Infinitikloud wireless review 2021: Is It A Scam?

Infinitikloud wireless review
Infinitikloud wireless review

The fear of losing important documents and media from smart gadgets like phones, tablets and laptops (PCs) has always been a challenge. This is because our systems (both phones and computers) crash when we least expect it. No prior warning or notice. Thus, it behoves every laptop owner or desktop computer owner to backup their files likewise smartphone owners, be it Android device or iPhone. 

Now, the question is: Can this compact and portable wireless device solve the challenges of file loss?

Keep reading our Infinitikloud wireless review to find out. You are in the right place 👍

Why Infinitikloud? 

There are numerous hard drives for storing data from computers and smart phones to keep them save and secure. Out of these devices we recommend Infinitikloud wireless flash drive for reliable data protection. So many Infinitikloud review confirmed that this product is top notch in saving and retrieving data. Now, take a look below! 

Universal storage 

Infinitikloud wireless flash drive is universal in storage. It does not discriminate or reject any type of file. You can store your documents, videos, music and photos (images) in your wireless hard drive. For images, you can store jpeg, jpg, png, bmp, gif, apng, ico, icns, svg, wmf, and more. When it comes to songs, you can save mp3, ogg, wma, wav, flac, and lots more. For videos, you can save mp4, mpeg, mov, wmv, avi and other types of your choice.

Numerous file types can be protected in your Infinitikloud. They include, txt, pages, doc, docx, rtf, odt, wpd, pdf, xls, xlsx, xlr, numbers, ppt, pptx, pps, psd and other fine types supported by your smart gadgets. 

These claims have been verified and supported by many Infinitikloud wireless reviews. It is an outstanding home and office accessory that is very vital for everybody who uses smart phones and computers. These gadgets are safe, however they can crash anytime and we’d lose whatever that’s stored in them if not backed up properly or stored in external hard drives like Infinitikloud. 

Portable and efficient 

Infinitikloud is very compact and sturdy. There is no burden associated with using this accessory. You can comfortably pocket your hard wireless drive and take it to any place of your choice without any hassle. However, this is a good feature it shares with many other brands of storage accessories (hard drive) but it’s pertinent we bring it to your knowledge so you won’t think you are about to acquire a bulky device that will inconvenience you and take some energy out of your muscles.

Now, let’s look at the efficiency of this storage device. Infinitikloud provides quick transfers and dependable file storage irrespective of where you are and when you are doing the file transfer.

Note: So many flash drive never deliver on their promises. Some claim to be more spacious than they actually are while others spontaneously delete files without any prior notice to the owner of the drive. This is pretty annoying and frustrating and you can’t return the product to the vendors at this point. Infinitikloud wireless is not among these categories of flash drives. It comes in different storage capacities between 64GB to 256GB. You can buy anyone you wish depending on your needs and file size.

It does not delete files on its own rather it gives you the opportunity to backup all your personal and important documents, videos, songs and lots more. 

One click backup 

The hallmark of Infinitikloud wireless drive is its simplicity of use. You must not be technically savvy to store your documents and stay protected in case of loss or failure of your phone, PC, Mac or tablets. Infinitikloud incorporates the latest USB 3.0 in combination with software designed to find and identify your files and quickly back them up and safely store them in Infiniti kloud for easy and quick restoration. All it takes is just one click and the entire job will be done. 

Private and secure 

The freedom to keep your documents, photos, songs and videos safe is entirely in your hands. Most people turn to big cloud providers to store their important documents. This is effective and people have enjoyed it over the years but the sad news is that their staff and employees have access to your documents and can make use of it if they ever wish even without your knowledge and permission. This is one of the benefits you get from using Infinitikloud. It stores and secures your files. You have full control over who sees or uses whatever you store in your drive.

Easy to restore and transfer files 

Whenever you need to restore your stored documents, you can restore them or transfer them with just one click. That’s amazing right !!  

Infinitikloud wireless review 

Infinitikloud is a wireless flash drive used for storing data from computers (laptops and desktops), smartphones, and tablets. This wireless device uses a micro SD card which is fitted into a power adapter onto a power socket and connects to your device using Wi-Fi. The traditional Infinitikloud flash drive requires contact to be able to connect to your devices, however their qualities in terms of data storage and protection remains top notch.

This recent generation of Infinitikloud (third generation) is miles ahead of  the previous two generations though they are all perfect in saving your files, photos and documents.

If you value your data and you don’t want to lose them, then it’s high time you backed them up with reliable data savers like Infinitikloud. As mentioned earlier in this article, you have full control over your data. There is no risk of losing them to a third party.

Unlike different cloud storage that uses server from another location which might get hacked at any time, your personal files stored in Infinitikloud can not be hacked by anybody. It’s all yours and completely secure. No internet is required and more importantly, you can set password to give it additional protection should a third party happens to be in possession of it.

However, this does not call for carelessness because if you lose your wireless USB drive you won’t have access to the information stored in it though it will remain unseen to the person in possession of it and you’d need to purchase another Infinitikloud wireless or any other data storage drive to secure your private information. Always secure your wireless drive!! 

Another amazing feature of Infinitikloud wireless is that it combines all the features of traditional USB drive and cloud storage. It also give you the opportunity to arrange your data in whichever order you want them to be. It’s really outstanding and worth a try. 

Infinitikloud wireless review
Infinitikloud review

How do you activate Infinitikloud? 

This is very simple and requires no assistance of any kind. To activate your own drive and put it to use, you first plug in the provided USB. The Infinitikloud will show up in your folders, open the folders and select Infinitikloud by clicking on the icon to start the program. For the wireless generation, you need to download and install the App. You can download and install Infinitikloud App from your App Store or Google Play Store. Whichever generation you want to use is up to you and it depends on your needs and preference 

Benefits of Infinitikloud flash drive 

Wide compatibility

Infinitikloud works well with all devices including PCs, smart phones, tablets etc. It does not select or reject any device and it is very easy to connect with your gadgets. Also, you can store any kind of files, images, videos or songs in your USB drive unlike some brands of flash drive that rejects or spontaneously delete incompatible files. This is a huge plus to Infinitikloud wireless.

Have you ever thought of losing your files that were initially stored in a drive? That’s the kind of frustration you get from some substandard USB sticks. This latest generation of Infiniti kloud does not delete files or reject any documents. 

Memory card storage 

With Infinitikloud you can convert your own memeroy card to a storage device. This sounds incredible right? It is possible with the aid of Infinitikloud wireless USB stick. If you have a spacious memory card that can contain a lot of data you can use them for data storage and keep them in a very secured location so you don’t lose them. The downside to this is that memory cards are very tiny and get misplaced anytime. Hence you also need to store the data in a bigger sized USB stick making the memory card useless.

However, it can be of huge benefit for those that store large amount of files that cannot be accommodated in their small sized Infinitikloud (64GB) but you need to keep them safe. We recommend that you augment your storage devices with PrintX Pro (thermal Bluetooth printer) to enable you print your files on the go anytime you need a hard copy of them. 

Easily navigate through documents 

Yes you heard it right! You can easily gain access to your stored data in Infinitikloud wireless USB stick. It gives you the liberty to arrange your files in an order that would be easier for you to locate. In the off chance that you are not comfortable with the initial order of arrangement, you can also rearrange them to suit your desires. This is because Infinitikloud is very easy to operate and set up.

If you have ever tried to set up backup program before, you will realize that it’s never an easy process. It takes professionals over 24 hours to install and backup information in big companies but you can do all these with just one click as long as you are using 3rd generation wireless drive. 


Guarantee high quality 

The manufacturers trust their product and offer money back guarantee to unsatisfied customers. This is a proof of high quality, thus you have nothing to lose if you choose to give this product a try. In case you purchased Infinitikloud wireless and you are not satisfied with it, you return it within 30 days of purchase. The return process is hassle-free and they will be glad to hear your complaint and find a better option for you if you still wish to use their product. 

Fast and easy 

You can store and retrieve stored information quickly with just one button click. Infinitikloud wireless is a small handheld device that can store all your important information with 100% safety. You don’t need giant tech to keep your private data secured. Also these techs have a downside, a third party can have access to those data. Always stay protected with this easy-to-use USB stick. 

Back up more than one device 

You have all the control you need to back up all devices where your personal and private data are stored. It is compatible with PC, windows, android and Mac. Any USB device can be safely backed up. 


  • Small size: Though small size is an advantage in the sense that it gives you the opportunity to carry your device to any place of your choice without ado, it has its own downside. It can get misplaced easily. This is the most frustrating and annoying thing that can ever happen to anybody. After backing up all your information only to realize that your wireless  USB stick is gone leaving you with no other choice than to start the whole process afresh. I’m sure you don’t want to pass through this exercise and nobody does, hence you need to be careful with how you use and move your backup storage device. Find a suitable place to keep your Infinitikloud that even your kids won’t have access to. Kids can easily play with such gadget and when they do, they either spoil it or misplace it for you. Protect yourself and your private information.
  • Pay before service: Most people would love to see or feel the product they are buying before pulling out their credit card to place an order, unfortunately you don’t have that freedom here. The product is only available online in the product official page. You can only see or feel it after paying for the item. However, be rest assured that your payment is secured and the product is always original as long as you purchase from the official website of the product. 
  • Limited stock: This is another disadvantage shared with so many products that are bought online. Most of the time they are not available, you just have to wait for the vendor to restock the product. If you happen to place an order late, you might be asked to wait for restock or worse off told that the product is no more available. Thus, hurry now and make purchase before it runs out of stock entirely. 

How to use Infinitikloud on your devices 

It’d be pertinent to know the nuts and bolts of Infinitikloud before moving to the steps on how to use the gadget. 

Infinitikloud is an ultra portable storage USB stick that works with all systems that can store documents, files, images and videos and songs. Once your Infinitikloud wireless is connected with your system (PC, windows, Mac  phones, tablet), it will scan all the documents in the system. It shows you the categories of those contents and duplicate contents as well so you won’t waste your storage space storing them multiple times. You can also select and delete those duplicate contents.

It takes only a few minutes to backup all the files though this depends on the number of files and the size of each file you want to back up. Also, if your system crashes or corrupts and you want to restore the stored files in Infinitikloud, all you need to do is to connect it to any system available and click export. Now, follow these simple steps to use your Infinitikloud 

The traditional Infinitikloud flash drive requires that you plug in your Infinitikloud to the system you want to backup before you start the program, however the new generation requires a few more steps, which are: 

  • Charge the device fully so the battery won’t run down during the backup process. 
  • Plug the USB-C cable to the power adapter and connect the device to it.  
  • Insert a micro SD card into the Infinitikloud wireless drive. 
  • Connect the USB drive to your laptop or mobile or tablet through Wi-Fi. 
  • Install the App from your Google Play Store or Apple Store. 
  • Use the application to create a backup. 

Note: The Wi-Fi connection does not expose your data to any third party, it’s all secure and protected. 

How to charge Infinitikloud 

It’s not a tedious process as most people would think. Charging is only applicable to the third generation of Infinitikloud review. The only thing required of you is to use the follow come cord to charge your Infinitikloud. Plug it to any power source with sufficient amount of electricity that can pass charge to the battery. Allow some minutes to few hours to charge it to fullness so it won’t run down during back up. 

Outstanding features of Infinitikloud wireless 

  • Fastest backup: It’s so fast in backing up files. Backup is really a time consuming exercise especially when you are using substandard devices. It might take tons of hours to get big files (in gigabytes) backed up and many people won’t have that patience to wait until the back up  is complete. Infinitikloud does that in a couple of minutes but if you are backing up large number of files of large size it may take few hours. However, this is faster when you compare to other devices. 
  • Amazing USB 3.0 speed: Most drives are far below this standard and the funny thing is that their prices is nothing to write home about. This brand of wireless USB operates at a high speed supported by USB 3.0 as confirmed by Infinitikloud wireless review. 
  • Works without internet: Any storage device that works with the help of internet is at risk of hacking and anybody can have access to the data once it’s hacked. Infinitikloud does not operate with internet connection though it has highly advanced features. This helps to ensure maximum information privacy. 
  • Free USB C and micro USB adapter: You will get them all free of charge once you purchase this brand of wireless USB stick. They help to connect Infinitikloud wireless to your PC and smartphones with ease.
  • Light and compact for storage and travel: You can comfortably pocket your drive and go to your office or place of work. However, you need to be more careful so you don’t misplace it.
  • Various memory size: Because of differences in choice and purchasing power, the producer manufactured different sizes so that customers can select the storage size that fits them with regards to price and needs. 
  • Easily add more memory: External memory cards can be added to increase space and store more files. It is not only restricted to its own memory, external memory can be added to augment the storage space. 
  • Move files from Android to computer and vice versa: With this wireless USB drive, you can move files from computer to android phone or from Android phone to computer. Choose whichever system you feel is more secured and move your information to it. 
  • One-click file and photo restoration: To restore files and images, it only requires one click which is hassle free 
Infinitikloud review
Infinitikloud review

Do I need it? (Infinitikloud review) 

If you cherish the data in your android phones, iPhone, PC, Mac and tablets, then you need a back up plan so you don’t lose those information. It doesn’t matter which ever brand of smart phone or computer you are using, backup is always necessary. The quality of the systems might be good for storage of data but they can get spoiled or stolen and you will end up losing all the data stored in them if you don’t back them up.

There are backup methods which you can try but for the sake of reading this review we don’t want you to be led astray and that’s why we are recommending this wireless USB for you. It is very reliable and efficient. It is also very affordable. You can get the original Infinitikloud wireless at the official website of the producer. Do not purchase from any vendor outside the product official page to avoid buying substandard product at an exorbitant price. 

<< Check out Infinitikloud at official product page !! >>

Duplicate content and wireless USB stick 

Some USB stick really have small space and sometimes duplicate contents take up part of this space. This is an issue that cannot be solved with many USB drive, once the devices are connected, it will automatically store all the files during backups.

Infinitikloud has evolved with so many features ahead of its counterparts. It scans all your documents, photos, songs and even videos and detects duplicate contents and their categories. This enables you to ignore them during backup so they don’t take up the storage space meant for more important personal files. This is how good Infinitikloud wireless can be? 

Customers feedback 

I’ve been using cloud services to store my data but I’m always afraid of hacking. There are information I don’t want to be divulged that’s why I opted for Infinitikloud wireless. It’s truly secure and easy to use. I’m always at peace when I remember that my privacy is secured unlike before I was using cloud. I recommend it for anybody interested in using private and secure USB stick.

Monica, Liverpool 

Oooh yes, I’m so proud I purchased your product. The discount and price was amazing and the quality of the USB is top notch. I so wanted to save most of my images for future usage but when I remember that my smart phone can get stolen I become worried. Thanks to the brain behind Infinitikloud wireless. I purchased a smaller sized but I will be back to order for a bigger sized drive.  

McAngelo, New Jersey

Pretty cool stuff. It ensures privacy though that’s not my utmost priority, all I want is a reliable and efficient storage device that can back up all my important data. It’s relatively cheap compare to what it offers.  

Quodrado, Italy

As an upcoming writer, I needed a safe device where I can store my works without fear of stealing. I was afraid of any internet-enabled storage devices because hacking is always an unfortunate reality. Luckily I heard about Infinitikloud wireless that can store data safely without any internet connection. I didn’t hesitate to purchase it and I’m glad it’s living up to my expectations. It’s also spacious enough to store all my works. I would give it 4.9 star rating.  

Cynthia, United Kingdom

Bottom line of Infinitikloud review 

There are many options when it comes to data storage and back up but the question has always been which one is the best? Which one will protect privacy? These questions are not easy to answer until you try a handful of the available  backup options.

Infiniti kloud wireless has been tested and trusted as confirmed by many Infinitikloud wireless reviews. It has gained wide recognition in different countries and currently we cannot guarantee anybody if there are still more Infinitikloud wireless available in store because of the high rate at which customers are ordering for the product. 

It is easy to use and very portable. In the event that your backup device gets contaminated, you can sanitize it with smart sanitizer like mobile klean to remove any unwanted germs that might gain access into your body systems. Infinitikloud is very affordable and can reliably store and backup your private and important information. Order for yours today! 

Thanks for reading our Infinitikloud wireless review 

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