfere with breathing? 

No. CoverSafe Pro does not interfere with breathing, it has fine pores that allow free flow of air. But if you are having difficulty breathing, do not use face mask until it resolves to avoid worsening your problems.

Is CoverSafe Pro good for the elderly?

Yes, it is perfect for them. CoverSafe pro is good for everybody except children below two (2) years.

How long will delivery take? 

Delivery of CoverSafe Pro is very quick and world wide. Depending on your location, delivery may take days but be rest assured that it will get to your doorstep within 3 days. Also you don’t have to spend a dime for it. You will be regularly updated with regards to where and when your CoverSafe Pro will get to your location. Just make sure you enter the correct details of your location. 

CoverSafe Pro Customer reviews 

Mark: I’ve been using this great face mask for months now and it still looks like new one even after several washing. It fits very well and does not allow any particle to get to my mouth or nose. 

Anne: This face mask gives a lot of comfort. Unlike other face masks I’ve been using, this brand proves outstanding. The nose bridge accommodates my nose comfortably and it does not have any gap. I recommend it for anyone who needs a comfortable face mask. 

Luke: I was having a little difficulty in breathing and I don’t use face mask but I was afraid of getting this dangerous disease so I decided to buy CoverSafe Pro mask to give it a try. Lucky it is not really disturbing my breathing much, I can now wear face masks to anyplace even with my occasional dyspnea. 

Eric: This brand of face mask is amazing compared to other ones I have used. It is pretty affordable and of high quality. I bought one for myself but later ordered for more for my siblings. I can wash it each day after use and it has not changed. 

Jane: My old face mask is so ugly though effective. I don’t really like ugly things irrespective of how efficient they are but the fear of COVID-19 forced my to buy any face mask. I later saw this one and decided to check it out. It’s really shinny and attractive, very efficient too. I will be getting another one for my kid bro. 

CoverSafe Pro Review
CoverSafe Pro Review

Bottom line (CoverSafe Pro Review)

 We all understand the importance of face mask, social distancing and hand washing and sanitization. Using a face mask is good but it is more beneficial when you are using the effective ones. 

CoverSafe Pro is one of the best face mask you can get out there in the market. It combines high quality, ergonomic design and low price. It is reusable and highly adjustable. You can adjust it to fit your face irrespective of the size. It covers your nose and mouth perfectly without leaving any gap. 

CoverSafe Pro is also fashionable and makes you stand out in public unlike many unsightly face masks.

We recommend that you get yourself a face mask and always wash and sanitize your hands. If you are in need of a safe and perfect face mask click the button below to buy CoverSafe Pro. It will meet your high standards.

Thanks for reading our CoverSafe Pro Review, remain safe and protected.

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