Safeview Video Doorbell Review 2021: Best Video Doorbell For Home Security

Safeview video doorbell is an affordable, wireless and easy-to-install smart doorbell that offers high quality and colourful HD video, motion detection and smart phone alerts. Just like other video doorbell, it uses Wi-Fi to stream live video to your smart phone to enable you know what’s going on in your compound. Safeview video doorbell review was composed after thorough understanding of how this video doorbell works.

It is one of the outstanding video doorbell that offers a lot of features which you will get in touch with in this Safe view video doorbell review. Do not browse away from this page! 

Safeview Video Doorbell Review
Safeview Video Doorbell Review

As we are increasingly becoming conscious of security, one of the best ways to ensure that we are well secured is to keep an eye on our homes and properties. Video doorbells and several other security cameras are very indispensable in securing our home against property theft, home invasion, porch pirates, and even unwanted solicitors.

With a quality doorbell, just like Safeview video doorbell, you will keep track of whatever that’s happening in your home even when you are away. Since the invention of video doorbells, every home owners have been advised to acquire one as a measure in keeping your house safe and secured at all times.

The advantage of video doorbell is that you get to know whoever is on your door and you are able to communicate with them (this is obtainable in those with two way audio). You will also have a video footage of visitors that approach your door even when you are not around.

You already know how painful it is when you are back from work, workout, or hangout only to discover that burglars visited your home and made away with your properties. And the most annoying part of this sad story is that you don’t even have any hope of getting them caught. With your efficient video doorbell, you will get notified immediately when someone is in front of your door or trying to break into your home.

This gives you the opportunity to contact security and inform them of what is going on in your home. Also you will have a clear video which will be used to trace the thief. The good news is that once they noticed you have such thing installed in your home, they will run away knowing fully well that they will be caught after their operation. Hence, you won’t even pass through the stress of alerting the police or other security agents.

Safeview video doorbell has a wide angle of view and it will cover most of your compound and not just the front door.

Guess what! The knock knock joke that people are fond of will no longer make sense once you have Safe view video doorbell on your door because you already know who is on the door even before they knock. Is this really a downside to video doorbell? No, I don’t think so and it shouldn’t have been brought up in the first place. Enough of the chit-chat, let’s dive deeper! 

What is Safe view Video Doorbell Camera (Safeview video doorbell review)

Safeview video doorbell is a high quality and efficient video doorbell that enables you to monitor your home front door from anywhere in the world. It is wireless and very easy to install unlike the wired video doorbells.

The wired counterparts requires some electrical skills for you to install them. You will have to drill some holes and do some connections with wires before your video doorbell starts working or better off hire an electrician who will do that for you. As a non techy guy, I prefer the wireless ones that are pretty easy to install and I recommend that you don’t even mess with wired video doorbell if you don’t have some skills or budget to hire an electrician.

Safeview video doorbell comes with a high quality rechargeable battery that lasts for several months after a single charge. If you are have frequent power outage, wireless video doorbell with rechargeable batteries will be the best option for you. You won’t have interrupted video recording anytime you are out of power. 

This video doorbell offers motion detection and sends smart alert to your phone anywhere you are in the world. With its two-way audio, you will be able to hear and speak to visitors at your door. It records HD quality video which enables you to see your visitors even at night. Safeview video doorbell is the perfect safety and surveillance system for your home, which allows you to answer your front door from anywhere.

It is black in colour with silver trim, hence it will always look shiny and attractive. Though, the primary aim is not to add to your house decor, it is stylish and fashionable so that it won’t look ugly. 

Most wireless video doorbell are usually bulky and more obvious because of the built-in battery that powers it, Safeview video doorbell is an exception. It is compact and not very obvious. It has a moderate size measuring only 65 mm x 27 mm x 128 mm. Safeview video doorbell offers so much more than just a doorbell, it is a complete home surveillance system rolled into one.

You can monitor your property from anywhere, while ensuring you never miss a visitor when you are away from home. 

Safe view Video Doorbell Review
Safe view Video Doorbell Review

Features of Safe view video doorbell

There are so many features of Safeview video doorbell which makes it thrilling. They will be mentioned in this Safeview video doorbell review. Let’s take a look below 

Easy installation: Unlike wired video doorbells that are far harder to install, Safeview video doorbell is wireless and pretty easy to install. Just find a suitable location and mount your doorbell and download the required App to connect to your video doorbell so you will be able to stream whatever that is going on in your compound.

There are no technical skills required here and you must not have any knowledge of electricity before you can install this doorbell. Another advantage of it is that you can mount it anywhere you want on your door or just beside it because you won’t need the doorbell wires for it. It also comes with an explicit user manual to guide you during the installation. 

Long lasting rechargeable battery: A lot of people have always said that wired doorbell is better because it won’t go off unlike the rechargeable doorbells. But the question is, what happens when you have power outage? This is where wireless doorbell with rechargeable battery takes superiority. However, it depends entirely on the battery capacity.

A good number of the wireless doorbell really sucks because they only last for two (2) to three (3) months after a single charge which requires that you keep charging it and you won’t be able to monitor whatever happens in your home when the battery is down and you are not around. Safeview video doorbell is one of the most ordered wireless doorbell because of its battery quality.

A single charge can last for 8 – 12 months. Thus, you can stay outside your home for over three months and still keep tabs on your entryways. It comes with three battery pack and included USB cable for charging the battery. You can plug it in any power source such as laptop, sockets etc to charge. 

Motion detection ability: Advanced motion detection and GEO fencing is one of the hallmarks of Safeview video doorbell. It has the ability to detect any kind of movement in front of the door. Once visitors approach the door, it senses them and alerts the house owner. This way, you will be able to know when your friends come around when you are away or when burglars are trying to break into your home.

It also has a wide angle of view. It can cover a large area of your compound and not just the front door. 

Smart phone alerts: Safeview video doorbell sends alert to your smart phone once it detects any movement or sound in front of your door. It also uses Wi-Fi to stream live video to your phone. You can watch whoever is approaching your door even before they knock. It is very compatible with both Android and iOS smart phones. You can download the App from your phone and connect it with the doorbell during installation.

If properly connected, which it should, you will be getting regular alerts once something is going on in your home. It has the ability to distinguish between false sounds such as car passing close to your house, or strong noisy wind. Thus, you won’t get false alert. 

2-way audio: Most video doorbells have only one-way audio system which allows you to hear the sound your visitor is making but you won’t be able to speak to them. Safeview video doorbell and other newly invented doorbells have two-way audio to enable you hear and also speak to your visitors. The good thing is that you get all these features at an affordable price. 

Clear video recording: Safeview video doorbell records high quality HD videos. You can even see who is on the door even at night. Burglars may try to take advantage of the darkness but your video doorbell has got you covered. It will record and capture whatever that’s going on for security purposes. With this video doorbell, your house is fully secured and protected. 

What can it do for you? (Safeview video doorbell reviews)

Safeview video doorbell can do a lot for you. If you are looking for an effective video doorbell to secure your house, protect your home against property theft and porch pirate, Safeview video doorbell is the right option for you.

Many online Safeview video doorbell review have attested to this and currently, this doorbell has gained wide recognition in different countries and it has been featured in different big websites like Forbes, WIRED, BBC, businesswire and TechXplore. With this smart doorbell, you can monitor, protect and answer your door from anywhere.

You won’t miss any visitors again. It lets the visitor speak to you with any notes and also give you a complete head to toe view of them both day and night. The quality camera and sensors in Safeview video doorbell are not limited by darkness. Also the camera and two way audio system lets you answer the visitor with a real time voice message from your smart phone be it Android device or iOS device.

You will never miss any alert as long as your phone is on and well connected through the App. With this intelligent video doorbell, you will control your front door with ease. It was designed to be used right out of the box. You don’t need any special technical skills or assistance. Just follow the well illustrated manual if you have not used a video doorbell before.

What makes it special (Safe view video doorbell review)

It has got some pretty cool benefits which any home owner will enjoy. This section of Safeview video doorbell review will enumerate some of those benefits. 

  • Wide angle of view: The sensor and camera can cover a wide area of your compound. It will not only detect the visitor right in front of your door but will also capture and record videos of anybody within your compound. It has 170 degrees horizontal angle of view and a 90 degrees vertical angle of view. This wide angle camera lens gives you a complete view of the person at your door while helping you monitor your front yard (porch).
  • IR Day and Night vision: Safeview video doorbell was not only designed to record videos and capture person during the day when the illumination is high. It also has the ability to record clearly what happens in your porch even at night. It is enabled with a 1080p IR night vision camera, you can be sure to get a crystal clear view of anyone at your front door even when it is dark. This is a special camera that can not be limited by darkness.
  • Communicate with your visitors: It has two audios. One (micro phone) records what your visitor is saying which is sent to you through your smart phone while the other audio (speaker) delivers the sound coming from your end to the visitors. This way, you can communicate with your visitor in real time to exchange notes or instructions. The advantage of this is that you can talk to anybody in front of your door irrespective of where you are. This is particularly beneficial when you are away from home and a friend comes around to exchange information. Your absence will not hinder it, you can still talk to each other through your video doorbell. 
  • Special sensors: The built-in motion sensors are very efficient. Whether a visitor deliberately come close to your door or do so by accident, the motion detector will pick it up and automatically send an alert to your smart phone. Thus, if you are inside the house, you can decide to come out and see what’s happening in your yard. 
  • Take quick action:  With the prompt smart alert Safeview video doorbell sends to your phone, you will be able to take quick action. If we were only to have good people visit our house nobody would be thinking of security cameras and video doorbells but unfortunately, there are thieves and burglars looking for every single opportunity to make away with people’s properties. Hence, the need for security cameras and smart video doorbells. Safeview video doorbell is extremely smart and notifies you immediately there is a motion or sound near your door. This helps you to quickly take a look and know what is going on. If you think the person in front of your door has bad intent, you can take action immediately. Also, if you have a good visitor that needs your urgent attention, your smart doorbell will alert you as well. 
best video doorbell
Safe view Video Doorbell Review

How does it work?

It’s like every other video doorbell. It uses Wi-Fi to stream live videos to your smart phone. Safeview video doorbell is compatible with Wi-Fi 2.4G and the application works well with both Android and iOS devices. You can download it from either your Google Play Store on your android phone or Apple Store on your iOS device. Make sure the app is properly connected with the doorbell.

Safe view smart video doorbell is weather resistant. Changes in weather does not affect its sensitive and accuracy. The camera lens is also very sensitive and captures events clearly at night. The angle of view is much wide to cover every nook and cranny of your compound. Now, how does it actually get to notify you?

First you have to charge the battery to fullness so it can last for 12 months (a year).  Next is to mount your doorbell either on the door or anywhere very close to it so it can capture clearly what’s happening around the front door. Download the app and use it during the installation settings. Turn your smart doorbell on and allow it to do its job. It’s very simple and easy. 

Why a video doorbell is a must have tool

Video doorbell is a necessity for every home that wants to be protected against property theft, home invasion and unwanted visitors. With a video doorbell, you will:

  1. Never miss a visitor: Any visitor of your home will be detected and alert will be sent to your phone. If you used to miss visitors before, you will not miss one again once you have an efficient and accurate video doorbell installed in your home. 
  2. Have property security and surveillance: One of the major reasons for installing security cameras and video doorbells is for security and surveillance. Acquiring properties is one thing and securing them against theft is another important thing. Video doorbell will make life easier for you if you want to get your home secured 
  3. Record and capture for proof: With the high quality camera lens of Safeview video doorbell, you will be able to have a clear record of what happened in your home even when you are not around. This records and captures will be used for proof. In the event that somebody lied to you that he (she) came to your house when you are away, your doorbell will be there to expose him.

What are the parts of Safeview video doorbell

It has different parts that play important roles. They include:

PIR motion sensor: Detects movement around your compound  

Infrared LED x 6: Helps the camera to provide up to 30 feet of video. 

Light sensor: For detecting objects. 

170 degrees HD camera: For recording and capturing 

Microphone: The audio system that picks up the sound from the visitor. 

Push button: For alerting the house owner.

LED indicator: Indicates that your doorbell is up and running.

Speaker: Delivers the sound from the home owner to the visitor 

What are included in the box 

You will find the following items inside your Safeview video doorbell box. Do not hesitate to reach to the customer service team if any of them is missing. 

  • Video Doorbell. 
  • Installation Tools and Screws.
  • Quick start guide. 
  • User Manual. 
  • Security Sticker.

Specifications (Safeview video doorbell review)

Dimensions65 mm x 27 mm x 128 mm
ColourBlack with Silver Trim
Video quality1080 HD IR Day and Night
Field of view170 degrees horizontal and 90 degrees vertical
Power3 battery pack
 Internet requirement2 Mbps for optimal performance
connectivity802.11 Wi-Fi connectivity
Installation time15 minutes
Operating condition-5 degree Fahrenheit to 120 degree Fahrenheit

Where to buy Safeview video doorbell

The best place to purchase product is directly from the producer. There may be other vendors claiming that they have the original product but to be on a safer side, consumers are always advised to make any purchase from the official website of the manufacturer.

At Safeview Video Doorbell official product page, you will get 50% discount on every purchase. This discount increases with the number of units purchased. Also, there is a special deal going on currently. If you buy two Safeview Video Doorbells you will get one for free and if you purchase three Safeview video doorbells, you will get two for free.

Also, every purchase is covered by 60 day money back guarantee. Hence, if you have any issue with the product or you are not thrilled with your purchase, feel free to contact the customer service team to send back the product and receive your money back. 

Contact address:
Tel: 855-399-4452 (opens from 9am – 5pm EST) 
2N Tamiami Tel #708 Sarasota, FL 34236 USA. 

Prices of Safeview video doorbell at the official website:

  1. One Doorbell – $99.99
  2. Two Doorbells – $197 (get one free) 
  3. Three Doorbells – $297 (get two free) 

Check Discount Here! 

Safeview Video Doorbell Customers’ Review

I used to be sceptical about these doorbells but my friend told me to try Safeview. Finally made up my mind and purchased one. I’m glad it met my expectations. It is very efficient and records clear videos even at night. I  like that it is very easy to install and use and the user manual is pretty simple and easy to understand. I will get another one as a gift to my friend.

Jane, WA 

It pretty cool and affordable. I never believe that such an efficient gadget will be this cheap. I ordered mine and it didn’t take long to arrive and since then, I can say that I love it because I even communicate with my visitors even when I’m far away from home.  

Cynthia G.  Guam

I’m always security conscious and can’t afford to lose any of my properties to burglars. I already have a security camera in place but I ordered for this doorbell to augment it. It is really nice. The video quality is very good and always clear even at night. Great stuff!

Tatiana H.  NY
Safeview Video Doorbell Review
Safeview Video Doorbell Review

FAQs (safeview video doorbell review)

How long does delivery take?

It takes only a few working days to deliver your order. Processing and delivery starts within 24 hours after placing your order and it will take a few more days to get to your doorstep. Feel free to place your order before it runs out of stock. 

Does it have any guarantees?

Yes it does. You have a whole 60 day money back guarantee. In the event that you are not satisfied with what you ordered, you can return it and request for refund. Refund is very simple, easy and hassle free. However, it is very unlikely that you will not be thrilled with Safeview video doorbell. Because a lot of Safeview video doorbell review online attested to its efficiency and accuracy. It is highly reliable.

Where is the safest place to buy Safeview video doorbell?

The best place to purchase this video doorbell is from the official product page. Any purchase outside this website is done at the buyer’s risk. The manufacturer also warned that their product is only sold on their site. It is not available in stores.

Bottom line of Safeview video doorbell review

There are several video doorbells on the market each touted to be the best by the producer and advertisers. However, not all are effective. Before you purchase any video doorbell make sure it has the following: Motion sensor, HD quality video, two way audio system. If it is a rechargeable wireless video doorbell, make sure that the battery can last up to 8 months after a single charge. 

From our Safeview video doorbell review you have read till this point, you have seen that Safe view video doorbell has all these features and even more. It is very affordable and easy to install and use. it is highly compatible with both Android and iOS devices. 

There are other wired video doorbell you can purchase as well but if you experience power outage in any form, do not go for them. Rechargeable video doorbell will be better for you. Get your own Safeview video doorbell now from the official website to stand a chance of benefiting from those deals! 

The end of Safeview video doorbell review. Feel to augment it with WiFi routers

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