Best Fitness Tips For Beginners – Step By Step Guide 2021

Fitness Tips For Beginners
Fitness Tips For Beginners

Starting a workout (exercise) to keep fit can be such a herculean task. Many of us want to be fit but never ready to put in the little effort required of us to achieve that feat.

Most times we get overwhelmed with workout tips we find online, however, congratulations for making up your mind to get started. 

In this fitness tips for beginners, we will explain to you and also show you practical examples of the simple workout tips that you can start with as a beginner. 

Exercise is very crucial for both fitness and other benefits including weight loss, improved immunity and sleep. It helps to maintain our skin and ward off certain skin diseases. 

Now: Most of us are slim or moderate in size and never worried about weight or size while many have this burden that is worrying them which is how to lose weight. Whichever category you belong, you still need shape especially the ladies.

Exercises such as gymnastics can do the magic for you. The major things you need to accomplish this are willpower and consistency. Don’t worry, we have taken out our times to break it down for you so you can achieve your goals in the easiest and fastest way possible without passing through any unnecessary pains and other side effects that usually discourage first timers. 


Nothing good comes easy. “Don’t be that fat guy who wants to lose weight but finding it difficult to get up from his couch” 

Ready to get started?  Let’s take a peek behind the curtain! 

Fitness Tips For Beginners

Before we go into the nitty-gritty of this article, we would like to bring to your knowledge the most important factor that will determine whether you will achieve your objective or not. “Willpower”

The Effect of Willpower: To excel in life, you need to set goals. The next step is to work towards its actualization. Many of us want to lose weight, become fit and have good shapes but when it comes to doing the things required of us to achieve these goals some will give up along the way.

As a beginner starting your fitness training (workout), you will surely encounter set backs but don’t allow them to discourage you. Always focus on the goal. 

When I started workout with my friends our boss (trainer) will always tell us that the best fitness tips for beginners are summarized in this saying:

“If you think you can, you are right, if you think you can’t you are also right: It all depends on your determination”

Also, there is a popular quote that says:

“The only thing you see when you take your eyes off the goals are the obstacles”

So never pay much attention to those set backs because they will surely come and if you are not strongly determined, they will discourage you. Set realistic goals and never take your eyes off those goals. 


Let’s take a proper look at the tips that will get you started. 

Start small to end big

Impatience is the major reason why people don’t achieve their goals in this journey. We always want quick results. This is why most of the beginners will over-work themselves in the first few weeks and get exhausted because they want to achieve it all at once.

If you are just starting out, it’s recommended that you start with simple and easy workouts (exercises) to avoid over stressing your system. You can start with easy ones such as running, push ups, pull ups, plyometrics, squats etc. 

Fitness Tips For Beginners
Fitness Tips For Beginners

Doing it 30 to 40 minutes per time is fine and three to four times a week is perfect.

Start with the one you think will be the easiest for you, when you master it you can add other ones. When you get used to the easy ones (which you can even do at home without assistance), you can add the more difficult ones and increase the duration of your exercise as well. 


You will make mistakes when you’re just starting and people may laugh at you but don’t allow that to get you deterred. Always focus on your goal. 

Don’t try to imitate the experts or those who have been there for weeks or months before you. Always see yourself as an amateur and belief that you will be an expert one day. Do not overdo it!  


For you to achieve anything in this life you must be consistent. I understand you want to start seeing results immediately but the truth remains that it will take a little longer to achieve that goal as long as you are consistent.

Prioritize consistency over intensity. Doing a 30munites workout 4 times a week consistently will achieve you a better results than doing a 4hours high intensity exercise that can not be sustained. It will get you burned out and you will find yourself resting for two or more weeks.

This lack of consistency will send little to no signal to your systems for adjustments, it will rather be perceived as over stress and this can weaken your immunity and make you vulnerable to infection.

Overdoing exercise for the first time can also cause unnecessary side effects such as muscle pull, strains, sprains, and stress fractures.

Always start small and increase the intensity as your  fitness level builds up, this way you will be consistent and get your dreams actualized. 

Seek Help from Experts

Being a first timer, it is recommended that you seek help from experts or those who have been in the game before you. They will help you master the workouts fast and also inspire you to hit your target.

You can start some of the workouts at home (on your own)  but as time goes on you need help to upgrade. Experience matters very much in life. Experts have all the experience needed to put you through and avoid unnecessary mistakes.

However, if you feel that you don’t have money to pay  experts for their time, look for those that will help you for free. There are many upcoming experts who will be glad to help without charging you a dime.

You can do some  of the exercise on your own  but you certainly need guide as you progress to accomplish your ultimate goal. Also make friends with people who are in the line and discuss workout plans with them. This way you will be able to learn from them and get motivation.

Never discuss any workout topic with a lazy friend who’s never interested in exercise. Their negativity towards it can discourage you and bring all your hopes and dreams to an abrupt end. You need to be happy and  optimistic about what you are doing to achieve it.

If you are consistent and determined, you will find out that you’re always excited anytime you want to work out. If this excitement is not there, you may not succeed.

Fitness Tips For Beginners
Fitness Tips For Beginners

Eat well

Adequate nutrition is the first step in achieving fitness. A well balanced diet does not only solve the problem of hunger but boosts your immunity and strengthens your systems.

If your systems are not strong enough to withstand stress, you will get exhausted easily and you will be vulnerable to infections. Always drink enough quantity of water before, during and after each workout to prevent dehydration. In a workout environment that is usually hot, then you need to drink large quantity of water.

I understand that most of us want to lose weight and as such put their diet on check. Yes, you need to check your diet to avoid excess weight gain but there is still minimum requirement needed by your body to remain in good state of health.

Exercise adds extra workload to your body system, hence you need to feed well to avoid burnout. In as much as you’re trying to keep fit, do not cause yourself harm!

Stick to the exercise you enjoy most

One major problem beginners are facing in this journey is that they get overwhelmed with tips from the experts. I recommend that as a beginner, you start with the easiest exercise that you enjoy and do it for a short period of time.

Then increase the duration as you progress and subsequently add other ones if you wish. Do not try to start everything at once as it will get you overwhelmed and bored and the zeal to continue  will start waning.

But if you start with the one you enjoy, you will notice that you’re excited when it is time for workout. This excitement will keep you going until you meet your objectives. Also doing exercise at your free time or a particular time will contribute to your consistency.  

Invest in it

Save up some cash and get yourself a suitable pair of shoes and other necessary kits such as vest etc. This way you will be able to tell yourself that you are out for business and overcome any obstacles. 

Note: You don’t have to spend too much on this. 


Let’s take a look at the practical examples to get you started. 

Here is the bottom line 

Building up your fitness level is very crucial for your health, shape, weight loss and improved sleep. It brings tranquillity to the heart and you will be always in harmony with people around you.

But you need willpower and consistency to achieve this feat. Do not over stress yourself to avoid sprains and stress fractures.

However, in any case of muscle pull or sprain use any effective massagers like MuscleRelax Pro to cushion the effect. 

Take well balanced diets with vegetables inclusive to strengthen your system. Drink enough water to avoid dehydration. 

Also, you need to check your health status to determine if you are fit for any workout plan of your choice. Working out in a bad state of health will only be detrimental to your overall well-being.

Always track your fitness and health status with quality SMARTWATCH to know how far you are progressing. 


The World is never a bed of roses. Fitness is not something you can achieve on a platter of gold, you just have to put in the little effort required of you. Stop procrastinating and get started. 

Thanks for reading the best fitness tips for beginners and congratulations in advance. 

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