SC Cool Mist Humidifier Reviews 2021: Best Moisturizer For Dry Air

SC Cool Mist Humidifier is a newly invented technology that moisturizes dry air and protects you from pathological diseases. This mind-blowing gadget is economical, cost-saving and easy to operate. Read full SC Cool Mist Humidifier Reviews to know everything about this air moisturizer. 

SC Cool Mist Humidifier Reviews
SC Cool Mist Humidifier Reviews

Dry air is a culprit in a number of pathological diseases. It also causes a lot of discomfort in addition to diseases. Thanks to science and technology that always come to our aid anytime our environment tries to deal with us. Winter is known to be associated with dry air but this time, both summer and winter air are dry.

Dry air causes a lot of discomfort including skin dryness. Sore throat, nosebleed, eye irritation, dermatitis and so much more can be caused by dry air. Imagine being unable to breathe well in your home when you’re back from work stressed and exhausted! Nobody wants that and that’s why Sleep Connection Cool Mist Humidifier was created to bring you that comfort you always wanted in your home, inside your car and any other enclosed space during the dry air seasons. 

Obviously there are numerous options to opt for when you want to buy air moisturizer but the honest truth is that not all are effective in restoring the humidity of the air to the desired level for a reasonable length of time. Even the ones that seem to be effective are way too expensive and I am pretty sure that you wouldn’t want to spend huge bucks just to purchase an air humidifier during the dry seasons.

SC cool mist humidifier is a breath-taking technology that ensures better breathing, lasts for a long time and yet very affordable. Dry air can interfere with your sleep because it is just too harsh for your nostrils and respiratory tract. Nobody wants that and that is what triggered the research for best air humidifier.

Fortunately, we succeed in getting the best brand after series of testing and reading through customer SC cool mist humidifier reviews online, thus this piece of writing was composed to enable you take informed decision when you are about to purchase your own humidifier to make your dry summer and winter a comfortable season for your skin, respiratory tract, eyes and other parts of your body that are affected by dry air.

Nobody likes discomfort, unfortunately, our weather is constantly changing from season to season and each of these seasons comes with its own ups and downs. Dry air is a major problem that accompanies seasons and it causes a number of diseases. If you are asthmatic, dry air can make your condition worse if you don’t have any air humidifier in your possession. Thus, in addition to taking your routine drugs, air moisturizer will also be a handy tool you would need to remain completely safe in dry weather conditions. 

With irritated eyes, vision will be problematic and reading will be more difficult and boring. These are issues that will be tackled with portable cool mist humidifier. Comfort is one crucial thing that we ought not joke with because it can affect our peace of mind and without peace of mind life will be miserable. Dry air is capable of causing discomfort and disorders.

In this SC Cool mist humidifier review, we’d mention some of the problems that can be caused by dry air and reasons why you need to avoid them as well as the benefits you can get from SC cool mist humidifier, it’s Pros and Cons. Keep reading! 

What is SC Cool Mist Humidifier 

SC cool mist humidifier is an air moisturizer that releases cool vapour into the surrounding air where it is situated to make the air more comfortable and breathable. It is very portable which gives you the opportunity to take your air humidifier to any place where you wish to get the humidity of the surrounding to the optimal level. There’s a normal level of moisture in the atmosphere that is compatible with life.

If the level of humidity is abnormally high, it would cause a lot of discomfort likewise when it is abnormally low. Either way comes with discomfort and we need to keep the humidity level in our homes and workplaces at the normal range for our convenience and comfort.

There are two types of humidifier: warm mist humidifier and cool mist humidifier. While warm mist humidifier is an indispensable tool during cold dry weather (mostly during the winter), cool mist humidifier is the best tool for warm dry weather conditions (which is what you get during the summer periods). This SC cool mist humidifier reviews will be focusing on a cool mist humidifier that will bring you comfort in your home and workplace. 

It is no news to you that dry air can dry your skin and even cause wrinkling. A lot of people try different products to keep their skin well moisturized but the bad news is that those products cost huge amount of money (the ones that are effective) and a lot of them that are substandard and cheap will actually cause a lot of harm to your precious skin, thus defeating the entire aim of maintaining it.

This is why air moisturizers are recommended instead of creams. Air humidifiers are way cheaper and more effective than creams and also they make the air more breathable for your nostrils and more comfortable for your eyes, you won’t get these benefits if you opt for cream moisturizer! 

Sleep connection cool mist humidifier is a high tech humidifying tool for easy and comfortable breathing. It uses patented, smart humidifying technology that delivers the perfect level of humidity wherever you need it. This easy-to-use humidifier is a fantastic value and you might not want to turn it off all summer long. 

Eye irritation, dry skin, nosebleed, sore throat, lip dryness, flu and common cold are problems that come with dry air and you know how uncomfortable you will be if you are having any of those problems. SC cool mist humidifier can destroy this dryness and take away these problems. Increase your health and comfort level with sleep connection cool mist humidifier. (SC Cool Mist Humidifier Reviews)

Is it the best cool mist humidifier to buy

Sleep connection cool mist humidifier is very efficient and affordable. It brings the humidity of the atmosphere to the optimal level for better sleep, better health and better breathing. However, I’d not deny the fact that there are other humidifiers out there in retail shops and market place. The big challenge now is whether SC cool mist humidifier is the best humidifier to opt for?

The entire goal of writing this sleep connection cool mist humidifier reviews is to guide you in making a better choice. Recall that it has been stated in this sc cool mist humidifier review that there are two types of humidifiers, which are warm mist humidifiers and cool mist humidifiers. The type of humidifier you would purchase will be determined by the weather condition at the moment or the nature of the air when you intend to use your humidifier.

Thus, if you want to purchase a humidifier to moisturize your home, car or workplaces etcetera, during the dry winter season, then you should opt for warm mist humidifier. This is because winter air is very cold and dry, thus a humidifier that can raise the moisture content of the air to an optimal level and also increase the temperature of the air will be the perfect choice to make you comfortable.

Also, if you want to buy a humidifier for summer when the temperature is high, cool mist humidifiers like SC cool mist humidifier will be the best option. It can moisturize the surrounding air with cool refreshing vapour.

Sleep connection cool mist humidifier is an outstanding humidifier that has gained wide recognition and a lot of reviews online. It is very portable, durable and affordable. It is literally the best option for you if you are looking for the best cool mist humidifier for summer dry air. It can take care of dry air and prevent skin wrinkling or dryness and also, you will breathe better in your home. No red (irritated) eyes, flu will fly away and common cold will be uncommon with this brand of cool mist humidifier. 

Both warm mist humidifiers and cool mist humidifiers are great options for introducing soothing fluid to dry air in your homes and workplaces. However, if you have children and pets at home, cool mist humidifier will be the best for you during summer while warm mist humidifier is a bit quieter and can help you feel slightly warmer in the winter. (SC Cool Mist Humidifier Reviews)

Are cool mist humidifiers good for you

Yes, cool mist humidifiers are good for everybody during the hot dry weather condition. Dry air can irritate the mucosa of your nostrils and cause nosebleed. It can cause dermatitis which will take you a lot of time and money to treat. Dry air is not good for anyone no matter how strong you think your body systems are. You need a cool mist humidifier if you want a better air for breathing and keep your skin in its shiny glowing state. 

Cool mist humidifiers can help ease the symptoms of a cold or other respiratory conditions. However, you have to be cautious to avoid introducing excessive moisture to the air you breathe.

As mentioned earlier in this sleep connection cool mist humidifier reviews, too little or too much humidity will result in problems. While dry air causes eye irritation, dry skin, dermatitis, nosebleed etcetera, excessive humidity also causes sickness. It interferes with breathing as well. Thus, you need to regulate your humidifier to avoid causing high humidity which will be counter productive and even detrimental to your health.

Cool mist humidifiers are indisputably a must have tool during the periods of dry air. You can use them for cosmetic purposes such as skin maintenance or for health purposes such as easing breathing symptoms, preventing exacerbation of asthma symptoms, preventing eye irritation. There are myriads of benefits you can get from cool mist humidifiers and warm mist humidifiers as well.

Are you still sceptical about this awesome moisturizer? Keep reading this SC cool mist humidifier reviews for more! 

Do cool mist humidifiers cause Mold

Molds are infectious organisms that can cause harm to our body systems. They grow from suspended spores on any surface where they can get enough humidity and warmness for survival. Cool mist humidifiers do not directly introduce molds spores inside your house but they aid its growth by supplying enough humidity they need to grow.

Thus, excessive humidity is considered harmful because it can encourage the growth of these organisms and also interfere with your breathing. If you are using cool mist humidifier or warm mist humidifier make sure you regulate the duration of use and intensity of your humidifier to avoid excessive humidity that may encourage the growth of mold and other fungi and bacterial organisms that can cause disease in your body.

Having a humidifier is good and everyone is encouraged to purchase one when the air is dry but you must know how to maintain and use it. If you do not maintain or use your humidifier properly, you may end up hurting yourself. Thus, always follow the user guide to avoid excessive humidity. 

The ultimate aim of using humidifiers is to get rid of dry air and restore the normal atmospheric humidity level to avoid the discomfort and diseases that accompanies dry air. Hence, once you notice that the air in your room or workplace is well humidified, put off your humidifier to avoid introducing excessive moisture to the air. If the humidity is getting low again, you can turn on your humidifier to bring the air humidity back to normal. 

Also, another way of ensuring that your humidifier does not cause you harm is to regularly clean it and refill the tank with clean and safe water. If you use already contaminated water to refill your cool mist humidifier, you might be introducing harmful organisms into the air you breathe because a number of them can survive within the humidifier and escape into the air.

Also, if your humidifier is not properly cleaned, it may harbour some dirty particles and organisms that can cause problems to you and your family members. Make sure you keep to these instructions to avoid having issues with your humidifier. 

SC Cool Mist Humidifier Review
SC Cool Mist Humidifier Review

Benefits of SC cool mist humidifier reviews

There lots of benefits you can get from using SC cool mist humidifier. Let’s take a look at some of them. 

  • Comfortable breathing: With dry air breathing will be problematic and it is associated with a number of sickness and discomfort. With proper maintenance, your sleep connection cool mist humidifier will provide you with pollution-free air for better breathing. Dry air causes pain in the nose and sometimes, it may cause nosebleed for people with fragile nose mucosa. SC cool mist humidifier was created by professionals to improve the quality of air and make our environment more conducive and comfortable for our nostrils. With proper humidity in your home, you won’t have to worry about flu, common cold and other respiratory illnesses that accompany dry air. 
  • Easy to use: SC cool mist humidifier is a high-tech device but very easy to operate. A number of similar gadget require technical skills for you to be able to use them but that’s not the case with sleep connection cool mist humidifier. It requires effortless one-touch operation. The only thing required of you to do is to press the power button and allow your moisturizer to do the rest. Position it in a comfortable place so it won’t fall. Also, you would have to refill the tank with clean water once the water in it is used up. This is also very simple and easy to do. If you look at your sc cool mist humidifier, you will see that the upper part of it can be removed to expose the water tank. Once you remove it, you can go ahead and add a clean water to refill the tank after which you close it and your humidifier will be ready for use. Also make sure that the battery is well charged so you can enjoy cool humid air for a long period of time. 
  • Cost-saving: Sleep connection cool mist humidifier is very efficient and yet affordable. The producer’s ultimate goal is to ensure that everyone has a cool moisturizer during the hot dry summer without spending big bucks. Humidifiers are a great substitute for moisturizing creams and they do not have any side effects. SC cool mist humidifier is very economical, it offers you everything you need at a very low cost. It is easy to maintain, there is no extra cost attached to maintenance. 
  • Stylish design: It looks pretty cool and attractive. Its stylish design compliments your decor. Though this might not seem to be a great value to some customers, it is an additional advantage it has over other humidifiers. The essence of having a cool mist humidifier is to regulate the humidity of the air in your surroundings not for fashion but we consider it wise to recommend the brand that will help you achieve cool humid air and still compliment your decor. It is the best-looking humidifier you will see. If you are the type that likes shiny devices, SC cool mist humidifier is the best deal. 
  • Better sleep: With the level of comfort you get from SC cool mist humidifier, you will achieve a good sleep at night and anytime of the day. The best way to achieve perfect rest is sleeping. If you don’t sleep well, your productivity will be greatly reduced and your health will also be affected. Dry air can make breathing harder which will interfere with sleep. According to health professionals, you need a minimum of eight (8) hours of sleep every 24 hours to be in a good state of health. Thus, get your cool mist humidifier to be sure of better sleep during the hot dry weather. 
  • Energy saving and high performance: It does not require a large amount of energy to function. It is power conserving and that’s why it lasts for several hours after a single recharge. Most gadgets that rely on rechargeable batteries for power supply really sucks because they consume a lot of power and the batteries are of poor quality. Sleep connection cool mist humidifier, does not consume you much energy and the battery quality is high. You can power it from any power source and it does not increase electricity bills. 
  • Hassle-free money back guarantee: This is another proof of high quality. In the event that you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can return the product and get your money back. This process is hassle-free. Sleep connection cool mist humidifier is a high performing device that will meet anybody’s high expectations. However, if you feel that the product does not meet your expectations, you can return it and request for replacement or refund. They will be happy to entertain your dissatisfaction and improve their product to meet your standards. Thus, you have nothing to worry about, your money is safe and secure. 

Upsides of SC cool mist humidifier review

  • Portable: SC cool mist humidifier is very portable. You can take it to any place of your choice without any ado. Thus, you don’t need to buy many humidifiers. You can use it inside your car while driving to work or conferences during the summer, you can also take it to your office during the work hours to humidify and purify  the air and make it more comfortable and safe for breathing. If you are having the problem of skin irritation and allergies, you will greatly benefit from sleep connection cool mist humidifiers. Also, when you want to take a look at some pages in the literature and your eyes are irritated and itchy, all you need to do is to take your portable cool mist humidifier with you to stop the irritation so you can read comfortably and assimilate better. 
  • Better health: With SC cool mist humidifier, you have better health no matter how dry the  air is. You will achieve better breathing and better sleep. The risk of having nosebleed caused by dry air will be eliminated. Dry skin and dermatitis that may accompany dry air will not bother you anymore. Also for people that are allergic or asthmatic, you won’t have any problem. Dry air also increases stress level and causes dehydration. With proper atmospheric humidity, you won’t be dehydrated nor stressed. 
  • High quality battery: It come with high quality built-in battery that can be charged with a low power output. It does not require heavy electricity. SC cool mist humidifier can go for several hours and nights without refilling and the battery provides sufficient power it needs to work. You won’t be charging and recharging the battery frequently. 
  • Easy to maintain: SC cool mist humidifier is very simple with few parts that can be dismantled and reassembled easily. The lid is very easy to remove and clean. Always ensure that your sleep connection cool mist humidifier is clean to avoid introducing unwanted particles into the air. 
  • No disturbance: It works quietly unlike other humidifiers that generate a lot of noise that can wake you up from sleep. The major aim of the manufacturer is to help you breathe better and sleep better at night, thus, a noisy mist humidifier will defeat that purpose and that’s why they made it to work silently so your sleep won’t be interrupted. Warm mist humidifier are also built in same fashion like sleep connection cool mist humidifier. 
  • Easy to control humidity level: SC cool mist humidifier has an adjustable mist intensity dial that enables you to adjust the level of humidity of the air. It has been stated earlier in this sc cool mist humidifier review that humidifier can be harmful if they raise the humidity to an abnormally high level. If the humidity of the atmosphere is above 50% it can make you uncomfortable and also cause sickness. SC cool mist humidifier comes with an adjustable dial that you can use to control the intensity of vapour it releases into the air. Thus, you can use it throughout the night to humidify and purify the air without any fear of getting hurt as long as you set the intensity appropriately.
  • Cordless: You can use your sleep connection cool mist humidifier anywhere without any wires connected to it. All you need is to charge your humidifier and unplug it. You can now take it to place of your choice where you can use it without having to connect it to any cord or cable. It also has three fan speed and a variable speed for direction of airflow. 

Downsides of SC cool mist humidifier 

  • Not available in retail stores: The only place where you can buy the original SC cool mist humidifier is from the official product page of SC cool mist humidifier. Any purchase outside this page is made at your own risk. This is not really a problem since most of us are used to purchasing products and services online, also there is a 30 days money back guarantee in case you are not thrilled with the product. 
  • Does not improve the scent of the air: SC cool mist humidifier can only increase the moisture content of the air, it is not equipped with the capacity of improving the aroma of the room or air.
  • No timer: It doe not have a timer for a more accurate function. 
  • Limited stock: There are a lot of good reviews from customers from United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada etcetera, about this product and that’s why it’s probably selling rapidly. This resulted in limited stock. You can place your order right away to avoid missing out if you are really interested in improving the air you breathe during the summer. 

What makes it stand out

SC cool mist humidifier is simple and easy to use. It is very affordable and lightweight. Unlike many other mist humidifiers, it works silently. It will never interrupt your sleep. Another interesting feature of sleep connection cool mist humidifier is its stylish design that compliments the existing decor of any room where it situated. It can get rid of airborne viruses which makes it a perfect choice for anybody that wants to remain safe and protected against the flu virus. (SC cool mist humidifier review) 

How to use it (SC cool mist humidifier reviews)

It is very simple and easy to use. With effortless single button push, your mist humidifier will be up and running. Also washing SC cool mist humidifier is very easy and hassle-free. Sleep connection store aims at giving their customers pretty cool and efficient gadgets that will be easy to use, durable and affordable and they delivered on all their promises. This fact has been confirmed from numerous online sleep connection cool mist humidifier reviews.

Now, take a look below for a simple step-by-step guide on how to use SC cool mist humidifier reviews. 

  1. Open the lid: The lid is the uppermost part of SC cool mist humidifier. It is detachable and also easy to fix back. Once you remove it, you will have access to the water tank (store). 
  2. Add water: Add clean water to the water tank for maximal safety. Though SC cool mist humidifier has a way of getting rid of contaminants, I always advise customers to use clean water to avoid any risk of getting their air contaminated. After adding water, put the lid back in place. 
  3. Link to power: Your sc cool mist humidifier is ready for use but you have to first charge it because it requires power to run. Once fully charged, you can start making use of your gadget 
  4. Power on: With a single button push, your sc cool mist humidifier will start running. This process is effortless! 
SC Cool Mist Humidifier Reviews
SC Cool Mist Humidifier Reviews

What are others saying about it? (SC cool mist humidifier reviews)

There are numerous customers SC cool mist humidifier reviews online but for the sake of time and space, only few of them will be summarized here. This is to kill the doubt on your mind, because a lot of buyers always want to hear from real users before placing an order because they figured out this way they won’t be wasting their money on junky product.

It is very easy to maintain and clean. I was a little sceptical about this humidifier but I decided to give it a try. I’m glad I did! Since I started using it, I have not had problem with breathing and I have not experienced any allergic reaction. I don’t know much about its ability to kill flu virus but I won’t say that it does not because I have not had flu since I started using it. Pretty cool stuff, I won’t hesitate to recommend it for anybody interested in having better sleep this summer.  

Jon morrow

Spending my money on crappy products have always been my fear but I pretty much need a mist humidifier because of my asthmatic attacks that get worse anytime the air is dry and contaminated. I bought SC cool mist humidifier though I was doubtful of the claims I read online. Luckily, it turned out to be a very wise decision. It is very efficient and comes with adjustable dial which allows me to regulate the intensity of mist output. It is literally the best out there and I’m happy I invested my money in it. It pretty much met my high expectations, I won’t have to try another brand.  

Eric Smith

SC cool mist humidifier is fairly priced. It lasts very long after a single charge. I  can use it for over 8 hours and the water can serve for several days as well. It is of much value and yet sold at a very low cost. I have one I’m using at home and I  want to buy another one for my office though I can still take that one to any place I want.  

Anna Morgan

I like keeping my own mist humidifier at a prominent position because of its stylish design. I thought it was all for fancy the first time I heard about it because of its fancy design. However, I like beautiful products, thus I opted for it to see what the outcome will be. I can say that it is very much effective because it has not disappointed since I started using. The battery lasts for so long and the water tank can run for days. It is very easy to wash and maintain and it looks beautiful too.  

Jane Rwuckor

I can say that this is a mind-blowing mist humidifier. It is very portable and easy to set up. I have not had any issues refilling the water or using it since I purchased it. I can take mine to any place I want, no eye irritation, no common cold or flu since I started using it though it won’t take the place of my doctor! I highly recommend it because of its friendly price and fast delivery.  

Jake Owen

FAQs  (SC cool mist humidifier review) 

Can SC cool mist humidifier kill flu virus?

Yes, SC cool mist humidifier and other efficient humidifiers can kill 100% of all the airborne flu viruses within a short period of time. Increase in humidity is the major reason for the death of the virus and SC cool mist humidifier increases the humidity level significantly that can interfere with the virus survival. However, this is not a guarantee for you to over-humidify the air.  Though it will kill the virus, it will also cause you problems. Thus, increase the humidity of the air to the normal level (about 30% – 50%). This is sufficient to kill the virus without causing any harm to you.

Can SC cool mist humidifier also kill bacteria? 

It can kill flu virus but that’s not the case with bacteria. Most bacteria actually thrive well in humidified environment. Though, SC cool mist humidifier can significantly reduce the number of bacteria in the air where it is situated, it does not have the capacity to directly kill the bacteria. Thus, it can reduce germs, improve the quality of air you breathe, make your health and sleep better.

Does it make congestion worse?

No, SC cool mist humidifier does not make congestion worse. It introduces cool moisture to the air you breathe. When you inhale this air through your nasal cavity, it reduces irritation of your nasal mucosa and also inflammation. Hence, it is very safe for use even when you are having nasal congestion. However, you have to properly maintain your cool mist humidifier. A poorly maintained SC cool mist humidifier can make allergies and sinusitis worse.

Can I use essential oil in my SC cool mist humidifier?

No, you cannot use essential oil in SC cool mist humidifier. It does not have a tray for essential oils, thus never add essential oil to it

Can I use tap water in SC cool mist humidifier?

There is a lot of controversy whether tap water is completely safe for use in mist humidifiers. To be on a safer side, use purified water in your mist humidifiers. However, if your tap water is clean and it can be used for drinking and cooking, you can use it in your mist humidifier. If it does not meet the above criteria do not use it in your humidifier.

Is it healthy to sleep with SC cool mist humidifier?

Yes, it is very healthy to sleep with SC cool mist humidifier. During summer the weather is too hot that we always sleep under air-conditioned rooms. This air-conditioned air can dry out our nasal passages, sinuses and throat. Thus, it is very much healthy sleeping with cool mist humidifier to alleviate this problems. However, you need to adjust the mist output intensity to avoid causing excessive humidity.

Bottom line of SC cool mist humidifier reviews

There numerous humidifiers out there but not all are efficient. The efficient ones are pretty much expensive and way beyond the budget of many customers. SC cool mist humidifier a mind-blowing humidifier with adjustable dial that earns you the opportunity to adjust the intensity of the vapour to avoid excessive humidity that might be counter productive.

It is very portable, you can take it to any place you want without any hassle. Sleep connection cool mist humidifier is very easy to use, no special technical skills required. With an effortless one touch button, your mist humidifier will start working. It takes only a few minutes to bring the humidity level of the atmosphere to normal for your nose, skin and eyes.

With sc cool mist humidifier, you will have better breathing, better sleep and better health. It is stylishly designed, thus you won’t have to worry about unsightly piece of gadget that won’t add any value to your room decor. It will compliment your car decor, office decor, home decor and the decor of any place it is situated. 

SC cool mist humidifier is very affordable, you don’t have to spend big bucks to acquire one. 

Here is the price tag
  1. One Cool Mist Humidifier Costs $67.99
    1. Shipping Fee – $8.95
  2. Two Cool Mist Humidifier Costs $135.99
    1. Shipping Fee – $9.95
  3. Three Cool Mist Humidifier Costs $152.99
    1. Shipping Fee – $10.95
  4. Four Cool Mist Humidifier Costs $217.99
    1. Shipping Fee – $11.95

That’s pretty much cheap compare to what it offers. The above price tags are the discounted price as the producer is trying to make the product available for everybody. (sc cool mist humidifier reviews)

Where to buy SC cool mist humidifier 

This SC cool mist humidifier reviews will be incomplete without directing you to the right place where you will purchase the original product. The only place where you can get original SC cool mist humidifier is from the producer’s official product page.

No retail store have the original sleep connection cool mist humidifier, thus do not run into the hand of scammers. At the official product page, you will get a discount for all your purchase and you have 30 day money back guarantee in case you are not thrilled with the product. 

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