How to Pick the Best Lash Tint

If you’re a girl with the best lash tint  blonde or mousey-coloured lashes, tinting is a great option to help them pop. It’s also ideal for those who wear contacts, have sensitive eyes or have trouble applying mascara.

But before you grab the at-home dye and head to your bathroom mirror, be sure to research products and always do a patch test. This is especially important if you have a history of allergies to pigments used in hair dye.

Luckily, lash tints are relatively low-risk and less invasive than eyelash extensions or a daily application of mascara. They’re also a great middle ground between the two, since it’s one of the fastest ways to get darker lashes that will last for weeks—but only if you choose the right product for your skin and eye color.

Discovering Excellence: The Best Lash Tint Service

So, we tapped the pros to share their best picks for a natural-looking (and long-wearing) lash tint. Read ahead for the ones that are worth your money, plus some tips to keep in mind when you’re applying it at home.

To avoid smearing the dye, start on your lower lashes to avoid getting it on your upper eyelid and don’t forget the tips of your lashes as they tend to be lighter. And remember to really concentrate on your lash lines, as they are what draws attention to the eye.

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