ShowerTime Max Reviews 2021: Best Waterproof Smartphone Holder

showertime max reviews
waterproof smartphone holder

PROS of showertime max smartphone holder

  • Complete smartphone protection against water.
  • Does not alter the clarity of your phone screen. 
  • Suitable for any brand of smartphone, both Android and iPhone devices. 
  • Easy to mount on the wall. 
  • Offers protection to a reasonable degree even while swimming. 
  • No change in phone brightness. 
  • Easy to use waterproof smartphone holder.
  • Shower as long as you want with your phone next to you for urgent messages and calls. 
  • Sensitive to touch. 
  • Very portable and affordable. 
  • 50% discount on every purchase.
  • Free world wide delivery for early buyers. 

CONS of ShowerTime Max Reviews

Not available in retail shops: Interested customers can only purchase original ShowerTime Max from the official product page. Most people would like to see and feel the product they want to buy to ascertain the veracity of the claims made by advertisers and product reviewers but you won’t have such opportunity until you pay for the product. However, you have nothing to lose because there is a 30 day money back guarantee for customers who are not satisfied with the product. 

Limited stock: If you like ShowerTime Max but you don’t have money to secure one for yourself now, you may not be able to buy it again. Our team of researchers asked the producer to make more ShowerTime water proof shower (smartphone holder) available and they promised to do so for the interest of late buyers. However, we are not in control of that, it rests on their powers. 

Not very suitable for prolonged swimming: Though ShowerTime smartphone holder has the capacity to prevent water from entering smart phones, it is not suitable for long swimming. You can mount it on the wall of the water pool above water level without any fear of damage to your smartphone but if you plan to swim with it (dip it into water for long) water might find its way into the device and cause damage to your phone depending on the quantity of water that entered and how long your gadget (smart phone) is exposed to it. 

What is ShowerTime Max 

ShowerTime Max is a waterproof smartphone holder. It protects your phone from damage by water, steam and any other liquid. Water is one of the major thing that damage gadgets (smartphones) especially when the gadget is exposed for a long time to it. Other liquids like oil, steam etc can also damage our smart phones.

ShowerTime Max is a well sealed waterproof casing that protects phones and other liquid-susceptible gadgets against water and other liquids. It is very easy to use. You can easily mount it on any wall where you wish to keep it without any stress. 

Our greatest companion nowadays is our smartphones. Many people can’t do without playing music, listening to lyrics, watching videos or simply nodding to a sound (beat). Music and good movies brings tranquillity to the heart and body especially when one is taking shower, cooking or using the toilet. Imagine how painful it will be when you lose your phone to water, steam or any other liquid during these activities.

To this effect, we recommend buying ShowerTime Max waterproof smartphone holder to give your phone extra protection against water and other liquids. You can mount it on the wall closest to you to play that music or watch that movie to your satisfaction without any stain on your gadget or wall. 

Shower Time waterproof smartphone holder
Shower Time waterproof smartphone holder

How does it help? 

Smartphone protection: ShowerTime Max gives your phone overall protection. With this waterproof shower phone holder, you can bath as long as you wish without any fear of water getting to your phone. Though our smart phones are well tightened with screws, there are still minute spaces in between the different parts of it and water and other liquids can easily find their ways through these mini openings. Once they make contact with sensitive parts of the phone they can alter their ability to function.

Protect your phone always with waterproof shower especially when you are cooking or taking your bath. 

Play music and watch videos: The cover of ShowerTime Max is very thin, very transparent and very sensitive to touch. You can operate your phone while it’s inside the casing. You can watch movies through the transparent cover or change the music anytime you wish or even play games. The fog produced during the bath or accumulation of steam during cooking does not affect its brightness.

Save money: It’s no news that once our smart phone start developing faults, it will be frustrating and annoying and most people tend to save money to acquire new one. Buying a piece of Shower Time waterproof phone holder will save you money and time. It is very much affordable. It can make your phone last longer through protection against water and fall from table once mounted very well. When you compare the cost of shower time with buying new phone, you will agree with us that it saves a lot of money.

Product technical facts 

There are many unique features of ShowerTime Max waterproof shower case. These technical facts made it stand out among other casings that protect smartphones against water. Below are those facts elaborated:

Ultra thin screen sensitive to touch

As mentioned earlier in this article, one of the outstanding qualities of ShowerTime Max Reviews is its ability to make things viewable through it. Once you position your phone very well inside the waterproof shower phone holder, you will be able to see your phone screen clearly through the thin front cover of Shower Time max. This is because of the nature of material used in making it. It is very thin (0.25 millimeters).

Also, the material is very sensitive to touch giving you the opportunity to answer your calls, change music or select any video you wish to watch at the moment. Even when steam collect on the cover or a fog is formed, it won’t still change the clarity of the screen, you can still see clearly through it. 

Tight seal protective technique 

The parts of ShowerTime are water and air tight especially the front parts that will be exposed to water. It does not allow even a small drop of water to gain access to your smart phone. Thus, you can even keep it very close to you while cooking your delicious meals or taking your soothing bath so you can hear that thrilling song to fullest. It is waterproof in nature and holds tightly onto phones. No risk of scratch or stain. 

Suitable for most phones and gadgets  

It has enough space inside to allow you slide in your smart phone of 6.8 inches or less. Hence, it is universal and fits most phones that people use. Even other gadgets that are vulnerable to water and other liquids can still gain protection from ShowerTime Max as long as they’re not too big in size. Once they can be accommodated within the space inside Shower Time waterproof casing, they will be protected against water. It’s dimension is 28mm x 190mm x 105mm (mm = millimeters) or 1.10 inches x 7.48 inches x 4.13 inches. 

Holds strongly on walls

A lot of readers might be wondering, how can this hold phone without falling off after sometimes? You are right to be this curious. This was the exact questions I asked before my team tested the product. We discovered that it sticks strongly on walls. It is very stable and suitable for every wall. It does not stain the wall neither does it leave any trace after sticking on it. Thus, you can stick it anywhere you want it to be no matter how delicate the wall is. 

How can I use this waterproof shower? 

It’s very easy to use, not cumbersome at all. 

First, open the package and bring out all the components. Look out for user guide manual but if there’s none do not worry for our ShowerTime Max  reviews has got you covered on this. 

Next, remove the strong adhesive at the back of the waterproof smartphone holder to expose the sticky part of it. Mount it on the wall where you want it to be. Choose the wall closest to you if you wish to watch movies for a better view. 

Finally, slot in your phone inside the shower phone holder. Vooom! You are good to go, your phone is now fully protected against water damage. You can select songs or games of your choice to keep yourself company while cooking or bathing.  

Why shower time max smart phone holder is the best for you 

  • No alteration of brightness during use. 
  • Does not stain shiny surfaces nor leave any trace behind. 
  • Well-sized to accommodate all sizes of smartphone. 
  • It is universal and suitable for other delicate gadgets that are prone to water damage. 
  • Ultra thin transparent front surface for easy viewing. 
  • Has anti Fog properties. 
  • Highly sensitive screen for easy operation of your smart phone. 
  • Easy to attach to the wall and maintains strong adhesion. 
shower time max smartphone holder reviews
shower time max smartphone holder reviews

What can waterproof smartphone holders do for you? 

  • You can lengthen your bathing time with cool tranquilizing songs: Are you a music addict and find it difficult to shower without music? Worry no more for waterproof smartphone holders like ShowerTime Max have come to your rescue. You can play your desired songs while bathing. 
  • Always keep yourself company with your smartphone: Are you always bored when you are alone? Make your smartphone your companion even when taking bath, cooking and so on. Just mount it at the right place during use. 
  • Make cooking enjoyable with nice lyrics: Cooking can be boring sometimes but with songs you can overcome the boredom. ShowerTime max  is   your best bet in this regard. 
  • Practice cooking with well illustrated YouTube videos: Most people lack certain cooking skills and they tend to acquire them through video. The best place to earn such skills is on YouTube. There are numerous videos on different cooking skills and the best way to learn them is by practising as you are watching. However, this is risky because your phone can fall into water while doing so. Shower time max is here to protect your phone. You can mount it on the nearest surface and watch the video as you cook. 

Frequently asked questions? 

Where can I buy ShowerTime Max? 

There are numerous retail shops around that can help with distributing ShowerTime Max waterproof shower protection but the producer choose to only sell the product through its official website. This is to reduce the cost of middlemen and the risk of selling fake products to buyers at high prices.

As long as you are conversant with purchasing products online you won’t have any issue just click here to buy your own ShowerTime Max from the product official page. This will prevent scamming and other fraudulent activities going on in the market space.

Also they attend to the complaints and concerns of their customers through their indefatigable customer service team. In the event that you are not satisfied with their product, you can contact them and discuss replacement with them or refund. Do this within 30 days!

How long does delivery take? 

This depends on your location. It takes only few working days to get your order but this depends on your country. The product ships worldwide and free of charge. Make sure you enter the correct details of your home to avoid missing your product, however do not hesitate to reach to their customer service team if you encounter any challenge along the line of ordering or delivery. You can pay for your order through credit cards or PayPal account. 

How does it protect smartphones?

There is no mystery behind the mechanism of operation of Shower Time Max waterproof shower. It is made up of plastic materials that are well sealed with each other and they do not allow water to pass through. Thus, your phone inside the sealer will be protected from any water damage. The front cover is also transparent and touch-sensitive to allow you operate your smart gadget while inside the waterproof holder. 

How can I clean the wall if it’s stained by the phone holder? 

ShowerTime Max waterproof phone holder does not stain the wall or leave any trace behind. Thus, do not worry about how to clean the wall after mounting the device on it. Choose any wall or surface of your choice (even shiny ones) and stick your smart phone holder on it. No stain will be seen on the wall after use. 

ShowerTime Max waterproof shower customers reviews 

Playing music has always been my hubby and I have lost my first phone to water because of this crazy attitude of mine. But this didn’t deter me from playing music while taking my shower because I can’t just do without it. Thanks to ShowerTime Max. It’s really water tight and does not allow water to meet phones. It has a sticky back for hands-free use during bathing and even cooking. Awesome product. Buy yours if you really enjoy playing music when you cook or bath. 

Jessica, United Kingdom

I love the fact that I can’t bother about my phone getting destroyed by water when I’m showering. I can fix it anywhere I want even when I’m not taking bath for hands free use. It really worth the money invested in it.  

Jane, New Jersey

I’ve spent quite a lot of money to make my bathroom look nice and shiny because I like long bath when I’m free. I play songs as well but I never considered it wise to buy ShowerTime Max waterproof smartphone holder even when my friends have tried to convince me to. This is because I’m afraid of staining the shiny walls that cost me so much money to get with the mountable phone holder. However, I decided to give it a try. It works perfectly fine and does not stain walls. So happy I bought it.

Mae, Israel 
shower time max reviews
shower time max reviews

Bottom line of ShowerTime Max Reviews 

One of the greatest companion we have nowadays is our phone and protecting it should be a thing of concern because most of them are quite expensive and will be hard to replace if damaged.

Water has been one of those prominent destroyer of smart phone and other gadgets. Averting water damage is one thing any smartphone owner should be conscious of. Shower time max was created for this purpose of helping you protect your phone against water and other related liquids. It is very portable and easy to carry. You can travel with it to ensure all time protection against water is given to your phone.

It also looks shiny and attractive, hence it won’t look unsightly on the wall. ShowerTime Max is easy to use and it holds strongly on the wall. It is stable and won’t fall off. Shower time waterproof sealer is also very affordable, you won’t have to break the bank to acquire one. It comes with anti-drenching sound holes to allow sound pass through without obstruction. 

Are you looking for a way to protect your phone? Shower Time max is the solution. You can travel with it and mount it anywhere including your hotel rooms without fear of staining the wall. Give it a try and see your life changed. 
Thanks for reading our ShowerTime Max reviews.

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