Haarko Knives Reviews 2021: Is Haarko Kitchen knives Scam? Find Out Here!

 Different consumer haarko knives reviews online rated this Santoku Japanese knives 4.8 stars out of 5 and our editors have done the professional analysis and testing to ascertain the veracity of different claims on this kitchen knife. Haarko knife really met the demands of both professional and enthusiastic chefs and we are here to recommend it! (Haarko knife review) 

Haarko knives are newly crafted Japanese kitchen knives that will meet your needs. It is a perfectly balanced knife for anyone wondering if there is a more compact and manageable alternative to the usually large and heavy chef’s knives.

Haarko Knives Reviews
Haarko Knives Reviews

The art of cooking is as old as human. Both science and technology, and natural human talents have been put together to make cooking a safer and more pleasurable experience.

There are numerous Japanese knives and German knives crafted to meet the needs of every chef. Haarko Santoku knives are unique Japanese crafted knives that comes with numerous features that made it standout among other brands of Japanese and German kitchen knives. 

Haarko Santoku knife was invented for over seventy years (70 yrs) using different techniques to meet the western and eastern cooking demands. German knives and Japanese knives have dominated the world of kitchen knives, however, haarko chef knife took one step further by adding its signature index finger precision hole for a perfect control. It is a beautiful kitchen knife essential for every chef.

The crafters of haarko knives check every details of each knife before releasing it to the store and our editors have confirmed that through thorough testing. Online haarko knife reviews have also attested to these facts. 

Have you ever sustained an injury while slicing your vegetables with a kitchen knife? It is really painful and pretty annoying and that’s why our editors too time to find the perfect cooking tool for you. Haarko knives index finger hole gives you the opportunity to precisely control your knife while chopping vegetable, fruits, meat and other cooking items. There is no risk of sustaining injuries with Santoku knives. 

Are you a professional chef or just an enthusiastic cook looking for an efficient kitchen knife? Haarko knife is the best option for you, it will turn your daily food prep into an unforgettable memories. The traditional Japanese crafters were able to combine their traditional crafting skills and modern design to produce this special kitchen knife with a more control and balance.

Keep reading haarko knives review to grasp all you need to know about this Japanese knives. 

What is Haarko knives? (Haarko knife review) 

Haarko knife is a kitchen knife crafted by Japanese experts to meet the general purpose of chef knives while adding a touch of class to slicing, dicing and chopping. It makes fish slicing, vegetable chopping and cutting of sticky foods safer, faster and a more pleasing experience.

Santoku which means three virtues in Japan, was employed in crafting this knife to produce a perfect blend of western style chef knife and Japanese Nakiri knives. The crafters of haarko knife deployed all their expertise to manufacture this awesome knife using the ancient samurai tradition. This invention started as far back as 1950s and now, they can brag of giving customers what they actually wanted. 

Each haarko knife is meticulously crafted using 138-steps design and goes through rigorous testing before every shipment. 

Do you have passion for the art of cooking? Haarko knives were made out of this purpose. In a bid to revolutionise the market, the manufacturer created this special kitchen knife with a unique blade. Haarko Santoku knives are the best of both worlds of traditional Japanese knives making techniques and modern approach. It will be in your best interest to add this fabulous chef knife in your kitchen collections.

Santoku knives are sharp, sturdy and highly durable. Unlike many sharp knives that are susceptible to chipping and oxidation, haarko knives are made of high quality Japanese steel that resist rusting and corrosion. Real kitchen knife should never be prone to chipping and oxidation. You will also have a complete control over your knife because the handle is made of high quality Oak wood that never slips.

Haarko Santoku knives are smaller in size and more lightweight than regular chef knives. Thus, it is suitable for any hand irrespective of size.

While a regular  chef knife requires a rocking-like motion when cutting, Santoku only needs a swift downwards motion, which makes it perfect for chopping. Haarko knife was designed to enable you achieve a more precise and finer slices than the regular chef knives.

Note! Do not use the regular rocking motion while cutting items with your haarko knife, instead use a swift downward motion to chop your food. Rocking motion cut with haarko may deny you the fine slices you so much desire. 

Haarko Knives Review
Haarko Knives Review

Haarko Santoku knives technical details

Over all length27.7 cm / 10.9 inches
 Blade length only16 cm / 6.3 inches 
Over all width7 cm / 2.8 inches
Weight280 g / 0.64 pound
Angle of the curve68 degrees
Blade materialJapanese Stainless Steel
Handle materialOak wood (scented rosewood)

Outstanding features of Haarko knife

There are a lot of features of haarko knife and the most prominent and outstanding ones will be looked into in this haarko knives review. 

High quality ultra sharp blade: Haarko knives blade is made of high quality Stainless Steel that is highly durable. Each of these steels passes through a rigorous 138 steps before the handle is attached to it. It is very sharp and makes cutting very easy. Unlike most brittle kitchen knives that break easily, haarko Santoku knives blades are very strong and can withstand great degree of stress. You can precisely chop your vegetables into thin slices, cut your fish and sticky food perfectly and faster. 

Index finger hole for precise control: This is the hallmark of Haarko knives and Huusk knives. The index finger hole helps you to be in full control of your chef knife to avoid injury.

Most chef want to buy a sharp knife because it makes cutting easier and faster but it comes with a downside. You can get your digits  cut if you are not extremely careful. Haarko knives crafters tried to solve this problem by incorporating an index finger hole in the Santoku knife blade just above the handle. Each time you want to use your knife, make sure that your index finger is inserted in that hole! 

Quality wooden handle that never slips: The Oak wooden handle with its characteristic texture ensures that haarko knife fits perfectly into any hand. It will never slip off neither will it cause you injuries. Haarko knife is also small in size, hence it will fit into your hands even if it’s small. Always avoid rocking motion while using this knife. 

Portable and lightweight: It is easy to carry and use. Unlike other chef knife that are a bit heavy, haarko knife is very portable, and will never constitute a burden to your life. It was designed to give you pleasure at any moment.

Resistant to chipping: Some knives are sharp, but comes with the cost of being fragile and prone to chipping and oxidation. Haarko knife makers believed that real kitchen chef knife should never have such problems. Santoku knife is extremely sturdy and sharp, its quality Stainless Steel blade and oak handle guarantees great performance. 

User-friendly: It safe to use because you have more control over it unlike blunt knives. Accidental cuts (injuries), squashing of food and rugged cutting will not happen again. 

Benefits of Haarko knives over others

Pleasurable in every way: All haarko knives are extremely sharp. They are perfectly balanced which makes it comfortable to hold the knives. Cutting while cooking has never been more fun. If you have ever used a blunt knife to cut vegetables before, you will realise that it is not only time consuming, it will make your cooking unprofessional and you also have to face the risk of accidental injuries because you will be applying more force during chopping of your food items. 

Precisely crafted to the last details: Each and every details of haarko knives has been meticulously checked and taken into account. Haarko provides you with the best quality knives inspired by the best Japanese knife making techniques. It passes through several manufacturing steps and testing before it is released into the official store. Haarko Santoku knife is the best chef knife that meets the world’s demands.

Perfect grip: The handle consist of high quality oak wood. This is a type of hard wood with a characteristic dark texture, creating perfect grip. In addition to perfect grip, haarko oak handle is high quality and lasts for a long time, no risk of breaking or detaching from the blade. 

Haarko Knife Review
Haarko Knife Review

Does it worth buying? (haarko knives reviews)

Definitely yes! Haarko knives are high quality Japanese knives that worth every dime spent on it. Not only have our editors confirmed this assertion, but a lot of other consumers haarko knife review online have also attested to this fact.

It has gained wide recognition in different countries including United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and a lot of other countries in west and east. Haarko kitchen knife is very sharp, durable and affordable. It comes with a signature index finger hole to enable you grip it perfectly and control your knife anyhow you want. You can achieve the thinnest and finest slices with haarko razor sharp blade.

If you are a professional chef or just enthusiastic cook who find cooking to be a chore, a quality chef’s knife might make the task feel easier. Your personal instinct and preferences, and your needs at any moment should guide your decision while looking for a chef’s knife. Our editorial team have only done professional analysis and testing and found haarko knife to be highly efficient and reliable. A lot of users have recommended haarko knife and you will definitely enjoy it.

Pros (haarko knife reviews)

Affordable: Despite maintaining high end features, haarko knives are very affordable, you won’t have to break a bank to own your own professional chef knife. Also, there is a promo going on for early buyers. Any purchase made from the official website qualifies for 50% discount. 

Durable: The blade and oak wood handle of haarko kitchen knives are of premium quality. Japanese Stainless Steel can withstand a great degree of pressure especially while cutting hard food items. Also, the visible rivets used in attaching the oak wood to the blade ensures a firm union between the two components of haarko Santoku knives. Thus, you can use it for years without any damage. Also the steel is highly resist to chipping and oxidation. 

Stylish design: Yes, it is stylishly designed to make it look stunning. A lot of us while looking for sharp quality kitchen knife, also want something that can improve the overall look of their kitchen collections. Haarko knife is a perfect option here. The handle of haarko knives is incredibly smooth, so none of the edges digs into the palm. The blade has fine dimples that makes haarko knife aesthetically pleasing. Avoid those ugly looking knives and grab Haarko knives! 

Easy to maintain: There is no stress in maintaining haarko knives. All you need to do is wash your knife after use so food items don’t get to accumulate within the dimples. 

Numerous guarantees: Because of the quality of this knife, the Japanese crafters attached a lot of guarantees to it. You get discount for each unit of haarko knife you bought and 30 day money back guarantee. No risk of loosing your money. 

Cons (haarko knives review)

Limited supply: Haarko knife is a newly invented kitchen knife that just found its way into the market, a lot of consumers are ordering for it at an incredibly high rate. Currently, there are only few units left in stock. However, the producer is already working on restocking, get yours before it runs out of stock entirely!

Not sold in retail stores: To purchase the original haarko knife, you must visit the website of the producer. However, this may not really be a thing to worry about because you get refunded within thirty days of purchase if you are not satisfied with the product.

Prices and where to buy Haarko knife

Haarko Santoku knives are cheap and easy to purchase. There’s a standard shipping fee of $9.95 irrespective of the number of units you purchase. Below are the prices of different quantities of haarko knives. Note, the higher the quantity the higher the discount per unit knife. 

  • One Haarko knife – $39.95
  • Two Haarko knives – $59.96
  • Three Haarko knives – $75.96
  • Four Haarko knives – $89.96

Now, you are probably satisfied with the qualities and prices of Haarko Japan and you wish to give it a try but don’t know where and how to proceed with purchase. If you are thrilled with this product, we recommend that you buy directly from the manufacturers official website.

Any purchase outside this official product page is at the risk of the buyer because the producer stated it explicitly that their product is not available in retail stores. Do not allow yourself to be scammed, visit the official website to purchase yours at 50% discount. In the off chance that you don’t like haarko knife, you can return it to the producer within 30 days of purchase.

How to use Haarko kitchen knives (haarko knife review)

To make your cooking more pleasurable experience, you need a sharp knife. However, this comes with a downside. If you get cut with a sharp knife, you will regret spending your money on it. This is the problem with a lot of sharp knives.

Fortunately, that’s not the case with Haarko knife, you have complete control over it. The index finger hole and oak wood handle ensure that you will never sustain injury while using your haarko Japan knife. Follow these steps below to put your knife into use:

  • Use the hole for your index finger for ultimate control and precision.
  • Use swift downward chopping motion while cutting, never rocking motion! 
  • Do not apply force while using haarko knife. It is a sharp precise tool, there is no need for force. 
  • Do not use rocking back-and-forth motion while cutting. 

Steps to protect your kitchen knife from damage

  1. Carefully wash clean the blade to prevent food accumulation in its dimple.
  2. Hand wash your haarko knife and dry it immediately after each use. 
  3. Do not put haarko in a dishwasher it may affect the quality. 
  4. Store the knife in the damp place to prevent rust. 
Haarko Knife Reviews
Haarko Knife Reviews

Haarko knife consumer reports

Chopping veggies, fish and meat is a lot easier with this knife. The blade is almost straight with a downward curve at the tip and this makes a lot of task easier. I place my thumb comfortably on the blade to direct the blade and the bolster is well curved to fit the middle finger underneath. ~Yuto Tanaka, Head Chef

I like precise upward-downward motion while chopping meats, fish and vegetables, and Haarko knife is so perfect for this style of cutting. The edge of the blade is almost straight and the tip is sharp and downward curve. Very suitable for multi kitchen tasks. ~Ellie Clarke, Executive Chef

I like that it is well prised and mine didn’t take time to arrive. It is very sharp and great quality. Unlike my bulky and heavy knife, this Santoku knife is very light and feels comfortable in my palm. I’m considering ordering for extra unit. ~Christ H. Enthusiastic cook.

Thought that the hole is just for fancy but it actually enhances control. I feel very comfortable using it, super sharp with great balance, and the handle is far better than expected. Best quality and price ratio Santoku knife out there. I won’t hesitate to recommend it. ~Anne Cloe. Enthusiastic cook

Didn’t really expect much from this knife due to the price, how wrong was I? The weight is great and I like how it feels. Well done Haarko for mastering such a great product, can’t give any bad point at all. Well worth the money spent. ~Michael Ross  

Haarko knives frequently asked questions

Does the hole cut out actually help to improve control of the knife?

Yes, it obviously helps to improve control of the kitchen knife. It was specifically designed so that the index finger will be in contact with the blade of the knife, allowing for more hands on experience. You won’t sustain cut as long as you are using the swift downward motion during cutting instead of rocking motion.

Is haarko knife really durable?

Yes, the Santoku knife is durable. It is made of hand forged Stainless Steel and high quality scented rosewood.

How long does delivery take?

 It takes only a few working days to get your order. Your location (country) also affects the duration. Your order is always tracked and every update will be given to you in due time.

Is haarko a traditional Japanese knife?

Haarko is a Santoku knife that combines the traditional Japanese craftsmanship with western style of chef knife. It is a unique, wonderful fusion of two world views that produces a general purpose knife with specific perks for slicing, dicing and chopping. 

Bottom line of Haarko knife reviews

Haarko knives are Japanese invention. They are more compact and manageable alternative to the usually large and heavy chef knife type. Your daily food prep will be a pleasurable experience with haarko Japan knife. It is affordable and easy to maintain.

If you are looking for a cheap kitchen knife that will meet all your cooking needs, then consider giving haarko knife a try because it was created out of passion for the art of cooking using the ancient samurai tradition. The blade is extremely sharp and enables you to achieve fine, precise slices. It is suitable for both enthusiasts and professionals.

Get yours from the official website at a discounted price. The end of haarko knives reviews, thanks for reading. 

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