Solar Scape 2.0 Review 2021: Does SolarScape Light Worth Having?

Solar Scape 2.0 is a solar powered outdoor Lighting that requires no batteries and no wires. It is pretty easy, simple and fast to install. You can make your home secure and exceptionally beautiful with these amazing spot light without needing the services of an electrician. This upgraded version of SolarScape is currently trending in different countries especially in the United States, and there are tons of positive Solar Scape 2.0 Review that rated this product high. In this SolarScape 2.0 review, you’ll get to know everything about this wonderful spotlight that is designed for both safety, security and beautifying environment in the dark (at night).

Solar Scape 2.0 Review
Solar Scape 2.0 Review

If you want to upgrade your home with customizable solar LEDs that offer style and safety, you can do it real quick with Solar Scape 2.0 lights even at an affordable price. With SolarScape 2.0 lights, your house will look nice and attract so much attention. Apart from beautifying environment, it is also a tool for protection.

Lighting homes is as old as humans because nobody takes delight in staying in dark environment. Many of us work so hard for our homes because it gives us a sense of pride each time we pull into the driveway at the end of a long day. Whether you want to enjoy outdoor spaces at night or increase curb appeal, outdoor lighting is a fantastic way to boost the look of your home, yard, and garden.

If you want to keep your home completely safe and secured, and deter burglars and porch pirates from carrying out their activities in your home, then you need to adequately light up your home. Twisting ankles, breaking of hips, bumping against obstacles are common in environment with inadequate lighting. Destructive animals like coyotes and racoons can also find poorly-lit homes as suitable habitat. This is really a safety issue that needs to be addressed by every home owner.

Outdoor lighting can keep any home secure, safe and beautiful. The goal of this Solar Scape 2.0 Review is to enable you find the easiest and cost effective way of lighting your home.

Even before the invention of SolarScape Light, home owners have been installing outdoor lights, however those traditional lighting options waste a lot of money and time. You can hire a contractor to install the light for you but this is pretty expensive, if you decide to do it yourself to save on installation, then you will definitely waste your time because those traditional lighting require constant maintenance. Some even have timers to fuss with or manual on/off switches which requires you to regularly operate the switch almost every day.

Another downside of most store-bought lights is that they have fragile bulbs that often break or batteries that need frequent replacement. What if there is an affordable and hassle-free alternative for outdoor lighting? This is the reason why Solar Scape 2.0 (upgraded) was invented. It is a premium grade landscape spotlight that will give you everything you need, and save your time and money.

What is Solar Scape 2.0 (SolarScape 2.0 Review)

SolarScape 2.0 is a bright, solar powered spot light that can light up your home and yard instantly for a fraction of the price you pay for custom installation. It is a Do-it-yourself outdoor lighting that requires no special skills or assistance. There are no wires to tangle with, simply stake your solar-powered light into the ground and allow the sun to do the rest. However, you need to position your Solar Scape 2.0 in a location where the panel can have direct access to natural sunlight.

Solar Scape 2.0 comes with high quality lithium rechargeable battery that takes up to eight (8) hours to fully charge and also runs for a minimum of eight (8) hours. It has a special “dusk to dawn” sensor that switches the colourful LED spotlights on automatically. These LED lights are very bright and capable of illuminating your yard, porch, pathways, driveway or garden all night. This sensor also turns off the light at daybreak while the self-charging solar panel starts absorbing the energy (charge) from the sunlight during the day.

SolarScape Lights are IP44 rated, hence capable of withstanding any weather including rain and water spashes. If you want your house to look modern and revamped, the you have to check availability now and claim your discount. Solar Scape 2.0 LED spotlights are easy and fast to install, and they offer long-lasting illumination.

Solar Scape 2.0 Reviews
Solar Scape 2.0 Reviews

We all want an outdoor lighting that will keep our homes safe, secure and beautiful without spending a dime for maintenance. This is why you need SolarScape 2.0, it is long lasting, affordable and easy to install. No maintenance fee is required, just purchase and install, and allow the brilliant solar panel and LED spotlights to do the rest.

SolarScape 2.0 is the most affordable way to brighten and beautify your outdoor space and landscape, and also protect your home against intruders with negative intent. Solar Scape 2.0 LED spotlights are very adjustable, you can easily direct them to the part of your house you want to illuminate. It features different colours and modes that can even add to the beauty of your home. Join the raving customers of SolarScape 2.0 that are already enjoying this ultra-bright solar light.

SolarScape 2.0 Specifications

Material typePlastic
Solar panel material and grade5V 100ma polycrystalline panel
Battery capacity3.7V 14500 500maH
Battery typeLithium, rechargeable
Number of lumenUp to 14 lumen
Switch typeAutomatic On/Off switch
Charging time8 hours
Running timeUp to 8 hours
Colour Temp5000 – 5500K
Waterproof ratingIP44
Auto turn on/off40-80 lux required
solar scape 2.0 review

Outstanding Features Of Solar Scape 2.0

Ultra-bright LED Lights: Solar Scape 2.0 features outstanding ultra bright LED spotlights. They shine so bright that they make everything visible at night. This is why every home owner should try Solar Scape. It makes your home safe, you will never bump against obstacles neither will you twist your ankle or break your hip due to accidental falls. With these ultra bright outdoor lighting, porch pirates and burglars will be scared away from your home. If you want to revamp your home, Solar Scape Light is the best option for you. Numerous consumer Solar Scape 2.0 reviews attested to the effectiveness of this outdoor lighting, and the manufacturer is confident that everyone will like it.

Vibrant colours and modes: Solar Scape 2.0 (upgraded) features seven (7) different colours and three different modes. It morph from one colour to another and also from one mode to another. Also combination of colours and modes produce a satisfying light. These vibrant colours and modes helps you showcase yout home’s facade, and bring out the beauty of your outdoor space.

Weather resistant: SolarScape 2.0 LED spotlight is rated IP44. Hence it is resistant to water, moisture, heat and dust. Unlike the traditional lighting options that get damaged, Solar Scape 2.0 is made of high performance materials for quality and durability. If you want a quality outdoor lighting that will last for a long time irrespective of the condition of the weather, then SolarScape Lights are made for you. You can order for few units to give it a try at a discounted price.

Easy installation: There are no special skills required, neither do you need assistance to install SolarScape 2.0 LED spotlights. There are no messy wires to tangle with as well. It takes an average of 15 minutes to install solar Scape 2.0 solar-powered LED spotlights. It is a Do-it-yourself outdoor lighting that anybody can install literally anywhere. It conserves time and money, you won’t any outrageous fees for custom installation neither will you spend your whole day just to put your outdoor lights. Also, it features automatic on/off button and special dust to dawn sensor that will do all the work for you after installation.

Affordable price: Lighting up our homes is very essential. It offers protection against intruders, beautify our outdoor space and keep us safe at night. There is no risk of dangerous animals finding habitat in your home, and there won’t be any risk of losing your property to any thieve. However, some of the outdoor lighting are pretty expensive and time consuming. Installation fees are also on the high side, and these scare people away from lighting their garden, driveway and trees. For this reason, we bring to your knowledge SolarScape 2.0 outdoor lighting. It is pretty affordable, and requires no installation fees.

Boost curb appeal: Making homes attractive is one of the desires of home owners. Solar Scape 2.0 outdoor lighting is a pretty good way of boosting your house attractiveness. It makes homes stand out and gorgeous. It features multiple colours and modes which is so aesthetic and satisfying. If you are seeking to boost your curb appeal, SolarScape Light worth a try, though it will offer other benefits in addition to boosting curb appeal.

Solar-powered: It features special polycrystalline panel that trap natural sunlight energy. Thus, you don’t have to worry about energy bills. Your solar scape 2.0 will run from dusk to dawn every day and you won’t spend any penny on maintenance. No increase in electric bill, because it draws its charge directly from natural sunlight. However, you must position your SolarScape in a place where the panel will have direct access to sunlight during the day, if not you may experience light interruption dues to low power. Stake the outdoor lighting in an open space so that nothing will obstruct it from the sun.

SolarScape 2.0 Reviews
SolarScape 2.0 Reviews

Why you need it (Solar Scape Light Review)

There are so many good features and benefits of Solar Scape 2.0 Light that made it a must have outdoor lighting.

Revitalize and revamp your home: The ultra bright LED lights of solar scape 2.0 brightens every corner of the house. It helps to showcase your home in grand style with its Multi-coloured and multi-mode LED spotlights. If you want to beautify your outdoor space and revitalize your nightscape and pathways, then consider giving SolarScape 2.0 a try.

Safety and security: Home security is very essential. So many security cameras have been invented to watch over homes and deter burglars and intruders from carrying out their operations. Security lights like solar scape 2.0 that will keep the outdoors illuminated throughout the night is also very essential in protecting homes. It will scare intruders with negative intent away, likewise dangerous animals. Also, it will keep you safe.

Self-Operating: SolarScape Light has automatic Sensor that detects darkness. You don’t need to manually tunr on/off the switch, it will automatically switch on at night and also switch off during the daytime. Simply stake it to the ground and fix the angle of the light beam, and allow your solar powered outdoor lighting to do the rest.

High quality and durable: It is made from high quality materials for high performance and durability. It has an IP44 rating, hence very resistant to all kinds of weather conditions. It can withstand rain, dust, harsh wind, moisture, and heat. Most importantly, there are no wires or other external parts that can get damaged by these conditions. Solar Scape 2.0 is eco-friendly and leaves the least amount of carbon footprint.

How Does It Work?

Solar Scape 2.0 is a lighting system that is powered by solar energy. It is equipped with a self-charging solar panel which comes preassembled to the spotlight’s IP44 grade housing. It is pretty simple and easy to install. Just stake it to the ground will the panel will have direct contact with natural sunlight. After the installation, make sure you switch on the device!

At night, the Sensor in SolarScape will automatically switch on the LED spotlights. During day time, it will also turn the LED spotlights off so there will be no waste of charge.

SolarScape 2.0 comes with lithium rechargeable battery that does not require replacement. It also features quality bulbs that does not require replacement. During the day the panel traps energy from the sunlight which is stored in the rechargeable battery. It takes about eight (8) hours for this battery to be fully charged, and it can run for up to eight (8) hours when fully charge.

It releases bright, dazzling light that can illuminate your yard, porch, pathways, driveway or even garden all night long. It does not require any maintenance cost. This is one of the numerous reasons for positive Solar Scape 2.0 review online from different customers.

Prices of Solar Scape 2.0

  • 4 Solar Scape 2.0 – $13.97 each
  • 8 Solar Scape 2.0 – $12.97 each
  • 12 Solar Scape 2.0 – $11.97 each
  • 20 Solar Scape 2.0 – $9.97 each
  • 24 Solar Scape 2.0 – $9.47 each

These are discounted prices at the official website of the manufacturer, and there is free shipping for all orders from 8 and above. These Offers are limited time offers and may be taken down any moment as deemed fit by the manufacturer. Also there is limited stock due to high demand. If you are interested in this product, do well to place your order right away before it runs out of stock.

The best place to order for SolarScape 2.0 solar-powered outdoor lighting is from the official website of the producer. Do not buy from any other vendor to avoid getting substandard product at an exorbitant price. The manufacturer made it explicitly clear that their product is not in any retail store, so don’t be scammed!

Check Availability At The Official Website And Claim Your Discount!!

SolarScape 2.0 Review
SolarScape 2.0 Review

Customers’ Reviews On SolarScape 2.0

I love this light. It is pretty easy to install and it shines so bright that I can see literally everything in my garage and garden. It is great for the price and it didn’t take time for the order to arrive. I must commend the manufacturer, and also recommend it for others.

Jane G.

First off, they are solar which is always great. They charge very well during the day (even on cloudy days) and last throughout the night, which is a great thing. Packaging was small and very nicely done. All items are bubble wrapped and easy to put together out of the box. They include stakes which is good for rougher areas or areas that have dirt. Overall, great set of lights. Will be purchasing more to complete the outdoor area of my yard to brighten things up without sacrificing my energy bill.

Rosie T.

Was thinking it’s all a hoax. Couldn’t believe that a solar powered light at this price will be this cool. I was marvelled at the result. I can boast of having an attractive home at night since I installed these spotlights. It is perfect for lighting up landscape during the holidays. We don’t tangle with cords anymore to shine light on our landscape.

Rachel H.

We are pleased with these lights. They are easy to adjust, the solar panels can be easily rotated independently of the lights, for optimum aiming/charging. It was very overcast here yesterday, but they still worked, and remained lit.

Shannon W.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many SolarScape 2.0 will be enough for my home?

A minimum of 12 Solar Scape 2.0 will be pretty cool for your outdoor. However, you can add more units if you have bigger space in your compound

Is there any guarantees?

Yes, the manufacturer offered 30 day money back guarantee on every purchase. In case you are not thrilled with their product, you can easily return it and get back your money within the stipulated period of time.

How long does delivery take?

All United States orders ship from US warehouse within 5 to 8 working days.

Bottom Line Of Solar Scape 2.0 Review

Solar Scape 2.0 is an upgrade of the original SolarScape Light and it has gained wide recognition in different countries especially in the United States. There tons of positive SolarScape 2.0 reviews from satisfied customers, and the manufacturer is confident that everyone will like this outdoor lighting. It is a hassle-free and affordable way of lighting your yard, garden, driveways and even garage.

If you want your house to look modern and revamped especially at night, then you need Solar Scape 2.0 LED spotlights. It also improves the safety and security of homes. Currently, there are numerous deals on the official website of the producer, including huge discount and free shipping. Take advantage of these offers before they are taken down.

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