Huusk Knives Review 2021: Portable Handmade Japanese Knives

Huusk knives are well crafted kitchen knives that were made out of passion for the art of cooking. It has wide application, which means you can use your premium Japanese knives for other purposes outside cooking. Huusk knife is very sharp, strong and durable. Read full Huusk knives review to know more about this Japanese kitchen knife including it’s specifications. 

Huusk Knives Review
Huusk Knives Review

Have you ever thought of making cooking a more pleasurable and pleasant experience? I guess that might be the last or first thing on your mind. Huusk Japanese knife was crafted to give you that experience to make cooking more enjoyable. This outstanding kitchen knife has a much more application than just being used as a kitchen tool. It has a unique curvy shape in addition to its sharpness and strength for a more comfortable use.

You can use your Huusk knives for any purpose where knives are applicable. Thus  you must not be a chef for you to benefit from this innovative Japanese knife. 

There are so many vegetable choppers out there that one can have in their possession for cutting your succulent and fresh vegetables but the downside to these devices is that they can’t be used for cutting stronger  food items neither can they find use in cutting and sizing meat. This is where your Huusk knife comes in handy. It gives you full control over cutting and it is very sharp.

This assertion here has been confirmed by many master chefs and all Huusk kitchen knives reviews online. 

Do you want to add a touch of class to your cooking? Do you wish to make meal preparation a faster, safer and easier experience? Huusk Japanese knife will be the right tool for you. It is also very portable so you can conveniently put it in your small travelling bags or hand bags for outdoor use. 

Both professional chef and regular customers always face the challenge of selecting the best knife that can serve them well because of the myriads of options staring them in the face. The truth is that no customer has all the time in the universe to enquire about all the knives in the market before making a choice and that’s why we composed this Huusk Japanese knives review article to guide you in making an informed decision and to also save your precious time. 

Among the very many options available in the market, most of these knives are very tick and strong and can last for a long time, however they are more difficult to control and they are not very sharp making it difficult to achieve thin slices with these category of kitchen knives. This is the characteristics of most German cooking knives.

A good number of these knives are very sharp and you can gently cut your fresh vegetables and soft meat into thin slices with them but they don’t last long because they get broken easily due to poor quality materiel used in forging them. This is not a good option either for any customer.

Fortunately, Japanese knives combines both qualities to give you the best even at a very cheap price. Huusk kitchen handmade knives were crafted for the sole aim of meeting your standard. Every chef around the world are demanding for a special knife with more control and balance and Huusk knives crafters delivered. Having this awesome multi-purpose knife in your home kitchen or restaurant takes you steps closer to having a pleasurable cooking experience. 

If you are looking for the best chef knife that will give you better control and balance to cut both hard and soft food items into the thinnest slice of shape, Huusk knife is here for you. You can also use them for other purposes because you have a full control over whatever you do with them. Keep reading Huusk knives review to know more about this ground-breaking knife.

Are Huusk Japanese knives any good

Huusk kitchen knife was manufactured by third generation Japanese bladesmiths experts to give you an incredibly flawless, durable and sparkling knife. It is very cheap and yet high quality. The huge plus to this knife is that it is multi-purpose. Thus, apart from cooking, you can still use it for other purposes such as carving, slicing herbs, cutting thinner slices of roast and so on. There are so much more you can do with your Huusk kitchen knives. You can now kill that doubt on your mind about this knife.

It has recently gained wide recognition because of its efficiency and high quality materials that can withstand several sharpening. 

Making each Huusk knife requires 138 tedious steps and it takes over 2 months to be made before it is subjected to series of testing to ascertain its fitness, strength and quality before being pushed to the store where consumers can order for it. From this, you can deduce that Huusk Japanese knives are really flawless and worth every dime spent on its acquisition. 

Let’s take a look at few reasons why Japanese kitchen knife is good and better option for any buyer looking for quality knife for both personal and outdoor use. 

Perfect grip of best Japanese chef`s knife

Any knife that does not fit well into the hand will hardly be used for precise slicing or carving. There is always a high risk of slicing your own hands with such knife if you are not extremely careful. This is usually due to the nature and quality of the handle. Poor wooden or metallic materials can mar the entire knife if not carefully crafted.

Huusk knife handle is made up of high quality Oak wood. It is a unique and hard wood with a characteristic dark texture which creates a perfect grip. The handle is also well curved to fit appropriately into your hands. It also has a laser-carved index finger hole that gives you superior control over the knife. 

Huusk Knives Review
Huusk Knives Review

Series of testing (Huusk knives reviews)

Huusk Japanese knives are handmade knives with every details well cross-checked to avoid any errors. After passing through several manufacturing steps for over two (2) months, Huusk knife is then subjected through testing during which every details of the knife will be thoroughly checked to ensure that it meets the standard of the consumers.

The aim of producing this outstanding knife is to give customers what they really want. This purpose will be defeated if they don’t end up meeting customers expectations, hence the producer take every details into account to avoid mistakes that will leave the minds of the users with doubts about the authenticity of their company. They provide you with the best quality Japanese knives ever made! 

Pleasurable in all aspects 

All the knives are extremely sharp and strong. Thus, you can slice your vegetables, carve your dense meats and chop your nuts with great ease. Huusk knives are perfectly balanced and fit well into the hands. It is very comfortable to hold. With these Japanese kitchen knives, cooking will be faster, safer and easier with lots of fun. 

What are Huusk kitchen knives 

Huusk knives are handmade knives produced by highly experienced Japanese experts. They are durable, flawless and exquisite. These kitchen knives are made by third generation bladesmiths Japanese that are in love with the art of knife making. It was created out of passion for the art of cooking. The crafters combined their traditional hand-forging technique with modern approach to produce this unique knife with durable blade.

This is the best and exceptional kitchen knife that the world has ever seen. The blade is made of quality steel that ensures a sharp and durable knife that will last for years. Thus, you don’t have to be purchasing knives now and then. The handle, as stated earlier in this Huusk knives reviews, is made of premium Oak wood for a comfortable and tight grip. Just around the bolster, it has a smooth carved hole where you can slide in your index finger for superior control.

This, without any doubt, is the world’s first ever premium control kitchen knife. The demand for this product is high among customers but seems to be higher among professional chef who have found Huusk knife of great use. These are people that have tested a handful of knives and come to conclusion that Japanese knives are literally the best for any chef or the user who wants superior, durable, strong and sharp knife. 

Some knives are sharp but comes with the cost of being fragile and prone to chipping. Thus, each time you sharpen the knife some fragments of the blade will go away which makes it thinner and more vulnerable to break. Also some of these knives are not properly coated and they easily undergo oxidation which is known as rusting.

This process of corrosion will affect both the quality and colour the knife. Real kitchen chef should not have these problems and that’s why Huusk knives were created to prevent these problems from occurring. It is extremely sturdy and sharp. The high quality Japanese steel and Oak handle guarantees great performance. 

Huusk knives prices

Huusk knife is cheap compared to its quality and high end features. It was crafted to last for long time and to also serve you different purposes. Below are the prices of Japanese knives with 50% off per unit. 

  1. One (1x) Huusk knife – $29.95 (discounted price) 
  2. Two (2x) Huusk knives – $49.94
  3. Three (3x) Huusk knives – $65.94
  4. Four (4x) Huusk knives – $79.92 
  5. Standard shipping fee for all Huusk knives irrespective of quantity – $8.95

There is a discount for all purchases which increases as the number of quantity ordered increases. Thus, if you are buying Huusk kitchen knives for just personal use one will be enough for you, however, if you are many in your family you can go for two or more quantities depending on your number.

Also, if you are buying Huusk knives for restaurants where you have so many chefs, you should go for more quantities. This will earn you the opportunity to get higher discount per unit Huusk Japanese knife. 

You might be wondering, where do I purchase my own kitchen knives? 

This Huusk knives review will be incomplete without directing you to the right place to order for your own knife. It was stated explicitly in the official website of the Japanese bladesmith crafter that their product is only available online and it can not be acquired from any third party shop. You click any link provided here to visit the official website of the manufacturer to purchase your own Huusk knife. 

There are numerous deals and offers attached to Huusk knives but you will only be eligible for them if you buy directly from the product official page. Any purchase outside this page will be at your own risk.

50% discount per unit, full replacement of defective Huusk package, full refund of money for all unsatisfied customers and warranty on every product are the offers you stand to get. However, it is worthy to know the terms and conditions for return, refund and warranty. 

Return policy: If you have received a defective Huusk package and you want to return it for replacement, you can do so by contacting Huusk Customer support at to lodge your complaint and provide details of the defect. Your product will be changed within few days once it is established that fault is from the manufacturer and not yours. 

Note that the product might be changed to the latest version of the same quality as the one you returned if the version you bought is no longer in stock. You will also return the defective Huusk knife for thorough inspection. Also the period of purchase and return must be within 30 days. 

Refund: It takes only 14 days to refund any customer that is not thrilled with with Huusk product from the day the product is received. The product must be in its pristine condition. If you have already used it, they won’t accept it. 

Warranty and repair: There is 2-years standard guarantee attached to every Huusk knife. If the item was defective, you can return it for replacement. Also if it start having issues within two years of purchase, you can contact Huusk for repair. They will be glad to repair your knife within short period of time. However, you have to use your knife appropriately to avoid unnecessary physical damage. Also your knife can only get repaired within two years. The cost of repair after two years will be on the user. (Huusk knife review)


Huusk knives Japan review specs 

Length of Huusk knife, both blade and handle28 cm / 11 inches
Length of blade15.5 cm / 6 inches
Width of blade and handle5cm / 2 inches
It weighs252g ie 0.5 pound 
Curve angle38 degrees
MaterialElectroplated Stainless Steel blade and Oak wood (carbon onyx) handle

 Where are Huusk knives made

Huusk knives are made by professional knife makers in Japan who understand the plight of chefs and regular customers. Their ultimate goal is to give their customers a high quality knife that meet their needs.

After several years of research, traditional Japanese crafters were able to combine their traditional crafting skills and modern design to produce a special knife with more control and balance. They employed their expertise to craft this awesome knife using the ancient samurai traditions.

Their efforts cannot be appreciated less by customers because they took every details into account to ensure that their product does not fail the end users. 

As you know, passing through 138 rigorous steps to make any item is not an easy task. The end product of those thorough steps will indisputably be a high quality material that anybody can rely on.

There are numerous other brands of knives produced by different companies in different countries. They all have their pros and cons. Some are sharp and shiny but they barely last for one year, while others are thick and strong but prone to rusting and chipping.

It is difficult to see a knife that combine all these features: sharp, sturdy and durable. Huusk knives produced by Japanese is one of those brands that combine all these qualities. It really worth a try. 

What are they made of? 

This is usually the question every experienced chef ask before pulling out their credit cards to place an order on any knife. Knowing the materials that are used to produce any knife will give you an inkling of the quality and efficiency of the knife. As already stated in the product specifications, Huusk knives have two components, the blade and the handle.

Traditionally, these are the component of every knife. What makes them different is the materials of these component, thus Huusk knife is just like every other knives in this regard. 

The blade: Huusk knife blade was made with 18/10 electroplated Japanese steel. The steel is a high quality metal that can withstand damage to a reasonable degree. The coating is very thick and firm to protect it from rusting and to add extra strength to the cutting tool. Thus  you can use your knife to cut through succulent fruits and vegetables and also bones with greater ease. 

The handle: It is made of oak wood (carbon onyx material) that can fit in well to give you greater control and balance. The blade also has a hole where you can put your index finger.

Do I really need it? (Huusk knives review) 

Huusk knife is one the kitchen improvement tools just like your Savesealer vacuum food sealer and Vacuumer Max. The aim of its creation is to make life easier and more comfortable. With Huusk knives, cooking will be safer, faster and easier. If you are looking for vegetable chopper, Huusk knife is the right option for you. It is sharp and sturdy and allows you to cut through your food items to get even the thinnest slices. 

Also, Huusk knife has multiple applications, even if you are not a chef and you don’t intend using it for cooking, it will still serve you for other purposes. Thus, you must not be a professional cook before you can use this knife. If you’re just looking for a sharp and durable life that will give you more control so you won’t cut through your fingers, Huusk knife is the best for you irrespective of your purpose of buying knife.

It is even better than more complicated vegetable choppers. Just give it a try, you will come back to drop a review encouraging others to go for it. 

Huusk Japanese Knives Review
Huusk Japanese Knives Review

Pros and Cons of Huusk knife 

Yet a reliable and durable knife, it has downsides which some customers don’t like. In this section of Huusk Japanese knife review, you will learn about the pros and cons of this knife.

Pros (Huusk knife review) 

  • Superior control and balance: Nothing gives more joy during cooking than cutting your vegetables, meats and fruits with a knife that gives you overall control. You can decide the exact size and shape you want them to be. Huusk knife is the best in terms of control, the handle is well curved using the ancient samurai traditional design. Thus, it will be suitable for any hand irrespective of the size. 
  • Stylish design: Are you just looking for a stylishly designed knife to improve the overall look of your kitchen? Husk knife will be a perfect choice for you. In addition to being sharp, strong and durable, it has a unique style that makes it stand out. It’s not one of those ugly cooking tools that won’t add to the beauty of your kitchen. 
  • Resistant to chipping: sharpening knives is one of the ways of keeping them sharp for faster cutting. This practice is inevitable for anybody that wants their knife to remain sharp. Though it is encouraged, it comes with a huge downside, “it takes away fragments of the blade making it thinner and prone to damage “. This is a major problem with most knives. Huusk knives are very strong and resistant, chipping won’t be an issue. No matter how many times you wish to sharpen it, Huusk knife won’t loose its strength. 
  • User-friendly: It is very safe to use because it gives more control unlike blunt knives. There is no risk of sustain an accidental cuts because it is very sharp and cuts through items faster such that you won`t have to apply great force which is the main cause of accidental cuts.
  • Long lasting materials: Spending money regularly on knives is never the wish of any chef or an enthusiastic cooks. Low quality materials can spoil easily. Though they might be cheaper, they are not cost effective because you have to regularly buy and replace them when they get damaged. High quality stainless steel materials like huusk blade is the best for anybody that wants a long lasting knife to save cost. Other upsides of this kitchen tool have been mentioned above. 

CONS (Japanese kitchen knife review) 

  • Available online: The only place you can get original Huusk knife is from the producer’s official website. If you are familiar with purchasing products online, you won’t have any problem with this decision of the manufacturer. However, a good number of people are not comfortable with this because they would have loved to see and feel the product before buying and to have a live interaction with the vendor. The reason behind this is to reduce the cost added by middlemen so you won’t have to break a bank before you could purchase a Huusk knife. 
  • Limited supply: If you don’t hurry up you may not be able to purchase Huusk knives or better still you will be asked to wait for more knives to be crafted. Are you still contemplating whether to buy? I think it’s the right time to take a decision before you miss this offer. 
  • Return and refund: Though the knife makers are always happy to hear your complaints and replace your product or refund your money, the product must not sustain any damage. If you mistakenly damage it, they won’t accept it anymore and all refund application must be done within 30 days of purchase. 

General opinion 

From research, it has been gathered that almost all the customers that bought Huusk knives are very pleased with the product. No negative complaints (reviews) have been recorded as at the time of writing this review. Also the product is in limited supply because it takes several steps and over two months to produce them. 

If you are looking for the best knife to buy in this modern age, Huusk Japanese knife is the best option for you. Online reviews have attested to this. 

In the event that you wish to purchase Huusk kitchen knives, go straight to the official website to buy the original knife. Don’t fall into the hands of scammers.  (Huusk knives review)

How to hold Huusk knives (Huusk knives review) 

You probably have used a good number of kitchen knives and you might be wondering, what’s so special in holding this brand of kitchen knife? 

Really, there is nothing special in holding Huusk Japanese knives, it’s pretty much the same with other knives but there is a little more to do here.

All your traditional cooking (chef’s) knives do not have any holes in them unlike Huusk Japanese knives. It comes with a laser-carved index finger hole for the index finger alone. This is why it gives the user a more superior control. (Huusk knives review) 

Also, the handle is made of Oak wood with its characteristic dark texture for perfect grip.

Sustaining accidental injuries with extremely sharp kitchen knives is not uncommon but some chefs who have mastered the art of cooking still manage to avoid such accidents. However, there is a knife designed to give you more control so you won’t have to cut your fingers even if you’re in a hurry during cutting and slicing your food items.

Huusk knives are extremely sharp but they won’t still hurt you if you follow the normal steps for holding it. 

Now, you have bought your own Huusk chef’s knife and you are ready to slice some vegetables and meat with it. Follow this guide:

  • First, put your index finger in the hole just around the bolster. 
  • Secondly, use the other fingers and the thumb to hold the wooden handle. The Oak wood fits well into the hand and gives you more control over the knife. 
  • Also you can use the thumb to support the blunt edge of the knife for a better and easier cutting.

If you hold your Huusk knives review as directed here, you won’t have any accidental cuts (injuries). Never hold it the way you hold your other kitchen knives if you really want to have more control over it. (Huusk knives review)

FAQs (Huusk kitchen knives reviews) 

Can it be used by non professionals?

Yes. Huusk knife was designed for everybody that wants a comfortable knife, both professional chefs and enthusiastic cooks. It is very sharp and well balanced with a unique curvy shape that provides you with ultimate control in your kitchen.

Are Huusk knives safe for use?

Yes! They are very safe for use. They are very sharp such that you won’t have to apply force to use them. Injuries caused by sharp objects in the kitchen are usually the more blunt ones because you will have to apply extra force to cut through food items. You might get accidental cuts as you try to gain more control over cutting with blunt knives. This is very unlikely when using sharp ones like Huusk.

How long does delivery take?

It takes only few days to get your product delivered to you after completing the order. Make sure you enter the correct address of your residence to avoid delivery problems. Your location plays a huge role in the number of days delivery takes.

Is suitable for camping?

Though they have an unorthodox appearance, they are primarily designed as kitchen knives and should be used as such. However, if you wish to use them for other purposes, you are free to do that because it’s strong enough for multi tasks. (Huusk knives review)

Customers’ Feedback 

This is a great product. The design is very ergonomic, a good knife in your hand feels strong and robust. It promotes good grip and rests in your palm securely. It is light enough to cut the vegetables and heavy enough to cut the meat. Craftsmanship and design is superb, very much recommended.  

Rtime line

This is the most widely recognized style of chef’s knife in the west. The belly of the blade has a pronounced curve that tapers to a sharp tip,  which is best if you prefer to cut using a rocking motion. The knife never leaves the cutting board, and you use the belly curve to slice through food. 

Ellie Clarke, Executive Chef

Stylish design meets quality materials. This makes it an outstanding tool for chefs. I found it aesthetically pleasing and durable. Both handle and blade have good curves so your fingers can rest comfortably on it. Cutting and slicing is made easy with Huusk. I recommend it for anybody looking for an affordable Chef’s knife. 

Bernard Descoteaux, Head Chef 

I’ve been looking for a reliable and durable kitchen knife to buy but I’m always always skeptical about the claims of the producers. Now, I finally decided to purchase Huusk knife and it has become one of my best investments. Easier and safer cutting of vegetables and fruits and even meats. Glad I purchased it.  

Jane Smith.

Bottom line of Huusk Japanese knives review

Huusk knives are handmade kitchen knives  which have proven to be the world’s first ever premium control kitchen knives. It was handcrafted by third generation experts bladesmiths for the art of cooking. 

Are you still searching for the best knife for your kitchen? Search no more for Huusk Japanese knives are here for you. It was made with high quality Japanese steel that was electroplated to increase durability. The handle is made of oak wood for perfect grip. Get yours from the official website before it runs out of stock 

Thank you for reading Huusk knives review, feel free to check out ShoeSterilizer Pro Review. 

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