Save sealer reviews 2021: Portable vacuum food sealer

save sealer reviews
save sealer reviews

 Pros of save sealer vacuum sealer 

  • Easy to use for complete food storage and protection. 
  • Comes with few reusable and washable bags for long term food storage. 
  • Saves storage space. 
  • Comes with its own USB cable for easy plug-in charging. 
  • Suitable for Sous Vida cooking. 
  • Good for preserving cooked, raw, wet and dry food, no limitation. 
  • Does not allow moisture or oxygen to gain access to the food. 
  • No risk of bacterial growth and putrefaction of the food. 

CONS of save sealer reviews 

  • Comes with few bags: If you intend to store more quantity of food, then you will have to purchase more savesealer vacuum bags. However, this does not cost much money. 
  • Ripped bags make it inefficient: If you mistakenly use torn bags to store your food items you won’t get any benefit save sealer offers no matter how small the opening is. Bacteria can gain access to the food and spoil them. Thus, always make sure that the bags are intact with no opening at all to maintain an oxygen-free environment for your food and to prevent moisture from entering into the food. 

Now, let’s take a look at the nitty-gritty of Savesealer vacuum system 

Safe and secure 

The major reason why food spoil or get rotten is because of bacteria and other organisms like fungi trying to obtain nutrients from them for their survival. Even if you store your food items (cooked, raw, wet or dry) inside your refrigerator the chances of them getting rotten is still high as long as they are exposed to these organisms.

The best way to avert these damages caused by those organisms is to maintain an airtight environment for your food so that they will remain fresh and tasty for days. No oxygen entry or moisture contamination of your food. Savesealer comes with bags that are made from BPA-free material for safe storage. This boosts your health status.

Universal storage 

Save sealer is the best vacuum sealer suitable for all kinds of food items. You can use it to store your veggies, meat, fruits and so on. It is also suitable for both cooked food, raw food, dry food and wet food.

Do you like Sous Vida cooking? Save sealer system is the best food sealer for you. You can use it for your Sous Vida cooking anytime and any day. You can also use your save vacuum food sealer bags for meal prep, bulk shopping, camping and storing leftover foods. Just like Vacuumer Max, Savesealer has multiple functions to satisfy the user.

Do you like eating vegetables a lot? Vacuum sealers will be indispensable for you. They will save you time and money. You won’t have to be purchasing them everyday. Just buy enough quantity that can serve you for a long time and package them into your save sealer bags for storage. You can also chop them into smaller pieces with vegetables choppers like VeggieMaster  so they can be well accommodated within the zipper bags

What is SaveSealer? 

Savesealer is a ground-breaking portable machine that is used to preserve and store food for long term use. This handheld device comes with a BPA-free seal bags that protects fruits, vegetables, cooked foods and even leftovers. Save sealer vacuum system is airtight and does not allow oxygen and moisture to get to the food inside the bags. It maintains the stored food in its pristine condition and also ensures that it does not lose its taste.

Vacuum sealer also removed unwanted air inside the bag to protect food and conserve storage space. Hence Savesealer bag does not only protect your food but also save space in your freezer, fridge or pantry. This innovative device also promises to improve the quality of your food. 

As you know, most people belong to the working class, thus they have little or no time to be visiting markets everyday just to get some fresh food for the day. The best solution is to get yourself a sound storage machine like deep freezer that can  store a lot of items so you won’t have to be a regular market visitor even with tight daily schedule.

It’d also be nice to keep these food items or leftovers in their pristine condition without loss of taste. This is where Savesealer vacuum system comes into play. Keep your food fresh all times with this awesome food preserver. 

vacuum sealers
savesealers reviews

Is Save sealer any good

Yes, Savesealer is one of the best vacuum sealers that ensures adequate protection of food. It is designed for both long term and short term food storage to always keep your food fresh and tasty. As you know, nobody likes eating a rotten food, also nobody like eating food with bad or poor taste. However, most people wish to buy and store large quantities of food for long term use but without proper storage, these food will lose their freshness and taste making them unpalatable. Imagine eating an unpalatable diet after a very long day! 

Below are reasons why save sealer is considered good as confirmed by save sealer reviews 

  • Portable: The two components of savesealer are very light and easy to carry. You can take it to your office and bring it back home without any ado. It’s not one of those bulky gadgets that will make life unbearable for you just to move it to the place you wish to use it. 
  • Innovative product: It is outstanding in both design and quality. The latest technology advancement is achieved through research, testing and upgrading the product on a regular basis to achieve what we are reviewing today as save sealer food saver. It lasts longer and brings much relief to users. 
  • Saves time and money: You already know how stressful and time consuming it is to visit market (shops) everyday to get food items. This exercise is really a herculean one and consumes energy. Also rotten food items are waste and the money spent on them will be an investment in futility and you also have to pay some money to get them disposed. Savesealer vacuum sealer solves all these problems. It allows you to store food in large quantities and prevent wastage. It will save both your time and money. 
  • Save storage spaces: Through suction of unwanted air inside the storage bags, it saves a lot of space where you can keep more food items. Never run out of storage space in freezer, fridge or pantry. 
  • Always eat palatable diet: The major advantage of using vacuum sealer system is to keep the food fresh and tasty. Save sealer protects the food and keep them fresh so they don’t lose their taste. Vegetables, meat, cheese and fruits including leftovers will remain as sweet as they should as long as you store them within an intact Savesealer bags. The air-free environment inside the bags won’t allow bacterial activities that alter the taste of food. 
  • Compact: save vacuum seal bags are very compact and ergonomically designed to make them user friendly. It’s surely the best deal out there. 

What is the best vacuum sealer for home use? 

There are numerous vacuum sealer out there for buyers. While some are super cool for home use some are just junks and will find use in offices and other places where short term storage (especially fruit storage)  is mainly required.

The big challenge confronting buyers now is, how do I know the one that is suitable for long term home storage?

It’s really a challenge because you will never know the best option for you until you try. However, will you test all the brands of vacuum sealers just because you are looking for the right brand that will suite your needs? This is the reason we took out time to research on these devices because of its indispensable nature in the lives of working class. We recommend Savesealer after numerous tests carried out on it. There are other brands that might be suitable for you as well such as Vacuumer Max. 

Note: Any brand of vacuum sealer that can’t maintain airtight environment is definitely not good for home use. Always read trusted reviews on any product before placing an order to avoid getting substandard sealers.  

When picking out vacuum sealers, make sure to consider factors like bag cost, how much sealing you want to do and how often you plan to package liquid-rich foods in it. These factors will play big roles in determining how well your machine meets your expectations. 

Working principles of vacuum sealer systems 

The main aim of sealers is to ensure that air that contains oxygen and water (moisture) does not enter into the bags. They also prevent bacteria, fungi and other germs that spoil food from entering. Even when these germs gain access to the food they won’t survive because the oxygen most of them need for metabolism won’t be available for them.

However, some of them are anaerobic and can survive without oxygen. Thus, it’s important that you purchase the ones that are airtight and won’t allow germs (both aerobic and anaerobic) to have access to the food items. 

Savesealer and NutriChef 

Savesealer and NutriChef are both vacuum sealers that preserve food and conserve storage spaces. Both make use of sealer bags to store food items like meat, fruits and vegetables including carrots and bananas. 

While save sealer uses a pump to empty the air and seal food, NutriChef is a rectangular sealer that does not require any pump. Do not confuse the two. Always be sure of what you are buying before pulling out your credit cards. 

How do I use savesealer? 

Using save sealer is very simple and easy, you don’t need any technical skills to apply your vacuum sealer in your home to protect your food. Before we summarise the steps you need to follow, we’d have to first describe the different parts of the device so you know how to apply them correctly. 

Savesealer has two parts: Sealable  plastic bags and The pump. 

Sealable plastic bags

These are zipper plastic bags that are used to wrap the items you want to store for long term use. They have an attachment where you can connect the pump. They are limited in quantity and they have different sizes. If you want to store more items you would have to purchase more zipper bags. If you want to store large sized food, then you need large sized sealer bags. 

The pump 

This is the machine that sucks out air, oxygen and germs from the zipper plastic bags. Though it is called pump, it does not pump in air into the bags, rather it removes air through electric suction technique. The pump is powered by electric charge. Once the batteries are down you can use the follow come USB cable to recharge it and keep the device running. 


  • Charge the device well with its charging cable. 
  • Turn on the pump. 
  • Put the food item you what to preserve into the zipper plastic bags. 
  • Connect the pump and the bags attachment. 
  • Press the button on the pump to start sucking out the air. 
  • Once it’s done sucking the air it will automatically stop. This self-regulatory ability makes it easy to use. No risk of over sucking.
  • Now your bags of food are ready to be stacked inside the refrigerator. 
  • Arrange them the way you want and allow the freezer to do the rest of the job. 

Are food savers worth it? 

Yes, they do. As long as you don’t like rotten foods and unpalatable diets, you need save sealer and food savers. The first protection we give to our health system to avoid unnecessary ailments is protection of what we eat. If you don’t protect your food, you are likely to eat junks that will invite germs and bring your health down.

Imagine eating Crips, crunchy salads that lasts all week long. That’s how good food savers are! It protects food against oxidation by oxygen and prevent the vital nutrients in them from escaping. This improves the quality of the food and maintains the healthy taste that everyone desires. Most of them like Savesealer are very easy to use. Just connect the vacuum nozzle and push the button to suck the air out. It is portable and easy to carry. 

Vacuum sealing and freezer burn

Vacuum sealing protects food from dehydration and freezer burn. Freezer burn occurs when the food inside the freezer gets dry due to evaporation of water. Vacuum sealing prevents this water evaporation and protects food from burn.

It prevents air contact so moisture can not evaporate from the food. This extends the shelf life of food. Vacuum sealing is far more effective in making food last longer than storing in plastics and other  bags. The duration of stay of food depends on the quality of preservation. Freezers, refrigerator and pantry have different cooling and protective capacities. 

save sealer vacuum system
save sealer vacuum systems

You might be wondering:

Does Savesealer vacuum sealing kill bacteria? 

No, vacuum sealing does not kill bacteria rather they inhibit the growth of bacteria by denying them oxygen they require for metabolism and growth. This is similar to the mechanism of action of most antibiotics (bacteriostatic antibiotics), they do not put an end to the life of already existing bacteria inside the body but they inhibit them from further growth. Just like infection in the body, when bacteria gain entrance into your meat, vegetable, crunchy salads etc. they start multiplying and increasing in number through a process known as binary fission.

As their number increases their ability to cause damage also increases because they will utilize more oxygen and release larger quantity of by-product that will cause food spoilage and change in taste. Also, the more they are in number the higher the rate and intensity of putrefaction of substrate (meat and other food stuff).

Savesealer bags and other vacuum sealers are airtight and does not allow them to enter into the bags, even when some bacteria and other germs have access into the bags they will be denied the optimal conditions they need to multiply, hence they won’t be able to grow further. This is how Savesealer vacuum sealer defend your food against bacteria and keep them fresh and palatable. 

What is the main cause of freezer burn? 

When your food stuff like meat, vegetables, ice cream are looking hard, shrivelled, dry and covered in ice crystal or discoloured, just know that they have suffered freezer burn. This affects mostly the ones at the bottom of the freezer and it’s mostly caused by loss of moisture within that area. Duration of freezing food also plays a role in freezer burn. Foods that are frozen for a long time are more likely to be affected by freezer burn.

Storing food in a well sealed bags will prevent freezer burn. The moisture within the bags will be retained and the food inside won’t be affected. Also, the bag will protect the food externally against coating with ice crystals. Freezer burn affects quality of food but not safety. The food will still be safe for human consumption but the quality will reduce such as taste and look. 

How to prevent freezer burn 
  • Use Savesealer vacuum sealer or other vacuum sealer bags of your choice to package the food before freezing. 
  • Make sure that the food is cool before freezing.
  • Don’t freeze them when they are still hot. 
  • Always selects the right temperature for freezing. 
  • Freeze foods in small batches to avoid overfilling of the freezer. 
  • Maintain good freezer hygiene through regular cleaning. 

What should I look out for when buying a vacuum sealer

No requirement for oxygen absorber: Before buying any vacuum sealer make sure there is no requirement for extra oxygen absorbers. Any vacuum sealer that requires an oxygen absorber to function optimally is obviously a substandard sealer and you should not waste your money on those. Adding oxygen absorbers to give extra protection to your food is good and recommended but once it’s specifically stated that you must use oxygen absorbers in addition to the sealing then, do not buy such brand. It’s pretty much a waste of time and money. 

Number and sizes of bags: Different vacuum sealers come with different sizes and number of sealing bags. The quantity of food you want to seal will determine whether the brand will be suitable for you or not. Also, the sealer that uses expensive bags are not the best option because they all come with limited number of bags and you will be purchasing more to augment. Make sure the bags are affordable to avoid wasting so much money on bags alone.

These are the most important factors you have to take note of in addition to the ones already mentioned above. 

Which is the best vacuum sealer to buy

Savesealer is one of the best vacuum sealer out there. It is reliable and affordable and comes with enough bags for personal use. You will only purchase more bags if you plan to store more food for longer duration of use. We recommend that you buy save sealer vacuum system for the best experience you desired. There are enough vacuum sealers that anybody can choose from, it all depends on your choice and purpose of purchasing them. Make good research before ordering for any brand other than Savesealer. 


Save sealer vs foodsaver, what you need to know 

Foodsavers and save sealer are different brands of vacuum sealers that protect food. Both are capable of keeping food fresh up to 5x longer compare to ordinary methods of food storage. They preserve food flavour and prevent food wastage. Both vacuum sealers make use of  plastic zipper bags in storing food.

While foodsaver is the general name given to all vacuum sealers that protect food, Savesealer only refers to a particular brand of vacuum sealer. However, there might be a particular brand that claim the name “FOODSAVER” but do not get confused as all the vacuum sealers are food savers that protect food against damage. 

Our recommendations 

As you know, using vacuum sealer helps you to store enough quantity of food for long term without losing the freshness and taste of the food. It also prevent food wastage and freezer burn. It can save you a lot storage space and money. You can buy whatever you wish to store in your fridge, freezer or pantry without fear of spoilage. 

If you are interested in purchasing your own Save Sealer food saver go straight to the official page of the product to grab yours. You will receive personalized service from the company. If you are not satisfied with your order, you can contact them and they will happily work with you to find perfect solution to your problem. Always feel free to contact their customer service to ask any questions, they will attend to you with joy. Hit the button below to get your own Vacuum sealing device. 

Bottom line of our save sealer reviews 

There are no better ways of protecting food than vacuum-sealing them. And it will be in your best interest to use high quality and reliable vacuum sealer in protecting your food.

There are ziplock bags that you can use for short term food storage because they are easy to open and close and they are reusable as well. It’s not advisable to spend money on vacuum sealers if you only intend to store food for short period of time. Ziplock bags can do the job.

However, If you want long term storage, get yourself a quality vacuum sealer like save sealer. It is affordable, easy to use and long lasting. It comes with its own USB cable for easy charging when the device runs out of power. You don’t need to buy extra batteries to power Savesealer. It is an investment you will be happy you made because Savesealer vacuum system will meet your high expectations. 

Thanks for reading our savesealer reviews. Feel free to hit the button below to buy yours! 

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