Stealth Angel Arc Lighter Review: Legit Or Scam? Find Out Here

Stealth Angel Arc Lighter is an energy efficient, safe, easy to use, and rechargeable fire tool. It is strong, durable, waterproof and windproof. This plasma lighter lights candles, firesides, wood-heated saunas, campfire, and other fires in any conditions. It is a perfect replacement for your matches and traditional gas/fluid lighter. This electric dual arc lighter is trending and many Consumers’ Stealth Angel Arc Lighter Review attested to the efficiency, durability and quality of this brand of plasma lighter. This Stealth arc lighter reviews contains all the details you need to know about this amazing modern lighter!!

stealth angel arc lighter review
stealth angel arc lighter review

Electric plasma lighters are rapidly replacing the traditional lighters that run on fuel to generate light. Traditional lighters are good fire starters and have been in use over the years. However, they have numerous downsides. They generate smoke and flame which can easily burn your hands, they are also tedious to use most times and they generate a lot of waste which is not good for our environment.

Electric plasma lighters are rapidly gaining more attention among consumers because of the numerous perceived advantages they have over their counterparts (traditional lighters). They can start fire even in the strongest of wind, thus they are pretty cool for survival. They are much safer than the regular fuel-powered lighters.

However, not all plasma lighters possess these said advantages. Some are way superior and better than others and this Stealth Angel Arc lighter review exposes everything you need to know about this brand of quality plasma lighter that is trending. If you have safety concerns, security concerns and you want an easy-to-use lighter, then it’s high time you opted for Stealth arc lighter.

Toss your flimsy gas station lighters in the garbage where they belong, and make way for the new flameless innovation. Some non-believers will say that it is impossible to have a flameless lighter, but we assure you that Stealth angel arc lighter is completely flameless. It is a no magic, rather a pure and plain science. Stealth Angel Arc lighter is a handy tool that uses an electric dual-arc to set flammable objects ablaze than any other.

Have you ever struggled with starting fire with your traditional lighter? It is time to ditch it and add Stealth Arc Lighter to your cart. It is tested and trusted, very affordable and easy to use.

What is Stealth Angel Arc Lighter? (Stealth Arc Lighter Review)

stealth angel arc lighter review
stealth angel arc lighter review

Stealth Arc Lighter is a windproof, waterproof and rechargeable plasma lighter. It is pretty easy to use, safe and long lasting fire starting tool. If you are looking for a gift to buy for your loved one that smokes, Stealth angel arc lighter is a pretty good option. It is great to use on windy days to light up literally anything anywhere without turning your back against the direction of the wind. No matter what the mother nature throws at you, starting a fire won’t be an issue.

Stealth Angel arc lighter is also a great money saver because you don’t have to buy lighter fuel or just buy new lighter when the fuel in your lighter gets exhausted. It is completely rechargeable and works great every time. It takes only two (2) hours to charge to fullness and you can use it for up to 300 times after a single charge.

This makes it environmentally friendly because it does not generate much waste unlike the traditional lighters. You can use a single Stealth Arc Lighter for a long period of time, thus you won’t have to be buying multiple lighters which will generate more waste in the environment.

Stealth Angel arc lighter is flameless, and does not generate smoke. Thus, it does not leave any stain or smoke on any surface unlike your regular gas lighter. If you like person and environmental hygiene, this electric dual arc lighter will be the best option for you. Disposable lighters pollutte the environment, and they can even hurt your fingers, they lock up in the cold, and can burn through fuel insanely fast. It is time to upgrade your fire starting tech to a real piece of future-proof gear!

Plasma dual arc technology like Stealth Angel arc lighter has finally made its way into the civilian sector, which means you can stop relying on flimsy plastic lighters every time you need fire. Ignite your passion for superior gear by upgrading to a plasma lighter that can’t be beat by rain, snow, wind, or cold. Stealth Arc Lighter has a hard waterproof casing, it can stay submerged in water for weeks without sustaining any damage.

Without cupping your hand over a flickering flame or worry about the quantity of fuel left in your lighter, you can set any material on fire instantly with this powerful dual arc lighter. You will never get cut on the cold anymore.

Imagine finding yourself huddled under a rock and rain is pouring down in sheets all around you, and you wish to start a fire. You know pretty well that you can’t rely on your regular gas lighter to set any material on fire. With Stealth Angel arc lighter, you just have to push a button to immediately unleash a fiercely powerful dual arc beam that ferociously ignites anything it touches.

NOTE: Stealth Angel Arc Lighter Is Available For Purchase At The Official Website

Product specifications

Product TypeDouble Arc Lighter
Rated Voltage3.7V
Charge VoltageDC 5.0 ± 0.25V
Charge Time Two (2) Hours
Battery Capacity220mAh
Battery Life300+ Uses
Dimension2.8 X 1.9 X 0.7 inches

Stealth Arc Lighter Features

Windproof: Stealth Angel Arc Lighter is a high quality lighter that is capable of starting fire in any conditions. It is windproof and literally fires up anything that is flammable in the strongest of wind. It is because of the innovative top – facing “Dual Arc Design”. You will be pleasantly surprised when you don’t have to continually flick your lighter to make it work or cup your hand over a flame to shield the flame from wind.

Waterproof: You can completely immerse your arc lighter in water without fear of damage unlike the regular gas lighter. The zinc alloy casing is covered with rubberised plastic. The wire safety latch ensures the dampness stays out. It still worked beautifully after being soaked in water for weeks and submerged 30 meters below the surface.

Charge Quickly: Unlike the gas lighter that utilizes fuel (butane gas) to generate flame, Stealth plasma arc lighter does not require fuel. It generates heat using the stored electric charge which is capable of setting anything on fire. It takes only two hours to charge this lighter. This is pretty fast, because it can be used for over 300 times after a single charge.

stealth arc lighter review
stealth arc lighter review

How does it work ? (Stealth Angel Arc Lighter Review)

The most important advantage you will get from this lighter is the ability to start fire anytime and anywhere. Also, you won’t contribute to environmental pollution neither will you waste huge amount of money on buying lighter.

Regular gas lighters run on lighter fluid that need to be refilled once it gets exhausted or you discard it. This is not the case with plasma lighters like Stealth Angel arc lighter. Electric dual arc lighters are longer-lasting and user friendly alternative. They are also easier to use and much more safe than gas lighters or matches.

Stealth Arc Lighter is flameless, thus there is a lower risk of getting burned. You need to be careful because it can still burn your hands. Because it does not use fuel, you won’t see any flame, it works on high voltage electric current. Instead of flames, it generates an arc of highly charged plasma which can generate heat of around 1100 degrees that can light literally any object.

Think of Stealth Angel Arc Lighter as carrying mini lighting rod in your pocket. It works on the same principles. The heat it generates is capable of setting materials on fire, no flame is required. You only need to press a button to generate this dual arc beam that can ignite your candle, firesides, campfire, wood heated sauna and any other fire.

Why you need this plasma arc lighter

Long lasting: If you are looking for a long lasting fire starting tool, Stealth Angel arc lighter is for you. It is a dual arc lighter that runs entirely on pre-charged electricity, it does not require any fuel. Hence, lasts for a long time. Also, it has a tough military grade exterior and rubberised plastic that makes it almost indestructible which enables it to withstand many abuse.

Compact and lightweight: Stealth Arc Lighter is very portable and easy to carry. Unlike any other bulky brands of arc lighter, you can take your Stealth Angel Arc Lighter to anywhere without even noticing it. Stealth dual arc lighter is incredibly compact measuring 2.8 X 1.9 X 0.75 inches. It weighs less than 2.1 ounces. Thus, it is a good survival tool that you need to have.

Simple to use: If you are in a survival situation you do not have time to mess with complicated survival tools, don’t stress yourself. With just a press of button, the Stealth dual arc lighter will give you a raging fire. Sometimes using traditional lighters can be tedious, also in conditions of strong wind, you may not be able to start fire with them. With this easy to use arc lighter, you are guaranteed of establishing fire anytime.

Smoke and flame free: Stealth dual arc lighter is pretty cool in survival situations. It does not generate smoke nor flame. When you want to be stealthy in survival situations, this plasma lighter is the best fire starting tool for you. No glaring flame nor smoke will be produced. Also, it does not use toxic, thus very safe for you and better for your health.

Resistant: The hallmark of Stealth Angel Arc Lighter is its ability to resist rain, snow and wind. It is 100% windproof, and also has 100% waterproof case that can withstand any harsh weather conditions. You can use your Stealth Arc Lighter in almost any circumstances. Laugh at mother nature knowing that your lighter will give you fire no matter what she throws at you.

Rechargeable: Stealth Arc Lighter uses high voltage electric current which can be recharged quickly. It comes with a convenient recharging cord you can use with any USB power source. Charges in just 2 hours and can be used 300 times before its next charge.

Benefits of using Stealth Angel Arc Lighter

Safety: Though Stealth Angel arc lighter produces heat which is capable of igniting anything flammable, it is not as dangerous as the regular gas lighter that can easily burn your hands. If you want a durable and quality fire starting tool with low risk of accidental burn, then consider giving Stealth Arc Lighter a try.

Good for your health: Regular gas lighter uses butane gas to generate flame which is very toxic and harmful. Thanks to plasma lighters that do not need any gas to set any material on fire. Stealth Angel Arc Lighter uses high voltage electric current to generate heat which can light up any flammable materials. It is much safer for you and better for your health.

Security Purposes: Stealth Angel Arc Lighter is a good survival tool. Its flameless property and inability to generate smoke makes it pretty cool for survival especially in situation where you want to go stealthy. You can literally start a fire without any smoke nor flame, which makes it difficult for you to be detected. Hence, it is pretty cool for security

Affordable price: Though it is one of the best dual arc lighters available on the market currently, Stealth Angel arc lighter is very affordable. You don’t have to break a bank to have your own electric dual arc lighter.

Eco-friendly: With Stealth Angel arc lighter, there will be no need to use matches, firelighters, or disposable lighters. It is an easy way to reduce the waste and garbage that piles up in nature and landfills. It can be delivered to a recycling point of electronics at the end of the lighter’s life. However, you must have used it for a pretty long time because it gets exhausted.

plasma stealth arc lighter review
stealth angel arc lighter review

Prices of Stealth Angel Arc Lighter and Where to Buy

Stealth Angel arc lighter is very affordable. Let’s take a look at the prices and discounts depending on the quantity you want to buy.

  • 1 X Stealth Dual Arc Lighter – $39.95
  • 2 X Stealth Dual Arc Lighter – $69.95
  • 3 X Stealth Dual Arc Lighter – 89.85
  • 4 X Stealth Dual Arc Lighter – $107.80
  • 5 X Stealth Dual Arc Lighter – $119.75

The best place to purchase Stealth Angel arc lighter is directly from the official website of the manufacturer. There is 6 months refund guarantee for customers that may not be satisfied with the product. Also, if you return the product within 18 days of purchase, you won’t pay for any shipping fees. You can contact the customer support: 800-888-8888, email-

Buy Your Own Stealth Angel Arc Lighter From The Official Website At Discounted Price!!

Stealth Arc Lighter consumers reports

This is the best lighter I have ever had. I bought one for me and one for my grandson

Ronald C

I have had a few similar lighters which in my opinion failed rather prematurely due to contamination. But this Stealth Angel Arc Lighter is a different animal on its own. Its weatherproofing is so exact that I can’t even see the seam of the lid. I am sure that this lighter will survive my poor storage habit. Highly recommended!

Vincent M.

This is very cool lighter and a very dependable lighter, I love using this outdoors they work every time and I have bought many and they still work together.

William B.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you activate the Stealth Lighter?

You activate the purple-hued arc with the push of a button, and simply place whatever you would like to light directly in the arc’s path.

What is a stealth lighter?

Instead of flame, the Stealth Lighter produces heat via a small arc of high-voltage electrical current that is hotter than a traditional lighter, but in a more concentrated area.

Is the Stealth Lighter good for traveling?

The Stealth Lighter is particularly great for traveling, it is an impressive, high-tech addition to any smoker’s toolkit

Bottom Line Of Stealth Angel Arc Lighter Review

Plasma lighters have been in existence for years but not everyone seems to know about them. They are much better than the traditional gas lighters, very durable and easy to use. Stealth Angel arc lighter is a trusted brand of electric dual arc lighter that is waterproof, windproof and rechargeable. It worths a try!!

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