LiveGuard Pro Review 2020 : Best Security Camera

LiveGuard Pro review
LiveGuard Pro review

LiveGuard Pro Review : A Multi-Purpose Security Camera

Whether you are concerned about theft or you simply want to check in on a mischievous pet or look after an elderly person or a baby or your office, LiveGuard pro security cameras can provide notifications and peace of mind.

If you are looking to set up a camera system in your house or office without taking much out of your income, LiveGuard Pro is for you. You don’t have to break the bank to get your house, family and office secured. 

While it’s great that there are plenty of excellent options to choose from, with devices that offer features such as two-way communication, night vision, cloud storage, motion tracking and HD video for top-notch video quality, it can feel daunting to sift through everything out there to find a good match for the best security camera system you may have in mind, especially if that solution includes multiple cameras.

Fortunately, I’ve tested out dozens of cameras and found out that LiveGuard Pro is outstanding.

It is the best home and office security camera in every major sub-category, from pet monitoring, baby care, to security monitoring against burglars. It is relatively low-maintenance, with a motion sensor that sends a push notification to your mobile with a motion alert, just download the necessary application on your mobile and you can monitor all these.

So, if you’re looking for the best security camera that can serve other purposes for your home and office, get ready to dive in into this LiveGuard Pro review. We will discuss this awesome product in detail.

What is LiveGuard Pro?

LiveGuard Pro ReviewLiveGuard Pro Review
LiveGuard Pro Review

LiveGuard Pro is multi-purpose security camera that instantly monitors your environment, rooms, warehouses, etc. and records the monitoring on a standard micro SD card. Being a multi purpose device, it is suitable for monitoring kids, elders, mischievous pets and also good for home and office security. 

It makes use of application which you easily download on your mobile to enable you track (stream) these activities as they are being monitored and recorded by this awesome security camera.

Due to the mains mounting of LiveGuard pro, it can never run out of power. Power and battery life is always an important factor to consider when selecting or buy gadgets like this.

Creating a problem while trying to solve a problem is never the best way out of a problem. A gadget that will consume your time and money through high electricity bill or frequent buying and replacing of batteries is the not the best.

The most annoying thing is that most of them will still not offer top-notch services when compared to others. LiveGuard pro is literally the best when it comes to power and duration of use……This one the reasons why we singled out this product because we know it will give you everything you need at such an affordable price….Liveguard Pro review.

It uses the universal fit normal bulb socket E27 standard. Get LiveGuard Pro today at 50% discount with free shipping and be assured of your home and office security!

Features of LiveGuard Pro

  • Instantly Monitor Your Environment, Room, Warehouse, etc.
  • Suitable For Monitoring Elder, Kids, Pets and Home Security
  • Recording Of Monitoring On Standard Micro SD Card
  • Live Stream Via The Included Application Support
  • Never Run Out Of Power Design Due To Mains Mounting
  • Normal Bulb Socket E27 Standard, Universal Fit

Benefits of Using LiveGuard Pro

LiveGuard Pro Review
LiveGuard Pro Review

LiveGuard Pro is a multi-purpose security camera with so many advantages. It does not only serve to protect your house against burglars but also can be used for several other purposes ans most importantly, it works perfectly well with your mobile.

Let`s dive in deeply into the benefits of this product…..LiveGuard Pro Review.

Home Security:
The need to monitor our homes and guard it against burglars can not be overemphasized.

Have you ever imagined yourself toiling in day and night to make ends meet financially and make life more comfortable only to have everything you have acquired stolen by burglars?…..that sucks right?

Do not worry, advances in technology have made it possible for us to keep track of everything happening in our homes even when we are not there. LiveGuard pro is such an outstanding gadget that enables you to stream everything with your mobile phones simply by downloading the App on your mobile.

It also uses uses a standard micro SD card to keep record of these activities. The emergence of these security cameras has largely scared away these burglars making it possible for you to be the full owner of whatever you earned from your toiling.

Office Security:
Liveguard pro is not only suitable for monitoring homes, it can as well be used for office security. By putting the gadget in your office and downloading the necessary app on your mobile, you can monitor whatever tht`s going on in your office.

Monitoring of Kids:
Kids are always difficult to monitor. The desire and zeal to play is always burning in them and one can`t just deny them the opportunity to play.

They can sustain fatal injuries during this period if they are not properly monitored. LiveGuard pro can ease this job for you. It allows you to stay in your comfort zone and still monitor your kids as they play by just streaming it on your mobile using the necessary application.

Monitoring of Elders:
At old age one becomes a burden to his/her people. Old people need to be taken care of just like kids. It can be stressful and time consuming. Get yourself gadgets like LiveGuard pro will make this work lots easier for you.

Pet Monitoring: 
Some pets can be mischievous, thus requiring extra care. In as much as these creatures brings tranquility to our hearts, taking good care of them can be really burdensome.

No matter how stressful it is, we`d never allow somthing that is after our heart to get hurt, we need to make out time and endure the stress to look after them. Liveguard pro is here to make the work easier for you.

Prolonged use: 
Nobody likes owning a device that sucks when it comes to duration of use and cost of maintenance. Due to the mains mounting of LiveGuard Pro, it can never run out of power and does not maintenance fee nor cause significant increase in electricity bill. This is an important advantage it has over most of the security cameras.

Data Storage:
It uses standard micro SD card to store information. This is a feature it shares with most of the security cameras. Download the liveguard pro app on your mobile and enjoy this device.

Who Needs LiveGuard Pro?

LiveGuard pro is a product designed for everybody and every family. It is suitable for many purposes and can be used for a long time.

If you have a mischievous pet that is giving you headache to look after, LiveGuard pro is for, if your kid plays a lot or you have an elderly person in your house needing your attention, this product will ease the work for you.

Troubled about burglars who are regularly breaking into your home or office, stealing your properties you earned through your toiling, get LiveGuard Pro and the trouble will be put to an end.

How LiveGuard Pro Works?

LiveGuard Pro is a very efficient multi-purpose security camera that monitors different activities and records them in a standard micro SD card. It is also compatible with an app which can be downloaded and used on mobile phones to stream these activities. 

Just set up the gadget in your home or office, download the app, insert the SD card and  connect to a power source and you are goood to go!

What other items come with it?

If you purchase LiveGuard Pro you should see the following items inside the Packing box.

  • Camera
  • Lamp holder
  • Fixing screws
  • Qualified certificate
  • User (English) manual
LiveGuard Pro Review
LiveGuard Pro Review

How Can I Use My Device?

Using LiveGuard Pro is very simple and easy, it does not require any extra skills or assistance from anybody. Just follow the instructions as clearly written in the manual.

Below are few simple steps to help you use your security device effectively.

  • Open the packing box and bring out the items.
  • Attach the lamp holder to the position where you want to fix your camera.
  • Insert the standard micro SD card into the camera.
  • Use the fixing screws to fix the camera to the lamp holder.
  • Download the application on your mobile phone to enable you stream the activities.
  • Connect to a power source and your device will be up and running.

PROS [LiveGuard Pro Review]

  • Easy and safe to use
  • Full view angle (360 degrees)
  • High camera resolution (1080P)
  • Highly effective and accurate
  • Very affordable
  • Suitable for many purposes
  • 50% discount with free delivery
  • Never run out of power
  • Ability to store data using standard micro SD card
  • Live streaming of activity via the application
  • Normal bulb socket
  • Instant monitoring of activities

CONS [LiveGuard Pro Review]

  • Available only online
  • limited stock
LiveGuard Pro Review
LiveGuard Pro Review

Where Can I Get LiveGuard Pro?

We always advise the readers of our articles to go straight to the producer`s website to buy any product. There maybe vendors out there selling the same or similar gadget but those may not be the original product.

It is far safer to buy directly from the manufacturer`s website where you will be sure of getting the right product at the right price. Don`t take the risk of getting fake product from other sellers!!

Currently, the producer is selling the product at 50% discount with free delivery. There are lots of exciting deals and offers on the manufacturers website. As you already know, these offers don`t last so hurry now and get yours today.

All the major payment methods such as credit cards ( master card and  visa), PayPal, etc. are accepted and the payment is very secured.

Click the button below to buy LiveGuard pro today from the Producer`s official site.

LiveGuard Pro Review : Frequently Asked Questions

LiveGuard Pro Review
LiveGuard Pro Review

To further address your concerns and clear your doubt about this awesome product, we are going to provide answers to some of the questions customers always ask.

How does home security camera video storage work?

If you want to playback your home’s outdoor activity, you’ll need a camera with onboard video storage or cloud recording capabilities. Most cameras with recording capabilities have a built-in secure digital (SD) or microSD slot that allows for sufficient recording space.

Once the memory card is full, you’ll need to delete footage or store it elsewhere. Some popular cameras automatically override expired videos, which may not be most ideal if you need to keep a video.

On the contrary, some security camera providers offer cloud storage monthly plans to securely store videos on the cloud. You can easily access them anytime, anywhere by signing into your account on your mobile device or using a mobile app. 

LiveGuard Pro uses standard micro SD card to store the videos, there is no risk of losing the videos.

Is it safe to mount outdoor security cameras where burglars will see it?

Yes! it is very safe. That is the best place to fix a security camera because it will scare the burglars away knowing fully well that all their activities will be monitored and recorded.

How much home security camera coverage is needed?

The camera’s viewing angle determines how much space the camera will cover. Wide-angle lenses reduce the number of cameras required to monitor your home. LiveGuard pro  security camera has a wide-angle lens that  shows a 360-degree view.

The best security cameras have a view of at least 100 degrees or better. Buying LiveGuard pro reduces the mount you will spend on security cameras as it has a wide angle of view

Can home security cameras really protect homes and offices?

Yes! security cameras have the ability to protect homes and offices, just place them in obvious positions that will alert thieves that your home or office is under surveillance. Thieves (burglars) are increasingly becoming aware of security cameras and they always try to avoid it to prevent humiliation.  

Does it have good camera resolution?

Yes, it has good camera resolution. LiveGuard pro has 1080p, which is generally the standard resolution for cameras we’ve tested, there are benefits to models with higher-resolution sensors. 

Few home security cameras have optical zoom lenses, but almost all have digital zoom, which crop and enlarge whatever the camera is recording. The more megapixels a camera sensor has, the more you can digitally zoom in and still be able to see things clearly.

What is Face detection?

LiveGuard Pro and most security cameras  simply send you a notification when they detect any type of activity. Others can identify who—or what—is causing the commotion.

It automatically zooms in on people who enter the field of view, and sends alerts when a face is recognized (it also tells you when an unrecognized face is spotted). This technology helps eliminate needless alerts.

LiveGuard Pro Review
LiveGuard Pro Review

Conclusion : LiveGuard Pro Review

Having read this LiveGuard pro review to this point, you will agree with us that it`s the best security camera there is. It offers a lot and still won`t cost you much unlike other security cameras. 

It can never run out of power or disappoint you when you need it most. There is no risk of data loss as it makes use of standard micro SD card to record the monitoring. Also, you can stream the activities with your mobile phones by just downloading and connecting the application to the device.

It is sold at 50% discount with free shipping currently. There are also many deals you will enjoy from the manufacturer if you purchase the product today.  To enjoy these offers, hit the button below to buy today.

Thank you for reading our Liveguard pro review. Feel free to check out  our reviews on other products

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