Mobile Klean Review 2021 | Scam or Legit? | Find out!

Mobile Klean Review
Mobile Klean Review

 It’s no news that regular hand washing and sanitization are recommended practices to stay safe from germs. Unfortunately, our phones, PCs and other indispensable personal tools were not included in these practices. PC and smartphones and other smart gadgets are becoming increasingly important in our lives. We can’t really do without them, thus there is need to always keep them clean and free from germs.

How do we achieve this? Mobile klean and other UV light Sanitizers can get the job done. In all sincerity, it’s really awkward trying to spray or pour sanitizer on your phones or PC or earbuds etc to get them sanitized and free from germs. This might cause damage to your phone and smart gadgets because the sanitizer contains chemicals which doesn’t go well with most devices especially phones and PCs. Special kind of sanitizer that uses ultraviolet light to kill germs are the best option if you really want to keep your phone clean. 

Let’s take a closer look at mobile clean smart sanitizer!! 

What is mobile klean? 

Mobile klean is a smart sanitizer used to get rid of germs from smart devices like smartphones, PCs, earbuds etc and other tools like door handle, car steering wheel, baby products (toys), phone case, ear bud case, comb, remote control and lots more. It uses UV (ultraviolet) light to kill pathogenic  germs that are easily spread through contact. Bacteria and viruses are the commonest germs in this group. The rate of growth of these organisms is so high and they spread rapidly if not destroyed or inhibited.

Mobile klean just like other UV sanitizing tools target the deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) and ribonucleic acid (RNA) of these organisms to kill them or inhibit their growth.

If you shake hands with people and use same hands to touch your smartphone, PCs, earbuds, steering wheel etc. then you need a UV smart sanitizer. 

PROS – Mobile klean Review 

There are numerous outstanding qualities of Mobile klean UV wand which make it the best choice among other brands. Here they are:

Multi-purpose technology

Though the name is mobile klean, it is not restricted to cleaning mobile smart phones and PCs, it can be used to clean multiple devices that we make contact with every day of our lives. You can use your UV light sanitizer to clean your door handles at home and office, sanitize the surfaces you regularly make contact with, sanitize sink faucet, countertops, bathroom countertops, your personal combs, shoes, clothes and many more. It was designed to help you sanitize surfaces and devices that alcohol-based sanitizers are not suitable for. Mobile klean ensures complete protection against germs. 


It is very compact and small in size. You can put it in your small hand bags or even your pocket. Its lightweight makes it handy and easy to carry. This gives you the opportunity to use it anywhere and anytime you desire. If you’re a traveller always moving from place to place, then you really going to enjoy mobile klean UV light sanitizer. 


Mobile klean is highly effective in destroying germs. It can kill over 99.99% of bacteria over any surface it’s used on and it takes only 20 seconds to do the job. Hence, you won’t have to spend a huge deal of your time trying to sanitize your phones or PC or any other surfaces you feel might be contaminated. As long as you have 20 seconds to spare, your UV wand will keep you safe from harmful bacteria and viruses. Mobile klean is also very affordable and easy to acquire. 

Mobile Klean uv wand Review
Mobile Klean UV Wand Review

Ergonomic design

Mobile klean is very easy to use, you don’t have to be technically savvy to enjoy this UV wand. Also the ultraviolet light emitted by this smart sanitizer does not hurt the user. It’s very user-friendly and safe. With mobile klean and your regular hand sanitizer and washing liquid soaps, you won’t likely suffer ailments associated with these germs. 

CONS – Mobile Klean UV light sanitizer 

There is no product under the sun that is 100% perfect. There is always a downside no matter how small or insignificant it might be. Mobile clean has its own downsides which we got from customers reviews on the official product page. However, none of these complaints points to inefficiency.

From our judgement as buyers, we can say that the major downside of this UV wand is its unavailability in retail shops. Most customers would like to test and feel products before pulling out their credit cards to place an order, however you are not guaranteed that freedom if you wish to purchase mobile klean UV light sanitizer.

Also, some customers complained of limited stock. These are satisfied buyers who have purchased and used mobile klean and they want to buy another one for their friends or relatives but they were told to wait for sometimes to get more mobile kleans ready. Customers are not comfortable with this delay and late buyers may not be fortunate to grab their own mobile klean. We discussed this issue of limited stock with the delivery team and they told us that more mobile klean will be made available however, we do not have control over that.

Do UV phone sanitizers really work? 

Yes, they do work. They release adequate amount of light that can kill or incapacitate germs “mostly bacteria and viruses” which causes most of the debilitating diseases that plague our planet. There are numerous chemicals used to wipe smartphones, PCs and gadgets. These wipes are effective to a reasonable degree however, they leave behind chemicals that might damage the PC and smartphones we are trying to protect. Also, the owner of the gadget is at risk of being harmed by these chemicals.

Thus, UV wands are better option for cleaning up devices. They destroy bacteria and viruses through powerful illumination they release to the surface which attacks the DNA of the organisms. These illuminations (UV light) is just sufficient to kill bacteria without causing any harm to the user. Hence, Mobile klean is very effective (kills 99.99% of germs on any surface). Kill that doubt on your mind and give it a try. 

Is it safe for the user? 

Yes, it is very safe for users. It gives all-round protection against germs. It is difficult to avoid people even in this COVID 19 pandemic. We always shook hands with one another and touch different surfaces. This practice exposes our hands to organisms that are capable of gaining entrance into our body and cause organ or system dysfunction which manifests as diseases.

The act of washing hands regularly and using hand sanitizer can protect us from these organisms but unfortunately we always touch our gadgets (smartphone, earbuds PCs etc) before washing and sanitizing hands and the organisms are transferred to our gadgets. We get re-contaminated with those germs when we use these gadgets, thus making the hand washing and sanitization ineffective.

It is important to sanitize our gadgets as well to deny germs the opportunity to enter our body and cause disease. Mobile klean is the best option for this purpose because it is very portable and efficacious. It is also safe for the user, no risk of harm. 

Note: UV radiation is harmful to eyes and skin and causes damage. Make sure you don’t expose your eyes or skin to any UV lamp. However, the quantity of illumination from mobile klean won’t cause damage to the eyes or skin but it’s better to protect yourself. 

Mobile Klean UV Light Review
Mobile Klean UV Light Review

Buyer’s curiosity  (mobile klean UV wand review) 

We understand that you are curious and really have many concerns about this gadget. In this section of our mobile klean review, we’d address as many customers’ concern as possible. Let’s kick off!! 

Does mobile klean use batteries? 

Yes, Mobile klean work with regular batteries. The batteries are very portable, cheap and easy to change. It does not require charging unlike many smart gadgets of nowadays. However, you have to purchase new batteries when the one you’re using runs down. This is another downside of mobile UV wand. Fortunately, the batteries are not expensive, you can purchase many pieces with little amount of money. Also, you have to always make sure that the batteries are in place before operating your UV sanitizer. 

How much does mobile klean sanitizer review cost? 

It is very affordable for anybody to purchase. You don’t have to break a bank to acquire your smart sanitizer. Currently there is an ongoing promo at the official website of the producer. Special discount applies for early buyers. Below is the breakdown of the deal you can get from the producer. 

  • One mobile klean costs – $49.98
  • Two mobile kleans cost – $99.99
  • Three mobile kleans cost – $111.99
  • Four mobile kleans cost – $136.99
  • Cost of shipping is up to $10.95

Note! These are discounted prices for early buyers as at the time of writing this mobile klean UV light review. If you wish to benefit from these deals, do well to purchase yours without delay.  

<< Check Availability of Mobile Klean Here >>

How to use UV light sanitizer 

Using mobile klean wand review is not a rocket science and you must not be technically savvy to clean your smart phone and PCs and other surfaces with mobile klean. There is a well illustrated user manual that comes with it, you can check it out if you need further clarification on how to use the product. Follow the steps below to use your UV light cleaning tool.

  • Make sure that the batteries are in place to provide power to the gadget. 
  • Select the surface or gadget to be cleaned. 
  • Put on your UV light sanitizer and focus it on the object (smart phones, PCs, earbuds etc) 
  • Allow the UV light to shine on the surface for 20 seconds before removing it. 
  • Make sure you illuminate all the surfaces for 20 seconds before turning the sanitizer off. 

That’s all you need to do anytime you want to clean your gadgets and personal equipment.

For you to achieve effective sterilization of your phones and stay protected against germs, always go out with your mobile klean sanitizer together with your alcohol-based hand sanitizer so you can sanitize your hands and gadgets after making contact with any suspected contaminated surface. 

Can UV light kill bacteria?

Yes, it can kill bacteria and other micro organisms.  UV lights are of different spectrum and the spectrum determines whether it can kill germs or not. In total, ultraviolet radiation occupies electromagnetic spectrum from 100 to 400 nanometers and it consist of three regions: 

  1. UV -A (315 – 400) 
  2. UV -B (280 – 315) and
  3. UV -C (100 – 280).

The UV -A is more benign while UV -B and -C are more dangerous. However, only UV -C can kill germs while UV -A and -B reduce their growth potential. Mobile klean is equipped with UV -C to kill bacteria and other pathogens that cause ill health. 

Mobile klean customers reviews 

There are numerous reviews from satisfied users  however, we’d summarize a few of these feedbacks to further address your concerns. 

Very versatile product and great for public attendants. I work in a very busy reception and always lend my phone to friends to check up things.  Always feel comfortable when I disinfect my phone with with this sanitizer. Just one wave of mobile klean and my phone is clean and safe again.  

Margie, Florida

So suitable for travel. When traveling you have  little to no control over how things unfold. You can make contact with any surface and objects which might be densely contaminated and your chances of getting infected is high. Mobile klean is very portable and I travel easily with it. I make sure that every surface is sanitized before touching it. very good at protecting kids against sickness.  

Kane, Poland

I’m glad I invested my money in this UV wand sanitizer. I use it to sanitize my devices at work. My computer and bathroom are always safe and free from germs. At home I use it to clean my comb, tooth brush, remote control and stereo and other personal items. I won’t hesitate in recommending it for anybody that want a smart sanitizer. 

Cynthia, New Castle

Facts you need to know 

UV light and safety

It will be deceptive telling you that ultraviolet radiation does not hurt. In fact, ultraviolet radiation is invisible and causes damage to the skin and eyes. The worse part of it is that you won’t even notice it until the damage is done. However, this depends on the spectrum of illumination reaching the affected surface (skin or eyes or any other part of the body).

The sun is the commonest source of UV radiation however, it emits only UV -A which does not hurt the body. UV radiations that kill germs only come from artificial sources. Mobile klean and most UV lamp are carefully equipped with sufficient amount of rays that can destroy germs without causing significant damage to the user. However, you need to be careful while using any UV lamp with spectrum of 100 to 150 nanometers. It really hurts.

Mobile klean spectrum is much higher than this range (100 – 150nm) and can not hurt your skin. 

Prevention is better than cure

Obviously, there has been advances in health care system and most diseases can be well taken care of. However, it will never be in anybody’s best interest to get infected and cured. The best thing to do is to prevent getting infection. In this era of COVID 19, it will be foolhardy to wait until you get infected before protecting yourself. Mobile klean helps other tools like hand washing soaps and sanitizer to keep one safe from Coronavirus and other easily transmissible germs.

Just as we secure our properties against burglars, we also need  to protect our lives against killer organisms like bacteria and viruses. Get yourself a mobile klean and stay secured. 

UV light sanitizer
UV Wand sanitizer

Conclusion of mobile klean wand review

There is always an urgent need to protect lives. Life is the most previous gift anybody can boast of. However, it becomes boring in times of sickness. We need to always make life worthwhile by protecting our health. No amount of money spent on your system to make them healthy is a waste.

Mobile klean UV light sanitizer is one of those investments you make for your health that you would never regret. It is portable and affordable, very efficient in destroying germs and pathogenic organisms. 

As we have started moving around to make ends meet financially and lead a comfortable life, we should not forget that we are in a serious battle with disease causing organisms like Coronavirus, bacteria and other germs that are seeking for shelter in our various body systems. These organisms can live on any surface waiting for its suitable host which is human. As soon as they make contact with any part of our body they start crawling towards any of the body’s orifices to gain entrance into our body.

Our hands are the easiest and commonest route through which they enter our body and we use same hands to hold and operate our phones, PCs, earbuds and lots more. Thus, we always need to keep our hands clean and also sanitize those gadgets and surfaces they are always in contact with. Mobile klean is one those reliable and efficient smart sanitizer that can clean your phones, PCs, and surfaces you make contact with. Despite its high quality, it still maintains a low cost so that everybody can own UV light sanitizer. 

Note: If you are interested in buying mobile klean, visit the official product page. Do not fall into the hands of fraudsters! Original Mobile klean is not available in any retail shop. Also you are entitled to different offers and deals if you purchase yours directly from the manufacturer. Up to 50% discount per unit product awaits you there. Do not miss out on this offer.  

Thank you for reading our mobile klean review. Always sanitize your hands and put on your face mask. 

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