[Latest Update] EqualPlus Review 2021: Best Adjustable Glasses

EqualPlus Review
EqualPlus Review

EqualPlus Review
Visual impairment is becoming a major concern in the field of healthcare. Many people, both young and old, are suffering from eye defects. The commonest being cataract. Most of these disorders affect the lenses of the eyes.

This led to the invention of a device that can aid the eye to focus objects properly for correct interpretation in the brain. Though some of the eye problems can’t be remedied by spectacles, thus they require more in-depth medical care such as medications and surgery.

However, the quickest and easiest solution that comes to mind when one is having a visual impairment is use of glasses. The use of artificial lenses (prescribed glasses) is, nonetheless, the best solution to minor eye defects such as long-sightedness, short sightedness, presbyopia etc but it comes with its challenges.

You will have to take your time to visit an ophthalmologist or optometrist to run some tests to confirm the diagnosis (the actual eye defect) before prescribing the right spectacles for you.

This exercise is not only time consuming but will take a great toll on your earnings as you have to visit his or her clinic at least twice a year for proper check ups and also replace your glasses as often as necessary. 

In some cases people present with more than one eye defects. This will result in the prescription of more than one glasses. You will have to use each for different purposes. Imagine creating a time table on how and when to use glasses: That will make life boring right?  But you’ve got to live with it as you have no choice. 

To make life worth living and more comfortable, researchers took their time to invent an adjustable glasses that will be suitable for many eye defects. We are here to introduce to you the new invention that incorporates the latest technology to give you the best experience you so much desired. 

Are you worried about your ageing situation that is taking a great toll on your vision and compelling you to visit ophthalmology clinic very often? are you having difficulty while reading, are you worried about changing your spectacles every now and then, are you so bothered about taking the old eye tests again and again, is switching from one glasses to another for different purposes inconveniencing you?

We are all in this together. Be calm and read through our EqualPlus Review article. 

In this EqualPlus Review, we will be dissecting the latest and trusted adjustable spectacles in the market space that will put an end to your eye problems. 

Let’s get into the nitty-gritty of this article!

EqualPlus Review

EqualPlus is a multi-purpose adjustable glasses that can correct different types of eye defects such as myopia, presbyopia, herperopia etc. It’s an amazing spectacles capable of putting an end to your visual impairment and enable you to see images clearly both near and distant images. 

Unlike your regular glasses prescribed by your optometrist that allows for the correction of a single eye defect, EqualPlus Adjustable glasses corrects multiple eye problems. This will help to save your time and money. 

EqualPlus Review
EqualPlus Review

The producer used the latest technology in its product. The glasses are very fashionable and stylish and enables you to see objects without straining your eyes. It rests your eyes comfortably while allowing you to see things clearly. 

As we are ageing, we find it difficult to see objects that are either close or far away from us. This is caused by changes in the focal length of our eye lenses. What these artificial Glasses (lenses) do is to correct the focal length of the lenses to enable them bring images to focus on the retina. And from the retina, the information is conveyed to the brain for interpretation.

If there is any anomaly or interruption in the pathway through which these information pass, then a bigger problem “Blindness” will ensue.

Depending on the type of defect, a suitable Glasses with the appropriate focal length is prescribed for you but most times our lenses continues to change in focal length. This will compel us to visit the ophthalmologist or optometrist regularly to run some tests and change our spectacles.

However, with an adjustable glasses like EqualPlus, you don’t have to waste your time and money visiting your eye doctor to change your lenses. EqualPlus adjustable spectacles have multiple focal length which enables it to adjust to the right focal length suitable for your eyes.

With just a simple and quick dial, your glasses are ready to bring images to proper focus on the retina. There are dials on both sides of the glasses that adjusts the magnification of the glass on any side. 

Equal Plus adjustable spectacles are made with quality materials for maximum clarity. This helps to make reading hassle free. You don’t have to strain your eyes while reading. Some of us may not have issues with seeing near or distant objects but strain the eyes much while reading which causes even more damage to the eyes.

If you are in this category, you need a perfect reading glasses like EqualPlus to make reading enjoyable. With the intention of making life more comfortable and worth living, the producer made the frame of this amazing glasses very strong and flexible.

This is to ensure that the product is durable so you don’t have to waste your money on glasses. Unlike the traditional spectacles that requires that you chose your own frame, EqualPlus comes with a strong frame that is flexible as well to avoid unnecessary breakage.

Most of the frames available for your regular glasses are made of low quality materials that break easily, this does not in any way make life comfortable because you will be spending a huge percentage of your earnings on glasses alone.

The stylish nature of the glasses made it very flexible and comfortable for the user. Unlike other adjustable glasses available in the market space, EqualPlus is unique and this made it stand out among others.

Equal Plus combines high quality and low cost. This is by far, the most desirable thing that will come with any product. Consumers have got other bills to pay, hence they don’t have to spend all their income on glasses alone. 

Another outstanding quality of this glasses is that it is self-regulating and fits anyone irrespective of age. You don’t need special skills to adjust your spectacles to correct your visual impairment be it myopia, presbyopia or long sightedness. 

The manufacturer offers different frames with different shape, colour, size and material suitable for everyone. EqualPlus is the best invention with regards to medical spectacles. Its high quality and uniqueness made it stand out among others. It is very convenient to use.

No more switching from one glasses to another while performing different tasks, your adjustable glasses will automatically adjust itself to enable you see properly irrespective of what you are doing. Just a single dial on either sides of the glasses and you are all set. This latest technology was aimed at bringing you comfort and satisfaction all at a very low cost. 

You Might be Wondering:

Is EqualPlus adjustable glasses a scam?

EqualPlus is a tested and trusted device that will never fail to live up to your high expectations. Yes, it’s a new invention, thus you’re supposed to be skeptical but we are assuring you here that EqualPlus is not a scam and you will never regret investing your heard-earned money in it.

It is a trending product in the market. It is just incredible to have a product of this high quality and yet inexpensive. EqualPlus is unique, very fashionable, stylish and durable. It does not only solve your visual problems but also save you time and money. 

How do I know if it really works? 

There is no better way of knowing if a product works or not without testing it. Being a consumer of many products, I’m pretty sure that this does not go well with us. You can’t keep testing every product you desire to use, it will only increase your risk of losing your money unnecessarily. 

EqualPlus adjustable glasses has been tested and it works. Take away your fears and get yourself a pair of EqualPlus. You will never be dissapointed. It will relieve you of the stress of visiting eye clinic every now and then.

What is the mechanism of action of adjustable glasses? 

Just like your old school glasses, adjustable glasses bring images to focus on the retina. When our vision starts getting blurry, it is either that images are brought to focus before the retina or behind it. Hence, the information conveyed to the brain will not be clear which will result in inadequate interpretation.

It is the poor interpretation that makes objects blurred not that the objects are actually blurred. The proper spectacles will bring the images formed by the lenses to focus on the retina for them to be interpreted correctly in the brain.

This is exactly what your old school glasses and adjustable glasses do. While your old school glasses were designed to correct one type of defect, the modern adjustable glasses were designed to correct multiple eye impairments.

They help to either converge or diverge the light rays reaching the retina from the object. If the colour of the light reaching the retina through both the artificial lenses and eye lenses from the object is blue, then it will be interpreted as blue in the brain, if it’s red, it will be sensed as red in the brain and so on.

But if you don’t use glasses and your eye lenses are faulty, this light will be focused before or after the retina and you won’t be able to make anything out of what you are seeing. Your medicated glasses help to converge or diverge light rays from objects to bring them to focus on the retina to enable the brain interpret it properly. 

How can I use EqualPlus adjustable glasses? 

Having gotten yourself a pair of this adjustable glasses, follow these simple steps to get the ball rolling:

EqualPlus Review
EqualPlus Review

First, put on your glasses just the way you wear your every day regular glasses and look at your mirror to make sure that it fits. Next, turn the provided dial at both ends of the spectacles to adjust its magnification. For short sightedness, keep on adjusting until you can see near objects perfectly, also for long sightedness, adjust the glasses until you can clearly make out distant objects. 

That is all you need to do. Very simple, it’s no rocket science.

After setting it up, you can comfortably read your papers, drive your cars and do whatever you wish without any difficulty. No need to schedule an appointment with  your eye doctor neither do you need to regularly change the frame of your old school glasses. That’s amazing right? 

Who needs Equal Plus Adjustable Glasses?

This self regulating adjustable spectacles is suitable for everyone. It ensures maximum clarity for reading and also brings images of both near and distant objects to proper focus on the retina.

Here are the few reasons why you should consider giving EqualPlus adjustable glasses a try: 

  • If you are having difficulty seeing near objects 
  • You are experiencing double vision 
  • Your vision is distorted or blurry 
  • Your lenses can’t focus distant images clear on the retina resulting in inability to see objects that are far away 
  • You are having trouble driving at night 
  • Your eyes are being strained 
  • You are having issues with reading either from papers or screens 
  • You are experiencing squint 
  • You are tired of spending much of your time attending eye clinic 
  • You don’t want to waste more money any longer on glasses 
  • You don’t want to keep changing glasses every now and then 
  • You need spectacles that can serve multiple purposes etc

Note!  EqualPlus is not suitable for cataract and astigmatism. Those are more advanced eye problems that require in-depth treatment such as medications and surgery. If you have EqualPlus Adjustable glasses and your vision is still not clear even after adjustments, then you need to see your eye doctor for thorough investigation and treatment.

EqualPlus will relieve you of stress, save your time and help you avoid wasting a ton of your money on the traditional spectacles. You don’t need  to constantly book appointments with your physicians nor change the frames of your glasses. However, it can not take the place of your doctor.

As we are ageing, our eye problems can advance to more serious issues that cannot be corrected by glasses. Call for the attention of your doctor if the visual impairment persist even after using EqualPlus.
Do not self-medicate! 

EqualPlus Adjustable Glasses Review
EqualPlus Adjustable Glasses Review

What makes it stand out?

Multiple focal length: EqualPlus is adjustable which makes it suitable for both myopia and hyperopia. The users are at liberty to adjust their glasses according to their need. Some people have more than one eye defects and also one eye problem can progress to another with time.

Your old school glasses will only allow you to correct on eye defect at a time. Thus, you will have to acquire more than one spectacles if your are suffering from more than one impairments. Also you need to buy new glasses once your eye defect progresses to another. But with an adjustable glasses like EqualPlus, you have nothing to worry about. With just a dial, your spectacles will adjust to your  need. 

High quality lenses: EqualPlus is made of polarized glasses which only allows sufficient amount of light required for vision to pass through. This makes it very suitable for people who work all day with their computers or phones. It reduces the amount of illumination from the screen and allows only the required quantity for clear vision to pass through.

High illumination especially the one coming from computer or phone screens damages the eye and your regular old school glasses have little or no capacity to solve the problem but with adjustable glasses like EqualPlus, your problems are all gone. 

Also the material is resistant to dust and stains. It is very easy to clean. It is also scratch proof. The fibre material used to produce the frame of EqualPlus makes it flexible and strong. You don’t have to worry about replacing the frame of your glasses unlike the traditional spectacles.

EqualPlus is unique and better than its competitors and yet affordable. Different colours and sizes to fit everyone. Easy to set up and use and ensures maximum clarity. 

Is Adjustable glasses better than the regular old school spectacles? 

Yes! EqualPlus adjustable glasses is far better than the regular glasses prescribed by physicians. Adjustable glasses have so many advantages over traditional glasses. See the table and picture below:

EqualPlus Adjustable GlassesTraditional Glasses
Affordable: one off paymentvery expensive requires maintenance cost
Adjustable: can be customized to correct different visual impairmentnon customizable: fixed prescription
Easy to use on-the-goinvolves expensive eye appointment
Seamless transition between up-close and distance viewingGood for viewing either up close or distant, not both
Individual eye adjustmentNo adjustment
Easy to cleanProne to finger prints and can easily get destroyed
Polycarbonate lenses for clarity and resistanceCan be prone to scratches and reflection
Equal Plus VS Traditional glasses
EqualPlus Review
EqualPlus Review

 Here is the deal:

Maximum clarity: The polycarbonate lenses increases the accuracy of the glasses. It ensures that you view objects clearly. You can read comfortably without having to strain your eyes. Long sightedness or short sightedness, all you need to do is adjust the magnification of your glasses well to focus images clearly on the retina of your eye.

This special lenses also control the amount of light that passes through to the eyes. Hence, you can comfortably read from your computer or phone screen clearly without having to worry about the amount of illumination. 

Highly adjustable: Each eye lens of EqualPlus can adjusted independently and instantly. In some people, one eye lens can be good while the other is faulty. Having a spectacles that can be adjusted independently is perfect in this condition. EqualPlus allows you to adjust each eye lens independently and instantly for proper magnification and clear vision. 

Very easy to clean: You can clean your spectacles easily without any hassle. EqualPlus is fingerprints proof and resistant to dust and stains. You don’t need any special cloth to clean it. You can use a running warm water with drops of soap to get rid of any dirty particles attached to your glasses. EqualPlus is very flexible and adjustable and aids precise vision 

No discrimination: EqualPlus is very simple and easy to use and suitable for everybody irrespective of age and sex. You don’t need special skills or assistance from anybody to use your product. 

Resistant to scratch: The special coating of EqualPlus makes it strong and resistant to scratch making it to remain in good shape for a longer period of time. Falls or misplacement of glasses are inevitable and sometime they could get scratched which makes them unsightly. But the special anti-fog coating protects your device and prevents scratch. 

What we like About This product

Provides extra protection to the eyes: The special lenses regulate the amount of light that enters the eyes. Exposing the eyes to too much light or dim light can cause damage to the eyes as it subjects the eyes to stress. EqualPlus adjustable glasses controls the amount of light that gets to the eyes making sure that only sufficient quantity necessary for clear vision enters the eyes. 

EqualPlus Review
EqualPlus Review

No unwanted adverse effects: There is no risk of touching your eyeballs hence, you won’t suffer any side effect. 

Saves time and money: With EqualPlus, you don’t need to visit your doctor when your vision changes to run the regular tests and prescribe another one for you. All you need to do is to adjust to suit your new eye condition. Also you don’t have to take expensive medications or go to the theatre for expensive surgeries. Your precious time and hard earned money will be conserved if you have EqualPlus adjustable glasses in your possession. 

Portable: Creating a problem while trying to solve another is never the best way out. Nobody likes carrying a load in the name of medicated glasses. The reason for the acquisition of glasses is to view objects clearly and make life more comfortable.

However, with a heavy spectacles, the second purpose will be defeated as you will continuously be in a state of discomfort any time you put on your glasses. The manufacturer of EqualPlus glasses took that into account by producing a product that will give you all the satisfaction you crave for and yet portable and comfortable.

You can wear your EqualPlus to anywhere and for a long time without any feeling of discomfort. 

Low cost of maintenance: If you are suffering from an eye problem, you will notice that you are always on your glasses. This increases the risk of your glasses being stained or damaged. For the regular old school spectacles, you need special cleaning tools to get rid of unwanted particles that are attached to your glasses, if not your glasses will be worse than your normal eyes and you will be compelled to see your doctor for new ones.

But EqualPlus costs little to no money for maintenance. It does not get dirty easily neither does it get scratched. You don’t need special cleaning tools to keep it clean neither do you need to visit any physician to prescribe new one for you. Also the strong flexible frame is very durable and does not need replacement unlike the traditional glasses. If you take proper care of your device, you won’t be spending a dime to keep it in a good shape.

Accuracy: Spectacles that do not make your vision far better than what it is are not worth buying be it old school glasses or modern ones. The whole aim of purchasing glasses is to make your vision better and even accurate.  It’s just so disheartening spending heavily on glasses only to get a claimed standard glasses that will not give you accurate vision.

EqualPlus has the latest technology and the ultimate goal is to ensure maximum clarity of vision. It makes use of  polycarbonate lenses for perfect vision. 

Good for anyone: A large percentage of people having eye defects are above 45 years. But nowadays even kids are coming down with visual impairment. Wearing glasses is no longer a practice by the old guys but children also put on glasses. EqualPlus adjustable glasses is suitable for everybody, both old and young, male and female.

Irrespective of your eye defect, EqualPlus is good for you, just adjust it properly and you’re good to go. 

Fashionable and stylish: It is quite obvious that people like shiny and attractive products especially the ones displayed to the public like cloths, shoes, glasses, wrist watches etc. The design of EqualPlus is one of the best and latest. It is very attractive and makes people look special.

If you want a pair of glasses that will add a touch of class to your attire, then EqualPlus is the best deal for you. Unlike the traditional spectacles that will make you look ugly or less attractive, EqualPlus is here to make you stand out among others because of its uniqueness and stylish design. 

EqualPlus Review
EqualPlus Review

What we don’t like about this adjustable glasses: 

It is available only online: This does not go well with many customers as they would like to see and feel the product before pulling out their credit cards to make purchase. You are not allowed that freedom in this case. You can only feel the product after making purchase and it gets delivered to you.

This is really not a problem as most of us are already used to buying things online. Moreover, EqualPlus is tested and trusted and it will surely meet your expectations. Also your payment details are well secured. 

Limited stock: Equal Plus is trending in the market space  and the speed with which customers are ordering for the product resulted in decrease in the number available. Do well to get yours before it runs out of store. 

Shipping may be delayed depending on your location. 


You have made up your mind to get yourself a pair of this adjustable glasses but still don’t know how and where to buy. We have got you covered on this, just click the button below to get yours from the company. 

Due to high demand for the product and limited stock, special discount may be discontinued any moment from now. Hurry and get your own EqualPlus adjustable glasses review while the offer lasts. 

Note! Do not buy from any vendor outside the official website of the producer to avoid being scammed. There are other adjustable glasses out there in the market and they’re all touted to be the best by the producer but not all will meet your expectations.

To be on a safer said, we recommend that you make your purchase through any of the links provided in this EqualPlus Review article to avoid getting substandard product at an exorbitant price. 

30-day money back guarantee on all unused product. If you are having issues with purchasing or using EqualPlus glasses shoot us an email @ support@buyequalplus.com

There are many payment options to select from including PayPal, credit cards etc and your payment is well secured. There is no risk of losing your card details or other payment details to criminals. Also, there are special deals on the official website of the manufacturer.

If you plan to buy more than one EqualPlus adjustable glasses, you will get special discount.

Customer service is top notch, all your concerns and questions will be well answered. Your comfort and maximum satisfaction is the utmost priority. The ordering process is very simple and takes few minutes. Delivery is very quick and to your door step. It takes only few days to get your product delivered to you. 

Money back guarantee and refund policy: The producer offers 30 day money back guarantee but the product must be returned unused and in its original packaging so it can be given to others who need it. Just send a mail to support@buyequalplus.com for instructions on how to return the product and get back your money. 

EqualPlus Review
EqualPlus Review

Here are the feedback from other customers:

“I have two glasses, one is for reading and seeing nearby objects while the other is for distant vision. Changing these glasses made life so boring and frustrating. Sometimes I got to discover that I was carrying the wrong spectacles when I put it on. So frustrating and time consuming but thanks to adjustable glasses. After I bought my own EqualPlus, life has been comfortable and stress free. No more changing glasses” ~Anne 

“I was skeptical when I first heard about these glasses but I decided to give it a try because of my bad eye condition that has brought discomfort and frustration in my life. So grateful it met my expectations. I’m currently planning on getting another one for my kid who’s also having short sightedness. Won’t waste my time and money again attending eye clinic” ~Cynthia 

“Wow, such a nice product to invest my money in. I first heard about EqualPlus from my friend who has been using it for a couple of weeks. I decided to get mine. It’s just so amazing. Very simple and easy to use. Very affordable and high quality. I can drive comfortably at night without any hassle. EqualPlus is far better than my old glasses” ~Josh

“I am a business guy and the internet is my shop. My working tools are my phone and laptop. I started having eye problem because of high illumination from the screen of my phone and laptop. I  visited an optometrist who ran a couple of tests and prescribed glasses for me and also recommended that I reduce the duration I look at screens.

This last part was just difficult for me to accept because I’m planning to increase my working hours to make more money. And all thanks to my friend Micky who introduced this glasses to me. I ordered for one right away to see if it can solve my problem without affecting my job. Thanks to EqualPlus, it’s really incredible. My vision is clear and perfect and I have no fear looking at the screens of my phone and laptop”  ~Eric 

“I’m having issues with seeing near objects and I got a pair of glasses as prescribed by my optometrist. Later on my vision started getting blurry again and I visited the optometrist. After running some tests he gave me another glasses and I had to select a frame for it. This is quite stressful and I decided to buy an adjustable glasses that can be adjusted for every eye issue. Buying EqualPlus is really a good investment. Saves time and money. No stress!” ~Jones 

“Very fashionable and stylish design. Makes me look special. I was initially scared that it will make me look bizarre. It’s really a cool stuff and good for people who like to look exceptional” ~Lynda 

“Sewing is a job I cherish so much and adjustable glasses have been of enormous help to me. Always bothered about my eyes that get tired so easily but since I started using EqualPlus, I can work for hours without getting tired. I can easily modify the focal point. It also reduces dryness” ~James 

Frequently Asked Questions [EqualPlus Review] 

To further address your concerns, we will provide the answers to some of the questions most customers ask about this product:

Can EqualPlus Adjustable Glasses correct all eye defects?

EqualPlus is a multi focal length spectacles that can be adjusted to correct many eye defects including short sightedness, farsightedness, presbyopia etc but it can not correct advanced eye issues like astigmatism and cataract. 

What is the range of EqualPlus? 

It covers a broad spectrum range from -6.00 to +3.00 That’s pretty cool for medicated glasses. 

Being a modern technology, is it hard to operate?

No!  EqualPlus adjustable glasses is very easy to use. It has dials on both sides, gently adjust it to your need. Anyone can use it as well. 

Can I use my credit card to purchase this product? 

Yes! You can use your credit cards (Visa and MasterCard) to buy EqualPlus. Also there are other payment options you can select from. PayPal and Maestro  are available.

How do I know that the product delivered to me is actually EqualPlus? 

There are myriads of adjustable glasses out there in the market but EqualPlus is unique. Make sure you buy yours from the official website of the company to avoid getting the wrong product. 

I live in Israel, can the product be delivered to me here? 

Yes, it can be delivered to your doorstep. Delivery is quick and world wide and costs no extra money. 

Common Eye Defects That Impair Vision

There are tons of problems that can confront our eyes. There are many muscles that control eye movement. And these movements are very crucial for vision. Any damage to these muscles or the nerves that supply them will result in impaired vision.

Poor blood supply to the muscles or eyes will result in impaired vision as well. Direct damage to the eye by blunt trauma, or sharp objects can result in loss of vision.

Imagine what will become of you when you can no longer see! 

The eye is one of the most important organs of the body and a large portion of the brain is dedicated to it. It’s true that we have blind people who may have accomplished one or two missions in life but nobody wants to have that experience irrespective of their accomplishments. Thus we need to take good care of our eyes. 

As we get older, we start to have health challenges and visual impairment is one of the commonest. The lenses are mostly affected.  As their focal length changes vision becomes problematic. 

Let’s take a look at some of the common eye defects.

Long sightedness: In this condition, the eye can focus objects that are far away from us but can’t focus near objects. Images of objects that are miles away can be brought to focus on the retina but images of nearby objects are focused behind the retina resulting in blurry vision. Most of the people affected have small eyeballs while others have normal sized eyeballs but the focal length of the lenses is faulty. 

Remedy: Using covering (convex) lenses that will focus the images on the retina. 

Short sightedness: In this condition, images of nearby objects are focused on the retina while those of far away objects are focused before the retina resulting in blurry vision. It’s mostly associated with large eyeballs. Changes in focal length of a normal sized eyeball can also result in short sightedness. 

Remedy: Using diverging (concave) lenses to diverge light rays from distant objects so they can be focused on the retina. EqualPlus adjustable glasses can correct both short sightedness and farsightedness with just a turn of dial.

Cataract: The lenses are cloudy in this situation. This cloudiness impairs the passage of light through the lenses resulting in inability to see objects well. Thickening of the lenses can not be corrected by glasses both traditional and modern adjustable glasses. It can only be managed medically and surgically 

Astigmatism: Deformity of the cornea is the major issue in astigmatism. Light rays from objects do not get to the retina resulting in blurry vision. Can only be managed medically and surgically.

A diverging or converging lens can only be useful when light rays from objects can pass through the eye lenses to the retina. In conditions like cataract and astigmatism, light rays aren’t even allowed to get to the retina, hence medicated glasses like EqualPlus can’t be of any help. 

Eye maintenance tips: Take enough quantity of vitamin A, reduce the duration of exposure of your eyes to light (such as phone or laptop screen light), use proper glasses like EqualPlus adjustable glasses and visit your doctor for proper investigation and treatment if glasses (EqualPlus) fail. 

EqualPlus Review
EqualPlus Review

Bottom Line [EqualPlus Adjustable Glasses Review]

Old school traditional glasses can correct visual impairments but the precision is very low compared to these modern glasses. Having read this EqualPlus Review, you can agree with us that it’s far better than the regular spectacles people use in those old days. 

Imagine when you come back from work exhausted and you want to watch your television from your couch but you can’t see what’s going on clearly because you have got some eye problems and your old school glasses have been designed to see objects that are near.

In this scenario, you either forget about watching the movie or you endure the stress and move yourself closer to the television. With EqualPlus, you don’t have anything to worry about. You only need to adjust your spectacles and watch your television comfortably from your couch. 

There are so many reasons why adjustable glasses are preferred to the traditional spectacles. EqualPlus is top notch and we recommend that you lay your hands on it if you really need an adjustable glases. 

Stock is limited, get yours today from the producer to enjoy the numerous deals that await you in their official website. 

That’s all for our EqualPlus Review. Thanks for reading. Feel free to check out SelfCam Pro

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