Novawave Antenna Reviews 2021: Best Indoor Antenna For Free Broadcast TV Channels

Novawave Antenna is a portable indoor HD TV antenna that operates at very high frequency range of 47 to 250 MHz and ultra high frequency range of 470 to 960 MHz. As explained in details in this Novawave Antenna Reviews, there is no subscription fees attached to the reception of over the air (OTA) television, and most importantly, you will get clearer pictures and videos, and superior quality sound with this antenna. Keep reading novawave antenna review!!

Novawave Antenna Reviews
Novawave Antenna Reviews

To stay connected and entertained in this world, you have to watch your favourite channels, visit social media platforms and very importantly, play songs. Cable and satellite providers are milking themselves fat from the pockets of the people. The most annoying part of it is that you even pay for channels that are entirely free of charge.

In an attempt to save cost, cable TV and satellite use signal compression which reduces visual and audio quality. Even after paying exorbitant prices each year for subscription, you still can’t get the best quality services.

From a research conducted in the United States, it was estimated that an average U.S. household spends an average of $1,400 yearly on subscription. That’s a whole lot of money. You can save yourself this big buck by opting for digital TV antenna. With antenna, you don’t pay any subscription fees, you only need to buy it once and install to continue enjoying your favourite and local channels.

In this Novawave Antenna Reviews, we will reveal everything you need to know about this amazing indoor antenna that will save you money and give you the best sound quality and visual experience.

Initially, digital TV antennas were invented to augment cable TV to ensure that users never get their favourite shows interrupted. Many people purchased them but others were of the opinion that it is entirely irrelevant. Recently, digital TV antennas have gained wide recognition because of their ability to give you the best even at no extra cost.

The big challenge here is that there are numerous digital TV antennas out there both online and retail stores. How do you know the brand that actually worth it?

There are no better ways of knowing than actually testing those antennas, however you can’t test every brand of antenna just to know the one that is perfect for you. This is the reason why we are reviewing this indoor antenna to enable you make the right decision without wasting your time on research or surfing the net all day.

There are numerous indoor and outdoor antennas, they all have their pros and cons. However, not all worth testing or buying. Novawave HD TV Antenna is one of the reliable indoor antennas that tons of consumers are satisfied with. It is legit and everything about it will be discussed in this article. Let’s dive right in!

What is Novawave Antenna? (Novawave Antenna Review)

Novawave Antenna is an affordable HD TV antenna that enables you stream your favourite channels at no extra subscription charges. It is an indoor antenna, hence you won’t pass through the stress of locating the best position to mount it on the roof.

Nova wave HD TV antenna is pretty easy and simple to install. Unlike the cable TV, you don’t need special technical skills to install this antenna neither do you need to pay extra installation fee. It is designed to give you everything you want without taking much out of your pocket. The only time you need to spend money is when placing an order for novawave antenna. It is a one-off purchase after which you continue to enjoy your sports, news and entertainment without spending a dime on subscription.

It is very Compact and portable. Unlike other bulky brands, novawave antenna won’t take much space inside your house. You can simply mount it on the wall or near the window to ensure good signal reception and transmission.

Novawave Antenna is capable of receiving very high frequency (VHF) wave, Ultra High Frequency (UHF) wave and FM being broadcast by many local and foreign television hardware. With novawave antenna, you will continue to receive all your favourite and local channels without any interruption, and most importantly, you won’t pay any subscription fees.

Almost all the cable TV and satellite use signal compression for cost-effective and easy transmission which affects the video and audio quality. This is not the case with most digital TV antennas including novawave antenna. There is no signal compression with novawave, hence you will get unadulterated high definition television.

Another advantage of novawave antenna is that it gives you access to every channel around you. Cable and satellite providers do not carry all the local channels that may be available in your area. Simply scan and rescan for new channels especially when you change the position of your indoor antenna.

Novawave Antenna changes users experience and that’s why a lot of people are ordering for it at a fast rate. Recently, this digital TV antenna has gained wide recognition because of its efficiency and high end features. A lot of customers novawave antenna reviews online attested to this fact. The producer promised and delivered.

Getting disconnected when you are watching shows or news or entertainment is pretty annoying. This is one of the issues with cable TV even though you paid for it. Digital TV antennas have strong signals, no risk of interruption or frequent disconnection.

Novawave Antenna Review
Novawave Antenna Review

Benefits of using Novawave HD TV Antenna

Superior Signals: novawave antenna just like most digital TV antennas, have strong and better signal which is way superior to that of cable TV or satellite. No frequent disconnection, no compression of signal. It gives better audio and video resolution because of its better signal transmission. If you are used to cable and satellite, you can comfortably switch to novawave HDTV antenna.

Has more channels: This might come as a shock. Digital TV antennas have more channels than paid cable TV. It can unlock new local channels in your area, thereby making more news, entertainment, kids programming, cooking shows, sports and many more available to you. Most broadcast stations offer additional programming absolutely free, but you pay for them on cable and satellite subscription. With novawave antenna, you will always have more than enough choice to choose from. More channels, more sports, more entertainment, more news and so on. Get yourself a novawave antenna to enjoy all channels as you wish.

No subscription fees: No subscription charges is attached to novawave HD TV antenna and other digital antennas. You get to watch your shows while lying comfortably on your couch without any extra penny spent. The economy is dwindling and cost of commodities skyrocketing, we need to cut down on our daily, weekly, monthly and yearly expenditure. Cable or satellite subscription is one thing that is not really indispensable but yet consumes a huge percentage of our income yearly.

Different surveys carried out showed that people burn big bucks yearly on subscription whereas digital TV antennas are there to prevent such waste. With digital TV antennas like novawave, you will only pay once (one-off purchase), and you won’t bother yourself about subscription charges. You can even access more channels at no additional cost to you, that’s awesome!

Can serve as compliment to any cable or satellite subscription: If you are still inclined to using cable or satellite subscription, you are not committing any crime but you can augment it with novawave HD TV antenna to enable you access new local channels because cable and satellite providers do not carry all the channels available in a particular location. Digital TV antennas were initially invented to augment cable TV because of incessant disconnection and interruption of shows associated with cable TV. By using digital antennas, you will be sure of not being disconnected because of weak signal. If you enjoy your subscription, you can augment it with novawave antenna for better experience.

Easy to install: Installation is very simple and easy. If you are technically inclined, you can install your own novawave antenna without any assistance. Unlike cable TV, the process of installation is simplified such that you won’t spend extra money on installing your indoor antenna. It can fit into anywhere in your house though it is recommended that you fix it near window for better signal transmission. You can test out numerous locations during the installation to find the position in your house with the strongest signals.

Precautions and points to note

Frequent rescanning: It is recommended that you rescan for channels at least once every month. This is because most channels operating at a frequency that couldn’t be detected by novawave HD TV antenna can change their frequency making them detectable by novawave HD antenna. Hence frequent rescanning will enable you unlock more channels that were initially not shown when you first installed your novawave antenna.

Also, sometimes the signal at the location of your novawave antenna can be weak resulting in disconnection or interruption. If you notice such, change the position of your antenna for a better experience. Each time you change the location of your HD TV antenna, try and rescan for channels.

Broadcast towers: Broadcast towers is very important for your novawave antenna to work. The set up of every antenna is unique to the location in which the user is situated. Locating the tower and setting up your antenna appropriately prevents bad user experience. Also, the closer the tower, the better the signal. Broadcast channels available also depends on how close the nearest broadcasting tower is.

Environmental factors: Environmental factors almost always affect signal strength. Trees, hills and buildings can bend, deflect and weaken signals. As you are mounting your novawave, look for the part of your house with lesser obstruction. Always check out different locations in your house so you will be able to pick the site with the best signals.

Novawave is not a magic antenna: Digital HD antennas are much more cheaper and easy to install than cable TV. They also transmit uncompressed signals giving you better visual and audio quality. However, they are no magic tools especially novawave. If you position your novawave in area with weak signals, do not expect strong signals. Always follow instructions to get the best out of your novawave HD TV antenna.

Novawave Antenna Reviews
Novawave Antenna Reviews

Features of novawave antenna

Portable and Compact: Novawave is very compact and lightweight, you can package your antenna in a bag and take it to any place you want. Because of its easy installation process, you can uninstall and take it to wherever that pleases you. It is not bulky like the outdoor antennas. It also looks fashionable, and will add to your house décor.

Multiple channels available: There are multiple channels you can access through this brand of indoor antenna. ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC and many other channels can be watched with with novawave antenna. You only have to position your antenna in a good location to access as many channels as possible.

Affordable: The advantage of using using Novawave over cable TV and most digital antennas is that it is cost effective. One novawave HD TV antenna costs only $49.99 and you pay just once. This is way cheaper than most HD TV antennas especially the outdoor antennas.

Uncompressed signals: Cable networks compress their signals for efficiency. This alters the quality of audio and video you watch. While novawave HD antenna does not compress signals, so you receive the highest quality audio and visual.

One cable hook up: It comes with coaxial cable that fits into the TV easily. No need to plug and replug cables, just one hook up and your channels are up. Also you can hang novawave anywhere in your house but for best experience, place it close to window.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where should I set up my novawave antenna?

You can set your HD TV antenna anywhere in your house provided you can get all the channels you want at that location. For best and strong signals, you are advised to set up your antenna close to window. At this position, walls won’t interfere with your antenna signals. If your window is not convenient for setting up novawave antenna, feel free to choose other locations, you will get the same channels

Can I install my novawave antenna outside?

No, novawave antenna is not installed outside. It is an indoor antenna, always hang it inside. Novawave is not waterproof, hence very prone to damage by water. Setting up novawave antenna outside will not improve reception.

Does it need an internet connection?

No, novawave antenna does not require any internet connection to work, all you need is TV. However, if you are having network issues in your home, you can use wi-fi routers like muama ryoko to boost your internet at home.

How many channels will I be able to access?

The broadcast channels available will depend on your distance from the nearest broadcasting tower and other environmental factors. If there are obstructions between your location and the nearest tower, your signal may not be as strong. This is one of the reasons why you should install it close to window to reduce the risk of disconnection due to poor signal.

Will one novawave HD TV antenna give me free Channels on every TV in my home?

No, one novawave HD antenna can not give you free channels on all the TV in your house. Each novawave antenna was designed for one TV not multiple TVs. You need one antenna for each TV’s in your home to access free Channels in all of them.

If i move the antenna, do I need to rescan for channels?

Yes, any time you change the location of novawave antenna, you will need to rescan for channels. Changing to a new location may result in removing or adding some channels, you have to rescan.

How can I access more free channels?

To access more free broadcast channels, we suggest getting the amplifier to boost your antenna’s range

Novawave Antenna Reviews
Novawave Antenna Review

Prices of Novawave Antenna

Novawave Antenna is pocket friendly, you have to break a bank to acquire yours. Here are the prices of Novawave Antenna:

  • One Novawave Antenna – $49.99
  • Two Novawave Antennas – $99.99
  • Three Novawave Antennas – $111.99
  • Four Novawave Antennas – $136.99

In the off chance that you are interested in this HD TV antenna, go straight to the official website of the producer and place your order. Do not make the mistake of buying from any retail stores to avoid paying exorbitant price for substandard product.

Currently there is 30 day money back guarantee on every purchase. If you are not thrilled with this product, return it within this stipulated time and apply for refund. You will get your full money without any hassle.

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Novawave Antenna consumer reviews

I was sceptical about this indoor antenna, after contemplating for sometimes I decided to give it a try. I’m glad it met my expectations and the producer’s claim. I will get another one for my Dad. -Vicky G. New York

I like the price of this antenna. It really worth every penny. Since I started using it, I have not had any signal issues. -Jane D. Los Angeles CA

It is pretty easy to install and receive signals anywhere in my room. Great product! -Mike K. Florida

Bottom line of Novawave Antenna Reviews

Novawave HD TV antenna is a collection of elements designed to pick up broadcast signals from TV network. It is portable, compact and easy to install. It is installed indoors.

It operates at wide frequency range of Very High Frequency (VHF) and Ultra High Frequency (UHF). There is no associated subscription fees.

If you are looking for the best antenna for your favourite channels, go straight to the novawave antenna website to buy yours at 50% discount. It worths every dime.

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