Serenity Weighted Blanket Review 2021: Best Weighted Anxiety Blanket

Serenity engineered weighted blanket is a dual temperature weighted anxiety blanket that uses touch pressure therapy to relieve many disorders such as anxiety, autism, sleep disorders, and attention deficit hyperactivity disorders (ADHD), to make you feel cozy and comfy. Serenity weighted blanket review online from satisfied customers rated this brand the world’s finest blanket.

Serenity weighted blanket has gained wide attention in the recent days but a lot of people are still sceptical about the veracity of the entire claim. For this reason our editors decided to dig deeper into this brand to reveal all you need to know about it, and everything is well outlined in this serenity engineered weighted blanket review. Do not browse away!!

Serenity weighted blanket review
Serenity weighted blanket review

We all experience anxiety at some points in our lives which will either get us paralysed and reduce our productivity during the day or deny us sleep at night. Not achieving enough sleep (a minimum of 8 hours sleep per day) can cause a lot medical conditions, and from research only about 60% of people sleep well.

There are many factors that can cause inability to sleep (insomnia). To solve this problem, a lot of hypnotic therapy and tools including hoomband wireless have been developed to help people achieve sleep naturally. Weighted blankets are newer therapeutic tools developed to make you comfortable and relaxed on your couch. This has been proven to be very effective in calming the mind and inducing sleep.

In addition to sleep disorders which are adult problems, serenity weighted blanket also helps to alleviate symptoms of autism which affects about one in every fifty five children, and attention deficit hyperactivity disorders which affects about one in every thirteen children world wide. Serenity engineered weighted blanket is one of the finest heavy weighted blankets on the market. It gained wide recognition among consumers because of its effectiveness, quality materials and added cover that made it easy to wash.

Though this brand of weighted anxiety blanket is trending in many countries, it is manufactured by team of engineers in America after carrying out a lot of research, development, design and countless prototypes to come up with the finest heavy weighted blanket that will suit everyone’s needs.

Serenity weighted blanket comes with full zipper system to enable you attach and detach the cover easily. This is opposed to most of the weighted blankets that uses ties that can break off, become loosened or cause weight shifting. It was designed for maximal comfort and long lasting use.

Serenity engineered weighted blanket is original and contains premium grade non allergic glass beads. Your quality sleep is assured with this blanket because it reduces stress, tossing and turning when you are sleeping.

Do you feel too hot during the summer or too cold during the winter that you are always worried when these seasons are approaching? It’s high time you purchased your own premium grade weighted blanket to relieve yourself of that worry and sleep comfortably.

You are still curious and want to know more about this blanket, let’s dive deeper!

What is serenity engineered weighted blanket (serenity weighted blanket review)

Serenity weighted blanket is an original blanket that provides feeling of comfort and peace. It improves sleep quality while reducing stress, tossing and turning. If you are having hard times achieving quality sleep, serenity engineered weighted blanket is the best option for you. It alleviates the symptoms of anxiety, sleep disorders, autism and attention deficit hyperactivity disorders.

It is made up of 100% cotton, hence it is breathable, washable and durable. You can cover your entire body with serenity weighted blanket without having to gasp for oxygen (air). It is pretty cool and allows air to pass through. Most of the weighted blankets don’t have cover, you need to buy extra cover to protect the blanket againt stains and dirt. Serenity weighted blanket comes with a cover to enable you protect your blanket. You can easily attach and detach this cover any time to enable you wash it.

There are two types of cover, the silky soft minky cover which is made to give you that cozy weighted blanket which will cool your body and make you more comfortable during hot weather, and the cotton cover which is the perfect option for hot sleepers. Thus, the covers can serve as as a cool weighted blanket for summer and a fluffy warm heavy blanket for winter.

Serenity weighted blanket is made of premium grade materials. The manufacturers were very careful in selecting the materials including the fabric and thread. They picked some of the thickest Minky and premium pre-washed and pre-shrunk cotton fabrics for the blanket.

It comes with an easy to use zipper system. This enables you to zip and unzip the blanket and the cover. If you handle your blanket well, you won’t have to be washing it all the time. However, this quality weighted blanket was designed for both kids and adults alike. If your kids play too much and mess up the blanket you will need to wash it more frequently to keep it clean. The manufacturer of serenity engineered weighted blanket factored this in when making the blanket by including a washable cover. Once it gets stained, simply unzip it and remove the cover. You can use your washing machine to wash the cover or do the washing manually.

The pocket (quilt) sizes of serenity weighted blanket is very unique. They used 3″ square pocket size which is the optimum compared to the 7″ squares used by regular weighted blankets.

The ultimate goal of the American engineers that manufactured this product is to give you the finest blanket there is in the entire universe, and they delivered. From numerous serenity engineered weighted blanket reviews online from different consumers, you can indisputably agree with the entire claims made by the manufacturers even before giving this product a try.

Serenity engineered weighted blanket review
Serenity weighted blanket review

You might be wondering, what should I benefit from this heavy weighted blanket? Let’s take a look !!!

Benefits of using serenity weighted blanket

Improves sleep: Sleep disorder is one major problem that take people to hospital. A lot of people have tried different hypnotic therapies and tools, some even had private sessions with hypnotic therapist. All these methods are effective but consume more money. Using a calming device like serenity weighted blanket might be all you need to solve your sleeping problems. Through the deep touch pressure therapy of this blanket, it induces sleep. Many consumers are very much pleased with their purchase because they are able to achieve a better sleep since they started using serenity engineered weighted blanket. Do not hesitate to give it a try if you want improved sleep quality.

No risk of side effects: All weighted blankets have included heavy device which is the source of their weight. Most of these devices cause allergic reaction and other forms of discomfort. This is not the case with serenity weighted blanket. It comes with premium grade non allergic glass beads. These beads are odourless and completely non-toxic, there is no risk of discomfort or unwanted side effects. The manufacturer used the perfect sized beads that won’t leak out. Also, you won’t hear them make any noise or move inside your blanket.

Washable cover: Washing weighted blanket is never easy. It is always advisable to cover your blanket well with a washable cover. Most companies don’t include covers, you will have to buy a cover at an additional cost to you. Serenity weighted blanket comes in two parts, the weighted blanket and the cover. Usin the zipper system, you can zip and unzip the cover. The cover is very easy to wash and maintain, no hassle!

Alleviates symptoms of anxiety: Anxiety, autism spectrum disorders, and attention deficit hyperactivity disorders are medical (psychological) disorders that present with symptoms of restlessness, worry, troubled mind. Serenity blanket is effective in alleviating the symptoms of these disorders. Wrapping yourself up in this Blanket can feel like a giant hug which brings tranquillity to the heart and body while taking away worries.

Affordable blanket: Serenity engineered blanket has high end features, it is way better than most competitors but very affordable. Most of these blankets are not cost effective and a good number of them suck after sometime. Serenity blanket is very breathable, washable and durable. It is cheaper and more efficient

Stylishly designed: This is the part that thrills most consumers. Having an ugly duvet or weighted blanket on your bed is not something anybody is pleased with. Serenity weighted blanket is very stylishly designed and fashionable though the ultimate goal is to make you calm and comfortable. It will boost your room décor

Outstanding features of this heavy weighted blanket

Dual temperature: Serenity engineered weighted blanket is a dual temperature blanket, it serves as a cool weighted blanket for summer and a fluffy warm heavy blanket for winter. You will continue to enjoy your blanket irrespective of the season because the temperature can be adjusted to suit your needs at any time. It features a PCM technology on the cool side to help absorb body heat and provide Instant cooling when you need it. If you are feeling cold or you don’t want the cold side, simply flip the blanket over to the warm and cozy side mink side.

The removable cover of the weighted blanket features anti-microbial finish on both sides that helps prevent bacteria growth and stops odors in their track. There is no risk of contamination with germs.

Patented zipper system: This is one of the most unique features of serenity engineered weighted blanket. It the only one and weighted blanket on the market that uses a full zipper system to easily attach or detach the blanket from its cover. Most weighted blanket companies uses ties for attaching and detaching the cover because it is way cheaper than zippers. Ties break off easily, become loosened, cause weight shifting, or blanket bunching up inside the cover, this is not the case with serenity weighted blanket zipper system. Just zip or unzip and you are done, emphasis on consumers comfort!

Unique quilt size: The quilt (pocket) size of most weighted blanket is 7″ squares while that of serenity weighted blanket is 3″ squares. A lot of tests were carried out before choosing this quilt size to ensure that it is optimum to house the glass beads. This quilt (pocket) size yields an exceptional weight distribution. The weight gets distributed over a whopping 500 pockets in the 60″x80″ weighted blanket compared to only 80 pockets in other blankets, and an impressive 270 pockets in the 40″x75″ weighted blanket compared to only 70 pockets in other weighted blankets on the market.

High grade materials: High quality fabrics and high tensile strength threads were used in making this blanket and the cover. These materials are virtually indestructible. Thus, you can wash them as many times as you wish even with washing machine without fear of tearing.

Filler Material: The weight of serenity weighted blanket is derived from tiny, hypoallergenic, odourless and non toxic glass beads. The size of these beads are perfect for the pockets, no noise will be heard and they won’t leak out. These beads are mixed with cushy materials which suspends the glass inside the blanket making it nice and fluffy.

Value added package: This blanket worth much more than the price, everything is included in the package to make life easier for their customers. There are different packages that you can acquire at the official website of the manufacturer depending on your needs. There’s 10lb twin size, 15lb and 20lb Queen size cool weighted blanket. The 40″x75″ weighted blanket is large enough to fit most body sizes and the 60″x80″ weighted blankets are large enough to fit all body sizes or be shared by two (2) people.

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Serenity weighted blanket review

How to use your own serenity anxiety blanket

Most users of serenity weighted blanket are very much satisfied with the product because it is pretty easy to maintain. You can easily unzip the cover and wash your blanket to keep it clean.

Before we dig deeper into this section of our serenity weighted blanket review, we would like to summarize how this sleep inducer works.

Just like all the weighted blankets, serenity engineered weighted blanket works on the principal of applying sufficient pressure on the body to stimulate a deep touch therapy. This touch therapy stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system which causes relaxation and deeper sleep. This is the mechanism through which weighted blankets of this kind alleviates symptoms of anxiety, sleep disorders, attention deficit hyperactivity disorders (ADHD) and autism.

Now, you have been using your weighted blanket for sometimes and you noticed that it is dirty and you wish to wash it. Follow these simple steps to get the job done. It is hassle free!

  • The first step is to detach the cover from the weighted blanket. To do this, place your blanket on a flat surface. Next, unzip the cover’s perimeter zipper and then unzip all the four (4) interior blue colour zippers and viola. Hurrey!!! Your cover is ready for washing.
  • You can wash the cover with your hands or washing machine. Then allow your cover some times to dry or tumble dry low.
  • Zip up the cover and weighted blanket. You also have to do this on a flat surface.


  • Do not bleach the cover or blanket
  • Do not iron the cover for any reason
  • For the weighted blanket, do not wash the entire blanket, spot clean only
  • Do not use fabrics softener
  • Do not dry clean
  • Do not use hot or warm water

Where to buy serenity weighted blanket

There are different packages of weighted blanket at the official website of the producer. You can select any package depending on your budget and desires.

The best place to purchase any product is from the official website of the manufacturer. Any purchase in a retail stores puts you at risk of losing your money or buying substandard product. The producer stated it clearly that their weighted blankets are not available in any retail stores.

There is a thirty day money back guarantee on every purchase for those that will not find the blanket satisfactory. Also, you will get special discount on all orders placed at the official product page.

Buy Your Own Serenity Blanket From The Official Website Today

Frequently Asked Questions (Serenity Engineered Weighted Blanket Review)

How long does delivery take?

Delivery is world-wide and free of charge. You won’t pay extra penny for shipping. Just make sure you enter the correct address to avoid mix-up. It takes only few working days to get your order depending on your location

How many persons can use one weighted blanket?

It depends on the package you ordered. The 40″x75″ weighted blanket is cool for one person while the 60″x80″ weighted blanket is great for two persons

Is it bad to use a weighted blanket every night?

No, it is not bad at all. You can use weighted blanket for relaxing during the day, and it is completely safe to sleep under it throughout the night.

Can I wash serenity blanket?

Yes, you can wash the cover of serenity weighted blanket but the weighted blanket itself should be spot cleaned. Do not dip it into water!!

Serenity weighted blanket reviews
Serenity weighted blanket reviews

Consumers’ Serenity Blanket Reviews

I got tired of taking sleeping pills and decided to test out weighted blanket. Glad I bought serenity engineered blanket, it is pretty cool and I love it. Really working for me.

James G

The price is good for the product. It has all the amazing features but does not cost big bucks. I will get extra one for my Dad.

Eric M.

It didn’t take time to deliver, this company is reliable and I recommend it for anyone looking for good weighted blanket. 4.9 🌟

Anne H.

Bottom Line of Serenity Weighted Blanket Reviews

Serenity weighted blanket is a dual temperature weighted anxiety blanket that is trending on the market. It is very affordable and durable.

It is made up of 100% cotton, breathable and washable. Serenity blanket has a full zipper system which makes attaching and detaching of the cover pretty easy. It improves sleep quality, helps both kids and parents fall asleep faster. Get yours at a discount from the official website before it runs out of stock.

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