Surge Emergency Light Bulb Reviews 2021: Does This Backup Light Worth Having?

Surge emergency light bulb is a backup light bulb that ensures your surroundings never go dark even when there is a power outage. It comes with a built-in self-rechargeable battery that provides over 6 hours uninterrupted light. Surge emergency light bulb reviews contains everything you need to know about this home safety light buld including customers’ reviews.

Surge emergency bulb reviews
Surge emergency backup light reviews

That ugly experience of waking up in the middle of the night only to discover that your home is dark is something nobody wants to have. This is caused by power outages. Frequent power outage usually result in a number of home accidents such as children sustaining injuries from falls, slipping in the bathroom which can result in injury etc.

There are a number of factors that can cause power outage such as natural disasters, severe weather conditions, motor vehicle accident near power lines, equipment failure, fallen trees, wildlife interference, high energy demand, power line damage, cyberattacks and planned power outages. No matter what the cause of power outage is, you need to be prepared at all times to avoid any ugly experience associated with power outage.

Some power outage can last for hours or even days. Most power outages are planned, and the public are usually warned to be prepared. To cut the long story short, the best thing you can do for yourself and your entire family (household) is to have backup light bulbs installed in different locations of your house.

Currently, there are a number of emergency backup lightbulb on the market. Most of these bulbs are inefficient, and go off in less than 4 hours while others are pretty expensive and way beyond the budget of most consumers. High cost is not always equivalent to efficiency!

You might be asking, which brand of emergency bulb is best for me ?.

The best emergency bulb for anyone is the brand that is affordable and lasts for several hours in times of power outages, easy to install and requires no regular action on the part of the user. In this surge emergency light bulb reviews, I will introduce to you an emergency backup light bulb that meets all these criteria and even more.

Surge emergency backup light has been trending on the market space because of its efficiency. A lot of consumers’ surge emergency bulb reviews gave it a high rating on different aspects, and I will explore all these features to enable you take an informed decision.

Now, let’s take a peek behind the curtain, read on!

What is surge emergency backup light? (Surge emergency light bulb reviews)

Surge emergency bulb is an affordable backup up light bulb that helps to keep your surroundings lit when there is power interruption. It is a dual mode light that can serve as a backup light and also brighten your home just like other light bulbs.

Power interruptions usually come as an emergency and most people are not prepared to face the challenges that accompanies that ugly experience. To do yourself and loved ones a favour, you should get an emergency backup light bulb to ensure that your home is continuously illuminated even during power outages.

Surge emergency light bulb is an efficient backup light that provides over six (6) hours of light when there is power outage both planned and unplanned. It has a built-in self-rechargeable battery that charges automatically when there is power (electricity). It does not require any action on the part of the user. It charges on its own, and once it is full, it will stop charging automatically.

Surge emergency bulb has a special sensor that detects when there is power outage, you do not need to switch it on. Once power is cut off, it turns on automatically. The thing required of you is installation which is not much of a hassle. Just screw the bulb into any bulb socket or into the follow come base which enables you to take the bulb to any place of your choice.

This emergency backup light has gained wide recognition and positive reviews from satisfied customers in different parts of the world. It maintains high end features like other high quality brands, and sold at a fraction of their prices. You won’t also pay any delivery fee. So good to be true? Keep reading surge emergency bulb reviews, you will get to know more about this outstanding lightbulb which made everyone ordering for it.

Surge bulbs conserve energy so well which is good for your electricity bill. You won’t pay exorbitant prices each month (year) for electricity unlike any other type of electric bulb. In addition to backing up your light, you can also use surge emergency light bulb to illuminate your home like every other bulb. You don’t have to change bulb in between.

Surge emergency bulb backup light
Surge emergency bulb reviews

Why is this emergency bulb trending? Take a look at the features to know why people are rushing it!

Features of surge emergency bulb

EBULB Technology: Surge emergency light bulb has a special sensor that detects power outage. This sensor also helps to regulate charging and recharging of the battery. Once there is power outage it will automatically turn on and start utilizing the battery as source of power, and when electricity is restored it will switch to charging mode while still illuminating your home. It does all these without requiring any action from the user. If you want to enjoy continuous light even during blackout, you need a backup light, and surge emergency light bulb is the best deal on the market currently. You do not need to use candle or other crude lighting tools to lit your house when there is power outage.

Built-in self-rechargeable battery: In addition to the smart sensor, surge emergency backup lightbulb comes with a built-in self-rechargeable battery to ensure a complete hands free use. This smart system turns on the battery as source of power in the absence of electricity, and switch to charging mode when there is power supply. Once the battery is full, it will stop charging automatically. It can provide light for over 6 hours after full charge. Just plug in the bulb and sit back on your couch which the smart sensor does the rest.

Multi-purpose use: Surge emergency light bulb is not restricted to backing up light only, it can be used to light up your room, parlour, staircase, garage and so on just like your regular incandescent bulbs. It shines so bright that you can use it for any purpose including reading. Like other 60 watt LED light, it can illuminate any surrounding where it is situated.

Self-regulatory: Surge bulb are so smart that you don’t need to switch it or take any other action to get it started. Once it is well connected, it will do the entire job on its own. It is self-regulatory, and does not need any external control. All you need to do is place and order at the official product page and start using your smart emergency bulb.

Lightweight: This Backup Light Bulb is very portable and durable. You can take it to anywhere hassle free. It is very strong, hence can withstand rough handling and resist scratch. It comes with a base which is equally portable. You can plug it into any light socket or the base. The base enables you to move it from one location to another. This is particularly important if you have only one unit of surge emergency light bulb.

Benefits of using emergency backup light bulb

Home safety: Darkness, as you already know, is a sign of danger. Anytime you find yourself in a dark place, you should know that you are in danger. This is the major problem with power outage. It causes darkness in homes of those that do not have emergency backup light. Surge emergency bulb and other types of backup lightbulbs are very important in averting this danger. If you are not safe in your home, you probably won’t be safe anywhere else. This is the reason why you need surge emergency backup lightbulb to keep your home safe at all times. With surge bulbs, your kids will be safe, no risk of falling or hitting any part of their body against an obstacle. Stay safe with emergency backup light!

Continuous lighting: In addition to safety, you will have continuous light in your home. Thus, you can carry out other duties without any interruption, such as reading, solving your kids assignment etc. You will never wake up to a dark environment.

Easy to use: The good thing about this smart bulb technology, is that it is very simple and easy to use. You will only get to stress yourself a little during fixing of the bulb. Fixing the bulb is also very simple, simply screw in the home safety light into your socket. No installation is required. No switching on or off, the smart bulb will do the rest.

Saves energy: Electricity bill is one of the things that eat deep into our income especially in countries with continuous power supply. To cut down on this bill, you have to use an energy efficient bulbs that conserves energy. Surge emergency bulb is a backup light bulb and also an energy conserving bulb. It uses 80% less energy than your regular incandescent bulbs. Buy surge emergency bulb and start saving money!

Affordable smart bulb: Surge bulb is very cheap compared to what it does. Most of its competitors that share similar qualities are prised way beyond surge bulbs. It has high end features but very affordable. The aim of the manufacturer is to give you everything you need at the cheapest rate possible. A lot of customers are happy with their purchase, you can see surge emergency light bulb reviews at the official website for yourself.

Surge emergency bulb reviews
Surge emergency light bulb reviews

Why surge bulb is a must have

There are awesome features of this emergency backup light bulb which made it attractive, and a lot of buyers are finding it difficult to keep surge emergency bulb out of their shopping cart.

Works in your already existing light socket: Yes, it works well in your light socket, you don’t need to spend extra money to buy any special socket for surge emergency backup lightbulb. You can simply plug it into your light socket to get the ball rolling. The aim is to save cost while giving you everything you need.

Long lasting rechargeable battery: The built-in self-rechargeable battery is a very high quality battery. It lasts for a minimum of six (6) hours after a full charge.

Self-rechargeable: Have you ever wondered why people like this bulb so much? It is because of its hands free use. You don’t need to operate any switch or manually charge the battery. The backup emergency battery charges itself, you don’t have to do anything.

No installation required: Though it is a high tech bulb, it requires no installation. The thing required of you as the user is to screw in the emergency bulb into any light socket in your home.

Long lasting bulb: Surge emergency light bulb is made of high quality and durable materials that can last for a super long time (25,000 hour life). You won’t have to be buying emergency bulb all the time.

How does it work? (Surge emergency bulb reviews)

The mechanism of action of surge emergency backup light bulb is very simple, besides everything is inbuilt so you don’t have to worry yourself about the bulb.

Surge emergency backup light is useful for emergency cases of power outage. It conserves power, thereby cutting down on electric bill. It also serves as a regular bulb to illuminate your home.

How exactly does it work?

Very simple, as a regular electric bulb, it draws power from Electricity which lights up the surrounding just like any other 60 watt LED light. However, the Only difference here is that it conserves power more than other bulbs. It is 80% more efficient than regular bulbs.

As a backup light bulb, it has an inbuilt battery that charges itself. This charge is stored until there is power outage. Also, there is a special sensor in the bulb that detects power outage. Once electricity is severed, the bulb will automatically turn on and start drawing power from the charge stored in the battery to ensure continuous illumination.

This is how surge emergency backup light works. Pretty cool tech!

Pros and Cons

There are good and bad sides of surge emergency light bulb. It is not a perfect Product and this surge emergency light bulb reviews will never portray it as such. Let’s take a look at the upsides of the product before bringing to your knowledge the downsides.

Pros (surge emergency light bulb reviews)

  • Very affordable
  • Easy to use
  • Long lasting durable materials
  • Very versatile and highly compatible
  • Automatic sensor, no action needed
  • Special discounts apply
  • Money back guarantee for unsatisfied customers
  • Free Shipping on every order

Cons (Surge emergency bulb reviews)

  • Limited stock: only few products are remaining currently, do well to place your order to avoid missing out
  • Not available in retail shop: You can only get it from the official website of the manufacturer
  • Can only last for hours not days: In the off chance that you have power outage for days which is very unlikely, surge emergency backup light won’t be able to serve you beyond one day. It can only be used for hours.

Prices and Where to Buy

  • One surge emergency bulb – $34.95
  • Four surge emergency bulbs – $69.97
  • Eight surge emergency bulbs – $109.99
  • Shipping fee – Free of charge

If you want to buy this product, go straight to the official website to place your order. You are entitled to get discount on every purchase made at the official website. Also, you won’t face the risk of being scammed. Your payment details are well secured.

To further address the doubts on the minds of consumers, the manufacturer added 30 day money back guarantee on every order. Feel free to give this product a try, you have nothing to lose.

Visit The Official Website Today To Get Your Discount

Best backup lightbulb
Surge emergency backup light reviews

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the technical details of this product?

There are important details (specs) you need to know about this product. They include:

  • 9 watt LED with 800 lumens
  • 25 hours LED lifespan
  • 120 VAC input voltage
  • 6 hours backup light

How long does delivery take?

Delivery takes only a few working days. You will get your orders few days after purchase, and shipping is free of charge.

Where can I use it?

You can use surge emergency light bulb anywhere in you’re home including staircase, parlour, living room, kitchen etc. Anywhere that requires lighting, surge emergency bulb will be suitable for use.

Is it good for me?

Definitely yes, surge emergency backup light was designed for everybody. As long as you can experience power outage, you need a backup light and surge emergency bulb is one of the best on the market currently.

Surge Emergency Bulb Consumers’ Reviews

I used it during power outage and it was marvellous. The one in the bathroom shines so bright that I didn’t even notice that there was power interruption. It works well and I highly recommend it. [Tracy W.]

It didn’t take time to deliver, I like the expedited shipping. This company is reliable and their product is good. It works well in my living room and I know it should work for anyone. [Jane M.]

Unlike a flashlight or lantern, this 60 watt bulb can light a room. The light is warm not the cold blue emergency lights. It is rechargeable, has a portable attachment, or you can just screw it into a lamp at home. Great product!! [Kelvin H.]

Bottom line of surge emergency backup light reviews

There are numerous emergency backup lightbulb out there, but not all of them are effective. Surge emergency light bulb stands out among others according online surge emergency bulb reviews.

It is portable and affordable, and provides continuous light for a great length of time. Surge bulb can serve as both emergency bulb and backup light. Feel free to give it a try!

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