DB BUDS Review 2021: Does DB BUDS Earbuds Really Worth Buying?

DB BUDS is a portable and affordable wireless earbuds that produces high quality sound and features dual microphone, Bluetooth 5.1 and active noise cancelling technology. DB BUDS Review was published after thorough research to guide music lovers in making the right choice.

DB BUDS Review
DB BUDS Review

There are numerous earbuds headphones on the market, different producers are pushing their products to the market with numerous claims that their products never met just because of the high demand for wireless earbuds, that is why DB BUDS Reviews was composed to serve as a guide.

Though the demand for wireless earbuds is increasing with a fast rate, many folks still prefer the wired earphones to their wireless counterparts because they feel the battery run down fast and most of them don’t maintain strong connection which interrupts music flow. This is entirely not the case with DB BUDS earbuds, it is highly compatible with all android and iOS devices as long as they are Bluetooth enabled, and it maintains strong connection with them.

Up to a distance of 33 feet, you can still enjoy your music with interruption as long as your DB BUDS is properly paired with your mobile device.

The good thing about wireless headphones is that they provide hands free use unlike the wired earphones that you keep adjusting and readjusting so that the wires won’t get hooked up with your hair or cloth. Also most of the wireless earbuds feature an active noise cancelling technology which blocks unwanted sounds from gaining entrance into your auditory system while allowing you to focus on a particular sound (song).

Though wireless earbud headphones have numerous advantages over wired headphones which increased the demand among consumers, wired headphones have an advantage over them. First, it does not require connection of any kind, just plug into the phone or tablet or PC and use. Secondly, it does not require charging. You can use them to play your favourite songs as long as your phones, tablets or PC are still up and running. Most wireless earbuds hardly last up to six (6) hours after full charge.

Despite having these advantages, wireless earbuds are still superior and this particular review recommends one of the most efficient earbuds that will give you everything you need at an affordable price. DB BUDS earbuds are very portable and fits perfectly well into the ear canal. You will never feel any discomfort no matter how long you wear them. No risk of ear sores or damage to your eardrum.

If you are a fitness enthusiast, wireless earbuds like DB BUDS or Blxbuds is the best for you. You can do you push ups, jogging, weight lifting, pull ups and cycling while enjoying your music. No risk of pulling the wires by mistake or having your songs interrupted.

Now, let’s dive deeper into DB BUDS Review to uncover everything you need to know about this wireless earbuds. Do not browse away!!

What is DB BUDS Earbuds (DB BUDS Reviews)

DB BUD is a wireless and highly compatible earbuds that works with all Bluetooth enabled android and iOS devices and PC. It features dual microphone which means you can play your songs and comfortably make calls with your earbuds. The Bluetooth 5.1 feature ensures strong connection with multiple devices.

DB BUDS earbuds maintains strong connection with all devices, you can move as far away as 33 feet from your mobile device or PC without any interruption of your song. You get to experience cracks when you are out of this range. You can keep your phone or tablet away during your push ups or weight lifting exercise and still enjoy your music.

Another interesting quality of DB BUDS wireless headphones is its noise cancelling technology. Not just the regular noise cancelling but it makes the unwanted sound non-existant. It entirely blocks the background noise to allow the user enjoy crystal clear sounds. Thus, you are traveling or streaming important videos online you bother about disturbance or noise from the background interfering with whatever you are doing.

The design of DB BUD is perfect for every ear irrespective of size. It features different silicones that will suit any ear. This perfect fitting also plays a role in blocking background noise. Additional, it won’t injure your ears, you can wear it for as long as you wish without having ear aches.

DB BUDS earbud headphones come with high quality Li-Polymer battery that lasts for several hours after a single full charge. It takes only about one hour or One and half hours to charge DB BUDS to fullness while it lasts for over four years. They can also be recharged with the case which stores a lot of charge.

Music is entertaining and therapeutic. It can be used to sedate people who are finding it difficult to sleep (insomnia) through hypnotic therapy. It can also boost meditation through careful selection of coherent sounds and use of good speakers like headphones. In addition to entertainment, you can use your earbuds for other purposes.

DB BUDS just like every other earbuds are pretty easy to use, all it requires is simple connection with your mobile device through Bluetooth. Once it is connected with a particular device, it will automatically pair with them next time so you won’t have to struggle with connection all the time. No technical difficulty, no assistance needed, simply pair and play.

Best Earbuds Reviews
DB BUDS Review

How does it work?

DB BUD works just like every other wireless in-ear headphones. It is equipped with the capacity to cancel unwanted noise, produce crystal clear sound and also receive sounds during phone calls.

Unlike the wired earphones that drive power from the source (smartphone, tablet or PC), wireless earbuds like DB BUDS have their own built-in rechargeable lithium battery from where they drive power. Hence DB BUDS does not consume your phone battery, it runs entirely on its own battery. This is another advantage of wireless earbuds over wired earphones.

It comes with a case for charging and storage of charge. You can plug it into any where to charge including wall sockets, extension, power banks or even your PC. This case transfers charge to the earbuds and stores charge, hence it can be used to recahrge them multiple times.

How to connect your earbuds through Bluetooth (DB BUDS Review)

Connection of DB BUDS with your android phones, iOS devices and PC is pretty simple, just the way you pair other gadgets through Bluetooth.

First, you have to charge the device so you won’t run out of battery fast. Second, you need to pair your wireless earbuds through Bluetooth before you can use them to play songs from your smart phone or tablet or PC. Below are simple steps to guide you if you have to paired devices through Bluetooth before.

  • Charge your wireless earbuds for about one hour or one and half hours. It comes with light indicators which will help you to know when it is fully charged.
  • Turn on the wireless earbuds
  • Open your smartphone or tablet or PC Bluetooth and search for DB BUDS (TWS)
  • Click on it and select pair
  • Allow the devices to pair with each other. After the first pairing they will automatically pair with each other.
  • Open your music gallery and select the song you wish to play

That’s you need to do, pretty simple!!

Features of DB BUDS

Noise cancelling: DB BUDS earbuds have the ability to entirely block external sound. This ensures that you focus on your song irrespective of distraction from the background. Most wireless earbuds have same noise cancelling technology but a lot of them are nothing to write home about. This has always been the problem with wireless earbuds, they overpromise and under deliver, and consumers are not comfortable with that.

Before pulling out your credit card to order for any wireless earbuds, make sure that they possess all the qualities a standard Earbud should have. DB BUDS earbuds Reviews online from different consumers rated this headphone 4.9 stars on a scale of 5 stars.

Wide compatibility: DB BUD is highly compatible with all Bluetooth enabled android phones and iOS devices, tablet and PC. It pairs readily with any device, it does not select or reject.

High quality battery: Battery is always the number one problem with all the wireless earbuds. Only very few of them come with high quality battery that can last for over 4 hours after a single charge. Most wireless earbuds will claim that the battery can last all day but in real performance, it barely lasts beyond two hours. DB BUDS rechargeable battery lasts for over four hours after a single charge. It takes only one and half hours to charge, hence you won’t waste your time charging and recharging battery.

Strong Bluetooth connectivity: DB BUDS pair very strongly with devices. No music interruption, no cracks. It maintains connection up to a distance of 33 feet. It’s no news that most of us like keeping our phones far away from us especially when doing some house chores like trimming flowers, washing plates and so on. With DB BUDS earbuds you can play your music interrupted provided the distance between you and your phone is not more than 33 feet.

Two-way audio (microphone): It gives high quality sound and also receive sounds very well. You can play music with your DB BUDS and also use it to make calls. With just one button press, you start answering your calls, if you want to hang up, you only need to press it once as well.

Portable: DB BUDS is very portable, you can wear it all day long without any feeling of numbness in your ears. It fits perfectly fine into any ear, no risk of ear soreness.

DB BUD Review
DB BUD Review

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