SelfCam Pro Review 2021 – Know This Before Buying!

SelfCam Pro Review
SelfCam Pro Review

We all take pictures at events and at different stages of our lives. Taking pictures is one of the ways we can easily keep records of events. Looking at the pictures we took at earlier stages of our lives gives a feeling of joy and enthusiasm, reminding you of how far you have come.

It is capable of rejuvenating your hope and restoring peace of mind. The importance of taking and keeping pictures can never be overrated. 

In this article, “SelfCam Pro Review” we will be discussing an awesome product which was specifically designed to add a touch of class to your pictures. We can easily take selfies with our phones without the aid of any device but it is way more convenient when taken with selfie sticks like SelfCam Pro.

SelfCam Pro allows you the freedom to position yourself better while keeping your phone a bit farther so it can include a wider view such as the background. 

Some times we take pictures with friends and family using our cell phones. In this scenario, you need somebody who will help you with the pictures in order to avoid cutting out someone or essential part of the background.

However, people value their time and comfort and many will find such request inconveniencing. With SelfCam Pro, you will have the opportunity to take any position of your choice and still have the background captured, if necessary, without needing assistance from anyone. 

When you visit the swimming pool or any other water containing tourist centres, you need to take pictures to keep memories of the event. Doing so with the traditional method of taking selfies will increase the risk of losing your phone to water, but with a selfie stick, you are all safe. 

Be it camera phone, action camera and 360 camera, SelfCam Pro is suitable for all. Investing your income in selfie stick like SelfCam Pro will not only make selfies easier and more convenient but will protect your favourite tech as well.

Imagine taking a huge percentage of your earnings to acquire a high quality camera phone, 360 camera or action camera only for it to develop faults after falling into pool when you are trying to take a selfie.

Your aim of having the best phone will be defeated as you continue to struggle with a faulty phone which is not living up to your high expectations.

SelfCam Pro selfie stick
SelfCam Pro Review


You have decided to get yourself a selfie stick but you are not sure of the particular type you want to buy.

You are in the right place. After reading our SelfCam Pro Review you will be well informed about this product and be confident enough to acquire one for yourself. 

Let’s dive right in! 

SelfCam Pro Review

SelfCam Pro is a stable and portable multi-purpose device designed for taking pictures. It is a tripod stand that can be converted into selfie stick.

Through Bluetooth, SelfCam Pro can be connected to your smartphone or remote after which you can use your device to take pictures. 

With SelfCam Pro, different photographic techniques such as time-lapse and exposure are possible as long as your smartphone has the technology.

SelfCam Pro is the simplest tripod stand compatible with your smartphone. Its portability allows you the freedom to travel with it or take it with you when going out with friends.

Taking pictures is never a pre-planned activity. It can take place anytime and anywhere, thus you need a portable device as light as your smartphone which you can take with you to any place where you are anticipating to take photos.

Any selfies stick that is heavy or bulky will pose lots of inconveniences to the owners and it will defeat their purpose of buying such device with their hard-earned money. Portability and multi purpose of use are the advantages SelfCam Pro has over many selfie sticks. 

The SelfCam Pro has a head that can be adjusted to 270 degrees to ensure that you can capture any part of the background or people you desire to include in the picture. The body, which was designed with aluminum alloy for increased durability, can also be extended to over 80 centimetres.

SelfCam Pro Review
SelfCam Pro Review

This makes it suitable for group photos as it allows you to capture more people in the picture. 
SelfCam Pro comes with a bluetooth-based remote control and it’s very compatible with your smartphones.

It has a good battery life which gives you the freedom to use it for a supper long time taking both selfies and group pictures. As far as you can pair devices through Bluetooth, you can use SelfCam Pro.

The method of connecting it with your camera phones is no different from the traditional way of pairing devices through Bluetooth. It is supper easy to use and very affordable. 

Get your own SelfCam Pro today at 50% discount and enjoy taking personal and group selfies both at special events like parties, family gatherings and with friends. 

SelfCam Pro Review
SelfCam Pro Review

Outstanding Qualities of SelfCam Pro

  1. Lightweight aluminum body 
  2. Professional portable selfie stick 
  3. Supper easy to use 
  4. Instantly expandable selfie stick 
  5. Tripod stand for standalone shooting 
  6. Rustproof build with solid mounting 
  7. Secure smartphone grip 
  8. Suitable for any smartphone screen size 
  9. Stable selfie shooting 

You might be wondering:

How is SelfCam Pro designed?
SelfCam Pro Review is a special selfie stick that stands out among its competitors because of its spectacular design.

The extendable body is made of aluminum to avoid rusting. Rusting is one major problem that is capable of depreciating the value of products made of metals. Once rusting sets in, any object that is affected becomes unsightly.

Selfie sticks are not designed to be kept in a store rather they are to be taken with you to any place of your choice where you feel like taking pictures. But nobody would like to move around with ugly device in the name of selfie stick as it can bring ridicule.

SelfCam Pro is well designed to avoid rusting and its associated problems. Also aluminium is very light and strong. This makes SelfCam Pro a very portable and stable device that can last for a long time. 

The head (mount)  of SelfCam Pro is very strong and highly adjustable (up to 270 degrees).  The size of the mount can be adjusted to fit the size of the device mounted on it. The grip is very strong and will never allow the device to fall off. It will only hold your device firmly and will never crack or damage it. 

SelfCam Pro Review
SelfCam Pro Review

SelfCam Pro has a tripod stand that provides stability to the device. Just mount it in any suitable location and position yourself and friends or family and press the remote to take a picture. You do not need to beg anybody around to help you with a snap.

You can also compress and use it as a selfie stick. It’s up to you to choose whichever parttern you desire with regards to the place or event taking place. 

Here is the deal:

SelfCam Pro has many benefits which we will summarise briefly in this section.


This device is very beneficial for content creators. Carrying camera about all the time can be a herculean task but with a selfie stick, your burden is lifted as long as you have a good camera phone that can take quality pictures. SelfCam Pro is a perfect option as you can go with it to anywhere and anytime you want. 

Durable and affordable:

The aluminum body is capable of resisting stress and Rustin. This affords the device the capacity to last for a long time. Despite its amazing qualities, SelfCam Pro is very pocket friendly. It won’t cost you a ton of money to acquire one for yourself.

It is very affordable and currently there is a promo going on “50% discount with free shipping to your home”. Do well to get yours as soon as possible to avoid missing out on this deal. 

Easy to use:

The truth remains that you don’t need extra skills or assistance from anyone to make use of your gadget. As long as you can pair devices through bluetooth you can use your SelfCam Pro.

Even if you have never paired devices through bluetooth don’t panic!  It is supper simple. Just on the SelfCam Pro by pressing the power button. Next, on your smartphone and look for the Bluetooth. Every smartphone has a Bluetooth in it!  Now, on your phone Bluetooth and allow it to search for devices available for pairing.

Your smartphone will automatically detect your SelfCam Pro. The next step is to select SelfCam Pro from the list of available device and it will pair automatically and you are good to go. Very simple right? 

Wider angle of view:

The head of the SelfCam Pro is very adjustable. It can be adjusted to 270 degrees to capture wider angle of view. This allows you to include more people in the photo and any desired part of the background.

Sometime we snap pictures to remind us of an event or friends but cutting out the background or some people may defeat this purpose. This is one of the reasons behind the increased angle of view. The ultimate aim for developing this gadget is to give you the best experience you so much desired. 

Suitable for any screen:

best selfie stick
SelfCam Pro Review

The mount can be adjusted to fit any screen size. It is capable of holding your smartphones firmly without causing any damage to it. Different smartphones are produced by different companies, hence the difference in sizes but your SelfCam Pro is compatible with them all.

Good  battery life:

Duration of use of any gadget is always a matter of concern and this depends entirely on the battery quality. Nobody likes a device that sucks when it comes to battery life.

Spending more time charging or replacing batteries than actually using using a device is something I detest so much and would never review such product.

SelfCam Pro has high quality batteries that can last for a long time giving you the opportunity to take as many pictures as you wish. This is most beneficial for content creators who uses it for business.

Whether you are using SelfCam Pro for personal satisfaction or for content creations, the battery life is good and suitable for all purposes. 

Standalone capturing is possible:

The tripod stand makes it possible for the SelfCam Pro to hold your phone without any assistance from the user. You can comfortably fix your phone on the mount and with the aid of the remote, you can take pictures of yourself some centimetres away from the smart phone.

Just find a good spot where the SelfCam Pro tripod stand can balance to avoid falls which can hurt your phone and the gadget as well. 

What’s the Kicker:

SelfCam Pro is a quality selfie stick but it has some downsides. There are things we don’t like about SelfCam Pro though there are ways around these problems.

You need to know how to pair devices through Bluetooth for you to use this device: If can’t connect devices through Bluetooth, you will have hard times using this device. However, it’s supper simple to pair devices through Bluetooth, it is already explained above  and we will still summarise it below. 

It is available only online: You can only purchase the original SelfCam Pro online using your credit cards, PayPal account, or other accepted payment options depending on your location. 

This is not really a problem as many of us are used to buying things online and the method of payment is no different from the traditional way of purchasing stuffs online.

The good news is that the payment is well secured with 256-Bit SSL encryption, hence there is no risk of losing your card details or other payment details to thieves. The only problem here is that most people will like to see and feel what they are buying before pulling out their credit cards to make purchase but you are not allowed that freedom in this case.

You only get to see and feel SelfCam Pro after you have made purchase and the product delivered to you. But be rest assured that you will get the quality product you paid for if you purchase from the producer through any of the links provided in this article. 

Self Cam Pros
SelfCam Pro Review


You have made up your mind to take the bold steps and acquire your own SelfCam Pro and the question ringing in your mind is “where can I buy my own SelfCam Pro?” We have got you covered on this. Just go straight to the official website of the manufacturer and purchase your SelfCam Pro.

A range of payment methods are accepted including credit card and PayPal and your payment is fully secured. Exciting deals and offers such as 50% off per unit with free shipping to your home and satisfactory 30-day money guaranty.

Hurry and buy yours before the product runs out of store. 

Note!  Do not make the mistake of buying from any vendor outside the official website of the producer to avoid getting substandard product at an exorbitant price. 

You might be asking:

What if it doesn’t work as expected? 

Answer: If for any reason the product you received does not live up to your high expectations, the manufacturer will be happy to discuss replacement plans with you and try to remedy the problem the beat way possible.

But be rest assured that your SelfCam Pro is a high quality selfie stick and you will never regret investing your income in it.

How do I connect my tripod stand selfie stick? 

Answer: First, long press the power button on the SelfCam Pro to on the gadget. Next, look for Bluetooth on your phone and on it. Your smartphone Bluetooth has the capacity to detect any available device ready for pairing.

From the list of available devices on your phone Bluetooth, select SelfCam Pro and your phone will pair with it automatically. That’s all you need to do to connect your tripod selfie stick. You can now press the remote to take pictures anytime you want as long as the battery is still alive. 

Is this product durable?

Answer: As long as you are taking good care of your device it will last for a long time. The strong aluminium body helps to resist stress and rust. This makes it durable. A lot of users comment on the fact that it is one of the best investments they ever made and still sing its praises months later.

SelfCam Pro Reviews
SelfCam Pro Review

Bottom line of selfcam pro review 

Selfie sticks are good for both personal use and for content creation. Not only does it bring comfort but adds a touch of class to your selfies. If you feel there is no need for selfie stick since you can comfortably take selfies with the traditional way of stretching your hands, you are right.

If you also feel there is no need spending extra cash which you don’t really have on a gadget just for taking pictures, you’re right as well. But if you have extra cash to spare, get yourself SelfCam Pro, the best selfie stick. It really worth it!

This product has gained recognition in the market space because of the positive feedback from customers who have used it for months. There is 30-day money back guaranty for those who are still skeptical about this amazing product.

If for any reason you’re not satisfied with the gadget, you can contact the producer to return the product and get back your money as long as you do so within a period of 30 days.

If you are still contemplating whether to give SelfCam Pro a try or not, we are telling you to take away the fear and purchase your SelfCam Pro and use it for some days or weeks. If you are not satisfied, you can return it and get back your money if it does not exceed 30 days. 

Our recommendations: 

Self Cam Review
SelfCam Pro Review

If you’re in need of a quality selfie stick, give SelfCam Pro a try. It combines portability, durability, other high qualities and low cost. These are the qualities any serious buyer is looking out for and we are assuring you that non of these is a hoax. 

With SelfCam Pro, standalone shooting and wide angle of view are possible. You can use it for a supper long time as it comes with high quality batteries.  Get yourself SelfCam Pro to achieve your desire of taking quality selfies. 

That’s all for our SelfCam Pro Review. Stay safe and Feel free to check out our Best Vegetable Chopper, HairRevit Pro Review. Thank you.  

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