EverBlade Knife Review 2021: Best German Produced Kitchen Knife

EverBlade knife is a German crafted kitchen knife for faster and safer cutting of vegetables, meet, and even slicing of breeds. It comes with a knife block with a built-in sharpener, hence it never dulls. Our EverBlade knife review was published after series of research and interaction with professional chefs to find out which kitchen knife will be best suited for both enthusiasts and professional cooks.

In this EverBlade kitchen knife review, we would be dissecting the details of this kitchen knife including its features, pros and cons and why it should be a component of every kitchen. 

EverBlade Knife Review
EverBlade Knife Review

For many years, German kitchen knives and their Japanese counterparts are dominating in the world of kitchen knives. Each of these brands have their upsides and downsides as well. While German knives are known for being strong, thick and durable, Japanese knives are known for being extremely sharp.

These are pretty cool features and consumers are always left confused anytime they are to make a choice between the German kitchen knives and Japanese knives. Some would rather go for a sharper knife to make life easier during slicing and dicing while others would rather go for a more strong and durable brand.

Here we come with a good news for every chef and any cook looking for the best kitchen knife. EverBlade knife is a German crafted kitchen knife that combines all the features of Japanese knives and German knives. It is extremely strong and durable just like any other quality brand of German knife. Guess what! Ever Blade knife is also very sharp like its Japanese counterparts.

It is a self sharpening kitchen knife that every chef will enjoy. EverBlade kitchen knife is so versatile, it will surely replace your other kitchen knives, if at all you already have one. 

Of course there are numerous advanced tools for cutting, slicing and dicing vegetables, meet and other food stuff. We would not hesitate to tell you that those vegetable cutters are pretty cool, however they will never replace traditional kitchen knives. This fact has been verified even from professional chefs.

They told our research team that those new machines are good but a kitchen will never be complete without a good knife. Kitchen knife is an indispensable tool that complements those machines. 

EverBlade knife reviews online have attested to all the facts which you will see in this EverBlade kitchen knife review. It is a modern kitchen knife with a convex edge which makes it different from other old school kitchen knives.

If you have ever imagined having a kitchen knife that is extremely sharp, strong and affordable, and can last throughout a life time, EverBlade is here to make that dream (wish) come through. EverBlade is a versatile knife suitable for any purpose in the kitchen.

You can use it for delicate slicing and finer works in the kitchen and also use it for tougher cutting such as cutting through hard and thick meat and also soft bones. German knives are tagged kitchen workhorse because of their thickness and strength which makes them suitable for tougher works in the kitchen. EverBlade knife is strong and sharp for any purpose. Let’s take a closer look at this German made kitchen knife. 

What is EverBlade kitchen knife? (EverBlade knife review)

Everblade knife is an outstanding kitchen knife built from the finest German steel with sharpness beyond compare. Like other German kitchen knives, Everblade is strong and durable and lasts for a life time. It is manufactured from high quality steel that can resist oxidative reaction (corrosion and rusting).

It is suitable for cutting through any food stuff ranging from tough meet to succulent vegetables. Because of its sharpness and unparalleled cutting speed, there is no risk of sustaining any accident while slicing food with your EverBlade German knife. Its versatility allows you to use it for slicing your breed, chopping your vegetables, and cutting your fruits with greater ease. 

From our research, we discovered that consumers always choose Japanese knives over German knives when they are looking for a knife for delicate cutting because German knives are known to be very thick and less sharp. This is not the case with EverBlade, it is very sharp and cuts through all types of food faster and easier.

With EverBlade, you can easily slice through a butternut, squash or pineapple, delicately slice tomatoes and other succulent vegetables. Cutting through carrot and other harder food items will be an enjoyable experience. Ever blade is a perfect blend of both Japanese and German knives.

It never dulls because it comes with its own knife block with a built-in sharpener. Anytime you take your Ever Blade knife out of its holder, it is honed back to its original sharpness. Hence, slicing, dicing and cutting through things with EverBlade is always easier, safer and faster because it is always as sharp as it was from the day you first used it.

If you have ever tried to sharpen your kitchen knife before you will agree with us that it’s not an easy task and also manual sharpening of knives is not effective at all, the knife will still go back to its dullness after cutting through a few food items. Hence professional chefs prefer using machines for this purpose but that will be an extra cost on your budget.

Ever blade knife comes with a quality knife block for self-sharpening, you won’t have to spend extra dime for sharpener neither will you expend extra energy on sharpening your knife. The good news is that you can still use your EverBlade sharpener to sharpen your other knives but trust us, you will never think of using them again after your first use of Everblade because it has got qualities that are superior to them all. 

This German kitchen knife is very strong and durable, it can last for a life time. This is where German knives takes superiority over other brands of kitchen knives. They are made of thick quality steel that can resist oxidative reaction (corrosion). 

Despite its ultra-sharp cutting ability, built-in sharpener and lifetime durability, Everblade knife is still very affordable. You will get this high quality German knife at an incredibly low price. 

EverBlade Kitchen Knife Review
EverBlade Kitchen Knife Review

Outstanding features of Ever Blade knife

Unparalleled cutting speed: Everblade kitchen knife is extremely sharp and makes cutting a lot faster. Nothing is more frustrating than a dull knife while cooking. It makes cutting and cooking more difficult than it actually is. This kitchen knife has gained wide publicity and recommendations because of its ability to cut through food at a faster rate than most knives.

Many online EverBlade knives review attested to this fact and a lot of consumers from United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and other countries are recommending and ordering for the knife. Each time you replace your EverBlade kitchen knife into its holder, it will get sharpened by the built-in sharpener in the knife block. Faster rocking cut is guaranteed with Ever Blade German knife. 

Ultra-sharp cutting ability: EverBlade knife manufactured by German experts ensures a razor blade cutting each time you use it for cutting vegetables, meat, breed and fruits. Mostly, German knives are not known for delicate cutting, but EverBlade knife crafters made this possible. It has the ability to give you thin slices just like Japanese sharp knives.

Unlike dull knives that end up tearing and ruining your food instead of slicing them, EverBlade knife gives you perfect control over the food you are cutting. Its sharpness enables you to decide the thickness of each slice. You can get this slices with your kitchen knife any time and any day you wish. Just replace your knife into its holder to get the blade sharper than ever before. No more ragged cuts, sloppy food preparation or smashed and ruined herbs. 

Self-sharpening: EverBlade comes with a knife block which restores the sharpness of the knife to its original condition. The built-in sharpener is a huge plus to this kitchen knife. Your blade will remain as sharp as it was from day one (1). The good thing is that you will get this at no additional cost. The German knife crafters that manufactured this ultra sharp blade want to meet the needs and demands of every chef. You will surely enjoy EverBlade knife just like every other Everblade reviews online. 

Perfect grip: It comes with a quality handle that fits into every hand irrespective of size. This ensures that you grip your knife firmly while cutting through your fruits and vegetables thereby reducing the risk of any accidental cut of your finger. 

Long lasting: German knives are indisputably the best when it comes to durability. EverBlade knife was made from the finest German steel. German steel are known for their strength and flexibility which means they never sustain any cracks. They are highly resistant to rusting as well. Everblade manufacturer promised a life time durability, which means that your own kitchen knife will serve you throughout your years of cooking.

You won’t have to keep buying chef knife every now and then. If you know much about German knives, you will have no doubt about this claim. German knives always boast of durability and consumers have attested to that.

100% Safe: With ultra sharp EverBlade knife there will be no risk of accident. This is a huge advantage sharp knives have over dull knives. Generally, all sharp knives hardly cause accidental cuts unlike dull knives. This is because with sharp knife, you won’t have to apply extra force to cut through food which reduces the risk of injury but dull knives require that you apply extra strength so you will be able to cut food.

The likelihood that you get injured is very high when you apply force during cutting because you will have little control over the knife.

Is Everblade German knife better than Japanese kitchen knives?

German knives are extremely strong, thick and durable and many chefs have tagged them kitchen workhorse because they are usually the best tool for cutting through hard food. German knives are designed for durability. They are less prone to chipping and they never break. Unlike German knives, Japanese kitchen knives are designed for sharpness. They always prize sharpness over durability. They are delicate and super sharp and they are rated the best for finer cutting.

Hard Japanese knives are fairly durable but they are highly prone to chipping and rusting, and they break easily. From our research, the only exception we know is Huusk Japanese knives. (You can check out Huusk knives review here). 

Having achieved durability, German knife crafters decided to go an extra mile to add sharpness to their knives and they came up with EverBlade kitchen knife.

German knives and Japanese knives are the best knives on the market and customers with different intent choose either German or Japanese knife but this time, German experts decided to present consumers with the best choice. A knife that will combine both qualities of German and Japanese knives. Everglade knife is the best on the market currently and it is widely recommended in many online EverBlade knives reviews. 

Ever Blade Knife Reviews
Ever Blade Knife Reviews

Does it worth my dime? (EverBlade kitchen knife review)

Everglade knife is trending on the market. It was made from the finest quality steel with sharpness beyond compare. You can use it as a paring knife, carving knife, bread slicing and as a steak knife. Whether you are preparing pineapple as a tasty meal treat or delicately slicing ripe tomatoes, it provides perfect cut, every time.

You won’t have to sharpen it manually or use machine, it comes with its own sharpener at no additional cost. Hence, Everblade knife deserves every dime spent on it. With EverBlade kitchen knife, you will cut through any food effortlessly. It has convex edge for superior cutting. It is also easy to use right out of the box. You do not have to assemble or disassemble any part of it before you start making use of your knife.

Carving of meat, cutting through hard cheese and succulent fruits and vegetables will be faster, safer and easier. 

What are the assurances of the producer?

Being an outstanding invention, the producers of Everblade kitchen knife were bold enough to promise their customers a few things because of the trust they have in their handwork.

  • 60 day money back guarantee: EverBlade kitchen knife is touted to be the best. This assertion is from different online EverBlade knife reviews from different customers. However, there is no guarantee that everybody will be thrilled with this kitchen knife made from German steel. In the event that you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can return it within 60 days and get back your money. There are no producer that gives you such opportunity to assess and reassess their product for such a long period of time but because Ever Blade manufacturers trust their product, they give you a long time to make your decision. This process is hassle free. Just contact the customers service team on 888-977-2370 or shoot them an email @ EverBlade@rephelpdesk.com to get your money refunded. 
  • Durability to last a lifetime: German steel are strong and more flexible to withstand cracks, chipping and breaking and EverBlade is no exception. It was carefully manufactured to last for a lifetime and the built-in sharpener helps to keep it sharp at all times. The manufacturer promised durability of lifetime and from all testing and online EverBlade reviews this claim has been verified. 
  • 50% discount on every purchase: You get your own quality knife and its block (for self-sharpening) at 50% off per unit. Note that if you order for more pieces of Ever Blade knife, you will get higher discount per unit. 

Pros (Everblade review)

Perfect blade size: Most kitchen knives blades are either too long or too short and this makes rocking difficult. It does not allow you full control over the knife. The best kitchen knife has always been the one with well-sized blade (not too long or too short). Also any knife that has longer handle will not be the best choice for chefs. Everblade has a well sized  long blade for perfect control and delicate slicing. 

Portable: It is not heavy. EverBlade is very light and easy to carry. You can use it to cut all day without feeling numbness or weakness just because of its weight. It also has a curved angle that makes it superior for making the rocking cuts necessary to micro dice onions and fine herbs. 

Affordable: It is very cheap. You won’t break a bank to purchase your own Ever Blade German kitchen knives. Below are the price tags for different quantities of Everblade. 

  1. One EverBlade kitchen knife – $39.95
  2. Two EverBlade kitchen knives – $79.99
  3. Three EverBlade kitchen knives – $99.99
  4. Four EverBlade kitchen knives – $119.99

Three rivets for stronger handle: EverBlade has a riveted handle. Each handle of Everblade is attached to the blade with three rivets. This makes it almost impossible for the handle and blade to separate. 

Cons (Everblade knife review)

  • Limited supply: Being a high quality kitchen knife that combines both features of German knife and Japanese knife, Everblade was never easy to produce. However, the manufacturer produced Ever Blade in large quantities but because of the high rate at which customers are ordering for it, the quantity is rapidly going down. Currently, there are only few knives left in stock, if you are interested hurry up and get yours before it runs out of stock entirely. Also you can only purchase it from EverBlade official website. The producer stated explicitly that the product is not available in stores. 
  • Return policy: Though EverBlade comes with 60 day money back guarantee which is considerably long, it comes with hard return policy. You must not use or mutilate the product in any form while returning it. If it sustains any damage or scratch it won’t be accepted.  However, you have nothing to worry about because this is very unlikely to happen, the knife is very strong and resistant to stretch. 

Do I really need it? (Everblade knife reviews)

Whether you are cooking for personal consumption or family consumption or for public consumption as is the case with professional chefs, you need a sharp durable knife for faster, easier and safer cutting. It is recommended even by professionals that you use the sharpest knife possible for all your cutting. It reduces the risk of accident and more importantly, it makes cooking a safer and more enjoyable experience. 

There are numerous German knives and Japanese knives out there on the market which you can easily purchase. While most people opt for Japanese knives as against German knives because of its superiority in sharpness, many people still prefer German knives because of their durability. EverBlade is a German knife that combines both features, durability and sharpness.

Hence, our team considered it the best choice for anybody looking for kitchen knife to buy. Also, many professional chefs have given it 4.9 star rating in online EverBlade reviews. 

What are other users saying about it?

There are numerous online EverBlade knife reviews but only a few will be mentioned in our EverBlade kitchen knife review. Let’s see below! 

I’m so glad I purchased EverBlade knife. Now, I can easily cut through those hard to cut citrus fruits. It makes me feel like a professional chef in my own kitchen. It works well on all food and another thing that thrills me the most is its ability to sharpen itself anytime I put it in its holder. It’s pretty cool and I love it!

Simone K.  Reviewing from Scottsdale, AZ. 

Buying another knife was never in my budget but my wife said we needed extra one. I purchased EverBlade and I must admit she made a wise decision. Now, the only knife I use for cutting is EverBlade. Both pineapple, squash, blocks of cheese, steak and even home made breed. For a non professional cook, I recommend this German made knife, you will love!  

Richard Gerald. Reviewing from Naperville, IL

As a professional chef, I hate using dull knives because it wastes a lot of my time and it will never give me the perfect cut I wanted. I always prefer Japanese knives because they are sharp but they break easily and I can’t keep buying knives all the time. When I heard about this German knife, I didn’t hesitate to order for one to give it a try. So happy it is sharp just like Japanese knives and it maintains the usual durability German knives are known for. A great knife indeed! 4.9 star rating.

Anne H.  Reviewing from Chicago, US. 
EverBlade German Knives Review
EverBlade German Knives Review

You might be interested to know

What makes it superior?

Everblade is strong and durable and comes with its own ceramic sharpener which guarantees the sharpest blade every time you use it. It will make your cutting and slicing of food effortless while giving you cleanest slices.

Is it really safe to use?

Yes, EverBlade is very safe and easy to use. Its sharpness reduces the risk of injuries and also, you won’t have to expend so much energy while cutting food. However, you still have to be careful to protect your digits (fingers), this is the general precaution taken by anybody using sharp cutting tool.

Does it have any guarantees? 

Yes, it comes with a special 60 day money back guarantee for those that are not thrilled with the knife. You can return it within this period to get back your money.

Bottom line of Everblade knife review 

EverBlade is an affordable and portable German engineered self sharpening knife that guarantees cleanest slices and safe cutting. You can cut through hard cheese blocks, succulent fruits and vegetables and also carve your meats with it. It will always remain in its sharp state as long as you are putting it back into its holder. This knife block has a ceramic sharpener that helps to keep the blade sharp every time you use it.

This makes Everblade the best kitchen knife on the market because it combines both superior features of German knives and Japanese knives. It has a high quality riveted handle that will never detach from the blade. 

You have a whole 60 days to decide whether this knife will be a good option for you or not. If you think it’s not worth it, you can return it within this period of time. Also, you will get 50% discount on every purchase and the producer assures you of lifetime durability. 

Are you thrilled with what you have read so far and you wish to make a purchase? Go straight to the official product page to buy the original EverBlade knife. 

The end of Everblade knife review. 

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