Tracer Gas Sniffing Leak Detector

If you have a tracer gas leak detection, it is important to have it fixed as soon as possible to avoid damage and save money on utility bills. The smallest leaks can rack up thousands of dollars in repairs and damages. Our professional team can pinpoint the source of your leak using our tracer gas detection service. The process is fast, non -destructive and eco-friendly.

A special gas mixture is injected into the suspected pipes and will escape through any leaks or cracks. The tracer gas will then rise to the surface and can be detected by a highly sensitive gas detector. The sensitivity of this system means that it can find even the tiniest leaks. It can also locate the location of leaks under heavy concrete or in other hard to reach places.

Understanding Tracer Gas Leak Detection: How Does It Work

Helium is the most common gas used as a tracer for this process. It is inert, non-toxic and is not normally present in the atmosphere at more than trace amounts. This makes helium the best choice for this process. However, due to the current Economic and Geopolitical circumstances, helium is in short supply. This is driving up the price significantly. As a result, many facilities are switching to Hydrogen for tracer gas testing.

Our VTech UNO-HE Tracer Gas Sniffing Leak Test System offers the versatility of being able to switch between Helium and Hydrogen as a tracer. The UNO-HE series performs a Burst Test / Pressure Decay Test, followed by a vacuum cycle, then a fill with the chosen tracer gas (Helium or Hydrogen) and a capillary flow test.

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