LookPeekPick Reviews 2021: Is this Look Peek Pick Safe For Cleaning Earwax?

Consumer’s LookPeekPick reviews rated this ear wax remover 4.8 on a scale of 5 stars and our expert editorial team have carried out thorough research to find out if this kit is perfect for cleaning ear wax before publishing LookPeekPick review.

Look Peek Pick is a medical quality Stainless Steel that is safe and easy to use for complete elimination of earwax. It comes with six different cleaning tools for all densities of debris and any size ear. No oils or medication is required, hence it is completely free from any unwanted side effects.

LookPeekPick Reviews
LookPeekPick Reviews

The ear is one of the five major sense organs of the body and it plays a crucial role in our ability to understand and communicate with each other. If you can’t hear, you definitely can’t talk because you can only say what you know and you can’t know or understand what you did not hear. Hence, the ear is very indispensable organ of the body.

Because of its importance, the body tries to find a way to protect it from damage. One of these ways of protecting the ear is by production of ear wax. Yes, production of earwax is protective to the ear. This oil substance prevents debris and germs from causing damage to the ear. Naturally, the waxy oil together with the debris and pathogenic organisms trapped in it, flows out of the ear canal and get washed away. 

However, this physiologic process gets interfered with sometimes and this results in accumulation of wax inside the ear canal. Excessive earwax production and impaction of wax are two major reasons why ear wax build up inside the ear.

Accumulation of earwax results in infection instead of fighting against infection which is one of the major reasons for its production. Fortunately, there are a number of safe ways of removing this earwax to prevent it from causing harm to the body.

To this effect, LookPeekPick ear wax remover was developed, it is safe, affordable and easy to use. With just $22 you will get a whole kit of Look Peek Pick with six (6) different cleaning tools. These tools ensure that all densities of debris are removed and they are suitable for different ear sizes. 

Do you feel your hearing is distorted by waxy buildup? Is something drowning out the noise around you? Or are you always watching TV with captions? It is high time you started removing the dirt, debris and build-up in your ear canal.

Traditional method of removing earwax with cotton swab is no longer practised and trained physicians discourage the use of cotton. LookPeekPick is an efficient and easy to use wax remover that will never hurt your ear canals. 

If you so much value your sense of hearing and you are looking for an effective and harmless earwax cleaner, you have come to the right page. Let’s dive right into the full details of Look Peek Pick review. 

What is Look Peek Pick (LookPeekPick reviews)

LookPeekPick is a surgical grade Stainless Steel developed by experts for safe and hassle-free ear wax removal. It does not make use of any oil, medication or ear pump, hence it is entirely safe and free from adverse effects.

Unlike different brands of Ear Drops recommended by physicians which contain some chemicals that are capable of causing damage to the ear, Look Peek Pick does not contain such chemicals. It is completely natural, and it is a perfect alternative to numerous ear cleansers pumps sold in different retail stores.

LookPeekPick has a suitable handle for comfortable grip, thus you have full control over the rotation of your earwax cleaner inside your ear canal. There is no risk of irritation or scratching of the ear. 

Most of us are used to removing earwax with cotton swab. This practice is both inefficient and unsafe. Cotton swab does not clean the ears well and it is associated with the risk of eardrum perforation. It was never designed for ear cleaning, it actually does the opposite. Cotton swab pushes ear wax further down the ear canal and not taken it out.

Also the use of finger nails to clean the ear is not safe likewise paper towel. Finger nails can injure the ear canal and increase the risk of infection, paper towel can tear and leave behind particles that will further block the ears. The best and safest method of getting rid of earwax is by using harmless tools like LookPeekPick and Tvidler.

It is easy to use and very affordable. You won’t have to waste your time or pay a consultation fee to see a doctor, you will conveniently remove your earwax at the comfort of your home. One of the components of LookPeekPick has a spiral head that can rotate inside your ear canal to completely remove all the wax including buildup and debris. It also help to massage the ear canal.

Another important component has a medically certified forceps for picking up impacted wax. Each of the six components of Look Peek Pick has a specific role, use them as appropriate. 

LookPeekPick Review
LookPeekPick Review

How does it work?

It is very simple and easy to understand. LookPeekPick is not a high tech device, just a set of tools with different shapes, sizes and functions. Each kit of Look Peek Pick comes with six different cleaning tools. One of these tools is a medical ear forceps that is used to pick up large-sized debris, buildup and dirt.

Another important component of LookPeekPick kit is the one with spiral head. This head can rotate 360 degrees inside the ear canal. This ensures complete removal of wax and it also helps to massage the ears. Other components of look peek pick kit have spring design that helps to relieve itching while cleaning up the ear canal.

Depending on your ear size, and quantity and texture of wax in your ear canal, choose the appropriate tool for cleaning your ear. 

An important point to note here is that LookPeekPick kit does not contain any oils or medications or ear pump. It completely a safe and natural way of removing earwax without visiting the hospital. 

How to use LookPeekPick

Cleaning earwax with LookPeekPick kit is hassle-free, easy and simple. A lot of customer LookPeekPick reviews online have attested to this. No technical skills are required of you, it was designed to be used right out of the box.  The steps below will put you through anytime you want to use your kit to remove earwax.

Note that you don’t use the entire six (6) tools at once, the tools you use at a particular time depends on the quantity and nature of the wax and also the size of your ear canal. 

If you have earwax or build up, then the tools with spiral head are  suitable for you. 

  • First, gently insert the spiral head into your ear canal. This process does not require much force, you have to be as gentle as possible to avoid injury to your eardrum. 
  • Secondly, rotate the tool (360 degrees) inside your ear canal to clean up the entire wax inside the canal. You also do not need to apply excessive force here. Be gentle, calm and slow while rotating the head inside the canal. This process also massage the ear canal. 
  • Thirdly, pull out the tool gently to remove the ear wax.
  • You can repeat these steps as many times as possible until your ear canals are clean. 

If you are having ear itching, then you should look out for the tool with spring design. It helps to relieve itching. 

If you suspect you have a larger buildup or impacted wax, then you need to use one of the tools known as medical ear forceps. Gently insert this forceps into the ear and apply a little effort to capture the wax. Once you feel that the forceps is holding onto the wax, gently pull it away to remove it. 

These are basically the things you need to do while using your LookPeekPick kit. In case of any confusion, you can refer to user guide manual. However, you will hardly encounter issues while using LookPeekPick review kit because it is very similar to using cotton swab just that it is a little more advanced and safer. 

Look Peek Pick Reviews
Look Peek Pick Reviews

Features of LookPeekPick

Portable: LookPeekPick kit is made up of tools that are very lightweight and portable. You can carry your kit with you to any place of your choice. If your ears produces excessive amount of wax, then you have nothing to worry about even when you are traveling. Just package your kit and put it in your small travelling bags. You can use it conveniently anywhere and anytime. 

Natural: Most of the effective methods of wax removal including the ones recommended by health professionals are not natural. Some of them come with numerous side effects but because the advantage outweigh the risks and adverse effects, they are recommended. That’s not the case with LookPeekPick tools kit. It is entirely natural and a perfect alternative to store bought ear cleansers pumps. 

Medically certified: Look peek pick is made of 100% surgical grade of Stainless Steel. This ensures that the tools are rust-free and durable. You can use your kit as long as you wish. 

Ergonomic handle: Each tool in LookPeekPick kit have a perfect handle for comfortable grip. They will never slip off your hands. You are always in complete control of the tools, no risk of scratch or perforation or permanent damage to the ear. 

Different tools inside one kit: The bigger advantage LookPeekPick reviews kit has over other brands of ear wax remover is that it comes with different tools in one set. These six tools have specific roles to play. Irrespective of the density of debris or size of your ears, LookPeekPick will be suitable for you. Always select the tools carefully to get the best out of your earwax cleaner. 

Environmentally friendly: Unlike other ear cleaning tools like cotton swab and Q-tip that contribute to environmental solid waste and pollution, LookPeekPick does not contribute to waste and pollution, it’s designed for long-term use. 

Benefits of using it (look peek pick review)

The use of safe wax remover and other earwax removing methods are highly recommended for those that produce excessive ear wax oil. This is because earwax can accumulate within the ear canal and cause a lot of problems.

Accumulated earwax can get hardened and occlude the external auditory meatus. This occlusion can cause hearing loss of up to 30 decibel. You might be wondering how? Now, let’s take a look at how hearing actually occur.

Sound waves travel through air to get to the ear canal. These waves pass through the canal to reach the eardrum in the middle ear. The eardrum (also known as tympanic membrane) vibrate to magnify this sound so that it will be interpreted properly in the brain.

If the ear canal is occluded, the quantity of sound wave reaching the eardrum will be very little such that it won’t be able to magnify it properly for accurate interpretation in the brain. This is how earwax cause hearing impairment. 

Also, accumulated wax can harbour microorganisms like bacteria and fungi which will cause ear infection. Ear infection can cause hearing impairment and it can spread to the brain to cause other neurological problems.

LookPeekPick is an affordable and easy to use earwax cleaner that can remove this wax and protect your ears against infection or hearing loss. You won’t worry again about those embarrassing trips to the doctor for ear wax removal. 

Safe methods of removing earwax (LookPeekPick review)

There many ways of getting rid of earwax but we’d only discuss three of these methods. We have tested it and confirmed their efficacy and safety. 

  1. Use of efficient earwax remover: LookPeekPick and Tvidler are two safe and efficient earwax remover which we’ve tested. They are safe, affordable and easy to use. LookPeekPick works for any ear no matter how bad the ear wax might be or how small or big the size of your ear might be. It prevents the earache, infection and other problems associated with earwax. 
  2. Oil-based solvent: The use of oil based solvent should be strictly on doctor’s prescription. Do not try it on your own without a medical advice from a health professional. This method is highly effective but it is only reserved for hospital settings. The commonest oil-based solvent used is cerumol. It helps to dissolve the wax for easy cleaning. 
  3. Ear syringing: This process involves the use of syringe and warm water to wash away debris and impacted wax from the ear canal. It is performed in the hospital by a professional nurse or trained doctor. Do not try it at home!! 

From the above mentioned methods of earwax removal, you can deduce that the only easy and convenient method is the use of LookPeekPick.

Pros (LookPeekPick reviews)

  • Painless and harmless. 
  • Easy to use and hassle-free. 
  • Great quality, made of 100% surgical grade Stainless Steel. 
  • Suitable for any ear and wax texture and quantity. 
  • Safe and natural method. 
  • Use at the comfort of your home. 
  • Very affordable, budget friendly. 
  • No more cotton swab and its associated risks.   

Cons (LookPeekPick review)

  • Limited supply. 
  • Not available in retail stores. 
Look Peek Pick earwax remover
Look Peek Pick earwax remover

Prices of LookPeekPick 

  • One unite of LookPeekPick Earwax removal kit costs – $21.99
  • Two units of LookPeekPick Earwax removal kits cost – $20.50 per unit ($41 total) 
  • Three units of LookPeekPick Earwax removal kits cost – $18.33 ($54.99 total) 

If you order for two or more units of LookPeekPick kits, you will get free delivery. 

Are you interested in giving this earwax remover a try? go straight to the official website of the producer to buy your own kit. Special discount awaits you and each purchase is covered by 30 day money back guarantee.

LookPeekPick consumer reports

I used to go through cotton swab as fast as I go through toilet paper. I used about 3 or 4 every day. Ever since I got my hands on this handy little kit, I haven’t had to buy cotton swabs. Not only did I save money, but the doctor had mentioned to steer clear of cotton swab since they could do damage to the ear canal.  

Anna Collins

I didn’t realize how much blockage I had until I cleaned it. I can hear so much better now! I’m never letting my hearing getting that bad again.  

Mandy Thompson

I hate getting my ears cleaned. It’s uncomfortable and frankly, pretty gross and embarrassing. Now, I can finally clean my ears at home in privacy.  

Ben Williamson.

Read so many great reviews about this, so I decided to join in. Ordered one the other day, it didn’t take long to arrive, it lived up to the hype.

Shawn Hamilton

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe?

Definitely, LookPeekPick is designed to be safe enough to use at home. All cleaning tools have a small enough head that it won’t hurt or injure your ears if used properly. Always follow the instructions before using for the best and safest experience.

How do I clean my tools?

LookPeekPick is made of 100% surgical grade Stainless Steel for easy storing and cleaning. After cleaning, wipe off any debris with clean cloth and run your tools under warm soapy water. Wipe clean or let air dry. 

Do I need to use other cleansers with my cleaning tools?

No, you don’t need to use additional cleansers with LookPeekPick. It was designed to get rid of all the wax in your ear canal without any additional cleansers.

How often should I use it?

You are advised not to use it everyday. You can use your tools to clean your ears every alternate days or three days apart. 

Bottom line of LookPeekPick reviews

LookPeekPick earwax removal kit is an efficient and affordable ear wax cleaner. It is easy to use and very safe. With this kit, you won’t spend your money visiting any otolaryngologist to treat your earwax problem. You can also use it comfortably at home.

Currently, there is a discount for early buyers at the official product page. Free shipping applies when you order for two or more units of LookPeekPick. Hurry now and buy yours before it runs out of stock. The end of LookPeekPick reviews

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