Hoomband Wireless Review 2021: Best Headband For Sleeping

Hoomband Wireless Review
Hoomband Wireless Review

Music Industry is becoming the most popular business and an easy place to make money due to our inability to stay without listening to music. Fortunately, there are more than enough music one can listen to irrespective of your taste and reasons. While most people play songs just to dance to the tune and feel relaxed, some listen to music to form thought, forget their sorrows and disappointment and achieve a good rest.

There are tons of speakers, headphones and smart phones available in the market space to make songs more enjoyable. On this ground, we wish to bring to your knowledge of a popular wireless head phone that will help you enjoy your music and enable you to achieve a good rest and sleep quicker: Hoomband wireless head phone

Have you imagined being unable to sleep at night after being exhausted at work during they day? A lot of problems can contribute to this. However, whatever the cause might be, listening to the right music produced by professionals can help you overcome them and sleep well at night. Without a proper sleep, we’d not be productive during the day and our health will be severely affected which renders us vulnerable to different ailments that our immune system can conquer. 

Furthermore, many researchers have devoted a lot of their time and resources to inquire about the causes of inability to sleep that don’t have pathological basis. It was discovered that psychological and emotional issues play a huge role in these problems and evidences have been shown that music can go a long way in combating these issues while we strive to find a better way of making things easier for ourselves.  

The medical term insomnia is the inability to sleep and achieve good rest. It is a problem confronting many people nowadays. Different pharmaceutical companies have developed a number of medications and other devices to help people achieve good sleep. These medications are very efficacious, however they have side effects unlike Hoomband wireless review that will only take your mind to the dreaming world and make you calm while trying to think or sleep. 

Some people will be watching movies and suddenly they got carried away by sleep. They will off the movie and go to bed and still spend over two (2) hours before they actually start sleeping. This will reduce the number of hours they sleep which is not good for their health. With this newly invented head phone, you can achieve sleep very quickly (in less than three minutes). 

Hoom band has gained wide recognition because of its reliability, efficiency and low cost. The rate at which customers are ordering for the product is so high. As at the time this review was published, there are only few products left, though our team discussed with the manufacturer to make more Hoomband available to enable people have access to it.  

This product was recommended by professionals (Hypnotherapist, Sophrologist, etc). Satisfied customers also recommended it for others after their sleep problems have been solved. Now, let’s dive into the main topic of this article. 

What is Hoomband Wireless headphone?

Hoomband is a sleep aid that was developed to help the user get sleep as fast as possible. It also helps people to meditate and form thoughts. This wireless ultra thin material helps anybody suffering from insomnia or having hard time achieving sleep quickly or concentrating on a particular thing due to hyperactive mind. This may sound like a mirage to first time users but it does work as stated in this article.

Hoomband wireless head phone uses well coordinated sound to calm the mind to enable you sleep fast and think.There are numerous causes of insomnia (inability to sleep) and psychology plays a great role in this sleep problem. If you are able to control your mind and make it calm, then you don’t need Hoomband or any pharmacological agent to help you achieve sleep. However, it’s always a big issue to have a full control of our mind. We can hardly calm it down when it is hyperactive.

This is why many pharmacological agents (hypnotic drugs) were created to help calm the mind down in states of hyperactivity to enable a patient achieve sleep.

Most times insomnia or inability to achieve sleep fast is psychological and does not have any pathological basis. Thus, anything that can help make the mind calm such as music, medications, counselling and so on will go a long way in solving the problem. 

Hoom band sleep aid was developed by sleep experts to help their clients sleep faster. It works just like hypnotic medications, “Make the mind calm and allow sleep to come in”

Note: Inability to sleep (insomnia) varies in severity. If yours is so severe, then you may need the attention of a neurologist or psychiatrist to explore the symptoms more and offer the best solution to your problem but if it’s a moderate to mild insomnia then you don’t need to waste your money and time on any drug or visit any clinic, all you need is Hoomband wireless headphone to achieve a good sleep. Give it a try!

Hoomband Wireless Review
Hoomband Wireless Review

Why you need Hoomband ultra thin wireless headphone 

There are numerous reasons why we need sleep aid like Hoomband and other hypnotics. It is beneficial, affordable and harmless. Let’s take a look at the benefits 

Sleep better 

According to physicians, we need a minimum of eight (8) hours sleep everyday to be in a state of sound health. Many people find it difficult to sleep up to this length. This might be as a result of the type of job they do that doesn’t give them enough time. Though this is understandable, you don’t have to deny yourself adequate sleep  so you will be more product in your work.

If you belong to this group of people, then you really don’t have any issue but you have to make out more time for sleep.

However, a good number of people don’t achieve enough sleep even though they have enough time to do so. These are the people Hoomband headphone was designed for. It will help you to sleep well and also be in control of your sleep to a large extent. You can also use a sleep tracker like koretrak to know how well you are sleeping after using it for sometimes. 

No unwanted side effects 

The major benefit of Hoomband wireless head phone is that it does not come with any side effects. Unlike loud music sounds that can damage your eardrum and cause you hearing impairment, Hoomband uses well crafted songs that can help you calm your mind without disturbing your eardrum or any other parts of your auditory system.

It does not contain chemicals unlike barbiturates and other hypnotics agents that are used to induce sleep. These pharmacological agents are very effective in inducing sleep and restoring calmness of mind, however they contain chemicals that have different side effects. The severity of the adverse reactions depends on our individual body systems, while some suffer severe adverse drug reactions, others only develop mild symptoms. Why not choose Hoomband over medications that will further put you in pains? 

Enhanced meditation 

Due to hyperactive minds, many people find it difficult to meditate and think out solutions to problems. With Hoomband wireless songs, you will be able to calm your brain and focus on a particular topic.

Many consultations to psychiatric and neurology clinics are as a result of inability to sleep or meditate. Sometimes, it is a result of excessive firing of a particular group of neurons. This is purely pathological and needs a suitable medication to relieve the symptoms or remove the triggering factors.

However, most of the causes of inability to sleep or meditate are purely psychological. In as much as this needs expert management in severe cases, some tools like Hoom band wireless headphones developed by sleep experts can do the job, thus saving you time and money.

Hoomband have over 100 well coordinated songs that can take you to the dreaming world, help you sleep and get rid of whatever that’s troubling your mind and preventing you from meditating. 

Affordable and portable 

It is made up of light materials that won’t pose any burden to the users. You can wear your own wireless headphones throughout the night without any hassle. You can as well wear it in your office during work hours. It will help you concentrate on what you are doing throughout the day especially if you are easily distracted. It is stylish and attractive, thus you won’t feel shy wearing it anywhere of your choice.

Most importantly, Hoom band headset is very affordable. Have you ever been charged by a neurologist or psychiatrist or any other sleep expert just to get their attention? You will agree with me that it’s not cheap. Also you will have to book multiple consultations and purchase numerous drugs and tools to solve your problem.

This is really going to eat deep into your earnings while Hoomband is just one off purchase, you don’t have to pay multiple times and moreover, it is very cheap ($79.9). You will have access to user instructions and multiple applications that will help you get the ball rolling after purchasing your own wireless headphones.  

Components of Hoomband 

  • Flat speakers: Hoomband headphones are ultra thin speakers that won’t feel big around your ears. These speakers are enclosed within a foam so they won’t hurt your ears. The breathable fabrics gives overall protection and covers the entire structure. Thus you can lie on any position you prefer. Just make sure your headphone is well fitted on your head. 
  • 3D foam: This foam houses the flat speaker to provide more comfort. It is made up of thermoformed product to ensure you don’t get inconvenienced while using your head band. You can remove this foam anytime you desire to adjust the position of the speakers so you can get maximum beat. 
  • Breathable fabrics: The outermost part of Hoomband that’s visible to everyone is the breathable fabrics. It covers the 3D foam and speakers and allows air to pass through so you don’t feel hot inside. It is also fashionable and aesthetic. The fabrics has anti perspiration property, it does not retain sweat. You can disassemble Hoomband and wash the fabrics in your washing machine to get it clean and free from dirt. Very innovative! 
  • Limitless technology: Hoom band is very compatible with all your Apps just like other headphones. It works well with YouTube, Spotify, Headspace, calm etc. You can use it for meditation, yoga, train, and even workouts.  

Working principles of Hoomband wireless sleep headphone

The major aim of Hoomband is to achieve a state of calmness and sleep through hypnotic stories. To enable you meditate and conquer brain hyperactivity. Below are some of the working principles of Hoomband wireless sleep headset. 


With the help of series of stories that suppress memories, Hoomband enables us to reactivate the sleep pathway that triggers sleep. Naturally we are not in control of this pathway but we can stimulate it through calmness. The sleep mechanism is stimulated once there is need to sleep and rest but if there are other activities that are going on in the brain, it will be difficult to sleep especially if those activities are firing at a higher rate than the sleep pathway.

What Hoomband does is to release those hypnotic stories that will help suppress other momeries and activities going on in the brain so that the firing of sleep neurons will dominate. It is also useful when we want to meditate on any particular topic but finding it difficult to concentrate. Hypnotic stories will suppress those activities that are preventing you from meditating. 

Cardiac coherence 

Cardiac coherence is the most effective tool in achieving sleep and relaxing the body. This mechanism is utilized in both Hoomband and other tools for relaxation therapy. It is suitable for everybody and for any purpose. It’s also utilized in meditation. By suppressing other memories and unnecessary activities, it helps in meditation. You can agree with me that nobody in a state of restlessness will be able to meditate or think about anything. This is because of discomfort.

The same thing happens in the brain, when there are other activities going on in the brain, the neurones in those pathways will be firing at a higher rate and you won’t be able to concentrate. When you achieve a state of calmness, you can meditate on any topic you wish. Hoom band wireless sleep band helps to achieve this calmness. 

hoom wireless sleep band
Hoomband Wireless Review

Five (5) sense stimulation 

Unlike traditional headphones that only play music, Hoom band wireless sleep band helps to stimulate the five senses which include smell, hearing, sight, taste and  kinesthetic. Stimulation of these senses will distract the users from any objects or events that are causing the inability to sleep. 

Binaural frequency

Binaural beats uses the ability of your left and right cerebral hemispheres to reduce stress and induce sleep. The songs are mixed at different frequencies to make them immersive so you can sleep or take your mind away from the source of distraction.  

How to achieve sleep with Hoom Sleep band 

To achieve sleep or meditate with the aid of Hoomband wireless sleep band, follow the steps below 

  • Put on your ultra thin wireless headphone and allow the hypnotic story to begin.
  • Prepare for sleep or meditation. There are different categories of song you can choose from depending on your need at a particular time. Each of these categories of song have the capacity to induce sleep, stimulate your five senses and enable you to concentrate whenever you want to meditate. 
  • Allow the song to make a deeper impact on your mind to achieve maximum calmness. At this state you will find yourself in a dreaming world free from worries and sorrows.
  • Relax your mind now and sleep. 

That’s how this ultra thin sleep band works. It requires only little effort from you and the wireless band will do the rest. 

What does Hoomband App contain? 

  • Hypnotic stories: They’re mixture of lyrics, beats and storytelling. This combination was painstakingly chosen by sleep experts to work on any kind of person regardless of what your problem might be. 
  • Deep meditation: You can now concentrate on what you’re thinking. You might be wondering if the sound itself won’t be a distraction? To be sincere with you, the sounds contained in the Hoomband App does not distract anybody. However, if you can concentrate on what you’re doing without any aid, then there is no need for Hoomband but if you find it difficult to meditate, then Hoomband wireless headphone will be of enormous help. 
  • Documentaries: It contains rich lyrics, songs and stories from great artists in the world. It will take you to the universe beyond your imagination and bring tranquillity to both your mind and body. 
  • White noise: This noise helps you to ward off background noises so you can sleep in the afternoon or at night. Unwanted sounds easily cause distractions and can prevent someone from sleeping or meditating. Hoomband App contains well crafted sounds that will knock off the unwanted sound while keeping your mind in a particular state. 
  • Offline mode: Hoomband App helps you to store sounds offline so you can listen to them anytime you wish. You won’t need internet connection all the time to enjoy your hypnotic stories and sleep tight. 

How to use it (Hoomband wireless review) 

  • It’s simple to use as long as you can connect your smartphone with it. 
  • First download the Hoomband App from your App Store or Google Play Store.
  • Connect your mobile phone with Hoomband ultra thin sleep band through a cord. This will enable you to pair the two devices appropriately when you are just using it for the first time. At this time, you need an internet connection to download the App and pair properly with your Hoomband device.
  • Next step is to download all the documentaries (songs, lyrics and stories). After this stage you will be able to use your wireless headband without any internet connection. You can select any story line you want to listen to depending on your choice.
  • The next step is to actually use it. Put the band around your head making sure that the ultra thin speakers are pointing towards your ears. Connect the headband and your phone, then select the storyline (lyrics) you wish to hear. 

Note: Hoomband wireless comes with a 47 inches cord, always look out for it when you ordered for your own sleep band. Without this cord, you might not  be able to enjoy your sleep band. Also the speakers are covered in a 3D foam so that you won’t feel any pain or discomfort when using your Hoomband wireless. This entire unit is covered with a breathable fabrics. This fabrics are elastic and fits onto any head.

However, there are different sizes of Hoomband wireless, make sure you select the size that will match your head size. The fabric allow air to pass through, thus you won’t sweat inside or feel hot. Hoom sleep band is really outstanding, every part of it was designed to give you comfort. 

Where to buy Hoomband wireless 

The safest place to buy Hoomband wireless is at the official product page of the manufacturer. You can get your own Hoom sleep band there at a discount which are not offered in any retail shop. Also, there is no risk of scamming people or charging customers exorbitantly. Your payment details are also well secured. 

Pros (Hoom sleep band review) 

  • Numerous stories to choose from. 
  • Portable and affordable hypnotic headphone. 
  • It is regularly updated with new content. 
  • It has wide application, it works like headphones and also works with all your mobile phone apps. 
  • Breathable materials that doesn’t hurt. 
  • Wear it throughout the night without any pain or discomfort. 
  • Meditate better even during the day. 
  • Achieve maximum sleep required for sound health. 
  • No unwanted side effects or harmful chemicals. 
  • Brings tranquillity to the body, soul and mind. 
  • Discounted price which increases per unit purchased. 
  • Money back guarantee for unsatisfied customers. 

CONS (Hoom band wireless review) 

  • Not available in any retail shops, you can only get it at the official website of the product. 
  • Limited stock, only gets to early buyers.
  • Requires internet connection for the first time use. 
  • Requires a cable for proper connection before it becomes wireless. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can it completely cure insomnia? 

This depends on the cause of the insomnia and the severity of your condition. Many insomnia are purely psychological with moderate to mild severity. This condition can be cured with Hoomband wireless sleep band as long as you keep using it when needed and also try as much as possible to take your mind away from whatever psychological problems that is causing your problem.

However, some insomnia are pathological which require expert management in the hospital. Most of them are as a result of excessive firing of a group of neurons. This group of neurons and the stimulating agent need to be identified and treated properly before you can be free from insomnia. 

How long can I use it? 

This depends on your needs and problems. However, experts that produce Hoomband wireless headphone suggested that as long as you are still having sleep disorders you keep on using Hoomband but if your problems resolve completely you can stop using it. Hoomband has the ability to train your mind to achieve sleep at any time you want and also meditate and think at your own pace. There is no definitive duration it takes to achieve all these, it depends largely on individual persons and your problem. 

Can I sleep throughout the night with Hoomband on? 

Yes, you can sleep throughout the night with your own Hoomband. It is wireless, thus you won’t have to worry about disconnection. Even if you are a side sleeper, it will be suitable for you. The speakers are very thin and covered with soft-cushioning foam that won’t hurt your ears. Also the sound generated by Hoom wireless sleep band does not damage the auditory system. 

What age group is Hoomband made for? 

It is suitable for everybody above 12 years old. This is because at any age below 12, all your system are functioning maximally. Sleep disorders are mostly caused by psychological issues and children at 12 years and below really don’t have psychological problems. Also the auditory system might get damaged by continuous sound at this age. We recommend that you don’t allow your children to use Hoomband or any other headphones because it might be counterproductive. 

Is it compatible with my phone? 

Yes, Hoomband is compatible with every phone both Android and iPhone devices. All you need to do is download the app on your phone and ensure proper connection with your wireless sleep band. Always check the App for updated new content so you can get fresh contents for your sleep or guided meditation. The App is available for Android 4.5 and above and iOS 10+ and higher. 

How can I pay for my own Hoomband? 

Just visit the official website of the producer and make your order. You will be requested to either pay through your credit cards or PayPal account. There are other options available depending on your location. 

ultra thin wireless headphone
Hoomband Wireless sleep band Review

Customers Review 

I thought it’s just the regular headphones being sold around in different retail shops and this made me skeptical initially. Later tried my friends own and find out that it’s quite good for meditation. I decided to buy mine and since then I’ve been enjoying the story whenever I want to sleep. The guided meditation helps me to concentrate anytime I want to look up something. I can’t believe less that this headphone has so much more to offer. Even when you get tired of the old content, new content will be added to keep it fresh and new to your hearing. It’s just amazing!! 

Jane, United States

It feels good on the ears and around the head. The foam makes it comfortable and easy to sleep on. I thought it was going to be painful after wearing it for a long time or throughout the night and I enjoy sleeping on the side. Luckily, it does not hurt even when I sleep on it. It also fits well on my head.  

Jake, United Kingdom

I love the meditation and nature sound. it helps me to focus on my breathing while relaxing my muscles, a better way to get my mind calm and away from the political and pandemic news nowadays. You can do yourself a favour by ordering for Hoomband, even if you don’t use the band the App is great and will literally give you everything you desire. it’s great.  

Moa, Israel

It is portable and plays at an optimal volume. Even when I switch to the highest volume, the person next to me won’t still hear it. It does not cause any form of inconvenience to the people close to you. Always select the size suitable for your head so you won’t feel any discomfort. That’s the mistake my friend made, she chose the wrong size and she’s been struggling to make it comfortable but to no avail until she returned it and get another one that’s her size. Numerous good Storyline and guided meditation sounds. Interesting product.

 Anna, New York City 

Bottom line of our Hoomband wireless review 

There are numerous pharmacological  products for treating insomnia and inability to concentrate. These products are effective but they all have their own side effects. Hoomband wireless is one method of reactivating our sleep mechanism without any side effects.

It uses storyline to help us achieve calmness and sleep. The guided meditation helps to concentrate and form good thoughts.

Unlike other sound systems that can injure the tympanic membrane, Hoomband wireless does not cause harm to the auditory system. It is portable and affordable. It works well with other smart phone apps and also work like regular headphone. 

We recommend that you buy Hoomband wireless sleep band instead of spending a great deal of your money on drugs or visiting an expert.

Note that Hoomband is not suitable for children below 12 years. Every other person outside this age bracket can use it for effective meditation and adequate sleep 

Thanks for reading our Hoomband wireless review. Feel free to check out PrintX Pro Review

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