KoreTrak Pro Review 2021: Read This Before Buying!!

KoreTrack pro Review
KoreTrak Pro Review

KoreTrak Pro Review
KoreTrak pro is a health and fitness wrist band with high level of efficiency unlike many smart watches. It helps you to attain your fitness goals and also create healthy habits and reminds you to stay active. The KoreTrak pro fitness tracker wristband is a highly efficient tracker of your important health metrics and helps you gain more intelligent insight into your overall well-being. 

We all understand the importance of monitoring our health and fitness these days. You don’t always have to visit a doctor or do the traditional Lab tests to detect even the mildest ailments. Most of us engage in one fitness exercise or another not because we desire to be the strongest on the planet but because we want to remain in a good state of health.

Monitoring our fitness will go a long way in helping us know how far we have gone. Also some of these exercises can be detrimental to our health if we overdo them especially when we are just starting out. Thus, it becomes indispensable to track these activities to know how well we are doing and when to take break or increase the level of our workout. 

KoreTrak pro receives messages and calls notifications. This way you will be able to answer your phone calls or reply messages that need urgent attention even in important gatherings without distracting anybody. Missing an important calls or SMS messages just because you are not close to your smartphone can be annoying sometimes, but with KoreTrak pro wrist band this problem will be solved. 

However, there are many health and fitness trackers (smart watches) in the market space nowadays and each touted to be the best by their producers. In all sincerity, non of these products is 100% perfect, they all have their ups and downs but some are indisputably better than others. While some are very much affordable, others are pretty expensive and most times high cost is not a guarantee of high quality. 

The big question now is: How do I know the best health and fitness tracker for me with regards to quality and price? There is no better way of knowing than testing the product. But we are here to save you that risk.

Our KoreTrak pro review contains everything you need to know about this product to enable you take an informed decision.

Fitness trackers, irrespective of the brand, gives you the opportunity to monitor your heart rate, daily oxygen intake, and step counting.

Reputable companies that produce these gadgets over charge their clients most of the time. This is because their brands have gained trust among consumers even though their products are not completely perfect. Not everybody can afford $350 and above just to acquire a fitness and health tracker knowing fully well that it will still have some downsides. 

Because of their dominance over small upcoming companies they pay little to no attention to their customers with regards to prices of their products. They know most people will still come back because of that established trust. 

However, KoreHealth company  is here to give you the best at just a fraction of that amount. They believe in access to all. They have have all the necessary devices for your health and fitness and they’re all affordable. You don’t have to spend a huge percentage of your income to get them. They continuously improve their products to suit the desires of their customers.

KoreTrak pro wrist band is a fitness tracker they lunched recently to give you a clear and reliable insight in your health and fitness metrics. It will help you achieve your goals and stay on track. This brand of fitness tracker has amazing features that are not seen in other trackers and yet affordable. 

Let’s go into the nitty-gritty of this KoreTrak Pro Review and reveal everything you need to know about this product. Do not browse away from this page! 

KoreTrak Pro Review | What is KoreTrak Pro? 

KoreTrak Pro wristband is a portable and efficient smart watch that tracks fitness and health. It monitors important health metrics like heart rate.

KoreTrack pro Review
KoreTrak pro Review

Most cardiovascular diseases manifest in the form of irregular heartbeat and abnormal blood pressure and aged people from 40 and above are mostly at higher risk of having these diseases. They may result from specific structural or functional abnormalities or underlying diseases from other systems of the body. Tracking these parameters regularly will help you to detect such changes early enough for proper intervention. 

KoreTrak pro wristband review also tracks the amount of calories burned during the day and your performance during workouts and activities. It uses its built-in pedometer and odometer to record the number of steps you took and overall distance covered during workouts. 

KoreTrak pro smart watch is very easy to use, with just a single button push, you will have access to all these metrics after setup. And setup is very simple and uncomplicated. KoreTrak pro is an awesome wristband that combines all the qualities of fitness trackers and smart watches to fit the needs of athletes, fitness enthusiasts and people who just want to monitor their overall health status. 

Furthermore, KoreTrak pro displays smartphone notifications and track sleep. It helps the user to be in control of his own health by creating healthy habits and reminding you to stay active. 

KoreTrak pro finds application in general fitness training, weight loss training and overall performance training. This will be of enormous benefit to older guys who are more likely to suffer overweight. Following the instructions in your weight loss courses is pretty cool but tracking your performance to know how far you have gone will help you get better. Being fit is one of the ways of checking weight. The built-in fitness application helps to monitor all these parameters.  

The outstanding design makes it look simple, sleek and sporty. It is very secure compared to the new strap design of  new smart watches. The advanced biometric technology analyses your body and gives you  reliable health and fitness metrics. With a quick scan, you will be in touch with your heart rate, and oxygen level. 

Combining all the fitness tracker and smart watch qualities, KoreTrak pro fitness band investigates your body and gives you constant well-being and fitness measurements. Your heart metrics such as pulse rate, and blood-oxygen level are revealed as quickly as possible with just one button press.

The built-in pedometer helps to calculate the exact number of steps you took during running. If you have a faulty tracker which is constantly giving you unreliable readings or you probably don’t have any but looking for a gadget that will help you track exactly the distance you cover each time you run, consider buying KoreTrak pro wristband. 

It will also give you a glimpse of your surroundings in relation to your health. KoreTrak pro wrist band review works perfectly with your smartphones giving you updates of missed calls and messages through vibration. It will also help you to retrieve your smartphone in the off chance that you lose it. 

KoreTrack pro wristband Review
KoreTrack pro wristband Review

KoreTrak Pro Specs

BrandKoreTrak pro wrist band
Colour display1.08″ full colour display
CompatibilityiOS and Android
Battery typeRechargeable lithium battery
Battery life per charge5-7 days
Charging time1.5 – 2 hours
Battery Capacity120mAh
Water resistanceIP67
APP nameDayBand
Strap / band typeSilicone

Here is the deal:

KoreTrak pro smart watch was made to suit the interest of everybody both those with high budget for their fitness tracker and those with low budget. It combines all the good qualities of big brands of smart watch and fitness trackers at a fraction of the price. 

Let’s take a look at these features of Kore Trak pro:

  • Fitness tracking: KoreTrak pro wristband reliably measures your fitness level. It helps you to hit your target as fast as possible. Its ability to measure the calories burned each day, track your steps and distance covered during running (workouts) helps you to know when to increase or decrease the level of exercise you are subjecting yourself to. The customizable inactivity alert helps to remind you to get up and move whenever there is need to do so. This will help you attain high fitness level fast by discouraging laziness. 
  • Health tracking: Knowing the state of your health all times is essential. Though KoreTrak pro won’t take the position of your healthcare providers, it is very crucial in protecting you against debilitating diseases. KoreTrak pro smartwatch enables you to know your health status especially that of cardiovascular system. It tracks your heart rate and oxygen levels and give you reliable results within seconds. This will enable you take proactive steps in seeking treatment if there is any deviation from normal. Most Smartwatches are touted to be health trackers but their results aren’t reliable.
  • Sleep monitoring: Rest is very important for health and the best way to achieve rest is by sleeping. Thus, sleeping is indispensable for our health. We should sleep at least 8 hours per day so we can perform at our peak the next day. Incomplete sleep at night results in weakness and poor output during the day. Irrespective of the type of job you are doing, try and sleep well. KoreTrak pro is a device that can reliably monitor your sleep. It calculates deep and light sleep and tells you how many hours you were awake at night. This will help you to make adjustments and sleep better at night. 
  • Smartphone compatibility: KoreTrak pro is very compatible with smartphones both Apple and Android. Just download the KoreTrak pro app known as DayBand and connect with your phones or connect it through Bluetooth. After connecting it, you will be notified through vibrations any time there is an incoming call or text messages. You can also take pictures through KoreTrak pro by simply shaking the device. 
  • Readability: KoreTrak pro is very easy to read and understand. The display is excellent. You can easily read out the health metrics, fitness metrics, number of steps taken and energy burned. The sleep parameters will be clearly displayed during  and after sleep. The multi – sports tracking and advanced exercise metrics can easily be read through the smartphone App. Running, walking, cycling and climbing are all important in helping us stay active and achieve our fitness goals. 
  • Portability: KoreTrak pro is very portable. This makes it suitable for any kind of activities especially sporting. Nobody likes carrying a load in the name of tracker. You won’t even notice that you’re wearing something on your wrist until it is time to check those fitness and health metrics. The design is also cool. You can wear it to any place of your choice if you want to continuously track your health and fitness. 

You might be asking:

How does KoreTrak pro fitness tracker work? 

KoreTrak pro tracks your health and fitness metrics just like other trackers. The tracking method is similar to others but the precision is very high unlike many trackers. Charge your KoreTrak and put it on your wrist just like other regular smart watches, then connect it with your smartphones (Android or iPhone).

KoreTrak pro will use both on-board sensors and smart phone sensors to track your fitness and health information. KoreTrak pro uses smartphone GPS to track your location and movement because it lacks its own independent GPS. But KoreTrak pro pro has its own hearth rate monitor which it uses to track your heart rate without the aid of any external sensors. 

Charge your KoreTrak pro wrist band and download the required App from either your Google Play Store or Apple Store. You can easily and comfortably connect your gadget and smart phone through this App. Just like other health tracking App, your KoreTrak pro App will give you up to date insight into your health and fitness and overall well-being.

Your daily and weekly wellness information can be viewed through this App. Also your sleep metrics will be well recorded and stored for you to see how well you are actually sleeping. 

Furthermore, you can connect your KoreTrak pro and smartphone through Bluetooth. The on-board Bluetooth sensor also enables you to view your health and fitness data on smartphone as long as your smartphone has Bluetooth. 

Note!  Always make sure that your KoreTrak pro is properly connected to your smartphone either through Bluetooth or App so you don’t  miss any vital information. The records of health and fitness stored over time will help you make adjustments where necessary to achieve your goals as quickly as possible. 

KoreTrack Review
KoreTrack Review

Who needs the KoreTrak pro smartwatch?

KoreTrak pro is for anybody who values his or her health and fitness. Both athletes, fitness enthusiasts and every other person who just want to monitor their overall well-being needs a tracker and KoreTrak pro is one of  the best trackers out there. 

Monitoring our health is very crucial especially cardiovascular system. Most of the time, the diseases of cardiovascular system are detected when they are already advanced. This will be difficult to cure but if they are picked up early, they will be eliminated from the body with just few medications or minor surgery. This will save you time and money and prevent you from passing through the pain of such diseases.

According to Johns Hopkins cardiologist, Seth Martin, M.D., M.H.S., fitness trackers are a great tool for heart health

Being more active and changing your habits is important, but it can be difficult to attain. With a fitness tracker like KoreTrak pro, you can cross the hurdle with much ease. It was built to last and survive adverse weather conditions like extreme cold and heat. If you want to appreciate functionality during workouts, KoreTrak pro will be ideal for you. 

Why should I buy KoreTrak pro? 

In all sincerity, there are numerous health and fitness trackers you can select from in the market. Each of these trackers is the best according to their producer or marketer. There prices vary but the most costly of them is not always the best in terms of quality, reliability and accuracy. 

KoreTrak pro being a new brand, we expect you to be skeptical about the authenticity of these claims about the product. However, we are stating unequivocally in this KoreTrak pro Review, that this brand is indisputably the best. It combines all the good qualities of big smart watch brands and fitness trackers and yet very affordable. You can precisely track your health and fitness metrics with KoreTrak pro and the price is just a fraction of other leading brands in the market. 

KoreTrak pro earns you the opportunity to create healthy habits and attain a good state of health. It is very easy to operate unlike many other brands. With just simple one button operation, your gadget will get the job done. This makes it very suitable for the 45+ demographic. 

Get yourself a KoreTrak pro and comfortably track your general fitness, weight loss and performance training. The low cost of this product is the good selling point. The price falls within  that of other cheap trackers but the quality is much higher when compared to those products. It has gained recognition in well to do countries like the United States of America, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Germany and other parts of the world. 

Currently, KoreTrak pro is sold at a 50% off per unit and this brought down the price making it more affordable for customers with low budget. 

This discount may be lifted from the product any time soon. If you are really interested in this high quality brand, we advise that you get yours as soon as possible to avoid missing out on these deals. 

What makes KoreTrak pro smartwatch stand out? 

KoreTrak pro fitness tracker is an outstanding product in the world of trackers. Its design is unique and it is very portable. Combining the qualities of smart watches and trackers at an affordable price. Gradually, KoreTrak pro smart watch is becoming the most popularly used trackers. This is because it gives everyone the opportunity to own a quality tracker, both the poor and the rich.

Many people already know the importance of tracking their fitness, health and sleep pattern but one thing that always hold them back from achieving this goal is the prices and qualities of trackers. The reliable trackers proved to be accurate by many are very expensive and way beyond their budget. The ones that they can afford are very inferior in quality and highly unreliable.

Customers are always afraid of losing their money. Nobody wants to buy gadget that will not live up to their expectation, they would rather keep their money and move on with their lives. This prevented many from having a fitness tracker. But here comes KoreTrak pro, a product that combines high quality and low cost making it possible for every serious minded buyer to have their own fitness tracker. 

KoreTrak pro has a way of pushing you to remain dynamic and encourage you to improve through the use of application that tracks and records your exercise. Unlike many trackers that can’t track some parameters like blood pressure, KoreTrak pro wristband gives you reliable tracking of important health and fitness metrics. (koretrak pro review)

How can I use this tracker? 

Operating KoreTrak pro is very simple. Just like your regular smart watches, you don’t need assistance or special skills to use your KoreTrak. It is very easy to use. 

KoreTrack pro Smartwatch Review
KoreTrack pro Review

Follow these simple steps to make use of your gadget:

  1. Charge your KoreTrak pro for about 1.5 – 2 hours. Make sure your smartphone is charged as well. 
  2. Long press the function button until KoreTrak pro turns on. 
  3. Short press the function button to scroll through Apps / tracking metrics. 
  4. Long press function button to select or exit App. 
  5. Open KoreTrak pro App on your smart phone (device). 
  6. Enter your gender, weight, height and year of birth. Note! These information won’t be displayed to anybody, it will be well secured and confidential. Thus, enter the correct data to get reliable tracking results.
  7. Hold KoreTrak pro near your smartphone and tap “Add a new device“.
  8. Select KoreTrak pro device when it shows up on your phone screen to connect. 

This is all you need to do to connect and use your gadget. After this initial linking, you should be able to use your KoreTrak pro smart watch without having to reconnect it again. 

Where can I buy KoreTrak pro? 

We recommend that you buy your own KoreTrak pro from the official website of the producer. As you already know, there are tons of trackers out there in the market and in different online stores. To avoid risking your money, buy KoreTrak pro from the company. Avoid the temptation of falling into the hands of scammers. 

Also, you will be able to enjoy the 50% discount if you purchase directly from the manufacturer.

Click the Red Button below to go to the official website of the producer. 

There are many payment options available for you in the website, including PayPal and credit cards (Visa and Master Card). Your payment is well secured as well. No risk of losing your card details to scammers. (koretrak pro review)

KoreTrak has a 30 – day money back guarantee. Their customer service is top notch.

Below is koreHealth contact info:

Email : support@korehealth.com
Phone (US and Canada) : 609 414 7087
Phone (UK and Ireland)  : 08708 200084
Phone (Australia and New Zealand) : (02) 8607 8316
Mailing address: Suit 2201, 21/F Chinachem Century Tower, 178 Gloucester Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong. 

KoreTrak pro smart watch technical facts 

KoreTrak pro has all the desirable features of trackers despite the fact that it is still a new company.
Here are some of the technical details you need to know:

  • Sensor: heart rate monitoring and oxygen level monitoring. 
  • Display: Full colour LCD screen with Touch button key operation. 
  • Memory: Up to 7 days of data storage.
  • Battery: Rechargeable lithium battery. Direct charging through USB port. 
  • Water proof rating: KoreTrak pro body is IP67 waterproof rated. It can withstand water at a depth of 1(one) meter for about 30 minutes. It is not recommended for swimming, water sports like paddle boarding, kayak ok, showers and dishes ok.  
KoreTrak Fitness Tracker
KoreTrack pro Reviews

Benefits of using health and fitness trackers

Tracking your health and fitness has numerous benefits. Irrespective of the brand you are using, you will get the following benefits from tracking your health:

  •  Create healthy habits. 
  • Stay active all the time 
  • Achieve good health and overall well-being. 
  • Help you track your fitness plan 
  • Improved sleep. 

PROS  (KoreTrak pro smartwatch review) 

  • KoreTrak pro is very efficient.
  • It is very affordable with 50% discount. 
  • There is 30 – day money back guarantee. 
  • Helps you to stay connected.
  • It let’s you read your messages and check who is calling with just a quick glance at your wrist. This enables you to stay connected while you are working. 
  • Reliable data storage which allows you to get an idea to your health state.
  • KoreTrak pro is very durable. The splashproof resistance makes it last longer. 
  • The well designed sensor monitors your health and fitness metrics within seconds. 
  • Reliable tracking of sleep. 

CONS (KoreTrak Pro Review)

  • It is available only online. You won’t have the freedom to see or feel it until you have completed your payments and it gets delivered to you. 
  • Stock is limited. 

Frequently Asked Questions

You may be interested in knowing them to avoid making unnecessary mistakes. 

How can I charge my KoreTrak pro?

Charging your KoreTrak pro is very simple. Just remove the bottom band to reveal the USB plug. You can plug it into any USB port to charge your device. There is no wires required

Is KoreTrak pro fit for swimming?

The IP67 waterproof rating offers resistance to water at a depth of 1 meter and for about 30 minutes. If you plan on going deeper than this depth or staying longer than 30 minutes in the pool  do not use your KoreTrak pro. It may get damaged by water. 

Is KoreTrak pro a smart watch or a fitness tracker? 

KoreTrak pro serves both as a fitness tracker and a smart watch. It combines the high qualities of smart watch and fitness trackers.

Can I use KoreTrak Pro if I do not have my phone on me?

Yes, KoreTrak Pro can store data for up to 7 days on its own. It will automatically synchronize with your phone the next time it comes within Bluetooth range

Can I connect KoreTrak pro with my Samsung Galaxy smartphone?

Yes, KoreTrak pro is compatible with your phone. All Android and iPhone can connect with KoreTrak pro. 

How long can KoreTrak pro store data?

KoreTrak pro can store data up to 7 days on its own. Thus you can use it to check previously recorded information without the aid of your smart phone.

Can I use KoreTrak pro for other events apart from sporting?

Yes. You can wear your KoreTrak pro to any place of your choice and any time. It has many styles and colours you can select from to suit your outfit.

KoreTrack pro Review
KoreTrack pro Review

KoreTrak pro customer reviews 

Conja M: The pedometer and odometer are super cool and reliable. It’s very fascinating counting my steps and distance covered during running.

Jane: Losing weight is a mission I have been struggling to achieve for a long time now. I have used many trackers to monitor my fitness levels. They all have their pros and cons but none is just satisfying. I decided to use KoreTrak pro. Thanks for this product. Always giving me reliable information and helping me to stay on track. 

Matthew: Having unreliable fitness data has discouraged me to go to the gym some days. Making it difficult to know if I’m actually progressing or not. But since I started using KoreTrak pro the game changed. I now know how exactly well I’m doing. Very portable and  fits really well.

Jeff R, New Jersey: It works great!  I like being able to see how I’m improving. Since I started working out more regularly my resting heart rate has gone down, and the quality of my sleep has improved a lot. It’s nice having proof that I’m on the right track. 

Bottom line of KoreTrak Pro Review 

Tracking our health and fitness is very crucial. Using a highly reliable gadget to do that will take us closer to achieving our goal of becoming fit and healthy. 

KoreTrak pro is a tested and trusted tracker that will give you reliable health and fitness data. It combines the high qualities of smart watch and fitness trackers at a fraction of their prices. 

Do not mistake the low cost of KoreTrak pro for low quality!  KoreTrak pro is cheap because Korehealth didn’t pay any adviser to market their product or settle any celebrity to endorse their product. This is to ensure that their products gets to everyone irrespective of your purchasing power. 

KoreTrak pro is capable of helping you develop healthy habits and lose weight. It is very easy to use, both young and old will find it cool. Its ability to store data for up to 7 days will help you detect any deviation from your normal value. 

If you are looking for a reliable health and fitness tracker (smart watch), look no further, buy KoreTrak pro today from the producer. You will never regret investing your heard-earned money in it. It will surely live up to your high expectations. 

Thanks for reading KoreTrak Pro Review and always remain safe. 

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