Protector Pitch Review 2020 – Best Device For Self-Defense

protector pitch review
protector pitch review

Self-Defense is Very Important : Protector Pitch Review

Walking on the street alone at night can be very dangerous and scaring. The risk of running into armed robbers and bad guys is very high. Being alone can as well induce fear. Without a self defense tool like Protector Pitch, this fright seems to increase. 

What would you do when you’re in danger while walking on the street or using public transit and find yourself alone? Depending on the situation, it may not be easy to defend yourself physically or call for help.

Having a tool that will provide an immediate defense without provoking the attackers will be the best solution. There are tons of self-protecting devices out there but most of them seem to annoy the attackers and this increases the risk of the victim being hurt which will defeat the purpose of possessing such tool 

This Protector pitch review article is designed to give you detailed explanation of the Protector Pitch Personal Alarm . It will give you basically everything you need to know about this awesome product and help you to make that informed decision. 

Note!! There are tons of causes of fear apart from perceived danger or attack.  As a means of supplementing this Protector Pitch Review, we`d also  shed light on fear, causes and possible treatments / remedies. 

Let`s get started! 

What is Protector Pitch?

protector pitch review
protector pitch review

The Protector Pitch is a personal safety alarm key holder that provides users with immediate self-defense action due to a loud audible sound that is easy to carry and has a long battery life to ensure maximum protection in case of a timely need.

The Protector Pitch is perfect for those people who are afraid of walking alone down the street, especially at night, and those who don’t feel safe when using public transportation. It doesn’t matter the situation; this keychain safety device can help anyone defend him or herself by calling for help when in danger.

Personal alarms such as the Protector Pitch are developed to ensure the safety of everyone. It’s hard to fight back when threatened, so a little bit of extra protection can be a lifesaver when someone is attempting to hurt another.

There are many personal defense devices available on the market, from pepper sprays to tasers and expandable batons. Still, Protector  Pitch innovatively does its job and doesn’t make attackers feel angry because it won’t even be noticed.

It’s a device that should be hung on your vehicle’s keychain and makes an extreme sound to draws attention up to 300 yards away when you are in danger. With up to 40-mins of continuous sound to ensure it’s ready to use when you need it, then re-insert the pin to stop. It won’t hurt your ears when the alarm sounds, and the pin is pulled.

Get yourself Protector Pitch at 50% discount  and be assured of self-defense!!

Outstanding Features of Protector Pitch

  • -Immediate Self-Defense Action With Loud Audible Sound
  • -Easy to Carry And Stealthy Keys Holder Guaranteed
  • -Pull-Out The Key Holder Pin And The Alarm Will Trigger
  • -Durable Build Material, Fall-Breaking Proof
  • Weight : 30.2g
  • -Compact and Lightweight
  • Dimension : 67 * 45 * 34mm
  • -Capable of resisting breakage if handled carefully
  • -Easy to Use
  • -Reliable and Durable
  • -Affordable
  • -Long Battery Life, No Need To Replace For Long Time
  • -Standard Batteries LR44x3 Included, Ready to Use

How Does it Work?

When the Protector Pitch is turned on, The device makes a loud piercing sound that keeps attackers away and gives the victim enough time to run and hide or help to arrive.

It makes an extreme sound to draw attention up to 300 yards away when you are in danger with up to 40-mins of continuous sound to ensure it’s ready to use when you need it.

How to Use Protector Pitch

protector pitch review
protector pitch review

One of the awesome advantages of this product over others is that it is very easy and safe to use. It does not require assistance from anybody nor special skills to operate.

As depicted in the picture above with arrows, just pull the keychain out to activate the alarm and it will generate a very audible sound capable of reaching a distance of 300 yards, keeping the attackers away and giving the victim enough time to escape.

To stop the alarm, Insert the keychain back into the device once you re done.

Advantages of Protector Pitch

This product has lots of advantages and benefits it can render to the user and it`s undisputably better than other self-defense items in the market.

The Protector Pitch is perfect for those people who are afraid of walking alone down the street, especially at night, and those who don’t feel safe when using public transportation. It doesn’t matter the situation; this keychain safety device can help anyone defend him or herself by calling for help when in danger.

Protector Pitch is ready to use out of its box. This alarm is encased in an ABS plastic that keeps it from being crushed or breaking. It is available in 3 different colors: White, Light Blue, and Pink.

It looks good on the keychain and maybe perhaps not at all questionable, which means that the attackers don’t become annoyed when viewing it. It seems like decorative keychain item and a regular.

Another important benefit, it’s not going to consume an excessive amount of battery life energy. The batteries still have a long life and a extended time, therefore those that decide to apply this individual alarm can be confident they won’t be out of a battery, when need this gadget most and they are protected.

Protector Pitch is legal to use as a personal defense item. It alerts those in the proximity of victims of an attack, not to mention it makes a loud enough sound to disorient attackers.

Protector Pitch can literally save your life!.The intense alarming sound will quickly inform the people around you and discourage any attacker.

PROS [Protector Pitch Review]

  • Easy and safe to use
  • provides immediate self defense
  • Long Battery life
  • Very affordable
  • Portable, thus can easily be carried about
  • Can withstand falls
  • Does not provoke the attackers

CONS [Protector Pitch Review]

  • Limited Stock
  • Available only online
  • If handled carelessly, it will break
  • It can easily be stolen. You need to protect the device as it`s protecting you

What Makes Protector Pitch So Special?

Continuous Protection:
Protector pitch provides a continuous protection against criminals without taking much from your pocket. Appointing security guards to protect the property or you all the time is very unattainable.  But this security systems provide 24/7 protection against burglars, break-ins and attackers.

Prevents future attack:
The Protector Pitch makes a very loud sound and has the ability to chase away attackers. This serves as a deterrent to future attacks as no criminal wants to be exposed or get caught. The noise alerts people to come to your rescue and if the attackers were caught, it will be a regrettable event for them.

Long battery life:
The protector pitch uses 3 LR44 batteries that can last for a very long time without replacement. This allows the device to function for a  long time 

Can Relocate:
The Protector Pitch personal alarm can be bought  as 1 item, also in a pack of 2 and 3 at better prices. Those who decide to get a pack of 2 or 3 can share the Perfect Pitch devices with their family or keep one in every bag.

It comes with a keychain, so you can have it everywhere with you: at your keys, at your bag’s zipper or at your trousers’ belt loop. 

It Does Not Provoke The Attackers:
Unlike other self-defense tools that tries to scare away the attacker by hurting or causing pain to them, Protector pitch does not provoke the attacker. It`s very small and can`t even be noticed by the attacker.

The mechanism of trying to scare away your attackers by hurting may be potentially more dangerous since they turn to hurt you more if they find out that you actually want to hurt them. 

Whether you are a woman who feels unsafe when walking in the night or an elderly person who’s worried that something bad can happen, this device is a basic necessity.

You can attach it to your kids’ school bag and make sure that they return home safe. You can give it to your grandparents in order to not feel unprotected. Or you can keep it for yourself and carry it with you when jogging or doing outdoor activities that might expose you to attacks.

protector pitch review
protector pitch review

Where Can I Buy My Own Protector Pitch?

In all our Reviews including this protector pitch review, we always advice customers to go to the official web page of the producer to make purchase of any product. It is by far safer and more informative than any other sites.

Do not make the mistake of buying from others vendors of the same or similar product because the risk of getting fake product at high price is very high. 

Currently, the manufacturer is selling the product at 50% discount with free delivery worldwide. There are also other exciting offers on their website. As you already know, these offers don`t last, get yours today while its still available.

Click the link below to buy from the manufacturer today.

Frequently Asked Questions : Protector Pitch Review

To further address your concerns and clear your doubts, we will provide answers to some of the frequently asked questions

The device really looks small in size, can it make enough sound that can travel that distance?

Yes, it can make very loud sound capable of travelling 300 yards. The size does not really matter but the quality of the device matters most.

What is a safe personal alarm?

A safe personal alarm is a device you can carry with you on your neck, wrist, pocket, bag, belt, or other place. The device emits a loud sound when you trigger it that can ward off attackers, whether people or misbehaving animals. This loud racket is also a call for help to people in the vicinity.

How do I know if the batteries are low?

The LED light will no longer flash when the batteries are low. For optimum results, check and replace the batteries every two to three months because of the continuous operation of the LED light.

Can I sound my personal alarm on accidents to enable people come to my rescue? 

Turning protector pitch on requires that you pull out the keychain which is very unlikely to be possible during accidents. If you anticipated the accident, you can use the alarm to call for help but accidents are never anticipated……that`s why they are called accidents.

After pulling out the keychain, how long does the alarm lasts?

The alarms continues as long as the keychain is not inserted back into the device. Make sure to put it back once you are done!

Customers` Review

Here is the summary of some of the consumers feedback.

It is very portable, easy and safe to use….i have one for myself and i ordered for  a second one for my kid.      ~Juliet

Travelling alone can be very scaring  and I don’t always feel safe in some particular areas… I don’t usually buy stuff from the internet but I couldn’t resist! It works pretty well. Very handy. I carry it on my keys. Perfect!   ~Cynthia

I used to carry pepper spray with me always but I wasn’t satisfied. This product made me feel way more confident when walking around alone. I carry it with me always.

I purchased this because I was concerned about the possibility of being left with no assistance should I have a problem when out and about on my mobility scooter. This will ensure I will be heard I hope.   ~Susan

The payment was very secure and the delivery was quick as well, it works well very  ~ Mark

protector pitch review
protector pitch review
Fear is the most important reason behind the creation of this gadget. On this note, we would lke to shed some light on fear, its causes and some remedy tips

What is fear?

Fear is a natural, powerful, and primitive human emotion. It involves a universal biochemical response as well as a high individual emotional response. Fear alerts us to the presence of danger or the threat of harm, whether that danger is physical or psychological.

Sometimes fear stems from real threats, but it can also originate from imagined dangers. Fear can also be a symptom of some mental health conditions including panic disorder, social anxiety disorder, phobias, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Fear is composed of two primary reactions to some type of perceived threat : biochemical and emotional.

The biochemical reaction is the response of the body to fear which manifests as increased sweating, heart rate, high adrenaline levels etc. The emotional type is also a chemical reaction that occur in the brain (response of the mind) which can as well manifest in the form of increased heart rate, panicking etc.

Causes of Fear

Fear is incredibly complex.  Some fears may be a result of experiences or trauma, while others may represent a fear of something else entirely, such as a loss of control. Still, other fears may occur because they cause physical symptoms, such as being afraid of heights because they make you feel dizzy and sick to your stomach.

Some common fear triggers include:

Certain specific objects or situations (spiders, snakes, heights, flying, etc): People are afraid of certain objects such as spiders, snakes, cockroaches, rats etc. seeing or hearing about these organisms will make them very scared.

Also, some people are afraid of some situations such flying and heights. When they get to a very high heights and look down to the ground, they will imagine themselves falling from such heights and that will trigger an emotional reaction that will make them scared.

Future events: The thought of future events that usually get someone scared can also trigger fear. This fear can easily be overcome, it`s just a mere state of mind.

Imagined events: Sometimes people imagine things in their brains which make them to be very frightened. These events does not and can never exist, thus obliterating such thoughts in your mind will surely get rid of that fear.

Real environmental dangers: Walking alone on the street especially at night, being attacked by robbers and dangerous animals like snakes are real environmental dangers that can scare almost everybody. Thanks to Protector Pitch capable of protecting and assuring of your self-defense. 

The unknown: This is one of the major triggers of fear that almost everybody experience once or twice. Attacks can come from anywhere and at anytime without our knowledge.

Natural events like accidents, earthquakes etc. that are out of our control and occur without our knowledge can be sources of fear. You just have to be strong emotionally to overcome these fears!

Types of Fear  [Protector Pitch Review]

Some of the different types of anxiety disorders that are characterized by fear include:

  • Agoraphobia: Agoraphobia is a fear of places or situations that you can’t escape from. The word itself refers to “fear of open spaces.” People with agoraphobia fear being in large crowds or trapped outside the home. They often avoid social situations altogether and stay inside their homes.
  • Generalized anxiety disorder
  • Panic disorder
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • Separation anxiety disorder
  • Social anxiety disorder: Social anxiety disorder is also referred to as social phobia. It’s extreme worry about social situations and it can lead to self-isolation. A social phobia can be so severe that the simplest interactions, such as ordering at a restaurant or answering the telephone, can cause panic. People with social phobia often go out of their way to avoid public situations
  • Specific phobia
  • Social anxiety disorder

Treatments ( Remedies)

Treatment of fear can be therapeutic technique or medication or both.

Cognitive behavioral therapy:

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is the most commonly used therapeutic treatment for phobias. It involves exposure to the source of the fear in a controlled setting. This treatment can decondition people and reduce anxiety.

The therapy focuses on identifying and changing negative thoughts, dysfunctional beliefs, and negative reactions to the phobic situation. New Cognitive Behavioral Therapy techniques use virtual reality technology to expose people to the sources of their phobias safely.


Antidepressants and anti-anxiety medications can help calm emotional and physical reactions to fear. Often, a combination of medication and professional therapy is the most helpful.

If you have a phobia, it’s critical that you seek treatment. Overcoming phobias can be difficult, but there’s hope. With the right treatment and the help of gadgets like Protector Pitch, you can learn to manage your fears and lead a productive, fulfilling life.

protector pitch review
protector pitch review

Final Verdict : Protector Pitch Review

Having read this article (Protector Pitch Review) you will agree with us that fear is real and dangerous and the need to protect and defend yourself can never be over emphasized. There are many self defense devices in the market but we single out this product to review it because of the numerous advantages it has over others.

Unlike other products, it is very easy and safe to use, its small size makes it to be unable to be seen by attackers. It does not provoke the attackers, hence no risk of sustaining extra harm from the attackers.

Protector pitch generates a very loud sound capable of scaring away your attackers and give you enough time to escape or help to arrive. Just pull out the keychain and you are good to go. Remember to put it back to stop the alarm when your done.

The problem with some of these devices is that the batteries don`t last. You find out that you actually spend more time charging the batteries than actually using it or you spend a huge percentage of your income buying new batteries to replace run out ones. 

Protector Pitch is an exception in this case, it has a quality LR44 batteries that can last for a very long time before replacement. Also the product is sold at 50% discount with free delivery worldwide. There are other exciting offers on the official website of the producer.

Hurry and buy yours today to benefit from these offers as you already know that such offers don`t last.

Thank you for reading our protector pitch review and feel free to checkout our reviews on other products.

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