Starscope Monocular Reviews 2021: Does this Telescope worth it?

Starscope monocular is an optical device that enables the user see objects as if they’re ten times bigger than their actual size. It is equipped with high quality lenses that can magnify objects such that they will be very much visible to the eyes even from a distant location. Starscope monocular reviews contains everything you need to know about this outstanding monocular that has gained wide recognition in different regions among customers. 

starscope monocular reviews
starscope monocular reviews

Monocular and binoculars have come to stay since their application is wide and people are still discovering many more things that can be done with these optical devices. Many professions like photography have found a great use of these special lenses in adding a touch of class to their work.

Apart from professional purposes, hobbyists and enthusiasts are increasingly demanding and ordering for these ground-breaking inventions because it makes life worth remembering. While binoculars have two eyepieces, monocular have just one. Thus binoculars are best suited for professional purposes though they can still be used for personal reasons.

Furthermore, some high quality monocular are challenging the binoculars in terms of quality and applications. Starscope monocular is one of them, they were not only designed by their manufacturers for recreational use only, rather they can serve other purposes such as taking stunning photos and even recording adventurous moments with your smartphone connected to it.

Starscope monocular comes with a tripod stand for hands free use. It has water-resistant (waterproof) and scratch-resistant quality due to its premium component. This makes it strong and durable, hence suitable for use in any circumstances. 

Most of us like taking pictures of ourselves in events and special moments in our lives. Some depend only on their smartphone camera which is not good enough. Though smartphone camera comes with magnification capacity, you can’t compare it with monocular. Its magnification makes pictures blurred and the camera can’t even capture images of distant objects.

Do you like sightseeing? Are you an ornithologist looking for the right monocular to buy? Starscope monocular reviews is for you. All the details about this awesome monocular including how to use it is contained in this Starscope reviews. Keep reading? 

What is Starscope monocular 

Starscope monocular is a telescope crafted by experts in the world of optical devices. The high-performance light-transmission optics in the Starscope allow you to view and photograph scenes in absolute razor sharpness. Starscope monocular is one eye piece that works like the binoculars. Interestingly, it can be used even under rain because it was built with premium materials that can resist water damage.

It is also resistant to scratch, thus you can keep your optical device virtually anywhere without any heart attack.

Basically, any quality monocular has a magnification power between 6x to 10x. The higher the magnification, the better the monocular. Monocular with 6x magnification capacity are at the bottom of the list while those with magnification of 10x are at the top. Starscope monocular is one of those at the top of the list because it can magnify objects up to ten times their size. Thus, you can view distant objects as if you are ten times closer to them or they are ten times bigger than their actual size. 

Fortunately, Starscope monocular is very compatible with all smartphones, both iOS and Android phones. You can align your phone camera with the Lens to take photos and even record events. It comes with a phone clip that will hold your phone in place. Make sure that your phone camera and the monocular lens are well aligned.

Starscope monocular smartphone camera has an exit pupil diameter of 3mm and a wide field of view between 114 – 1100 meters. You can view hills, mountain tops and flying birds with your monocular. It has an eye relief of 20mm. Starscope telescope has an adjustable dioptre that you adjust to fit your eyes even if you are wearing glasses.

Is Starscope monocular Scam? 

Starscope monocular is not a scam. It really worth every dime spent on it. Buyers are always sceptical about new product of this kind and they want to know every details before making any transaction. We are all consumers of different products and nobody likes pulling out his/her credit card to pay for a product he/she is not sure about.

If you have not used a monocular before make sure you read every details here in between lines before proceeding to buy this telescope. However, it is legit and many customers have attested to that. The positive customers feedback resulted in a rapid increase in demand for the product. 

It’s quite true that many publishers and advertisers make bogus claims about product they want customers to buy but they only end up ripping few people off their money because customers will always react to the quality of the product and a lot of potential buyers will be waiting for this reaction. If it’s positive, they will proceed to order but if it’s negative, they will run away with their money. 

Starscope monocular has earned positive reaction from customers who are thrilled with the product and it brought more buyers which resulted in limited stock.

Does the Starscope monocular work?

Yes, Starscope monocular works. It is very compatible with smartphones and it is very portable and easy to carry. You can take your monocular with you while traveling for sightseeing, taking stunning photos of beautiful creatures and mountains and recording. Starscope monocular comes with a tripod stand for hands-free use and also has phone clip to enable you attach your phone firmly on the optic device. 

Some monocular don’t work well with glasses because both are artificial lenses working to improve the ability of the natural eye lens to see objects. There’s always interference. Fortunately  Starscope monocular has an adjustable dioptre that you can set up to enable you see even when you are wearing glasses. 

Now, how does this telescope actually magnify images of object? 

This is no mystery. Like the normal human eye, it has a lens made of BAK4 Crystal prism, that magnifies objects up to ten times their size. Light rays from the object get to the lens and they are amplified such that when you view it using your normal human eye, it will look bigger as if the object is actually closer than it was. That’s basically how Starscope form and magnify images. Thus, it will be pretty much useless at night when there are no light rays. 


  • High magnification power: Starscope monocular can magnify objects up to ten times their size. 
  • Very compatible with smartphones: You can use it with your iOS and Android phones to take pictures and videos. It does not select or reject phones. Though you have to align them properly. 
  • Portable optical device: It lightweight and compact. No hassle! You can travel with it for professional photo capturing. 
  • Adjustable dioptre eyepiece: Viewing telescope with your glasses on will result in hyper-magnification of images which might make it blurred. Starscope monocular comes with adjustable dioptre eyepiece to enable you adjust the eyepiece so that you can see objects well with your glasses still on. 
  • Quality lens: It is made of high quality BAK4 crystal prism lens. The lens is also coated to make it stronger and durable. Lens is 50mm wide, thus it can capture myriads of objects. Note! Do not use fingernails or paper towel to clean the lens to avoid removing the coating. If the coating of the lens is removed, it cannot be fixed. To eliminate dirt on the monocular lens, use specialized lens cleaner on the lens and remove it with microfiber cloth. 
Starscope Reviews
Starscope Reviews

Pros (Starscope reviews) 

  • High precision: With its high magnification, you can view minute details of birds, animals, mountain tops etc. 
  • Water resistance: It can be used even under rain because of its waterproof materials. Starscope monocular is designed mainly for outdoor use and it has all the qualities that can help us withstand adverse conditions outside the home. Imagine using a water susceptible telescope to view birds outdoors and voom it starts raining! You’d regret coming out at all for that day. Starscope is able to resist water so you won’t worry about rain or other forms of liquid while using it outdoors. 
  • Scratch resistance: You probably like shiny gadgets that will look attractive so you can show off…. Starscope monocular is highly resistant to scratch and it will maintain its pristine condition no matter how rough the user is. Note! This is not a guarantee to be careless with your own telescope smartphone camera. Take good care of it so you can enjoy it for a longer time. 
  • High definition photos: You can take pictures of high definition with Starscope monocular. Objects that are miles away can be captured in crystal clear, sharp and in HD format with this monocular. Such a great tech!
  • Affordable: Advances in computer-designed lens elements has made it possible to create lenses with stunning colour, accuracy and tack-sharp details, all at an affordable price that would have been impossible just a few years ago.  

Cons (Starscope monocular review) 

  • Limited stock: Due to the high demand for the product, there are only a few Starscope monocular available in the official store. To avoid missing out on this product and other numerous offers, hurry and order for yours when it’s still available. 
  • Limited application for Pros: Starscope monocular telescope is a quality and efficient monocular for both beginners and professionals, however it has limited use for professionals especially photographers. If you really depend on photography to make ends meet financially, Starscope monocular may not be enough for you. You may opt for binoculars instead. 
  • Getting Starscope monocular aligned with your phone cameras is a little bit difficult, you have to practice it for sometimes to perfect it. Also you can’t buy original Starscope monocular anywhere apart from the official product page. 

What does a Starscope monocular cost?

Starscope monocular smartphone camera is very affordable. The cost falls within the range of budgets of most customers. You must not spend big bucks to own a monocular telescope for whatever purpose and Starscope monocular is here for everyone who wish to own a zoom monocular without spending a great deal of their income.

There is currently a 50% discount per unit promo to make it even cheaper for early buyers. This discount might be taken down at any point but it is still ongoing as at the time this Starscope monocular reviews was published. Below are the prices of different packages of Starscope monocular smartphone camera. 

  • 1 x Starscope monocular — $47.99 (50% discount) 
    1. Shipping fee — $8.95
  • 2 x Starscope monocular — $95.98 (50% off per unit) 
    1. Shipping fee — $9.95
  • 3 x Starscope monocular — $107.98 (63% off per unit)
    1. Shipping fee — $10.95
  • 4 x Starscope monocular — $143.97 (63% off per unit) 
    1. Shipping fee — $10.95
  • 5 x Starscope monocular — $167.97 (65% off per unit) 
    1. Shipping fee — $11.95

The higher the quantity ordered, the higher the discount per unit monocular telescope. 

Assurances of the producer 

Guaranteed high quality 

Starscope monocular is made from high quality materials for excellent durability and longevity. The premium components utilized by experts in making this monocular telescope ensures that the product last for a very long time so that the user will get maximal benefit from his / her monocular. This is one the many things the manufacturer promised to their customers 

Hassle-free Returns 

Buying products online is no longer a new thing with so many people, however it comes with a little bit of skepticality because you never had the opportunity to interact with the vendor (manufacturer) in person to ascertain the veracity of certain claims. The producer assures you of hassle-free return.

There’s a thirty (30) day money back guarantee on all Starscope monocular purchased by customers. If you’re not satisfied with your Starscope purchase, you can return it within 30 days for full refund of your money. You can also get your purchase replaced if there’s something missing in it, just contact their customer support. 

Fast and easy to setup

Many newly invented gadgets and accessories usually pose a lot challenge to customers who are not techy. Starscope was made to function right out of the box with minimal setup and frustration. You must not be tech guru before you can use your monocular telescope. Enjoy your Starscope monocular right away. 

How to use Starscope monocular 

It is made to suit both tech savvy guys and non techy users. Starscope monocular telescope is very easy to use. No hassle of any kind.

Follow the steps below to utilize your monocular telescope reviews 

  • Simply hold Starscope monocular telescope up to your eye level to view through it or attach it to your smartphone.
  • Point your monocular telescope at something you find interesting. You will see details you never saw before with your telescope pointed at the object of interest. 
  • Sit back and enjoy the view, and if you have Starscope monocular attached to your smart phone you can take photos of the object. 

That’s all you need to do anytime you wish to have a thrilling moment with your smartphone telescopic camera. 

Uses of Starscope monocular (Starscope reviews) 

  1. Sports activities: Starscope can magnify objects ten times their size, thus you can stay at a long distance and watch sports activities. It really enthusiastic, though this is for sports lovers 
  2. Concert: You can participate virtually in a meeting and concerts with the aid of your telescope. Everything will be displayed clearly to you though this won’t take the place of physical meeting because you won’t have the opportunity to interact with anybody but you view everything clearly. 
  3. Travelling: It is very portable and compact, you can put it in your bag and carry it with you while traveling. There are events and creatures we get to see (witness) once in our life time, having your Starscope monocular with you while traveling earns you the opportunity to capture everything happening around you. You won’t miss any awesome moment.
  4. Bird watching: Watching birds and other beautiful creatures is one of the major uses of monocular. You can view a kite or an eagle clearly from your comfortable spot. If well attached to your smartphone, you can take stunning photos of those creatures. Most enthusiasts use monocular for bird viewing while professionals use it for taking shots of beautiful creatures for commercial purposes. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is Starscope monocular any good?

Yes, Starscope monocular is very good. It is made of premium components that last for a very long time. Its scratch resistant and waterproof qualities makes it very strong and long lasting telescope for multiple uses. Another thrilling fact about Starscope monocular telescope as confirmed in many online Starscope monocular reviews, is its wide compatibility. It works well with all brands of smart phones both iOS and Android devices. Thus, you can take stunning pictures of beautiful creatures and record videos of events with your telescope as long as you can pair them very well.

Is Starscope legit?

Starscope monocular has gained wide recognition in many countries including the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and many other host countries because of its reliability and precision. It is a legit product, never a scam! Starscope can magnify very tiny objects and make them visible to your eyes. This has been established and supported by customers. Thus, you have nothing to lose investing your money in Starscope because it is legit and reliable.

What is the best monocular on the market?

There are numerous monocular  on the market space that you can buy. However, you are advised to always find out the claims about the product before placing an order. Starscope monocular and other zoom monocular like Zoomshot Pro are very good and affordable and highly recommended by users. The truth remains that you won’t have all the time to read through all the monocular telescope reviews to decide which one is the best and that’s why Starscope monocular review was crafted to guide you. If you are looking for the best monocular to buy, give Starscope monocular telescope a try. It is pretty cool and fairly priced for what it does.

Does the Starscope monocular have night vision?

It does not have night vision. What Starscope does is to magnify the light rays from the object your viewing to make them more visible for your narrow ranged eyes. It uses the same principle that your normal eyes use to view objects but the difference here is that Starscope monocular is far better than the normal human eye and it can magnify objects multiple times. At night there will be no light rays and objects won’t be able to reflect any rays, thus Starscope monocular becomes useless at night. You can’t use it for night vision because there will be no light rays reflecting from the object you wish to view. 

How to choose a good monocular?

A monocular that has a very low power of magnification is not good for purchase. What determines whether a monocular is good or not is it’s magnification. Always look out for the power of magnification of a monocular before placing an order. The range of magnification of monocular is from 6x to 10x. The higher the magnification the better, however monocular with higher power will cost more money.

How long will it take to receive my order? 

The customer service team is always up and doing and they do everything within their reach to make sure that Starscope monocular is delivered to buyers as soon as possible. It takes only few working days to receive your order, however this depends on your location and time of the week you ordered for your monocular. People in the United States usually get their order faster but be rest assured that they will deliver your order within few days irrespective of your location. Also the time of the week you ordered for the product influences duration of delivery, if you order on weekend, your order might take longer to process and there will be a little delay in delivery. You can order at any time you want and you will surely receive your order. Make sure you enter the correct details of your home to avoid missing your order.

Where can I buy Starscope monocular?

You can purchase the original monocular telescope from the official product page. Any purchase made outside there will be at the risk of the buyer. You can pay for your own Starscope monocular with your credit cards or PayPal account. At the official Starscope monocular page, you are entitled to 50% off per unit product bought.

Claim Your 50% Discount Now From The Official Product Page  

Starscope Monocular Review
Starscope Monocular Review

Customers Starscope monocular reviews and complaints 

My DSLR lenses are so heavy and huge that I hated to carry them along with me, meaning I missed out on a lot of great shots. Not so for the Starscope. It is so compact and lightweight that I can keep it with me at all times. And I love how durable it is, it is definitely not fragile and I don’t have to move around so gingerly like I did with a DSLR.

Cane W. – Manhattan, NY

I have been looking for a stress-free monocular to replace my huge DSLR camera because it is just too heavy for me to carry all the time and I love watching birds most times. I scare them away sometimes because of the size of my DSLR lenses. It is so annoying and frustrating and I had to look for a more portable and compact telescope. Starscope made a perfect replacement. It does the job well and I won’t have a heart attack if I drop it on the trail.  

Mason G. – Seattle, WA

This product is great for its price. Most people that use Starscope are professionals but it is also great for newbies and enthusiasts who love watching birds and having more detailed view of objects. I purchased it because of its low cost and I must say that I love it, the money I invested in it is not a waste.

It is also lightweight, hassle-free to carry to any location I want for sightseeing and nature photography. The first time I took it out, many people find it useful and couldn’t allow me use it as much as I  want because everybody is struggling to view through it because of its amazing magnification.

Kieran B. – Orlando, FL 

When I watch beautiful photos taken by professional photographers I became excited and wish to take such photos someday. Pros can spend big bucks just to get their photos magnified to their taste but I don’t have such amount of money but I was struggling to get same result. All my effort ended up in futility. Not until I purchased Starscope monocular telescope, I couldn’t view magnified objects neither can I take stunning photos. It’s lightweight and easy to setup and use. Glad I bought it. 5 star ratings.  

Jean-Louis S. – Lincoln, NE

Bottom line of Starscope monocular reviews 

There are numerous monocular available in the market but not all are efficient and that’s why Starscope monocular reviews was written to guide you in making informed decision to avoid wasting your money on substandard products. 

As the holiday is approaching, people are steadily buying action cameras like RealAction Pro and other zoom monocular like Starscope and Zoomshot Pro to make their holiday as enjoyable as possible. Monocular is very good for both professionals and amateurs. It helps to magnify objects larger than they are for better and clearer view.

Professional photographers and astronomers find great use in monocular telescopes. With a monocular, you take stunning pictures as a professional or a newbie. It is also pretty cool for sightseeing, conference and watching concert and sports activities. Starscope monocular has wide application and users are way thrilled with the result they get from their smartphone telescope. 

Some professionals prefer drones such as skyline drone and XPRO drone  for professional photography, however  you can achieve same result with quality monocular telescope like Starscope. 

If you like admiring beautiful creatures and nature, you need a magnifier monocular to enable you get the best view of those creatures. Watching birds in the sky as if you are 10x (ten times) closer to them is so pleasing, also being able to witness sports activities as if you are there is enthusiastic for sports lovers. Even if you don’t like any of the above, you probably like conference, and Starscope monocular will give you same experience as those in front seats.

There are so many ways you can benefit from Starscope reviews, just give it a try. 

Currently, there is a promo of 50% discount on every unit purchased. Hurry and get yours before it runs out of stock. There is high demand for the product  because people are ordering for it like a hotcake. Lock in your order as the holidays are approaching fast like never before. Take advantage of this exclusive deal today to secure your own Starscope telescope and get used to the view from front row seats. 

Click the link below to purchase your own from the official website of the producer today. Thank you for reading Starscope monocular reviews.  

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