KoreSurge Reviews 2021: Best Vibrating Foam Roller Under $100

KoreSurge is a vibrating foam roller that helps your body recover with two forms of deep muscles treatment: “Localized Vibration Therapy” and “Myofascial Release”. This KoreSurge Review was composed after series of research by our editorial team and a lot of online KoreSurge Reviews gave it 4.8 on a scale of 5 star ratings.

It is an efficient muscle pain and stiffness reliever that creates an advanced massage system which helps your muscles heal and grow fast.

KoreSurge Reviews
KoreSurge Reviews

Muscle pains, stiffness and swelling are very common especially among the fitness enthusiasts and professional athletes. The easiest, cheapest and quickest way of getting rid of these adverse effects of workouts is by using an efficient muscle massager. It is free of side effects unlike pain drugs. Also, you won’t have to waste your time booking visits for professional muscle therapy.

KoreSurge vibrating foam roller is one of the most effective muscle pain killer on the marketplace as confirmed by our team of editors and numerous online Kore Surge reviews. 

Every time you work out, your body takes a beating. Though this is beneficial to your skin and overall health status, the muscles always feel the impact of the exercise. Workouts (especially strenuous workouts) often cause micro tears in the muscles which usually results in pain, stiffness and swelling.

These sides effects of workouts often results in discomfort and it discourages a lot of beginners from attaining their fitness goals however, they don’t last long. If you want relief then, you need to repair. Sometimes, the pain, stiffness and swelling may be severe necessitating hospital visit or intake of pain medication. This will be prevented if you massage your muscles regularly before or after workouts with an effective muscle massager.

KoreSurge vibrating foam roller can hasten your recovery from the symptoms of micro tears in your muscles after workouts. It is very affordable and easy to use. Currently, it has gained wide recognition among consumers in different countries.

If you have ever had a limitation of range of movement caused by muscle stiffness before, then you need this vibrating foam roller. It will boost your muscles flexibility and range of motion. KoreSurge has the capacity to build strength in your connective tissue to prevent injuries caused by strain.

Are you interested in knowing more about this awesome massage tool? Let’s in dive deeper!

What is KoreSurge? (KoreSurge Reviews) 

KoreSurge is a vibrating muscle massager that quickly relives muscle pain, stiffness and soreness. It uses a combination of localized vibration and Myofascial release to relieve muscles of pain. The intense and well regulated massage effect of KoreSurge helps your body to heal and grow.

The waves of vibration helps to stimulate the flow of blood to your muscle tissues. This increased tissue perfusion with blood increases oxygen and nutrient supply to your muscle cells which will facilitate the repair and healing of any micro tear in the muscles. As the muscles heal their flexibility and range of motion returns to normal.

Also, this vibration therapy and Myofascial release penetrate and activates muscles which will improve their flexibility. It rolls out painful knots in large muscle groups. KoreSurge has four (4) different vibration levels plus a recovery mode to enable you choose the intensity that suits you. This customizable settings enhances quick recovery.

KoreSurge vibrating foam roller is very durable. It is made of silicone rubber and plastic material which is very strong and lasts long. You can use your vibrating foam roller as frequently as you wish without any worries of damage. It is also equipped with high quality battery that lasts for over 20 hours. This is more than enough time to massage specific muscle groups and large groups of muscles.

Kore Surge is very affordable and does not require any maintenance cost. It is very user-friendly and easy to use, designed to be used straight out of the box, no technical skills is required here. The soothing effect of KoreSurge vibrating foam roller makes it the best massage tool for any group of muscle, and most consumers have replaced their massage balls with KoreSurge.

As you roll on your vibrating foam roller, the dynamic grid texture digs deep into the muscle layers to massage the muscles. Let’s take a quick look at how this muscle massager works. 

KoreSurge Review
KoreSurge Review

How Does it work (KoreSurge Review)

The ultimate goal of any muscle massager is to get rid of pain, stiffness, soreness and swelling in the muscle. Though they all have the same target , the mechanism through which they accomplish this goal differs and that accounts enormously to the differences in their efficacy.

The mechanism through which KoreSurge bring about its massage effect is no mystery and it is pertinent that you grasp how it works.

KoreSurge uses two different forms of deep muscle treatment to help you recover from any pain, or inflammation caused by exercise. These mechanism include localized vibration therapy and Myofascial release. It exerts a powerful and well-regulated vibrations to relieve any pain or soreness or stiffness of the body. This vibration enhances oxygen and nutrient flow to the affected muscles which facilitate recovery.

Also, the loose tissues known as fascia surrounding the muscle tissues can get trapped or compressed. KoreSurge releases these tissues as you roll on it. Every foam roller does this but KoreSurge is by far, the most efficient.  It has four different levels of vibration to match your intensity.

If you want a more vigorous massage just after your workout, you can get it from KoreSurge foam roller with the right settings, also if you wish to gently relax and stretch your muscle just before workout or for pleasure, you can choose the right intensity for that. There is also a pulse mode for deep muscle massage.

Superficial or deep, KoreSurge was designed to get rid of any tension, compression and soreness in the muscle. With KoreSurge, there will be no need attending massage parlour or seeking the attention of professional therapist to get rid of muscle tension or pain. 

How to use Kore Surge foam roller

It is very simple and easy to use. KoreSurge was designed to suit the need of all the muscle groups in your body. The method of using KoreSurge vibrating foam roller to massage the different muscle groups is similar but certain muscle groups require additional technique to enable you get the best experience with your vibrating foam roller.

In this section of KoreSurge Reviews, both the simple general steps and additional techniques for different muscles groups will be explained explicitly. Let’s get to it right away. 

General steps:

Turn on KoreSurge and press centre button to cycle through vibration modes. This modes ranges from 900 RPM to 3600 RPM. 

Place KoreSurge on the floor and lower the sore or tight area of your body onto it. You can also place any part of your body you want to massage on it, it mustn’t be an injured area. For the best experience, it is recommended that you place your KoreSurge foam roller on a thin flat foam or rug not just on ordinary floor. 

Roll your body slowly back and forth until you feel your muscles soften and relaxed. 

Technique for specific muscle groups:

For relieving your lower back muscles, lie down with KoreSurge beneath your tailbone, then roll your body up and down. Slowly raise your hips to apply more pressure. 

For relieving your hamstrings muscles, sit with one leg bent and the other sticking out straight. Tuck KoreSurge under the right of your straight leg and roll your hips into it. 

For pecs, lie face down and place Kore Surge under one side of your chest. Hold your arms out and use your hands to pull your body from side to side. 

For hip flexor muscles, get into a forearm plank with KoreSurge foam roller under one of your hips. Use your toes to rock your body from side to side. 

KoreSurge Reviews
KoreSurge Reviews

KoreSurge vibrating foam roller technical facts and specs

MaterialSilicone rubber and plastic.
Dimension –14cm diameter by 33cm length.
Weight1.39 kilogram
Intensity ranges900 RPM, 1800 RPM,  2700 RPM & 3600 RPM Recovery Massage.
Battery life20 hours 
Core typeHigh density core 
Foam typeHigh density foam
Battery typeRechargeable with USB cable.
Range of rotation360 degrees

What do you stand to gain from using it (KoreSurge vibrating foam roller review)

Fortify your muscles: The best and easiest way to boost your muscle strength is by using KoreSurge. It acts on the connective tissues, increase their strength and prevent injuries caused by strains. The dynamic grid texture digs in deep to muscles as you roll on your from roller. The waves of vibration then stimulate the flow of oxygen and blood thereby increasing your flexibility and range of movement. 

Help your body heal and grow with powerful vibration: The powerful vibration enhances blood circulation and tissue perfusion which facilitate body healing and growth. 

Come back stronger: Your muscles can get tensed, inflamed or swollen, KoreSurge helps you to recuperate fast. With KoreSurge, you will bounce back stronger after having muscle pain or soreness. The good thing is that you can adjust the intensity of the vibration to get more customized relief and recovery. With this vibrating foam roller, soreness and stiffness will never break your momentum. 

Roll out painful knots in large muscle groups: With focused localized vibration therapy, it offers deep massage that rolls out painful knots even in large muscle groups. The vibration can go very deep to relieve any pain. 

Deep and focused massage: KoreSurge work by two main principles, Localized vibration and Myofascial release. The principle of localized vibration exerts a high and graduated pressure to a given area of your body which ensures that the involved muscles are adequately massaged. 

Accelerate your warm-ups and recovery sessions: Without repair, you will never recover and without good massage, your muscles will never heal. KoreSurge accelerates your warm-ups and tissue recovery. This has been confirmed in online KoreSurge reviews. 

Boost your flexibility and range of motion: Pain and stiffness are the major factors that limit the range of movement. Frequent exercise can help boost our muscle strength, however, it does so little in improving muscle flexibility. This is one of the reasons you need a muscle massaging system to make your muscles more flexible. KoreSurge vibrating foam roller is an excellent tool in improving muscle strength and flexibility. As the muscles become more flexible, the range of motion increases. 

Pros (Kore Surge Review)

  • Targeted relief: As already explained in the above section of this KoreSurge review, this foam roller was designed to offer targeted relief to any part of your body. It can be used to relieve pain in the calf muscles, hip flexor muscles, back muscles, shoulder muscles, hamstrings and so much more. 
  • Affordable therapy: It is very affordable and yet maintains high end features. It offers you everything you get from professional therapists and massage parlor. Also, you won’t have to spend big bucks visiting clinics and healthcare providers to treat your muscle pain and soreness. KoreSurge vibrating foam roller is an effective and affordable alternative to medications. It does not have any side effects, and it is time conserving. 
  • Works fast and efficiently: Getting relief from KoreSurge happens within minutes. It is natural, fast and efficient. Also, you won’t feel pain after using it. 
  • Very portable: Not one of those bulky tools, you can take yours to any place of your choice to bring the much needed tranquillity your body deserves. 
  • Easy to operate: There are no technical skills required here, just turn your KoreSurge on and place it on the floor. Then, roll your body over it to get those muscles massaged. 
  • Different vibration levels and recovery mode: Are you worried about inefficient massaging? Worry no more, KoreSurge has different intensity levels to suit your desires. You can increase or decrease it depending on what you want at any particular moment. 
  • High quality battery: It comes with high quality rechargeable battery that lasts for 20 hours after a single charge. Thus, even if you massage multiple times per day, your KoreSurge can serve you all through. You can charge your device using USB cord. Most devices with rechargeable batteries sucks because of poor battery quality but that’s not the case with KoreSurge, you will enjoy it to the fullest. 

Cons ( KoreSurge Reviews)

  • Limited supply: There are only few KoreSurge left in store due to high demand for the foam roller from consumers. In the event that you are interested in this product, hurry up and place your order. 
  • Not available in any retail shops: The manufacturer warned that their product is not sold anywhere outside their official website. If you are familiar with purchasing products online, then you won’t have problems with this downside. This decision was taken to prevent inflating the price of the product by middlemen.
  • Not recommended for neck massage: Though KoreSurge vibrating foam roller is suitable for most muscle groups in the body, it is not recommended for neck muscle massage. You can get NeckRelax for your neck. 

Kore Surge Prices and where to buy

The best place to buy any product is from the official website of the producer. If you want to avoid the risk of being scammed, go straight to KoreSurge official page to place your order. You will be sure of getting the original product at the right price.

Also, you are entitled 50% discount for every unit of KoreSurge you purchase. Your purchase is covered by  30 day money back guarantee. In the event that you are not thrilled with the product, you can send it back and get your money. Refund is very quick and hassle free, you have nothing to lose. 

Prices of KoreSurge foam roller:

  • One KoreSurge foam roller costs – $99.99
  • Two KoreSurge foam rollers cost – $199.98
  • Three KoreSurge foam rollers cost – $224.98 
Best foam roller
kore surge review

KoreSurge customers reviews

There are lots of consumers KoreSurge reviews online but for the sake of time and space, only a few of them will be cited here. 

I’ve tried massage balls before, but this was my first vibrating fitness roller, and I don’t think I can ever go back! It’s like you’re getting a massage while stretching. The last two settings are INTENSE, you can feel the vibrations through your whole body.  

Tiffany Y.

It’s so soothing and so good. The grooves really dig deep into the muscles. It very comfortable and convenient to use over a relaxing muscle but it is so uncomfortable when rolling it on sore spot but the result worth it. I feel so much better each time I roll it over sore spot. It also works fast.  

Kelly D.

This isn’t just a vibrating massage roller, it’s a portable masseuse and trainer! I use it before and after every workout, and it’s been a total game-changer. I’m seeing bigger results in less time without any of the usual aches and pains.  

Stella J.

At my gym, I have tried other vibrating muscle roller devices but none of them have this kind of horsepower. On the highest setting, this roller feels like jackhammer. It is great at getting at those deep knots. 5 star ratings.

Anthony C. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it better than standard foam roller?

Standard foam rollers offer only Myofascial release (foam rolling) while KoreSurge offers both localized vibration therapy and Myofascial releases. This enables it to speed up recovery, prevent future injuries and boost muscle strength and flexibility.

Does it really facilitate muscle recovery?

Definitely, it does enhance muscle recovery. Through vibration, KoreSurge releases adhesion and improve blood circulation. This facilitate muscle recovery.

Is recommended for use on the neck?

No, KoreSurge foam roller is not suitable for your neck. It works well on large muscle groups and it offers deep massage. However, it is not recommended for neck muscle massage.

Can I use it three times a day?

Definitely, you can use your foam roller three times or more per day, however it is recommended that you use your KoreSurge just before or after workouts and any other time you are experiencing pain, soreness or stiffness in any part of your body.

Can it relieve muscle pain in just 10 minutes?

Yes  it can. It is recommended that you use your KoreSurge vibrating foam roller for a maximum of 15 minutes each time to get the best out of it.

Bottom line of KoreSurge review

There are different massage ball but foam rollers are making more waves in the market. KoreSurge is not just like any other foam rollers, it has additional advantage. It ensures quick recovery, improve muscle strength and flexibility.

Each KoreSurge is sold at 50% discount and there is money back guarantee for unsatisfied customers. Get yours before it runs out of stock.

The end of KoreSurge reviews, feel free to check out our PC ankle sleeves  review

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