ShoeSterilizer Pro Review: Portable Shoe Dehumidifier 2021

ShoeSterilizer Pro is a ground-breaking invention that is making wave in the world of shoe dryers. It is equipped with parts that can dry, sterilize and dehumidify shoes to make them more comfortable and safe for the feet. 

If you have been embarrassed before because of smelly shoes or you’re feeling shy to remove your shoes in public especially when visiting a friends home, then you might consider giving shoe sterilizer pro a chance to take away those predicaments.

shoesterilizer pro review
shoesterilizer pro review

We spend huge amount of money on shoes and as such, we can’t afford to lose them, thus it is a necessity that every shoe owner should take a good care of their shoes to avoid losing their hard earned money.

One of those ways of preserving and protecting foot wears is to always dry them to make it unsafe for bacteria and other disease causing germs. Also, drying shoes can make it stronger and more resistant to tear. When shoes get soaked in water (sweat) the fabrics become weak and vulnerable to tear, thus drying them constantly will improve its strength and resistant against tear.

This is applicable to all kinds of shoes including suede, leather shoes and even sneakers. Athletes and fitness enthusiasts will find huge benefit from this deodorant. We sweat more when we are active especially during workouts. The fabrics of shoes soak this sweat (moisture) coming out from the feet. If not properly dried, the inside of the shoe will start wearing out. This is where ShoeSterilizer Pro comes in handy.

If you engage actively in sports, then you need to regularly dry your sneakers (workout shoes) to prevent it from wear and tear. Also, workers that are always on their shoes from week to week need to dry and sterilize them to keep them clean, strong and free from pathologic germs. 

Athlete’s foot fungus is one of the major diseases that can be contracted from unhygienic shoes and it is very dangerous especially for older guys with diabetes. It does not heal fast and it might require amputation in some cases. This, and many other diseases can be prevented by sterilizing and dehumidifying our shoes. 

You might be wondering, can I keep my shoes safe by ensuring that my feet and shoes are clean?

Sincerely, making sure that your feet are clean will go a long way but it won’t solve the problem entirely. This is because your feet must sweat and the sweat are soaked by the shoe interior. This humid environment provides optimal conditions for the growth of bacteria and fungus.

Thus, it has nothing to do with how clean your feet are. They will always grow where conditions are favourable for them. Once their growth is established, they will become potential threat to your health and cause bad smell. To avoid spending huge amount of money on shoes and still have them hurt our feet, we should use reliable gadgets and other natural remedies to keep them clean and safe. Let`s take a look at the technical facts.

Shoe Sterilizer Pro Technical facts

There are many facts and components of ShoeSterilizer Pro that you need to know. These facts will give you an inkling of what the gadget is all about and what it is capable of offering. There are no exaggerations here, they’re coming from a customer who has used this gadget for sometimes and decided to review it for other interested buyers. Below are these facts! 

Wide compatibility 

ShoeSterilizer pro can be used to dry all types of shoes. It can be adjusted to fit into different sizes of shoes ranging from 35 – 43 yards. Are you using sneakers, rain boot, golf shoes, deck shoes etc? Shoe sterilizer pro has got you covered. It has all the equipment required to dry and deodorize your shoes because it is highly compatible with all types of shoes.

It emits adequate amount of heat that is just sufficient to dry and sterilize shoes, no risk of hurting shoes. Both children and adult shoes can be dried up with this deodorant. It does not matter whether the shoes are for males or females, once it gets wet and smelly, you can dehumidify it with ShoeSterilizer Pro deodorant, it is very compatible with any type of shoe. 

Integrated Designed 

ShoeSterilizer Pro has a flexible and integrated design for faster and adequate drying of shoes. This new technology is very efficient in deodorizing shoes and making them safe for the feet. Bacteria are the major culprit in smelling shoes and they also have the potential of causing health problems likewise fungi.

Our resistance level to these germs varies, some are very sensitive to fungi, others are more sensitive to bacteria while a good number of people are sensitive to both organisms. It will be in your best interest to use reliable gadgets like shoe sterilizer pro to protect your feet.

However, many people are much more resistant to these germs and they hardly sustain damage from them. No matter your resistance level to these pathologic organisms, you still need deodorant that can dehumidify your foot wears to prevent bad smell. 

Light indicator 

Over-heating shoes will do more harm than good to them. However, this is not a problem with shoesterilizer pro. It comes with a light indicator that helps you to know when the gadget starts running.

This indicator helps you to avoid over heating though shoe sterilizer pro is self regulating. It has the capacity to increase or decrease heating to avoid hurting shoes. However, taking extra precautions will go a long way in protecting your expensive shoes and reducing the workload on your gadget.

Once it well connected to a sufficient power source, it will take only three (3) minutes to raise the temperature of the shoe interior to about 60 to 70 degrees. At this temperature, the moisture inside the shoe which provides suitable environment for bacteria growth will start evaporating. Thus, you need to know when evaporation start so you can turn off the gadget at the right time.

It also comes with an explicit user guide manual which you can refer to once you are confused on what to do at any point.

High quality plug (shoesterilizer pro review)

Shoe sterilizer pro does not have any internal power supply, it rely entirely on external power source to function. It comes with a strong cable and high quality plug that connects it to an electric source as confirmed in this ShoeSterilizer Pro Review.

The plug is very thick and capable of resisting damage by high electric current, it is a strong twist and does not deform easily. It has a short circuit that conducts electricity effectively. Without this plug, shoe sterilizer review won’t be able to work. The reinforced thickened plug is very crucial for this gadget to work though it has no role in the actual drying and deodorizing of shoes.

Always look out for it to ensure that it is part of the package (order) you received. If you can’t find it you have got an issue, you have to email the customer service to rectify your issue. 

Uniform holes for heat distribution 

Shoe sterilizer pro has front and rare vents (aperture) that allows heat generated by the gadget to be disseminated throughout the interior of the shoes. It ensures uniform heat distribution and uniform drying. As mentioned above, over heating will be detrimental to the fabrics of shoes.

The holes are well distributed throughout the gadget to ensure that every part of the shoe receive the same amount of heat so that one side will not receive more heat than others. It has only few minutes to dry, deodorize and sterilize shoes to make them healthy for the feet and prevent smelling.

Any part of the shoe that didn’t receive enough heat might still smell and harbour germs while any part that receive excessive amount of heat might get weakened. As long as you are using shoe sterilizer pro you have nothing to worry about because it heats and dehumidifies shoes uniformly. 

Highly adjustable 

ShoeSterilizer Pro can be slide up or down to increase the size. The telescopic integration design enables it to fit into many shoe sizes even without adjustment. You can increase the length of shoe sterilizer pro to fit into your shoes if yours is longer than the length of the gadget. Both children and adult shoes can be sterilized and dehumidified with shoe sterilizer. 

Easy to use 

It is very easy to use, the only thing required of you is to plug it into any sufficient power source and turn on the gadget to start heating. Once it’s up and running you can slide it into your foot wear to start drying. You must not have skills or experience to use this gadget.


ShoeSterilizer Pro is very compact and portable. You can take yours to any destination you wish to use it. If you wear your shoes all day long, then you will benefit from this gadget. It gives you the opportunity to carry it to any place and dehumidify your shoes once they get wet and smelly. It’s not one of those heavy and hard-to-use gadgets that pose a lot of challenges to the user. It will surely meet your standard. 

What is ShoeSterilizer Pro? 

ShoeSterilizer Pro is newly invented gadget that dehumidifies and deodorize shoes to make them more comfortable for the feet. Through heat emission and distribution, it dries shoes and kill bacteria and fungi that cause bad smell and foot diseases. 

In some societies, you can’t enter someone’s house without removing your shoes. Imagine how embarrassing it will be when you pull off your shoes and the bad smell emanating from it is making everybody, including you, uncomfortable. This bad smell is mainly caused by bacteria. 

Shoe sterilizer pro releases heat which in turn cause evaporation of moisture that encourages the growth of bacteria. It is an efficient tool that helps to protect our feet and preserve our shoes. 

Shoes can get ruined if not well maintained and guess what! The huge amount of money spent on it will be a waste. There are natural ways of maintaining shoes which are pretty good but none of them can prevent bad smell nor dehumidify shoes. It’s only with the help of ShoeSterilizer Pro and any other related gadget that you can deodorize foot wears.

If you are an athlete or fitness enthusiast like me then you need shoe deodorant. I remember one day at the gym, I pulled off my sneakers and immediately my friends started moving away from that spot because of the bad odour coming out from the sneakers. That made me a laughing stock and I was so embarrassed. I have been wearing the sneakers for a long time and I have never dehumidified them since I purchased it.

I didn’t know about this gadget until after the incidence and I got to know it through my friend. It’s my most used gadget since I bought it and I can now remove my sneakers anywhere and anytime without fear of ridicule. I can now jog all day long and my sneakers will never smell. 

Protect your shoes and feet with this deodorant sterilizer to avoid embarrassment or wasting your time and money in the hospital or visiting any health clinic.

Components of Shoe Sterilizer Pro 

There are numerous parts of ShoeSterilizer Pro that are put together to form this unit with enormous capacity. They all have unique and important role to play in both electric power supply, drying and sterilizing. Let’s take a look at these components as contained in this ShoeSterilizer Pro Review. 

Vents (apertures)

Shoe sterilizer pro has front and rare vents. These are uniform  openings in the anterior and posterior parts of this gadget. Their major role is to ensure uniform dissemination of heat throughout the entire shoe interior.

While the front vent helps to distribute heat in the anterior part of the shoe, the rare vent do same in the posterior part. Without these openings, shoesterilizer pro will just be useless because the heat it generates won’t reach the target in the sufficient quantity required for dehumidifying.

If you happen to purchase ShoeSterilizer Pro and you can’t see these holes (front vent and rare vent), you have to contact the vendor and send back the product for replacement. Make sure those openings are present before you start using your deodorant. 

PTC heating plates

It has front and rare PTC heating plates. These plates generate the heat that causes the sterilization and drying. Without these plates, there will be no drying or deodorizing of shoes. The front PTC heating plate generate heat which is emitted through the front vent of the gadget to the entire anterior components of shoes and other foot wears.

Also the rare PTC heating plate generate heat that is transmitted to the posterior part of the shoes through the rare vent of shoe sterilizer pro. Heating effect of PTC heating plate is also regulated to avoid excessive heating. 


Just as the name implies, it is the temperature regulator that regulates the amount of heat released by the PTC heating plate. If the temperature is so low to cause evaporation of moisture, it will step up the heating plate to generate more heat. Also when the temperature is very high, it will either step down the heat process or shut it down entirely.

The PTC heating plate turns the electrical energy from cable and plug to heat energy and the process is regulated by the thermostat to prevent excessive heating that might be harmful to the foot wear. 

Telescopic adjustment

This part of the gadget is very important when dealing with different sizes of shoes. It helps to increase the length of ShoeSterilizer Pro when you’re sterilizing and dehumidifying long shoes. You can slide it up to increase the length or compress it to its normal length if it fits well into the shoes.

Cable and plug of shoesterilizer pro

There are two cables that are connected to the shoe sterilizer pro. These cables unite at a junction and move as a single unit that is finally connected to the plug. They’re made of strong wires that can withstand any amount of electric current required to power ShoeSterilizer Pro.

The plug on the other hand is thick and strong. It has short circuit that conducts current adequately as confirmed by shoe sterilizer pro review. These two components of shoe sterilizer pro are just conductors that help to conduct electric current from the source to the shoe dehumidifier. They don’t contribute to the actual sterilization. The cables come in pairs just like the main gadget for the two feet. 

shoe sterilizer pro review
shoe sterilizer pro review

How does it work? 

Unlike most sterilizers like mobile klean that use ultraviolet light to sanitize gadgets, shoe sterilizer pro uses only heat generated by the PTC heating plate to cause evaporation of water and make the shoe inhabitable by bacteria and fungi which are the major culprit in bad shoe smell and foot diseases. 

ShoeSterilizer Pro uses electric energy to dehumidify the interior of the sneakers and shoes to make them safe for the feet and smell-free. It converts this electric energy to heat energy. The heat generated in this process is distributed through the front vent and rare vent to the entire surface of the shoes, this causes increase in the temperature of the surrounding.

As the temperature increases, the moisture (sweat) which is in liquid form will turn to gaseous form (steam) and evaporate. This process of evaporation will leave the shoes dry making them unsafe for bacterial growth.  

It takes only three minutes to raise the temperature of the surrounding to up to 60 to 70 degrees Celsius. It is very fast in dehumidifying, thus you can use it as many times as you wish without complaining of time. It is also very portable, you can take it with you while traveling or visiting a friends house. 

Frequent drying helps to remove the water and eradicate those bacteria and fluid thereby protecting the shoe fabric. There are so much more you can get from this gadget, all that is preventing you from getting these benefits is placing an order. Do not allow your expensive shoes spoil under your watch, also don’t allow bacteria to ruin your shoes through bad smell. Get yourself a ShoeSterilizer Pro today! 

Advantages of using Shoe Deodorant

There are tons of advantages you can get from shoe sterilizer pro which include:

  • Foot protection: Protecting feet is one of the major benefit you can get from this awesome gadget. There are diseases that can be contracted from shoes that are not hygienic. Unfortunately, many people try as much as possible to maintain good hygiene but their efforts ends in futility. This is because shoe hygiene does not only have to do with cleanliness, you must sterilize it. The feet sweat a lot as a means of losing heat to the surrounding and this sweating is even worse when we put on shoes because the temperature will be higher inside those shoes. This makes the shoe interior to be wet (moist) and bacteria comfortably grow in such environment. So you can see that bathing regularly or cleaning your feet won’t prevent bacteria and fungus from growing inside your shoes. They will always grow once there’s moisture inside those foot wears. For you to ensure adequate hygiene of your shoes and make them safe for your feet, you need a dehumidifier like ShoeSterilizer Pro. It will remove any drop of water inside your shoe and can also kill the bacteria and fungi to prevent them from causing you diseases. Have you ever been to health clinic before? Have ever booked an appointment with a medical doctor before? Have you ever spent days in the hospital before? Having a foot fungus and other foot diseases can make you have those experiences. This is even worse in those with underlying health conditions like diabetes, foot disease won’t be a funny experience, thus prevent it with ShoeSterilizer Pro. It has numerous health benefits.    
  • Shoe protection: As already noted in this ShoeSterilizer Pro Review, we spend heavily on shoes and nobody would like to lose his or her shoes without enjoying them for a long time. If you really value the money you spent on those shoes then it time to get them sterilized and dehumidified to avoid damage to them. Smelly shoes causes embarrassment and nobody wants to be humiliated in public because of bad shoe odour. Using shoesterilizer pro will solve these problems with ease. 
  • Affordable price: Despite its wide popularity and high demand among customers, it is still very cheap. Anybody can purchase it. You don’t have to break a bank to buy shoe deodorant. 

What makes shoesterilizer pro stand out

There are so many unique features that made ShoeSterilizer Pro outstanding and a few of them will be discussed in this shoe sterilizer pro review. 

  • Instantly eliminate bad odors from shoes: It works very fast and efficiently. You can use it just before going for work. If you feel your feet has sweated a lot, you can use your dehumidifier to dry it during lunch break, it takes only few minutes to dry the entire shoe and it’s recommended that you dry your shoes with ShoeSterilizer Pro as frequently as possible to get the best out of it. 
  • Drying is through heat emission: ShoeSterilizer Pro does not use chemicals or dangerous light rays to sterilize and dry shoes. It uses only heat generated by its PTC heating plates  to cause water evaporation and kill germs. No unwanted side effects, thus it is completely safe for use by anybody. 
  • Restore natural shoe smell by killing bacteria: As you know, bacteria are the major cause of bad shoe odour. Killing those bacteria will automatically solve the problem of bad shoe smell. The heat rays coming from the PTC plates can destroy bacteria and restore the natural smell of shoes. 
  • Healthy shoes to avoid foot fungus: Dehumidifying, sterilizing and deodorizing makes the shoes healthy for the feet, removes any fungi that will cause foot fungus and also bacteria that might cause other health issues. 
  • Suitable to use on leather shoes and sneakers: As stated above in this ShoeSterilizer Pro Review, it is very compatible with all shoe materials both leathers, suede and sneakers. You can use it to dry and protect any shoe irrespective of the brand. Heating gives extra protection and removes pain points, hence jogging will be more enjoyable with shoe dehumidifier.  

Do I need Shoe Dehumidifier?

If you have shoes, then the answer is yes. Anybody that wears shoes regularly needs to sterilize and dehumidify them. Think of that moment everybody is avoiding your spot just because of the bad smell coming out of your shoes that you just pulled off. You would understand the benefits of this gadget.

Think about your precious expensive shoes being ruined because of poor maintenance, you’d immediately come to reality with everything that has been said in this review. 

Are you from a society where it is irrational to enter into someone’s house with your shoes on your feet? Then it’s high time you started using ShoeSterilizer Pro shoe deodorant. It highly effective in drying shoes and killing bacteria. 

You might be wondering, can this sterilizer kill bacteria? The answer is yes. Those organisms can’t survive extreme temperatures. In a very cold environment like deep freezer (refrigerators) they either die or become incapacitated such that they can’t grow any further or cause any damage to the foot items.

Also, in condition of high temperature they don’t survive either. They will either die or remain incapacitated. This is the mechanism of action of ShoeSterilizer Pro in killing bacteria. It causes increase in temperature which kills or incapacitate those germs.  

shoesterilizer pro reviews
shoe sterilizer pro reviews

Pros (ShoeSterilizer Pro Review) 

  1. Ergonomic design suitable for everybody and any kind of shoe. 
  2. Very affordable despite high demand. 
  3. Kills bacteria and prevent unnecessary ailments. 
  4. Very fast and reliable. 
  5. Special discount for early buyers which increases as the number of units purchased increases. 
  6. In case you are not satisfied with the product, it comes with money back guarantee. You can return it within 30 days and get back your money. 
  7. Does not require huge amount of electricity.
  8. It does not require batteries as well, thus there is no cost for maintenance. 

Cons (Shoe Sterilizer Pro Review) 

Used for sterilizing only shoes: It is a nice gadget that people would like to use and dehumidify other properties but ShoeSterilizer Pro does not work well on any other property except shoes. It is only meant for shoes. This is a huge downside unlike most UV light sanitizer that can be used on multiple gadgets and other products. 

Can only be purchased online: The only place you can buy the original ShoeSterilizer Pro is from the official product page. Any purchase outside this website is at the buyer’s risk. You will end up purchasing fake product at an exorbitant price. However, the official product page is very secure and you’re entitled to numerous deals as you make any purchase.

There are only few ShoeSterilizer Pro available. Hurry and get yours! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can it kill bacteria and fungus?

Yes, it can kill bacteria and fungus if used appropriately. High temperatures halts the growth of these organisms and ShoeSterilizer Pro generates heat which increases temperature of the surrounding. This also causes evaporation of fluid which provides suitable medium for their growth. When they are denied optimal condition for growth together with high temperature, they will die. Also, bacteria is made up of protein, high temperature causes denaturation of these proteins which will also cause their death. ShoeSterilizer Pro can kill as much as 99.99% of bacteria just like any other efficient UV light sanitizer.

How much does delivery cost?

ShoeSterilizer Pro ships to the entire world without any additional cost to the consumer. You can order for the product from any country and receive it within few working days. Their customer service is top notch, you will get regular update with regards to the delivery of your product. This is another advantage you will get from the official product page. These offers are exclusive to customers that purchase from the producer website. Make wise decisions to avoid losing your money.

Is there any special offer attached to it?

Yes, there numerous offers attached to ShoeSterilizer Pro shoe deodorant. However, you are entitled to these offers if you purchase yours from the official product page. There might be retail shops that claim to sale shoe sterilizer pro but the producer warned that their product is not available in any retail shops. Thus, if you make purchase from any of those shops you might be losing your money to scammers. 50% discount per unit, free delivery, 30 day money back guarantee are some of the offers attached to it.

How long does drying last?

The manufacturer did not state explicitly the length of time a single drying can last. However, from experience, a single complete drying can last for over 48 hours. It is recommended that you dry for at least once a a day after using your shoes to ensure adequate protection and deodorizing. You should also be careful with the length of heating to avoid hurting your shoes. Though ShoeSterilizer Pro has the capacity to regulate itself to avoid damage to your shoes, it is still recommended that you do manual monitoring for additional safety.

How do I pay for the product?

It is very easy to place an order. Just click any of the links provided in this article to visit the official page of the product. There are only few steps required of you to take to complete your purchase and wait for the delivery. First step is to click the link or button provided in this review to visit the product page. Secondly, select the number of ShoeSterilizer Pro you wish to purchase. If you want to buy one (1) ShoeSterilizer Pro, you will get 50% discount, this discount increases when you buy two or more Shoe Sterilizer Pro. Thirdly, select the payment method of your choice. For most countries, you have only two payment options “PayPal and Credit Card”. However, some countries have more options that they can select from. Enter your payment details depending on the one you chose. The last step is to enter your address. Make sure there are no errors here to avoid losing your order.

 >>Buy your own ShoeSterilizer Pro @50% discount!<<

Shoe sterilizer Customers Reviews 

I was making research for boot dryers a long time ago and I was planning a ski weekend with my son and needed something that would dry my ski boots. I wanted a simple, portable and compact dryer. Ooh yes, I can say that I made the right choice, packing was very easy as I slide them into my ski boots so they did not take up any space at all. I’m so thrilled with this product, I’m glad I bought it.

Robert G. New Jersey, United States. 

Being a fitness enthusiast, I love running and after running I feel my shoes are very wet when I take them off. I bought a pair for myself to keep my shoes dry always. I’ve used it for over two months and I must say that I’m happy I invested my money in it. I won’t hesitate to recommend it for others that are looking for an affordable and portable shoe dehumidifier.. 

Vera, Los Angeles, California

I bought this as a gift for my friend though I don’t know how good it was. It pretty much restored the original smell of his shoes and I’m glad I bought it. I will purchase another pair for myself because my sneakers has started emitting bad smell recently and I don’t like it. I would say that this product is very good for it’s price and I will gladly direct anybody to the product page to buy one for themselves.  

Anne J. Israel

I work from 8am in the morning till 6pm and my shoes are always on my feet throughout this period. The entire house stinks anytime I remove them. Ordinarily my feet sweat a lot and it’s even worse when I wore shoes. I’ve been looking for dryer because almost everybody in the house is complaining about this. Lucky I read online review about this dehumidifier and I decided to give it a try. I’ve used it for almost one month and it has changed the smell of my shoes. I’m glad I really bought it.

Jack, United Kingdom. 

Jogging every morning before going to work is my hobby. My sneakers smell badly anytime I take them off. I never considered shoe dryers as important until it started getting terrible. Now that I bought it my friends want to buy as well. It is very portable and works very fast. My review is that it is pretty good for the price.

Cynthia, New York City.  

Bottom line of ShoeSterilizer Pro Review   

Sanitizing and drying shoes should be a routine task for every shoe owner who does not want it to get ruined by bad odour or moisture. There are numerous smart sanitizer that are used to sterilize shoes to prevent them from harbouring dangerous organisms  and ShoeSterilizer Pro is one of the best as confirmed in this shoe sterilizer pro review. 

It is very affordable and easy to use. one ShoeSterilizer Pro costs $59 If you purchase two ShoeSterilizer Pro ($109) you will get one free, also if you buy three ShoeSterilizer Pro ($149) you will get two free and they all come with free delivery. The price is incredibly low compared to its efficiency.

There is high demand for the product. If you want to use this gadget, you should not waste much time to place an order before it runs out of stock.

Another great advantage you must not miss is its user-friendliness. It does not hurt the skin neither does it affect the shoes. You don’t have to be technically savvy to use ShoeSterilizer Pro. It comes with a self explanatory manual to guide you anytime your confused. 

Click the button below to buy your own shoe deodorant and remain safe from foot diseases.  

Thanks for reading our ShoeSterilizer Pro Review. Feel free to check out our summer product reviews (Blast Auxiliary AC

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