The Real World and Andrew Tate

the real world andre tate

When he’s not posting about his private jets, ocean-going yachts, and vast car collection, the real world andre state Tate can be seen giving social media lectures on everything from gender dynamics to money management. His followers treat these pronouncements as golden nuggets of wisdom that hold the key to freeing themselves from a suffocating matrix of western society and achieving the life of their dreams. But if they were actually put into practice, they might prove quite disastrous.

Earlier this month, Tate’s app The Real World (formerly Hustlers University) came under fire for what critics say is misogyny and the potential for an illegal pyramid scheme. The site is marketed as a global community of like-minded individuals “striving to acquire an abundance of wealth,” and boasts a fake Trustpilot rating of 4.8. Several members, some in their early teens, can be seen posting content on their Instagram accounts promoting the course and boasting about how much money they’ve made from it.

Exploring the Versatile World of A Platform for Success and Personal Development”

The app is also affiliated with a forum called The War Room, where users are instructed to use the same methods for attracting women into online sex exploitation that Tate himself faces charges of using in Romania. The War Room has been linked to a right-wing extremist and alleged sex trafficker known as Tommy Robinson, whose close relationship with Tate can be seen in leaked chats from the site.

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