PC Ankle Sleeves Review 2021: The Truth About This Ankle Brace

PC ankle sleeves are compression stockings that give graduated compression pressure to your ankle, lower part of your legs and proximal part of your feet. They help to improve blood circulation by gently compressing your joints and muscles. This helps to relieve pain, pressure and  swelling in your feet and ankles. PC ankle sleeves review was composed after series of research and testing by our editorial team to help people having ankle and feet pain and swelling make an informed decision.

Have you had a worrisome feet and ankle pain before? Does feet and ankle swelling cause you discomfort and interfere with your daily activities? If this sounds like you, then you have come to the right place. Our PC ankle sleeves reviews contains all the information you need to know about this mind-blowing compression tool. 

PC Ankle Sleeves Review
PC Ankle Sleeves Review

Feet and ankle pain is a worrisome situation that nobody wants to experience. This predicament can confront anyone but some people are particularly at a higher risk than others. Standing up or sitting down for a long time is a major risk factor in developing feet and ankle pain and swelling. This habit slows down blood flow across the veins.

Those that are confined to wheelchair are at risk, also workers that spend most of the day sitting down are at risk. Athletes that are always standing, walking or running usually develop leg, ankle and feet pain. This is why they wear ankle brace to prevent such pain and discomfort associated with frequent standing, walking and running. What this ankle sleeves do is to improve blood flow through the vessels.

With adequate blood circulation the risk of developing ankle or feet pain is reduced remarkably. Compression stockings are also used in the hospital for patients that are immobile. It helps to facilitate blood flow in the lower limb and prevent swelling. Also, reduced blood flow in the legs predisposes to thrombosis (blood clotting).

This has several medical implications and in severe cases, this blood clot can be dislodged from where they are formed and carried to a distant blood vessels where they can cause occlusion of vital blood vessels which can result in death if not promptly treated. This process of formation of blood clot and transport to distant vessels is called thromboembolism.

Deep veins of the leg are very vulnerable to clot formation and lung vessels are usually affected when these clots dislodge. Hence, PRO compression stockings have numerous advantages in addition to taking care of pain. 

If you spend a great deal of your time sitting down or standing, you may consider using PRO compression ankle sleeves to prevent ankle pain, swelling and formation of blood clot in your leg veins. 

PRO compression ankle sleeves uses gentle, graduated compression to relax the muscles and vessels and enhance blood circulation in your feet, ankle and legs. It provides instant pain relief and prevent swelling. (PC Ankle Sleeves Review)

A great number of persons are suffering from ankle, foot or heel pain and this can affect their quality of life. Most people resort to visiting health clinic and booking private sessions with their doctors to treat this pain. This exercise does not only take time, it consumes a lot of money as well.

Fortunately, there is a tool that can give same result at a very low cost and that’s why PC ankle sleeves review was written to save you stress, time and money.

If you are having severe pain that fail to respond to PC ankle sleeves, then the problem might be from an underlying pathological condition that requires the attention of health care provider. You need to see your doctor in this case for thorough assessment and treatment of the pain and the underlying disorder.

PRO compression ankle sleeves is useful in preventing this pain and swelling and also for treating pain and swelling resulting from prolonged standing and sitting without any underlying pathology.

Note! PC ankle sleeves will never take the place of your doctor in severe cases. (PC Ankle Sleeves Reviews) 

Now, let’s dive right in to PC ankle sleeves review for more information about these compression socks. 

What is PRO compression Ankle sleeves?

PC ankle sleeves (PRO compression ankle sleeves) is a compression socks made of high quality breathable neoprene material that supports the ankle, improve blood circulation without causing any irritation or skin reaction. This newly invented compressor also features criss-cross velcro straps which is easy to use and attach to any part of the sleeve for a custom fit on any foot.

PC ankle sleeves provides instant foot and ankle pain relief through its well regulated compression pressure. It was designed to offer different intensity of compression at different levels for optimal health benefit. A lot of PC ankle sleeves reviews online has corroborated these claims. Users are thrilled with the result they are getting after few applications of this stockings.

It relieves fatigue, pain and any kind of discomfort in the foot, ankle and distal part of the leg. Compression stockings have so much benefit in patients therapy in the hospital and health care professionals including doctors and physiotherapists are recommending PRO compression ankle sleeves for their patients.

Also, professional athletes have recommended it for newbies as one of the most efficient compression stockings on the marketplace. The good thing is that you can put on your foot wear (no matter the brand) even when your PC ankle sleeves are still on your lower legs, ankles and feet. It is breathable, hence there is no risk of irritation. You can wear it all day long without experiencing any side effects. 

It is highly elastic and resistant to tear and wear. You can wash your PC ankle sleeves in your washing machine. It is very portable, thus no form of discomfort will be encountered throughout the duration of use of PC ankle sleeves. (PC Ankle Sleeves Reviews)

If you work in an office sitting all day long, if you are pregnant, if you are an athlete standing on your feet most of the time, it is high time you started using PC ankle sleeves to prevent ankle and foot pain and swelling. You don’t have to spend big bucks to get treated of ankle pain or swelling, with your PC ankle sleeves you will get instant relief and permanent cure. 

If you are a fitness enthusiast, you can train longer, perform better and recover quicker with PC ankle brace. It offers different levels of compression intensity that will be suitable for your daily activity. It comes in different sizes to fit every ankle, foot and leg. Hence, you have to select the suitable size that will fit your ankle. 

Features (PC ankle sleeves reviews)

  • Breathable fabrics: High graded breathable neoprene material is used in making PC ankle sleeves. This ensures evaporation of the sweat produced by the sweat gland while your ankle sleeves are in situ. When sweat accumulate, it can cause skin reaction and also dissolution of the material. PC ankle sleeves have fine pores that allows sweat to evaporate. This moisture wicking property of PRO compression ankle brace helps in odour control. Thus, your ankle compressor will never smell no matter how long you wear it. 
  • Very stretchable: It has a four way stretch that increases range of motion. You can move your ankle sleeves in all direction without any hassle. 
  • Long lasting: You can use PC ankle sleeves for as long as you wish and it won’t tear. It lasts for a very long time. Use yours repeatedly all day and you won’t see any tear. 
  • Well regulated: Different parts of PC ankle sleeves offers different levels of compression intensity. This provides the ankle, foot and leg the much needed support and reduce swelling and pain. 

How does it work (PC ankle sleeves review)

The major mechanism of action of PC ankle sleeves is compression. This compression is well regulated to achieve the best result. PC ankle sleeves improves blood circulation in your lower limb through this gentle, well regulated compression.

Adequate blood flow through the veins and lymphatic drainage prevents accumulation of fluid in the interstitial tissues. This will prevent swelling and oedema in the foot, ankle and leg. Also proper blood flow through the arteries helps to deliver adequate amount of oxygen the tissues need for their metabolism. This tissue metabolism is necessary for energy release, growth and repair. Without adequate tissue perfusion, they will suffer fatigue and pain may set in.

PC ankle sleeves help to prevent these by ensuring that blood is circulating properly through the vessels. It squeezes joints and muscles gently to facilitate blood flow. It also helps to prevent injury by giving you more support. PC ankle sleeves may even stop you from feeling light headed or dizzy when you stand up.

Through compression and enhanced blood circulation, PC ankle sleeves also prevents clot formation which may be very dangerous when they travel to vital parts of the body. Get your PC ankle sleeves for a better support and protection. (PC Ankle Sleeves Review)

Benefits of PC ankle sleeves

Facilitate circulation in legs: It compresses the joint and muscles which boosts blood flow in legs, enhance nutrient supply and oxygen delivery to the tissues in your lower limbs. Those that are confined to wheel chair ought to wear compression socks. Also, athletes and office workers should start wearing compression socks for adequate nutrients delivery and oxygen supply to the tissues of their legs.

Without adequate amount of nutrients and oxygen, you can start feeling numbness and tingling sensation in your foot and ankle. You may be exposed to thrombosis in your calf veins. 

Swelling reduction: Through adequate venous return to the heart and proper lymphatic drainage, you won’t have accumulation of fluid in your tissues neither will you experience leg swelling and oedema. Use PC ankle sleeves to compress your legs and ankles to reduce or prevent swelling. 

Instant pain relief: PC ankle sleeves can get rid of pain in first application. You just have to apply it correctly and choose the right size.

Improve lymphatic drainage: Through graduated compression, it enhances lymph drainage and prevent swelling. 

Managing orthostatic hypotension: It prevents fall in blood pressure when you stand after sitting down for a long time. 

Prevent pooling of blood in leg veins: Veins are superficial vessels and they are compressed more by PC ankle sleeves than arteries. This prevents blood from pooling in the veins. It also prevent venous ulcers and blood clot in the veins. PC ankle sleeves will not allow thrombosis to set in the veins if used frequently. It also prevent plantar fasciitis. 

PC Ankle Sleeves Reviews
PC Ankle Sleeves Reviews

Who can use it (PC ankle sleeves reviews)

Almost everybody can benefit from this compression device. Most, if not all, of us spend a huge percentage of our lifetime standing or sitting. Nobody sleeps more than 12 hours. Thus, more than half of the entire day (24 hours), we are either standing or sitting down. This predisposes to swelling and pain in the foot and ankle. The best way to avoid that is by using an efficient PRO compression ankle sleeves.

You may not be required to use them every day but using them for three to four days in a week is enough to prevent pain, discomfort and swelling in the ankle and foot, prevent clotting in deep leg veins.

Though all us will benefit from this awesome stockings, there are people that are particularly at risk and they will benefit more from them. 

  • Athletes: They are constantly training which predisposes them to injury and pain. They wear PRO compression ankle sleeves to perform better and to protect themselves from injury. In the event that they sustain any injuries after training or playing, they also use PC ankle sleeves to speed up recovery. It is very beneficial to them during workouts, practice and professional matches. If you are a fitness enthusiast, you will benefit from this stockings. It will protect you and also make your performance better. 
  • Bedridden patients: Patients that are critically ill  and can’t move from one place to another are giving compression socks to prevent leg swelling, deep vein thrombosis and improve blood circulation and venous return from the lower legs. Also people that are confined to wheelchair because of a deformity will also need PC ankle sleeves to prevent swelling and improve blood flow. 
  • Obstetric purposes: During pregnancy, there is an increase in blood volume and this manifests as oedema in the lower legs. This is a normal physiological process during pregnancy but a lot of pregnant women don’t like it. Putting on your PC ankle sleeves will reduce the risk of developing this swelling. Note: If you want to get the best result, you need to start wearing PC ankle sleeves very early as a preventive measure. 
  • Airplane passengers or crew: Pro Compression ankle sleeves can reduce the risk of developing blood clot in other tissues and also prevent embolization of clot through improved blood flow and tissue perfusion. 
  • Workers who spend most time standing: If you stand for hours (up to 7 hours) per day, you definitely need a compression stockings. This is because the force of gravity will pull blood down to the lower extremities during standing for a long time and it will manifest as swelling. Compression sleeves will compress the veins and push back blood to the heart preventing blood from pooling in the veins. 

PRO compression ankle sleeves are the best alternative to pain drugs. You don’t have to take analgesic to alleviate foot, ankle and leg pain. These drugs definitely have side effects unlike PC ankle sleeves that is completely safe and free from unwanted side effects. With your PC ankle brace, you can continue to do everyday things without discomfort or worry of tissue flaring up. (PC Ankle Sleeves Reviews)

Is it the best ankle sleeves for me

Definitely yes. After series of research we found out that PC ankle sleeves has got the highest number of reviews online and professionals are rapidly recommending it. Doctors use them frequently in hospital setting to prevent deep vein thrombosis. Athletes are using them frequently to improve performance and support their ankle against sprain, strain and other injuries. Workout enthusiasts are also ordering the product at a very high rate. 

Now, it may interest you to know that Pro Compression ankle sleeves come in different sizes for both men and women. Thus, you are expected to choose based on your shoe size so you won’t get the one that will be too tight which might pinch or the one that is too big which might bunch up. This is to ensure that you get the right amount of compression.

So make sure you choose the right size for you when ordering for the sleeves so they will give you the right amount of compression and support without compromising comfort. Below are different sizes you can select from. 

Men’s shoe size 

Small = 6 – 8
Medium = 8 – 10
Large = 10 – 12

Women’s shoe size 

Small = 4 -7 
Medium = 7 – 10
Large = 10+

Do compression sleeves work? 

Compression sleeves work and they have found application in different fields including hospital for treatment of patients at risk of developing deep vein thrombosis and consequent pulmonary embolism and also they are used in the field of sports by different athletes at different stages of their careers. Just like knee stabilizers, ankle sleeves are very important for athletes.

Ankle is one major part of the body that can get injured easily, it can also get dislocated when high pressure is mounted on it. What knee stabilizers and ankle sleeves do is to stabilize and support these weak joints to prevent dislocation, sprain and strain. In addition to supporting joints and preventing dislocation, PRO compression ankle sleeves prevents ankle swelling and pain associated with prolonged standing or sitting.

It really works and you will attest to this when you give it a try. Ankle sleeves are made of breathable neoprene (knit) fabrics and are designed to provide a primary level of protection along with moderate compression. They provide relief from pain, swelling and inflammation. Ankle sleeves are mostly recommended for those with tendinitis, arthritis, plantar fasciitis or injury. Buying ankle sleeves is an investment nobody will regret. 

How to use it (PC ankle sleeves review)

It is very easy to use just like your knee stabilizers. If you have ever worn stockings before, then you can wear and use your PC ankle sleeves. Just put on your sleeves using the same method you use for wearing your stockings but your compression stockings has to move up exposing your toes. You can wear your shoes or slippers and go about your daily work after wearing your ankle sleeves.

Before you wear your own PC ankle sleeves, make sure it is the right size for you. Using the wrong size will either make it too tight which will cause you pain instead of relieving pain or it might be too loose such that it won’t even compress your leg and ankle well making the entire exercise futile. 

Do not use more than one pair of PC ankle sleeves if you really want to get the best out of it. Some might be thinking that wearing two pair at a time will make it more efficient. That’s not true and we have confirmed it. That amount of compression you get from one pair is enough to do the job.

It took several years to manufacture these sleeves and everything about it was well calculated, thus do not follow your instinct, rather follow the instructions provided in this PC ankle sleeves review or the one you will see at the product’s official page. (PC Ankle Sleeves Review)

Customers feedback on PRO compression ankle brace 

The customer service is great. I purchased a grab bag and my socks look great and felt good on my feet until I wore them and they shrink. I emailed the customer service and they responded promptly to my concerns and replaced my socks. The quality of the socks is great and I love them. I’m only scared to wash them in the washing machine, so I will hand wash them to avoid them shrinking again. Despite the shrinking I love them and will purchase again when on sale because they are great strong socks.

Judith Johnson 

The product is well priced and efficient. I have been looking for an effective and affordable compression socks that can take care of my swollen legs due to prolonged standing. Luckily I bought PRO compression ankle sleeves and now I can’t find the swelling. It is very affordable and delivery was quick.  

Jay S.

My job requires that I  stand almost throughout the day. This causes pain and fatigue which made me to purchase an ankle sleeve. This product is great, I wear every day at work. It has helped me to overcome the fatigue I used to feel in my leg every day. It is also sold at low cost, I will highly recommend these ankle brace.  

Wendy S.

I had an accident and I was on hospital bed for almost one whole month. My doctor recommended this stockings for me. Initially I don’t know about it, but I wouldn’t want to go against my doctors directive, so I had to purchase them. It is very strong and durable. I never had swelling and there has been no signs of blood clotting in my veins. It’s really a great product and I will purchase another pair for my workout once I fully recover.

Jamy K. 

I purchased marathon running socks for my two daughters who train for marathons. They were excited to receive their socks and the socks are stylishly designed and attractive. It is efficient and feels comfortable. I’m going to get more in the future.

Mark V. 

PRO compression customer service team is top notch. Ordered for mine and it didn’t take long to arrive. It was well packaged and it met all the claims. I won’t hesitate to order for products from your company in the future.  

Megan H.

I’m a runner but I bought two pairs of PRO compression ankle sleeves, one for me and the other for my sibling who has been having leg ailments. It is pretty cool and feel comfortable on my ankle. It provides all day comfort I needed and my sibling also liked it. His recovering rapidly after he started using this socks.  

Ann S.
PC Ankle Sleeves Review
PC Ankle Sleeves Review

Where to buy PC ankle sleeves

The best place to purchase PC ankle sleeves is from the PRO compression website. The manufacturer stated it clearly that their product is not available anywhere outside the product page. Due to overwhelming demand for the product, there are only few stock left. And they are giving discount of up to 50% to buyers. Do not miss out on this deal.

You can get PC ankle sleeves as gift for your friend, sibling or family member. Below is the prices of PRO compression ankle sleeves:

One Pair of PC ankle sleeves – $29.99
Two pairs of PC ankle sleeves – $53.98
Three pairs of PC ankle sleeves – $67.48
Four pairs of PC ankle sleeves – $71.98
Five pairs of PC ankle sleeves – $74.98

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is it made of?

PC ankle sleeves is made of high quality breathable materials. Both the marathon line and PC ankle sleeves are made of nylon 93% spandex 7%. This ensures durability.

How long does delivery take?

It takes only few working days, however your location plays a huge role in this. Be rest assured that your product will get to you as soon as possible. 

How do I contact customer service?

It is very easy. While ordering for your product make sure you enter your correct email address. They will contact you to give update on your product delivery. 

Who produces PC ankle sleeves?

PRO compression ankle sleeves is produced by PRO compression company located in the United States. They specialize in producing socks for ankles and other compression tools for workouts and health purposes

Last words on PC ankle sleeves review

PC ankle sleeve is an outstanding ankle sleeve that improves blood circulation, relief pain, fatigue and swelling. It can prevent clotting of blood and embolism. It is used by athletes for better performance and to facilitate recovery from injury.

Hospitals use pro compression ankle sleeves for preventing deep vein thrombosis and embolization in bedridden patients. PC ankle sleeves are very fashionable, thus it will look good and attractive on your legs and ankles. It also feels comfortable on the foot.

PC ankle feet compression is graduated such that it will never exert excessive compression pressure at a particular area of the leg, ankle or feet. The part that covers the foot and ankle exerts higher pressure (higher intensity) than the part that covers the leg. This is to ensure that blood is forced out of the feet and ankle back to the heart while ensuring that the vessels are not occluded at a higher level. 

Pro compression brace is very affordable and delivery is quick. It is only available online at the producer’s official product page. Special discount awaits you for every order you make. In the event that your shoes are humid, you can use shoe dehumidifier to dry it before wearing it with your PC ankle sleeves on. Get yours today from the producer website.  

The end PC ankle sleeves review, feel free to check out Hoomband wireless review 

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