HLTH Code Review 2021: Best Meal Replacement Shake

HLTH Code complete meal is mixture of nutrients in the right proportion and quantities for optimal health condition. It  was developed by a metabolic scientist after a series and years of research. HLTH Code review is composed to put you through the details of this formula, so keep reading. 

HLTH Code Review
HLTH Code Review

Knowing what to eat to keep your health in the optimal state is one thing and knowing the right combinations and proportions of each constituent is another thing. Having the right combinations of ingredients in the wrong proportions will still not help you in achieving that desired state of health you wanted, thus, both combinations and proportions matter a lot if you want to have a nutritionally sound diet.

Great metabolic scientists and dieticians have done a series of research to come up with the right formula that will suit everyone’s health desires and here is HLTH Code meal replacement shakes that contain all the ingredients you need for optimal growth and body development without any artificial ingredients. 

In a state of poor health and lassitude, life will hardly be enjoyable and worthwhile. To make your living a happy one, you need a vibrant health full of sustainable energy and this must be achieved in the most natural and affordable way possible. 

It’s no news to you that a lot of synthetic products are in circulation claiming to be perfect in fixing shapes and restoring good health. The truth is that some of them may be apparently effective but come with a lot of side effects which will even outweigh the benefits. To be on the safe side, you should use trusted formulations developed by experts in the field of metabolic science and dietetics. 

A good number of us are watching their weight and at the same time want a complete meal that will ensure optimal health, this is where your complete meal replacement shake comes in handy. It has low carbs, no GMOs and it is very Keto – friendly. If you ever bothered about your skin or nail’s health, you will surely benefit from this meal.

There are lots of other advantages that accompany this meal replacement shakes which you will get to find out in this HLTH Code review. 

In all sincerity, there are numerous meal replacements on the market space and each touted to be the best by their producers but you will never get half of the claimed benefits when you opt for them. This is why we took time to research this to come up with the best brand of complete meal replacement that will benefit customers and they won’t have to spend big bucks on it. 

If you are looking for the best meal  replacement formula to help boost your health and maintain your weight, then you have come to the right page. Read HLTH Code meal replacement shakes review to the end to enable you to make an informed decision. 

What is HLTH Code complete meal replacement

HLTH Code is a complete meal replacement shake that contains ingredients in the right combinations and proportions for optimal health. It was formulated by a metabolic scientist and it has gained wide recognition due to its efficacy. The HLTH Code contains an adequate amount of protein (27g), digestive enzymes, probiotics, collagen, right proportion of omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids, and so much more. 

The huge plus to it is that it does not contain any GMOs, it is gluten free and keto friendly. 

Have you heard of complete meal replacement before? I guess you did! They are special formulas that contain all the nutrients you need to boost health and immunity. They are not really a replacement for your daily meals but they help to replenish deficient nutrients in the body and they are also useful in watching weight, thus, you still need to take normal diets once or twice a day with replacement meal. 

The major reason why people abstain from certain food types is either because of allergy or that they are simply watching their weight. If you fall into any of thess categories, then complete meal replacement shakes is not an option for you, rather it is a must-have meal to enhance your immune defence and boost your health.

Also, for those that literally consume any type of food without restrictions, you may also consider giving complete meal replacement shakes a try and see the beauty of it. HLTH Code was formulated by Dr Ben Bikman. Dr Ben is a renowned metabolic scientist who has spent years in this profession doing research and reviewing certain food combinations to ascertain their efficacy and how well the body can metabolise them.

He finally came up with this perfect combination that is metabolically proven to be very efficacious and suitable for our body systems. Guess what you will get when you swap with this super shake! You will be replenishing your cells with the cornerstone of ideal nutrition delivered without compromise.

It contains healthy fat and protein in equal proportions, grass-fed collagen, vitamins and minerals, apple cider vinegar, fibre for the gut and numerous enzymes. It tastes great and there are no artificial flavours and ingredients. HLTH Code is a health booster and it helps your immune system to remain at the top in fighting foreign organisms. 

Are you having an allergy that keeps you away from certain diets? Or are you just trying to prevent your body from accumulating excess fat that will alter your weight and shape? It’s high time you started taking your complete meal replacement shakes. The good thing about this brand is that it does not contain any synthetic component, thus no risk of unwanted side effects.

HLTH Code meal replacement is also very affordable, you won’t have to break a bank to have your own health and immune booster. This brand of meal shakes is produced in the United States at a cGMP-certified and FDA registered facility. This adds to its credibility and reliability. It’s not a sham! No bogus claims here! 

Is HLTH Code good for you 

HLTH Code is good for everybody irrespective of age and sex. As long as you want a complete meal replacement shakes that will keep your health at the optimal level and boost your immune defence, you will benefit from this complete meal that has gained wide recognition in numerous countries including the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and so many other countries.

The total carbs contained in the HLTH Code complete meal is only 4 grams, hence there is no risk of weight gain for those trying hard to watch their weight. Carbohydrates are the major component of food that increases weight gain for those that gain weight rapidly. Fortunately, there’s only a small quantity of carbs in HLTH Code and it won’t significantly increase your weight.

Also, fat is another food component that can accumulate in the tissues and result in increased weight gain and even obesity. HLTH Code contains only 27 grams of healthy fats in the right proportion to avoid certain diseases caused by fats such as arteriosclerosis and consequent hypertension. 

There are no artificial sweeteners in HLTH Code complete meals. It is naturally sweetened without the use of any sugar alcohols. Even when you are on a ketogenic diet, your complete meal replacement shakes will still be a pretty cool meal solution. It is a whole meal replacement shake that incorporates the recent findings and discoveries in nutrition and metabolic science.

The HLTH Code formula will ensure that your health is well above average. Thus, it was formulated for everybody and a lot of users have really commended this product.  

Is HLTH Code vegan?

No, it’s not vegan, it contains animal proteins and other constituents. Some people prefer vegan but that’s not the case with many. The HLTH Code complete meal includes natural ingredients from animal origin. It contains whey, egg whites, collagen and ghee due to their nutritional benefits, bio availability and scientific evidence of efficacy. HLTH Code has tremendous benefits which vegan formula alone can not offer.

As a matter of concern, the producer of HLTH Code complete meal replacement has been carrying out numerous research to find vegan formula that will perfectly match HLTH Code benefits but they have not come up with  any reasonable results. Research is still ongoing and there is hope that one day a perfect vegan formula will be invented for the benefit of those who only like vegan products alone. 

Though very efficient, HLTH Code does not really give any sense of fullness because the volume is not that significant enough to fill the stomach but it has the capacity to boost your energy levels. Thus, gym-goers and athletes will take great advantage in this complete meal because it will make them lighter just like the vegans and will also supply them enough energy they need for their routine exercise. 

If you are strictly a vegan, then you might consider giving another brand of meal replacement shakes a try because HLTH Code complete meals are not vegan for now. 

What is the best meal replacement shake 

There are tons of meal replacement shakes available on the market place and they are all touted to be the best by different companies. In reality, that’s not the case because a good number of them lack certain nutrients (either micro or macro nutrients) that are required by the body for healthy life. Only very few of these meals are complete like HLTH Code.

If you plan on purchasing any meal replacement make sure that it is complete and contains all the necessary nutrients.

Unfortunately, the big challenge is knowing which is complete and which one is not. Finding the best complete meal is an arduous task and time consuming, however this HLTH Code complete meal review is composed after a series of research to save you time and stress.

From both customers’ HLTH Code reviews and real quantitative and qualitative testing, it has been proved that HLTH Code formulated by Dr Ben is the best meal replacement shake. However, it does not have the capacity of giving you a complete sense of fullness because of its low carbohydrates content, though it is rich in fibre that can help you feel full to a reasonable degree. 

It contains more fat, thus it will be the best choice for men who want to maintain healthier testosterone levels. This is because testosterone is a steroid hormone that is synthesized from fats. HLTH Code contains enough fat that will serve as substrate during the reaction (synthesis of testosterone).

If you want a meal that contains the right proportion of fats and proteins with low carbohydrates and is keto friendly, a HLTH Code complete meal will be pretty cool for you. It can boost calcium and iron level and it contains enough collagen that can boost your skin health, cartilage health and nail health. 

A good meal replacement shake should contain at least 25 grams of protein or more, free from artificial dyes or colouring agents, contains little fibre to give you a little sense of fullness so you don’t feel hungry after taking it and capable of supplying you fuel. HLTH Code delivered on all these features and it’s one of the best meal replacement shakes that’s highly recommended. 

HLTH Code complete meal Review
HLTH Code complete meal Review

HLTH Code weight loss 

HLTH Code complete meal is the real crusher when it comes to weight loss. This mind-blowing meal replacement shake contains an adequate amount of nutrients to fill you up with fuel and enhance muscle growth. It was developed by a metabolic scientist who has been carrying out research to formulate a meal that can control carbs, prioritize protein and fulfil with healthy fats to keep your metabolic pathways active without letting you feel hungry. 

A lot of people are becoming so conscious of their weight and they tend to run away from edibles that contain high sugar content. As you know, sugar is by far the greatest cause of overweight and obesity and if not properly controlled, you may end up gaining excess weight. The first goal of this formula is to control carbohydrate intake. Once you keep your carbs consumption on check, you will hardly ever gain weight.

Also, HLTH Code contains enough proteins and fat that can keep your metabolic pathways going without you feeling hungry. This will also prevent excessive weight loss which might affect your shape and overall look. If you belong to those that are seeking to lose weight or prevent excessive weight gain, HLTH Code complete meals will be good for you.

In addition to taking your complete meal replacement, you can start with some fitness tips to enable you lose more weight.

You might be wondering! Won’t this meal be tasteless since it does not contain added sugar? No, it is not. HLTH Code is sweetened naturally without any added sugars or alcohol and it tastes really good 

HLTH Code recipes / ingredients (HLTH Code Review) 

There are lots of ingredients that make up the HLTH Code complete meal. The major components of these ingredients will be summarized in this section of HLTH Code reviews. 

Proteins  (HLTH Code complete meal review)

Proteins are needed for muscle growth, hormone production and also formation of enzymes. It is an important part of any balanced diet because the body can literally not do without protein. HLTH Code contains an adequate amount of proteins that are absorbed quickly.

They stimulate growth, support lean and toned muscles and also boost metabolism and reduce appetite. 

You already know that not all proteins are equally created. Some of these formulas contain proteins that are hardly absorbed into the body. HLTH Code protein is derived from whey and egg whites. This is a high quality protein that is creamy and non-grainy. It is readily absorbed and utilized in the body. It contains a total of 27 grams of protein which helps you feel full. 

Fats  (HLTH Code review)

Fats make up a huge percentage of a balanced diet and it has crucial roles to play in the body. However, there are a number of pathological diseases associated with fat such as thickening of vascular walls that results in high blood pressure and its associated comorbidities. The types of fats contained in a diet and their proportion determines whether it will be beneficial or harmful to your health.

Healthy fats combined in the right proportion have tremendous benefits. HLTH Code contains a one to one ratio of healthy fats to protein for optimal health conditions. The fats in HLTH Code is a combination of short, medium and long chain fatty acids in the right proportion. These fats are extracted from coconut oil, olive oil, flaxseed, cocoa butter and grass fed ghee. They can help improve your heart health, reduce food cravings and improve your overall intellectual capacity.  


Collagen is a major protein in connective tissues and it plays a huge role in skin health, bone health, cartilage, joint, nails and even brain health. The collagen in HLTH Code is extracted from grass-fed animals and it contains a total of 6.5 grams of collagen peptides. Thus, it will be very much beneficial for older folks who have reduced capacity for collagen synthesis.

Adequate amount of collagen can make your skin glowing like that of a young youth, make your hair stronger and thicker and improve overall joint and bone health. You can also use a hair revitalization tool to thicken and regrow your hairs if you have a hair loss problem. 

Omega (HLTH Code complete meal review)

This is a group of fatty acids that are not synthesized in the body. They must be supplied in the diet in appropriate amounts for healthy growth and functions. HLTH Code contains an adequate amount of omage three (3) and omega six (6) fatty acids in the right proportion that will just be sufficient for your body. 

Fibre and enzymes and probiotics 

These are components of HLTH Code that benefits your gastrointestinal tract. The fibre component of HLTH Code complete meals helps to give you the feeling of fullness so you don’t feel hungry after replacing your meal with this formula. The enzymes play a crucial role in the digestion of the meal. Without digestion, meals won’t be absorbed and without absorption, they can not be utilized. Thus, the enzymes are great component of the formula and they help in its utility. 

Apple cider vinegar 

This component is gotten from crushed apples and it enhances metabolic boost 

Vitamins and minerals 

These are micro nutrients that are only required in small quantities for optimal metabolic functions. Minerals like calcium, phosphorus and magnesium  are very important in strengthening the bones, zinc plays a huge role in epithelisation, iron is important in synthesis of red blood cells and so many other minerals serve as enzyme co-factors.

Vitamins on the other hand, serves as enzyme co-factors, antioxidants and also utilized in synthesis of cells in the body. HLTH Code complete meals contain enough quantity of these nutrients for optimal metabolism and growth.

Benefits of HLTH Code meal 

There are a lot of benefits you can get from your complete meal replacement and they are all enumerated in this section of HLTH Code complete meal replacement shake review. 

No added sugar 

There is no added sugar in HLTH Code meals and yet it tastes great. It is sweetened with natural products like monk fruit and stevia leaf. Thus, if you are the type that likes sweet meals, HLTH Code is for you. It will satisfy your cravings without loading you with extra sugars that might result in weight gain or diabetes. It is very suitable for people suffering from sugar disease also known as diabetes. 

Check weight (HLTH Code review)

HLTH Code has very low content of carbohydrate that is just sufficient to supply energy and support a healthy weight. It does not cause excessive weight gain, it has only 4 grams of carbohydrate. 

Muscle growth 

HLTH Code contains proteins that are extracted from whey and egg white which are considered high quality protein sources. This protein is highly absorbable and it stimulates muscle growth. It helps to keep the muscles in the right tone and this will be highly beneficial for regular gym-goers and athletes. 

Constant supply of fuel 

Though it does not contain artificial sugar, HLTH Code has enough carbs, protein and fats that gives enough energy for body activities. You won’t have hypoglycaemia nor will you experience any brain fatigue due to insufficient sugar in blood. 

Improve digestive system 

The fiber helps to increase the bulk of the meal while the enzymes help in digestion and utilization of the meal. If the meal can’t be digested, it won’t be utilized and the entire exercise will be in futility. This complete meal contains everything needed to help you attain that desired state of health and physical fitness you always wanted. The fiber also helps to prevent constipation. 

Look younger than ever before 

The collagen component of HLTH Code helps to rejuvenate your skin, hairs, nails, bones and cartilages. It makes you look younger and stronger. Also the fat and energy supplied by HLTH Code complete meal replacement enhances brain function. 

Pros (HLTH Code Review)

  • Very affordable. 
  • Very efficacious.
  • Contains all nutrients for good health and growth.
  • No GMOs
  • No artificial sweeteners and flavours. 
  • No synthetic ingredients. 
  • Helps you look younger and stronger. 
  • Boost metabolism and digestion. 
  • Tastes great without added sugar. 

Cons (HLTH Code complete meal review)

  1. Vegans and vegetarians: If you are strictly a vegetarian, you may not like this product because it is composed of animal products. You might consider giving other meal replacement shakes a try. 
  2. Vanilla and chocolate: It has only these two components. Though they taste great, it is not the right meal replacement for those that want more options. If you  can make do with these, then you can go ahead and acquire your own complete meal replacement. 
  3. Online purchase: You can only buy your own meal replacement from the official product page. No retail store sells the original HLTH Code meal replacement by Dr Ben  

Pricing and recommendations

Now, you are satisfied with HLTH Code and you wish to buy yours. One bag of this meal replacement costs $49.95 and it is available in the official product page. Do not make the mistake of buying yours from any vendor outside the producer’s official website. Also, do not give this meal replacement to kids. It is not good for pregnant women either.

Pregnancy is a critical period and you should endeavour to avoid anything that is not recommended by your obstetrician as much as possible so you don’t end up with a baby that will come down with numerous congenital anomalies. Though this formulation is efficacious, no research has been carried out to ascertain its effects on kids and pregnant women. It should only be consumed by adults. 

Check Availability @ Official Product Page

Frequently asked questions (HLTH Code Review) 

Is a complete meal good for me?

Yes, complete meal good for everybody. Human nutrition can be complicated and a lot of energy is needed for various body activities. However, certain things are staples including essential fats, essential amino acids, fibre, vitamins and minerals. All these are needed to fuel the body and a complete meal must contain all of them in the right proportion for optimal body health. HLTH Code complete meal provides all the nourishment you would get from a healthy nutritious and complete meals. Thus, it is really good for you if I may suggest.

Why does it contain more fat than carbohydrates?

This is to prevent excessive weight gain associated with excess carbohydrates. Also, there are essential fatty acids that the body can not synthesise which must be supplied in diets for survival. While literally all the carbohydrates can be synthesized in the body from other nutrients like proteins and fats. HLTH Code contains more of these essential fatty acids in the right combinations for constant supply of body fuel. A lot of experts are actually advertising low fat or complete abstinence from fat but this has little impact on our health. The best way to achieve a healthy state is by taking the best natural fat in the right ratio to get healthier. It’s true that some fats are associated with disorders but that does not make all the fatty acids bad, a good number of them are needed for optimal growth and HLTH Code contains them in the right proportion to help your body get what it needs.

Why does it contain a lot of calories?

Nobody likes hunger and that’s why the HLTH Code complete meal was created. Taking meals that won’t solve the problem of hunger is pretty much a waste of time and money. The best choice is always an affordable complete meal that can supply you with energy, fill you up and make you look better. HLTH Code contains a lot of calories that will ensure that your body is adequately fuelled and it also stimulates metabolic rate.

Can I use it while pregnant or breastfeeding?

It has no component or ingredients that can harm your baby during pregnancy or lactation but it is recommended that pregnant women don’t take HLTH Code complete meal replacement for the safety of the baby. Thus, it is recommended for an average adult that is not pregnant or nursing a child. Also do not give it to kids because its effect on them has not been verified. Also children have different nutritional requirements than adults.

Is HLTH Code keto friendly?

Yes, HLTH Code is complete meal keto friendly. It contains only 4g of net carbs, no added sugars and 27 grams of healthy fats. Best of all, it is naturally sweetened without the use of any artificial sweeteners or sugar alcohol. HLTH Code complete meals can be an excellent meal solution while on a ketogenic diet.

I’m on a keto diet for weight loss, will HLTH Code be good for me?

Yes, it will be good for you. The HLTH Code complete meal was produced using evidence on human nutrition to support optimal metabolic health including keto diets. The protein, fat and carbs constituent of HLTH Code is combined in the right ratio that will be suitable for everybody including those on ketogenic diets for weight loss. It contains the right proportion of protein and other constituents, you won’t gain weight with this replacement and it won’t interrupt the efficacy of your keto diet. 

What does the collagen in it do?

Collagen is an animal protein that is contained in each serving of a HLTH Code complete meal. Each serving of the meal contains 6.5 grams of collagen. Collagen is the main component of extracellular matrix of connective tissues,  it helps in strengthening of bones, cartilages and other connective tissues. It also helps with glowing, youthful skin and nails.

Does it contain salt?

Yes, it does contain contain salt. The body needs an adequate amount of minerals, mainly sodium, for health. Sodium helps in regulating the osmolarity of the intracellular and extracellular fluids, and also plays a role in regulating urine formation in the kidney. Sodium and other ions are also used for electrical conductivity of the nervous systems. Thus, there is a need to include salt in it for completeness.

Does it contain allergens?

Most of us react to different things and whatever we react to is an allergen. Thus, there is no constituent of HLTH Code complete meal that is referred to as an allergen, they all have a role to play in the body but we’d list some of the sources of these ingredients so you will be able to know if it contains the food (substance) you react to if you are having allergy. HLTH Code contains milk, egg, coconut oil, olive oil, cocoa butter, enzymes, sodium caseinate, apple cider vinegar, sunflower lecithin, inulin, Redmond real salt, xanthan gum, medium chain triglycerides, flaxseed, lactobacillus acidophilus, monk fruit extract, stevia leaf extract and other mineral and vitamins. If you are allergic to any of the above mentioned food sources, you may choose not to use HLTH Code meal replacement.

Does it contain synthetic ingredients?

No, HLTH Code meal replacement does not contain any artificial sweeteners or flavours. There is no risk of causing unwanted side effects. It can also satisfy your sweet cravings even without any added sugar in it.

HLTH Code Reviews
HLTH Code Reviews

Customers HLTH Code Reviews

I use only two shakes per day for two weeks and have lost a significant amount of weight. These shakes keep me full, reduce my cravings and give me enough energy I need for my day activities. Such an amazing meal and I’m pleased with it.  

Susan T.

Sometimes I need a meal and don’t have the time or inclination to make real food. I have used shakes in the past to lose weight and for convenience, but I didn’t want to go back because I didn’t trust the ingredients. Rather, I would just resign myself to fasting or cooking. Luckily, the HLTH Code complete meal is here and I won’t have to worry about anything. It’s formulated by an expert and it meets all my demands. Glad I bought it!  

Jonathan H.

My mission for months now is losing weight and I have tried some keto diets. Though they are effective, they are not giving me expected results at a fast rate and I decided to use HLTH Code. I have already lost fourteen (14) pounds in just four (4) weeks and I have only nine (9) pounds to achieve my desired goal. I feel great and I’m in a solid ketosis consistently. Love this shake and it tastes nice.  

Brian P.

This product is reasonably priced and it is very efficacious, I won’t hesitate to recommend it for anybody trying to lose weight with the most natural and affordable meal replacement. It was developed by an expert and it delivers. I like that it has a 1:1 fat and protein ratio which makes it safe and free from disorders associated with fats.  

Jane M.

This meal replacement is a boom to anybody looking for a naturally sweetened quick meal that is real food. It is made up of high quality proteins from whey, collagen from grass fed animals and egg white. These proteins are rapidly absorbed and it boosts health and immunity. Great meal!  

Mike R.

Bottom line of HLTH Code meal replacement shakes review

There numerous benefits you will get from this complete meal replacement shake.

The first week of using this meal, you will notice a boost in your energy level and it will curb your cravings. In the first month, you will experience an improvement in your metabolism, improved sleep, enhanced skin, hair and nail health.

If you continue using the product, you will see improvement in your body composition and a stronger immune system and an overall gut health boost in the second month. With longer duration of use, you will be able to fight aging with your meal replacement through its collagen and protein constituent while remaining in a well-above average health level.

These are a few of the benefits you will get from using this awesome meal. 

Instructions: Always store your HLTH Code complete meal in a cool dry place and ensure that you drink it every day. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, do not take this meal replacement because its effects on your baby have not been ascertained. Also, if you want to control your weight, choose diets that have minimal refined carbohydrates, sugars or net carbs. 

That’s all for HLTH Code review. Hit the button below to purchase your own complete meal replacement from the product official page right away.  

As you are striving to attain a good state of health with efficacious and safe shakes, you might also consider getting PetJoy multivitamin for the optimal health of your pet. (HLTH Code review). Feel free to check out contours rx lids by design review. & Primal acv gummies

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